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  1. Geez Barry, wonderful stuff. This makes me self conscious about posting my own songs because what I'm hearing on this forum is seriously good recording quality. I am just in my little bedroom and I have my amp in my closet, lol. Good song, yeah, the Drums could be a bit more full but that can be altered still.
  2. Very nice. Yeah, could have the timing tightened up a but but the recording quality is wonderful. I never seem to like my own recording quality but I always like other people's. I wonder if that's just a human thing. Vert cool
  3. O man, this is an AUDIO PAINTING, I love it. Really cool.
  4. I love Cakewalk, best Daw out there. Just an old Blues tune. Done with my Squier Strat and EZ Drummer and old Yamaha bass Hope you like. WARNING Very long track, hope you make it through it.
  5. I should not have mentioned aliasing at all. I was only interested in the CPU usage of the X2 is. So, then, if the X2 is isn't using but such little CPU, then I think Cakewalk should give us x4 and x6 options for plugins. Thanks for showing the Shear example. This shows it's working, and also tells me that this X2 is is very little pressure on even my old laptop CPU. So goodness sakes, Cakewalk, in a new update, give us at least a x4 option as well, it would be so awesome to use some of my old Waves plugs, for instance, with x4 or x8, stuff like Soundtoys and my Nebula stuff. If this X2 is so darn easy to run, I can say for sure that if you gave us even x4 and this was mentioned on a forum like Gearspace (Gearslutz), there would be people jumping to Cakewalk like crazy because many folks still love a lot of plugs that do not have built in os. I have known people were interested in switching just because it has X2. You add just x4 alone in to Cakewalk in the next update and you would see a nice jump in people turning to Cakewalk. CAKEWALK, GIVE US A X4 BUTTON AT LEAST IN THE NEXT UPDATE and that news would be all over the audio forums. I would be one of the ones out there harping on it because I don't know of any other daw that can stay at 44 yet run it's plugs in oversampling with a simple button push. You have to buy a extra plug to load them in. Wow, there are massive alliasing threads on Gearslutz and KVR, if we Cakewalk users were able to go in there and tell everyone the new free Cakewalk update allows you to run all plugs at x4 with a simple button push and the CPU hit is barely noticeable, good gracious, you would get a stream of new people jumping to Cakewalk. A little arrow option with X2, x4, and x8, oh my, that would be HUGE
  6. Yes, I realize it is to oversample because of aliasing, but running a ug, or especially several throughout a project is running all those plugs at 88 instead of 44. Have 6 different plugs working at 2x and turn it off so they all drop to 44, this should be a very noticeable drop in pressure on your CPU. I am seeing, from what I can tell, zero effect from the X2 button. And the more plugs you have going, say 12 at once, you drop those from 2x to just normal you should see a sharp drop in the CPU usage, at least a noticeable change. I'm seeing what looks like zero difference, as if the X2 button isn't actually doing anything.
  7. Hi guys. I use a lot of Nebula 4 libraries for comps and such. Can you guys confirm that the X2 over sampling button is really working?. I keep it on, but recently I turned it off before loading an instance of Nebula and I simply am not seeing any noticeable improvement in latency. The Nebula seems to struggle the same amount, yet turning the button off should be like going from 88 to 44 and this should be a massive cou saver, yet I don't see it. But this is the same for other normal vst, like I have Kush Silika on the mix bus, it is CPU intensive, also IK tapes, turning the X2 button off just doesn't seem to make any difference at all on my CPU, yet if I actually begin a project at 88 instead of 44, the CPU power is significantly more stressed. How can we confirm this X2 button is actually doing something? When I turn that off it seems to me I should at least be able to notice a small difference in CPU stress. Thanks.
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