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  1. No problems for me with free bass and strat on cakewalk version before latest one you can change the keyboard to black and white keys on my strat
  2. treesha


    Good song, enjoyed the lead guitar playing a lot. As for the mix, when the background music gets loud, the vocals belt but don't stand out as well as through the rest of the song. When the acoustic guitar is playing notes, sometimes the little emphasis riff (not sure how to describe what I mean, a few notes , when the music is loud and the acoustic gets buried, sometimes that little riff pokes through on its own and I would try to have more of the acoustic guitar audible along with that little riff so it has its context along with it or include it less.
  3. treesha


    Good song, good lyrics, couldn't help but think of Joy Division's Isolation, very different of course. Very proficient playing wow. As for the mix, I would turn down the funky guitar, the secondary vocal lines, turn up the drums and find something low or low-mid backgroundy and sustained that could give it some glue. Maybe a little less fx on the vocals, they seem to float above the busy song. Something gluey could bring it all together. I'm not a jazz person, just my impressions.
  4. treesha

    Need to Forget

    Wookiee, thanks! I hear ya on the aging ears, oh wait, maybe not ..... The bass - first I played my eb 0 which wont cut through butter (and kinda messy), then melodyned it to midi, then used a preset in sample tank P Bass Fat Finger (or name like that), then put on Bass Professor II and tweaked with a little added highs, then added Naturalizer with low intensity because it is so repetitive. If you feel like clarifying, I am not sure what you mean about frequency masking on the bass? Do you mean masking between the bass and vocals? I really like what bx refinement does to clean up my vocal/room/allergies harshness, and then adding more of the second vocal track with the delay and reverb might sound better than before I had that plugin which just made the harshness more pronounced so I left it pretty low. I plan to do a remix and address drum and vocal levels, add more fx and who knows what else ha. Thanks for listening and the feedback
  5. treesha

    Need to Forget

    noynekker, thanks for listening and liking the song idea, glad you noticed my representation at the ending messing with timing when I was singing about how time plays tricks with my mind. Glad you had a chuckle about that detail I had fun doing it that way to reflect the way time messes with memories and thoughts. Nice you caught that.
  6. treesha

    Need to Forget

    Thanks jack c. and Lynn Wilson for saying you like the vocals! I am usually the least pleased with them especially right now. I am a Talking Heads fan and flattered you would find a hint in there Lynn. I started in bands as a female bass player (and rhythm guitar) so was interested in their music. As for confidence, I feel somewhat confident but always so much more to learn! Takes a bit of confidence to post on the song forum ha. Thanks for the suggestions and support.
  7. treesha

    Need to Forget

    Glad you liked it Mark, thanks ! I think some of the drum riffs I added to make them more interesting may not be perfect, good ear. I had to chop a few to fit. Some bass glitches are maybe when I altered the bassline now and then, meant to do that. Other glitches a mystery! Thanks for the suggestion to mute the vocals and beef up the drums then the vocals. I usually start with drums, and over time they might get buried so I could try that out. I usually beef them near the end of mixing with some compressor but I do want them loud so maybe need more beefing. I have doubled vocals throughout, and maybe 6 tracks on back up vocals too. I enjoy backup vocals way more than my lead singing ! Especially with raging juniper pollen, so yeah. I got deharsh software that would help so I might try to redo the processing on the vocals, and could then bring up the drums at that time too. Seems like from all the feedback I could improve a few things. Old Joad, thanks! I am a big fan of both coconut and lime, and enjoy that song. Glad it was a cool road to that cool song. I appreciate the listens and feedback ! thanks guys
  8. treesha

    Need to Forget

    Thanks David, glad you loved it and found it catchy ! I got new software and might redo the processing on the vocals with it. I paint too ha.
  9. treesha

    Need to Forget

    Nigel and Bjorn, Thanks for listening and the comments. I had the lead voc track and then cloned it and put some reverb and delay on that second track and mixed it in pretty low along with the dry vocals, seems like it could be higher in the mix. Maybe I didn't like having it stand out more ha as I was struggling with the lead vocal due to my current voice as for Good lyrics but maybe repeated too much - kinda like a mantra for me to remember yes Couple of spots where nothing much going on - much like the relationship yes Abrupt ending. - yeah like how it ended but was echoing on.... So i guess i was symbolically working through my feelings in some ways I wasn't aware of. Always learn from the feedback on this forum. Thank you
  10. Very beautiful and sensitive voice and song. The new guitar really suits you and the recording itself was very well captured. Makes me want to add strings to the song. Enjoy your new baby !
  11. treesha

