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  1. Download it here: https://soundcloud.com/barry-seymour/the-silence-of-snow-drifts Click the '...' button to see a "Download" link.
  2. Thanks for the kind words. My actual problem is that my voice is not as solid and effortless as it was when I was younger. It took several passes and multiple takes for me to get this, and even then I hear places where I'm not quite on the note the way I want to be. So I'm definitely not inclined to try and show off!! 😆
  3. I basically wrote this by plunking a few keys to get the basic rhythms down; I then transitioned to fleshing the parts out by clicking in the piano roll. Then I quantized it. I think I used my elbows at one point. 😄
  4. Thanks, everyone, for the detailed feedback. I re-did the lead guitar as there was a ringing string in there that I didn't hear until I soloed the track. I boosted the bass a touch. https://soundcloud.com/barry-seymour/the-silence-of-snow-drifts-0328 As for the other remarks, I will digest and remix. Good stuff, thanks!
  5. No, this is good. Critical is what I want. So one of the strings is 'pinging' a bit too loudly? As for 'static,' what do you mean? It needs more movement? I'm playing the keyboard with my thumbs here, but I am getting better at editing the notes in the piano roll. Suggestions / clarification welcome. And thanks.
  6. It means a lot to me that the song moved you. That is, after all, the point! 😉 Thank you for saying that.
  7. I'm asking for real scrutiny on this one. It's quiet and contemplative; if there are any hiccups that distract, I need to know about them. My bassist friend Jack provided upright bass on this, both for the pizzicato bass and the solo. I am indebted to him. I've been working on it for a long time, I need some perspective. Thanks in advance for any / all guidance you can provide.
  8. My ears are rent-free, Lynn. 😉 Just as long as you don't borrow them for too long.
  9. I upped the bass, re-sung a few vocals and tinkered with the mix.
  10. I usually burn my MP3s at 192kbps - it's an acceptable compromise between size and quality.
  11. We used to DREAM of living in slurry tank!
  12. I suspect this goes to your more recent question about my 'microphone chain.' I always like a big u-shaped curve on my audio, especially my vocals - rich, full bass, crisp treble and then back off on the mids. By 'AM' I mean 'AM radio,' which as you know does not have the fidelity of FM. However, I get that 'lo-fi' is often a desired and appropriate choice - see the Black Keys - so all I can say is it's my personal preference.
  13. Thanks, Lynn! Not sure what you mean by the 'recording chain,' but I'll do my best... Electro-Voice ND 457 mike - a holdover from the Eighties and my all time favorite Mackie ProFX6 v3 mixer TDR Kotelnikov VST for mastering BREVERB 2 VST for, well, reverb I hope that tells you what you want to know.
  14. A totally fair point. After all all we have to offer are our opinions, mine was just that - only an opinion.
  15. www.barryseymour.com

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