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  1. Nice to see you came back and explained your situation. Its appreciated and helps users in the future. The Q+A section of this forum has massive potential for Cakewalk users looking for answers in site searches. The problem is, most users don't select "best answer" or even come back to their questions once they have found a solution. Thus making it difficult to sift through multiple reply's to find the answer. Glad you did
  2. I read this yesterday but couldn't think of a reasonable response to add. I wasn't even sure Dell had ASIO drivers till I did some research. It appears to be for their soundblaster soundcards and/or dedicated soundcards. Personally I would stick with WASAPI. Don't fix what isn't broken, if its working use it. ASIO will give low reported latency's but ive seen WASAPI making huge leaps in the past 2 years. Especially within Cakewalk. The only other suggestion I can give is...Buy a dedicated USB Interface/soundcard. They are far more reliable and universal than an onboard soundcard. It would help if we knew what you were trying to record (Audio, Midi, Both )? You can buy a new or used Focusrite interface for around 100 bucks. Considering what you probably paid for this laptop, that's a pee in a pot (nothing). Ive always been baffled by someone buying an expensive PC to use for digital audio but forget the most important part... The soundcard. Its like having a body with no arms. Not to say this is you, im just making comparisons like I typically do.
  3. Im all for Marker enhancements. Love to see some changes, especially an "Export" markers that are linked to tempo/meter key changes. Using a midi track this would be totally doable. This used to work great. unfortunately The latest timeline changes (Selection markers) have made the hit zone a lot smaller and its hard to click on markers on 1st try.
  4. This is very important to a user who is new to tempo changes in Cakewalk.
  5. very important what @Promidi recommended here. All new laptops come with pre bundled bulls#$% that should not be installed and at all cost removed if possible. The most likely candidate in your cause could be the Anti virus protection which is typically McAfee. Open up preferences in your AV software and put in an exception for the whole Cakewalk running program folder (including the VST scanner).
  6. I don't believe that's right. You should be using the driver that came with the device.
  7. Runnng sonar from an SSD would help but not with the latency issues you are experiencing. My advise is to install the Behringer ASIO driver and see if that remedy's your main issue
  8. I do like your ideas though. They have already done some great improvements on take lanes in the past 2 months. Keep the good ideas coming @LittleStudios.
  9. Are you using Drag+Drop from the media browser ? you can do that with takes as well and its super fast.
  10. I don't think presets are erased, I think its configurations. From the documentation- Note: if you configure an audio effect as a synth, this setting will be erased and you will need to reapply the setting. Please keep this in mind when performing the below steps. You can also try Rescan failed plug ins in the VST preferences. Also as @HIBI Mentioned, make sure your getting those plug ins from the VST-I listed and not VST listed plug ins.
  11. The plug ins are stored in C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\VstPlugins. Just do a rescan after installing them. The what now ?
  12. I believe with the last update (build 70) you can now drag in multiple takes to take lanes Import directly to Take lanes File > Import > Audio and double-clicking to import from the Media Browser now respect the selected Take lane.
  13. Good list here. A little too much to be honest, its overwhelming. Might have been better to split these up in separate threads. But im not sure how you could without it looking like you created 20 threads. This is pretty good info for the bakers. Its appreciated. You can drag one clip on top of another and bounce to clips. this merges clips in 3 clicks. I would agree a merge button might be nice but where to put it in an already bogged down menu. I was able to crash cakewalk for the first time in probably a year after following your recipe. As far as Staff view goes, im not sure. Hopefully they show some fixes but that thing has been simply "only maintained" since it's inception, not improved. - Hey..This is helpful man. As a user of cakewalk, thanks for posting this detailed list. I'll write up the crash in lyric view later on today and hopefully its fixed by next release. Unless you already have. We might not always see eye to eye on issues but I have to respect this list you have compiled.
  14. I would as well, but imagine the data needed to be stored in memory to do this. A lot of destructive editing was put in place years ago when the software was trying to save on resources. Now that technology has grown with RAM sticks at 16GB im sure more will be possible in the future.
  15. Now a day where almost everyone is online, why not just open a browser ? The whole manual is here, including all New features https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=NewFeatures.01.html
  16. Wish I had an easy answer for you my friend. Its working here in build 70 as I tried it out after reading your response on this thread. What I didn't try was midi tracks in folder. Maybe we can repro this. Are they all Audio tracks ? Are the clips in a folder ? Any region FX in these clips ? Any frozen tracks ? Sorry I know a lot of questions. just trying to get to the bottom of it.
  17. I am interested in picking up a touch screen myself. have been for a while now. Back to your problem, It appears to be a focus issue which is typical. You must first set focus by touching the fader, then the second touch will command fader movements. It is evident by watching you as soon as you touch the fader, you can clearly see the fader becomes focused (the track meter becomes highlighted). This is done with a mouse differently because clicking on the mouse accesses focus instantly and them mouse movement changes fader values. Its going to take a double click in your instance. Normally a mouse double click would reset the fader value to 0db (or your set snap value). But in your case touch needs to have focus first.
  18. That's a great idea. Would be nice to have a group of people in our areas that held a course every month or so. I suspect with the strides we have made using online video chat, this will be possible in a few years.
  19. Normalizing wont change dynamics at all. It only changes the signal level. I know this may sound confusing but as an example, a compressor will change dynamics, Normalizing is like a boost/cut of signal, Turning up/down every level on that track (including peaks and valley's) vs. a compressor which squashes). I even confuse myself when explaining that
  20. Click: Views>Lyric view. You can grab the Tab/Tabs in the lower right hand corner of the Multidock and drag them anywhere. Or alternatively, right click on those tabs and choose "Undock".
  21. I loved serial/key registration but unfortunately, its a thing of the past. Software authorization has (and still is) moving in another direction than it was in the mid 2000's compared to now. More and more software is moving to online authorizing. Could be worse. Registered any Adobe products lately ?
  22. Hold the shift key / then click and drag ? Try closing the project and reopening, maybe something got corrupt somehow. Its working here Rod (that includes: SHIFT vertical + horizontal).
  23. I was going to mention that as well. The select tool enters note on single click as well. And very easy to pull up using F5-F11 or Tools HUD.
  24. Slightly off topic, This feature request/feedback loop seems to be one of the more disorganized messes on this site. I know that might seem harsh but I find most users leaving comments in this section are users with under 10 posts to their name, and while some may be long time Cakewalk users, most are not and it is evident in many cases, users are asking for "already existing features". The one interesting part however, is looking through the view of new users. They don't see things like some of us long time users who are someone polluted by existing methods. Thus, the new user must be respected and listened to. I just find answering topics in this part of the forum to be a chore.
  25. It does. The ALT+ Click adds a note instantly. So does Single click and drag, no modifier key needed. I think the smart tool works very well for PRV as is myself. I know everyone works differently but there are multiple options for add note in PRV.
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