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  1. A great free entry to the world of Shimmer Shake Strike
  2. You need to be careful when doing drum shootouts though - they'll have different levels of processing and room reverb. One drumkit might sound completely different with a bit of EQ, compression, and reverb. Another aspect is workflow. Some drum plugins might have one channel per kit piece, e.g. a channel for the ride, a channel for the crash. Some might have an OH mic.
  3. Drumkits are the new Pokemon 😁
  4. My mistake - happy to stand corrected
  5. There isn't one. The codes are referral codes that only work for new customers - much like referral codes for e.g. Melda
  6. To be fair, nobody needs to buy annual upgrades if the cost doesn't justify the added benefits - that's the point of perpetual licences.
  7. @Bapu With all those hardware processors, I'm surprised you need any plugins at all, let alone a collection the size of the one you have 😁
  8. If you've tried out the Edelweiss 72, I'd love some opinions on it please
  9. I am as well. As an installation tool that I only run when I want something installed (or to check if something is installed), I don't understand the advantages of upgrading.
  10. antler

    APD Deal - Rhythmus

    It might be related to past purchases, e.g. coupons for products in the same category
  11. The suite looks like it contains their plugins only. I get the feeling that either AM have found people visit their website primarily for their plugins, or they are slowly stepping away from their sample libraries (maybe they've switched business focus?). It wouldn't be the first time - from their website, AudioThing look to be only about plugins, but look on Plugin Boutique and you'll find a bundle of Kontakt instruments from them.
  12. I'm confused - I get that Is-ott-pee is iZotope; what's the Dr. part?
  13. Probably Mike Greene/Realitone
  14. Did you mean a fiver? I'm sure there must be a deal or two that $5 can go towards 😁
  15. Just an idea: If I've interpreted the rules correctly, Don could link to the main page of his website in his signature - it looks like there's a link to the Deal Compressor from there - and then post a new notification just saying that there's a new version when it's ready. We'd all be reminded that there's a new version, it's within the rules (again, if I've understood correctly), and all the deals would still be in one place: a win-win-win situation.
  16. You mean this thing? Yeah - I'm pretty sure it'll go on sale 😜
  17. Once you've created your instrument, maybe consider releasing on Pianobook... If not, there are always sites like Gumroad to get you started
  18. The drums are modelled; the cymbals are sampled. Being modelled, I was under the impression that brushes would be available by tweaking under the hood - maybe via expansion packs (like Pianoteq). I was wrong: there are no brushes in MODO Drum.
  19. I like it! It's really well produced too. I don't hear that combination of instruments very often, but they work really well!
  20. Sorry for the noob question - what does asking people to Ring the Bell do?
  21. Well, in that case... you could open up your plugin list, grab a screenshot, edit it to include new plugin names, and pin up a printout 😁
  22. A good idea to get the free Kontakt Player libraries where you can - I could be wrong on this, but I think you can upgrade to full Kontakt with some of them, even if it means waiting for the Summer of Sound.
  23. Summer of Sound it is then - not much change there. I'm sure we all have at least one instrument that we haven't installed/tried yet. We could pass the time by trying to make some music with those.
  24. Two that spring to mind are HitFilm (video editing), and JetBrains ReSharper (software development plugin). I can't think of any others who follow this model at the moment. If I understand correctly (and there's a chance I don't - I don't use Waves plugins), there's also a subtle difference with WUP: the renewal isn't a fixed price flat fee - it's dependent on how many plugins you have/want to renew.
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