    Some arp fun

    Nice piece, very fluid and clean. I would enjoy some dramatic sustained dirty lows in there booming in now and then, just what I would add next if it was my piece. Of course just a taste thing. It has a lot of movement and upper energy that carries it along nicely and some unexpected changes.
  12. treesha


    Interesting piece, sounds like Peter and the Wolf and an occasional bear ramble into the scene and perhaps Bigfoot who I have heard might be in Oregon ? Having done many years of camping I can relate! Some of your sounds at night in a campground in the woods would get my attention! Lots of images come to mind listening. Some of the themes could be pieces on their own.
  13. treesha

    Need to Forget

    So this is an older song about a breakup and how over time the good memories cloud up the bad times adding to the heartache. So its about remembering realistically how things were to move on. I thought it would be easy but took a long time because I keep getting new stuff to try and have to learn how to use it as I go along. Its my second attempt to use Ample guitar strat which is really fun, and I just got the Shadow Hill compressor with the sale price and used it last minute. I wanted to know if a high priced plug in is really very different from low priced ones and it is. Probably obvious I played reggae with Jamaican friends for many years and that my voice is impacted by the strong juniper pollen so I just did the best I could with it. I don't think of myself as a singer but I write songs with lyrics so.... Thanks for listening !
  14. Should work fine in new cakewalk by bandlab but some plugins you may have used back then might not be available. Good luck
  15. Sounds great. Really captures the mood, piracy, the vast ocean, ships, rum, a fun listen. Good luck in the contest.
  16. Hi Brandon. I like its sound and favor a few of the presets. Im at a disadvantage cause my keyboard doesn't let me switch articulations using keys. Its complicated to me and I haven’t had it very long, using it on my 2nd song now. I want to try the generation too. I watched many YouTube videos before buying but i am nowhere near as proficient on keys as the video ppl. Overall pretty pleased but don’t have the best equipment or keyboard skills. But fun to use and learn for me.
  17. A few free Kontakt things I got (via the deals forum on here I think), that have individual samples in them are 8Dio Post apocalyptic guitar, and 2 by Jakob Reinhardt Crispy Clean Strat, and US Dream Guitar. Not sure if that is what you are looking for, the samples are one note each. Not for Kontakt, but I wound up buying Ample Sounds Guitar Strat and like it. I am interested in the Generation by Indiginus that does require Kontakt.
  18. treesha

    Time to Wake

    Well done. Interesting voice. The snare does overpower your vocals at times, maybe just lower the snare when that happens?
  19. treesha

    A WORD

    Sounds great. Your vocals are wonderful and the music really compliments the mood of the lyrics and the emotion in your voice. Nicely mixed too.
  20. treesha


    Sounds good over here. I like the panning/movement of the guitar at the end. I like the dramatic parts, they are rich. If it was my song I would take some of the parts that are “arpy” for lack of a better word, and put some occasional variety in the note patterns in melodyne or piano roll. Good journey
  21. I like it the way it is. It makes me want to listen further. Curious where you will go next...
  22. Plug in manager utility lists what chosen as included or excluded by you so all plugins should be in one or the other category in there
  23. treesha

    Fractured Slumber

    Thanks David! It is my first attempt to use my newly purchased ample guitar strat instrument. I played first on my guitar then melodyned to midi then fixed the midi then into the ample and Th3. No lyrics came to mind and it was pretty full already. Working on one now with lyrics lets see if i am brave enough to post one with me singing ha.
  24. treesha

    Fractured Slumber

    Ha thanks John B. Interesting assessment !
  25. treesha

    Fractured Slumber

    Thanks for the feedback. I am not a proficient guitar player and wouldn’t have considered how a good guitar player would have more variations in the phrases and range. I played bass way longer and think i play guitar like bass in a way. The ample strat is new to me and i am far from knowing how to use the articulations etc. I will pay more attention to the things you point out so thanks for commenting. Always more to learn!
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