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    White Elephant

    Love the diversity in this - lots of parts that seem like they're doing their own thing, but work really well together as a whole.
  2. antler

    Fiddle Tune

    Very nice, Bjorn. The countermelodies (fiddle/flute, fiddle/harp) in this work really well - well done!
  3. antler

    Some space music

    Very nice! I like how you keep introducing new elements throughout to keep things interesting, and also how you're occasionally using chromatic chords to give a more ethereal sound. In Cosmic Dust, something to try might be adding some delay to the occasional ear-candy parts to give an even more open/spacious sound. Nothing wrong with how it is now though.
  4. antler

    September Nights

    Love the sound Markku - very cool/laid back groove. Great playing too!
  5. antler

    Mysteries of Time

    Thanks for listening everyone, and thanks 905133 for linking to the other thread. Those images hadn't crossed my mind before, but I can see it too now you mention it - it's great how everyone can have different perspectives on the same piece of music! Thanks David - to tell the truth, I'm not sure what they are exactly; I did think they made a nice texture though
  6. I'm all for inspiration tools, and lowering the theory bar for entry. I get how not every knows what the I, II, III, etc. chords mean; I'm not sure replacing roman numerals with shapes in different orientations is that much more helpful though.
  7. Pre-order is now open, at a discounted price of $349 https://impactsoundworks.com/product/tokyo-scoring-strings/
  8. antler

    Mysteries of Time

    Hi all. I was playing about with a new Kontakt freebie to see what it could do, and came up with a quick tune. You might have already seen this as I posted it in the Deals forum, but thought I'd put it here too. Enjoy! (and as usual, comments/feedback welcome)
  9. If you have a spare slot, by all means go for MODO Drum as it does sound quite nice. Just be aware that while the drums are modelled: the cymbals are sampled so there is still a disk footprint. you have a little control over how they are played and the tips of your sticks. However, unlike Pianoteq which is a modelled piano with an engine capable of rendering sounds from electric pianos to steel drums to glockenspiels, MODO drum does not offer anything other than sticks - no mallets, no brushes (yet?).
  10. Thanks - glad you liked it. I'm not associated with any music related company, so this isn't an attempt at any kind of upsell, but if you're considering Full Kontakt at some point, it might be an idea to pick up a Player library that you can upgrade to Kontakt with. Libraries and Kontakt upgrades go on sale from time to time, and once you get full Kontakt a whole world of freebies gets opened up, e.g. I've picked up 32 free KLANG instruments so far; there's a free edition of DRONAR; and some online stores sometimes have time-limited offers of a free library with a minimum spend. Edit: and also what abacab said
  11. This is actually quite a good freebie - here's a quick tune I wrote using only sounds from it
  12. If anyone has a $50 voucher that they won't use, consider passing it my way please.
  13. Check your emails. Note that it expires on October 27 - probably a Halloween sale coming up at the end of the month.
  14. The power and presence of Japanese drums, recorded with a focus on authenticity and versatility. Kageyama Taikos shines in traditional music and epic orchestral works, but it’s equally at home wherever your imagination takes it: pop and rock, jazz fusion, tense underscores, and anywhere else you need expressive, nuanced performance. Featuring master percussionist Isaku Kageyama on eight distinct solo instruments. Full Kontakt required. Intro price: $79 https://impactsoundworks.com/product/kageyama-taikos/
  15. Play Fire. Play Freedom. Play Hendrix™. The definitive Authentic Hendrix™ collection is coming to Spark & BIAS FX 2, packed with Jimi's official gear, presets and never-before-seen interactive features. Sign up now to get the latest updates! https://www.positivegrid.com/jimi-hendrix
  16. Is this an audio editor? Why does it want 10 GB free HD space?
  17. Full Kontakt required https://klang.cologne/klang21_free.php
  18. antler

    Melda updated to v15

    I 'bought' a free plugin a while back, and more recently decided to (actually) buy a bundle during a sale; the discount code worked for me.
  19. For some reason, I really like this one
  20. Hi Craig Make sure that when you edit a clip, the edits end up on a zero crossing - when audio clips play through, they won't click if they end and start on zero crossings. If that's not possible, try to introduce a crossfade (or increase the crossfade time) between the two clips. If the click is recorded into your audio, you'll need an audio editor to cut out that section - Audacity is a good free one: https://www.audacityteam.org/ If you're serious about removing clicks that are recorded into your audio (and you're prepared to pay), check out something like iZotope RX (there are usually some deals around Black Friday/end of year) https://www.izotope.com/en/products/rx/features.html
  21. I wonder if behind the scenes, it's just got several MIDI files grouped by genre and it picks a random one (or drum part of one) every time you click the button. Of course, if you've already bought it and find it useful, more power to you.
  22. I was actually kinda looking forward to the course, but you've got to do what you feel most enthusiastic about; the book sounds very cool too by the way. I think that when we go about our lives, we get used to the daily grind, thinking that they're just ordinary everyday events. We forget that other people may not have had the same experiences, and we don't give much thought to the skills and stories that we've picked up along the way that other's might like to hear about. I'm glad you've found a project that you're excited about - best of luck with it!
  23. hmm... something crushy, not at all suitable/useful/applicable for sibilance, but yet offering fine control of how much to crush, and a good metaphor... crushes sibilance like a vice/vise* * regional spelling variations may apply
  24. I suppose in one case it's being descriptive of the product (e.g. anti-dandruff shampoo) and the other describes the target that the product aims to reduce (e.g. dandruff shampoo). The marketing line that I saw once and always thought was silly was for a cloth that soaks up water like a magnet: a magnet is a block of non-porous metal; it's the last thing you'd want if you needed to clear up a spillage!
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