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    First Few m/s never render cleanly on Export

    I have always had my projects start at 1:0:2 because of this. but I only notice it with audio projects. midi only projects I don't notice any glitches at all. I haven't started a project in years at 1:0:1 so I wouldn't even know if this issue still exists.
  2. That Laptop was known for its heating dissipation issues. Im surprised there wasn't a class action lawsuit against HP. They came out in late 2010 at the height of the laptop craze. I had one similar to yours the over heating was so bad it would cause a graphics card failure and the screen would go black. The graphics card was placed in a horrible place in these early designs. It would get so hot, it would actually melt the solder joints.
  3. Chuck E Baby

    Revoice Pro and VocALign Project giveaway for CbB users

    Very nice of Bandlab and Synchro Arts to team up on this give away. Thanks
  4. Chuck E Baby

    Still using SONAR?

    I run Bandlab offline once in a while and haven't had this happen to me, though anything is possible. Here is the official word from Cakewalk/Bandlab Does Cakewalk by BandLab require an internet connection to work? While Cakewalk by BandLab will require an internet connection to install, activate, and update, you will not need an internet connection to run the program. I hope this helps @Tenfoot. It really is a great program. I've used Cakewalk Sonar for years and I love it but if I thought for a second there was some kind of "catch" to this free thing (which maybe there is but I haven't seen it) I would be moving on. I use the new Bandlab because it has 10X times the fixes and enhancements than Sonar ever had.
  5. Chuck E Baby

    Wierd Splap Back on Vox

    I have "Mix Control" software with my Focusrite (Scarlett 18I8). Do you have any sort of Mix control with the 212 that could be "Blending" Cakewalk and direct monitoring together ? You only have "Input Echo" engaged for the Microphone track itself ? And no Buses, Going straight to the Master Bus ? Check your routing.
  6. Chuck E Baby

    Still using SONAR?

    I believe you can still do that Bandlab. The only need to go online/use the Bandlab app is to install your update (same as Sonar was).
  7. Chuck E Baby

    Wierd Splap Back on Vox

    - Is there a direct monitor knob on your Focusrite ? it sounds as if you are hearing the delay compensation from direct monitor and real time. - Try wiggling the headphone jack.
  8. Chuck E Baby

    Project not saving current Video Strip State

    It could be set that way in a Lens or a screenset. Do you use Lenses or screensets ? ?
  9. Chuck E Baby

    ACT not working

    That Graphics card is a little older ? If its installing the MS driver and not the AMD one (not supported by Windows 10) then it may not be compatible with Open GL among other things.
  10. Chuck E Baby

    Still using SONAR?

    Not sure I would call that "reported", this is just a thread you created in the old forums. I remember it because I commented on it. This may be difficult to fix because I couldn't reproduce that on my machine, PRV tabs remained docked after reload. http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3789736 Unless I misunderstood you. Which in that case id be happy to go through it again. There have been a lot of fixes since then, have you tried it lately ? If it is a bug, its possible its fixed now.
  11. Chuck E Baby

    ACT not working

    Could possibly be a Cakewalk problem, but it looks more to me like a graphics issue (the way the buttons are overlaying each other and the white screen). What kind of graphics card are you using ? While that pop up ACT screen doesn't use high res graphics or anything, it just appears like a graphic malfunction.
  12. Chuck E Baby

    Pro Channel Modules

    Sonar and anything else you have purchased is all still available in your online Cakewalk Account.
  13. Chuck E Baby

    Slow save

    It might be also be a plug in.
  14. Chuck E Baby

    Volume Envelope

    Have you tried Re-saving this mix scene after (1) + (2) and then applying the new altered Mix Scene ? Your kind of on a boat in the middle of the ocean on this one. Sonar will never be updated but Bandlab will and its Sonar only better.
  15. Chuck E Baby

    Volume Envelope

    did you check the Mix scene settings to see if Track Automation was Checked/Unchecked ? Track automation.All automation envelopes that live in tracks, including track parameters and plug-in parameters.
  16. Chuck E Baby

    Periodic Audio Dropouts / Static

    I would also do the same. Good advise. But before any of that though, I would list my OS. Im using a Focusrite 18I8 first gen and have no issues here. But im using Windows 8.1. - I would also take note of the problem project and all of its plug ins. - Start a brand new project, Add in only tracks with no plug ins, test. - Add one plug in at a time, test.
  17. Chuck E Baby

    Tap Tempo button

    I have "Insert Tempo" in my Custom module. so it takes 1 click to open the Tap Tempo (Tap tempo is in the insert tempo window).
  18. Chuck E Baby

    Projects opening with *asterisk as if edits were made?

    The Asterisk appears when a project becomes dirty. Dirty Project- Changes are made that have not been saved. I find a few things can cause a project to do this. The main one being a plug in that has some sort of modulation (Delay, Chorus). A midi synth with some form of auto arpeggiator, Something within the plug in that cycles. The other is automation. For some reason I have found automation (during simple playback of a file) can at times turn the project dirty.
  19. Chuck E Baby

    Forum members /home country ?

    Boston, MA
  20. My eyes have gotten worse with age. I can totally see where your coming from. That BassDrive plug in does have some nice fonts. What really impresses me is its light blue/off white background, the black fonts stand right out. It doesn't look aesthetically beautiful, which is what most plug in developers pride themselves on now a days (a realistic looking GUI). But in my opinion, what ever gets the job done.
  21. @pwalpwal Is this similar to the default UI which you speak of ? Good times using this Limiter...Good times
  22. I did not know this. TBH, now I feel a little embarrassed because I don't know of any plug ins that don't supply a GUI.
  23. Think of a plug in as a totally separate program running within Bandlab/Sonar. Cakewalk has little control over font sizes, slider sizes, knob sizes, exc. So unless im missing something, You'll need to contact the developers of said plug ins, not ask Cakewalk to fix it. Or use the work around mentioned above (FX Chains). Im guessing you didn't reply to my first comment because you know (as a software developer yourself) there's nothing they can do. Waves offers some scaling in some of their plug ins as does a couple other developers.
  24. The OP does what I do a lot, using Piano roll view along with track view to line up data. I haven't tried it yet but im thinking of trying the Inline Piano roll view. This might help with some of the "Keeping the scaling size" similar. I like your idea, but I also like having the piano roll zoomed in tight for 1/8 and 1/16 notes while preserving the track view size, so its a tough choice for me. Give me an option to turn it On/Off and im in
  25. I believe all 3rd party plugins fonts sizes are written within the code of the plug in, just as pixel size is as well