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  1. It's out! Thanks, everyone...
  2. Sorry this took so long; I decided to ask my friend Jack Hill to do the bass. He added upright bass. I replayed some of the squeakier bits, re-sang a few clinkers, remixed and mastered. Candidate for final release. Let me know if you have any suggestions!
  3. Yes, and the section in question is already it's own clip. I just dragged it to the left a bit. Coming soon.
  4. I'm reluctant to move everything. Maybe just that opening salvo.
  5. That actually could be due to the fact that I first recorded to a click track, then added in drums later. The drums are actually accurate, it's everything else that's probably off. I'll have to research what I can do about that... Thanks!
  6. What do you mean "you hear the drum track being slid?" The spacer is a plugin called 'Wider.' I always thought it was subtle, I'm interested to hear what problems your ears have with it. (I don't wanna cause problems! 😊) Looking forward to your response; thanks for the feedback.
  7. Thank you. Funny you should say that about the kick, someone else thought the drums were a bit much. I do want to strive for a richer bass sound, and maybe the kick drum could come up a bit. I'm gonna play with it over the weekend. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. BBC Orchestra plugin. Clarinets and bassoons, then a full string section. Thanks, Gar!
  9. Thanks for the feedback. That's a Yamaha A1M Acoustic. I love the tone of Yamahas. I fingerpicked one channel and flatpicked the other, then panned them left and right.
  10. Hey there groovy guys, groovy gals. Peace love dove, bells, incense and Hare Krishna... Sorry I've been absent for a while, but I have a new song. Let me know what you think!
  11. Very smooth, very slick. Amazing playing, flawlessly mixed, pro quality. I used to hear stuff like this on the radio all the time on the 'Smooth Jazz' stations in San Diego in the 80s. Well done! PS: The more I go into this, the worse I feel about my guitar playing. 😁 Holy crap.
  12. Thanks! Yeah, it's gettin' old. Good thing I work from home!
  13. Here's the final video! Can you feel the anxiety? 😁
  14. Okay, this is a new mix. I also mastered it. I think this is the one.
  15. I normally qualify my efforts by admitting "my music is 50 years out of date." Well, with this song, I'm up to being only 40 years out of date. 😂 Thanks for the compliment.
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