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  1. Kinda looks like Chromaphone, but with a UI specialised for their controllers. The video features other controllers too, though it looks like the Touché gets special treatment.
  2. Looks very similar to Chromaphone. I wonder how much they actually differ.
  3. Might be worth emailing support to let them know, along with any info that Kaspersky picked up.
  4. I've got them and like them. They give out a lot more bass (in a good and natural way) than you would think them capable of given their size, and they can go really loud if you want them to. I've never used a set of expensive 'proper' monitors before, so can't compare them, but they're good enough for me that I don't feel I need to upgrade.
  5. Are Arturia's 'slim-keys' another name for minikeys? or are they slightly wider/narrower?
  6. There's a comparison table here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1890/5447/files/Ethera-Collection-Updated-2020.pdf?v=1607001759 The Ethera series is generally aimed slightly at the epic/emotive market - maybe have a listen to some of the demos on the various product pages to see if it might fit what you're aiming for. This isn't on sale at the moment, but you might want to add it to your list too: https://realitone.com/products/realivoxblue
  7. From the article, looks like they're going to focus on the learner market: keyboards that light up to help people learn to play - along with a software subscription (kinda like Melodics, but keys only I guess). It does hint that they might return to the pro-market one day. Not sure if they'll offer support for existing units at the moment though.
  8. antler

    PA Any Plugin Sale

    The 3 ANY vouchers were reset and can be reused. The August voucher was reset if you didn't use it previously during August to make up for it being cut short.
  9. I'm quite excited by Audio Modeling's roadmap. I understand it's by no means set in stone, and ensembles have slipped once or twice, but these could be amazing given what they've done with their existing products:
  10. COMP->EQ most of the time: compression can change how an instrument sounds, so EQ goes after to let it fit better in a mix. If something's hyped somewhere and is going to unnaturally trigger the compressor, then EQ both before and after. I don't usually do EQ->COMP only.
  11. Interesting... Is this essentially a large multipoint touch pad with multiple overlays? Do the overlays do anything special other than offering a visual clue as to what's being pressed?
  12. I use them as my monitors, and like them. I've read that they don't stand up to the expensive 'proper' monitors, but they're good (and more importantly, small) enough for my setup - and I think my mixes sound ok. They've got Bluetooth too, so you can use them to listen to other stuff in non-studio scenarios. Just be aware that the inputs are RCA phono, and 3.5mm stereo.
  13. XO's good for inspiration - I feel it's missing 'keyswitches' though, for playing different patterns. I also feel a little limited by only having 8 instruments per instance. But I guess that's where exporting to MIDI helps.
  14. Can't help but wonder if they would have done better if they priced their keyboards a little lower. I always had a slight interest in them, but they were far too expensive for me to justify.
  15. Zero-G's Ethera Series A bit niche, but Silence+Other Sounds libraries
  16. The magic happens when they all connect up in Phase Plant
  17. antler

    PA Any Plugin Sale

    Me too. In the cart, the voucher is called 'ANY PLUGIN Sept 2021', so I suspect this sale got out a little bit too early (maybe someone/something forgot there are 31 days in August?). Also, there's no mention of it on their website. Might explain why the monthly vouchers got cancelled too - they've historically not been valid during these types of sale.
  18. Was your PayPal account actually charged? Your account itself should be safe; if you're worried, you can turn on 2FA* but it's very unlikely anyone got your credentials. * you should probably do this anyway, irrespective of this incident
  19. The closest to that currently in existence is probably something like Splice. A single Steam-like platform would be a nice idea, but I'm not sure I would want to/could re-purchase all of my plugins.
  20. @Peter - IK Multimedia My experience with the IK Product Manager has been fairly smooth. There is one piece of constructive feedback that I will offer that in my (and maybe some others') opinion will bring IK's level of professionalism up to that of IK's competitors: please ask your team to explore the option of digitally signing IK's product installers/binaries.
  21. antler

    AAS Bundle for $30

    Think I saw a post on here a while back where someone tried to get substitutions for all duplicates from a bundle pack like this. IIRC, support said that they do this out of courtesy (as Larry mentioned), and that in that particular case they were willing to sub one or two from the whole set. If you decide to try, bear in mind that: Their willingness may depend on how much you've previously spent with them You may be left with some duplicates depending on how many they decide to swap (if any) It may influence them to discontinue doing this in future
  22. Not sure about the MTMs, but the iLoud Micro Monitors are very good. After looking around, I rarely find that buying anything direct from IK is the cheapest option (even after Jam points); I would recommend that you look around at other retailers.
  23. Here you go; free too: https://www.gimp.org/ 🤪
  24. Another good reason is the KLANG series from Cinematique Instruments https://klang.cologne/klang21_free.php
  25. They tried this tactic again on a slightly more recent song: Love is Noise. IMO, it sounds like a loop of Pingu chuckling and doesn't really work for me; I'm sure others love the sound though.
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