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  1. I use the Sonitus plug ins loyally, especially the delay. for guitars its not one of the best.. but it is one of the easiest to dial in a great repeats. Ive used it for Vocals but it really shines for guitars. The sonitus reverb, Delay, Compressor and even the Wha are valuable plug ins. I would love to see an overhaul/facelift for these plug ins. However i'm also a firm believer in don't fix what isn't broken. I know what all these functions do now, why would i want to reinvent the wheel and possibly risk having a darker background and not being able to see entry's as clear. Kind of a yes id love to see it but im sure its worth the risk for me. For what its worth.. i have never had a client once complain about plug ins i use. Myself and any clients i work with are always most concerned with the end results not flashy GUI coins. If they were.. they wouldn't be in my studio trusting my skills. They would be in their own studio trying to figure out their awesome looking plug ins.
  2. Its not really related as much to loading snap shots or saving snapshots.. its more about once the unit is powered down, the snapshot is no longer stored in memory. you have to load it each time you open a new session/power on the unit).
  3. I get this as well with my focusrite interface and craig is correct, its in the software for your soundcard. You are hearing a blend of DI/Amp sim. I typically change mine to DAW control in Focusrite software settings. Though oddly enough, i have to do this at the beginning of each session because of a bug in Focusrite's mix control software that wont save presets.
  4. You cant multi output using SI Drums or pan multi output tracks using SI Drums. You'll need to keep 3 instances of SI Drums active to achieve this. SI Drums does not support multi output. Session Drummer 3 does. Ideally, SI Drums should have one midi track as show in this video You can use Panning within the VST itself. You might be better off bouncing down to audio tracks instead or use a beater drum synth.
  5. What drum synth are you using and how did you set up your midi track ?
  6. chuckebaby


    For mastering it is pretty straight forward. Open a new cakewalk template and use the basic CWP template. Delete the midi track as it wont be needed. You'll be left with one audio track and a master bus (plus your hardware output bus). I usually add a few more audio tracks for reference tracks. I load up my Track FX bin with limiters, compressors, multiband EQ, analog coloring, exc and i use the Master bus for all my spectrum analyzers, Meters, LUFS.
  7. chuckebaby

    Exports at wrong speed

    any time i hear playing back at different speeds on export..i think sample rate. Try a test by removing that one audio file you didn't record in cakewalk to see if that is the problem. If it is, try bouncing that track using Bounce to tracks and remove the other one. remember we are only testing here to see if that's the problem so i wouldn't save the project after these tests.
  8. You will be better off storing all the midi notes on one track/one file unless they are 3 different drum VST's. Use one midi track routed to multiple track sources which can be done in the insert synth options menu.
  9. Audio or midi ? Midi- You might be better off using a midi source track and keeping all your drums on one track. Audio- You might be losing instrument sounds due to drag and drop options. Try selecting "Blend new with old"
  10. Having a hard time warming up to the selection process as well. I wish there was a way to turn it off. I'm also using CTRL+SHIFT+A to (select none) like its going out of style. I do use CTRL +Click on clips though to deselect. that has been my new go to method as of late.
  11. FWIW, i never save my project after using Fit to project. You can also save a screen set and lock it for a fail safe way to return to default track height.
  12. There isn't a way, per say..To set all tracks to their default height again (that i know of). The work around i just wrote should get you where you want.
  13. - Expand Track 1. - Highlight all Tracks/SHIFT+A. - Hold down SHIFT and ADJUST Track 1 height.
  14. Next time you do this, just hit ALT+Z. (That's a Redo view shortcut).
  15. I bought a portable interface for my old laptop, it was sometime back in 2010 (Alesis I o2). I was unimpressed to find out their driver download link was for ASIO4ALL. I used it sparingly for travel purposes and was able to get passable results that were not bad but not as good as my in home studio unit (Focusrite 18I8). I did find several oddities with the driver though, causing conflicts with other hardware, sometimes random crashes, loud bursts of white noise and even oscillation due to my onboard PC speakers (even though not used for DAW). I think its important when buying a device to make sure the manufacturer has a good reputation with not only its current drivers but also its updating drivers. I know some have mentioned Focusrite driver updates have given them some issues but i've been rock solid with that unit for almost 7 years now.
  16. Hold down the ALT Key and then click
  17. Is your Hard drive almost full ? And are you running the Driver from Behringer (Asio) and set to Asio in preferences ?
  18. Yes. 1- Right click on the FX chain and select "Extract FX chain". This will open all the plug ins in the FX bin. 2- Delete the ones you don't want anymore. 3- Repackage it up by right clicking and selecting "Create FX Chain". The whole thing is very simple once you get the jest of it.
  19. You might try disabling your wireless network connection in control panel. doesn't mean you have to uninstall drivers or kill it for good, just to do a test and see if its interference.
  20. What kind of external noise is it ? Is it from your room ? White noise ? Crackling ?
  21. Most of them if not all should work. im not sure how many are linked to the previous Sonar plug ins but i do know i use them a lot creating my own FX chains. the cool thing is that they remember preset values. So you can save your stacked plug ins and their presets. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR&language=3&help=Browser.09.html
  22. I would first uninstall the focusrite driver. Then go to preferences in Cakewalk and make sure your device is selected and ASIO is chosen.
  23. I've seen this happen as well. However i cant reproduce it consistently. It might be user error on my part as im now watching closely every time i turn on clip fades. But ive turned it on and each clip on a track has manual fades added anywhere there is a split. I'll keep trying to repro this.
  24. I was just about to say what mark just did. Drag to select/then drag up or down. this is using the smart tool.
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