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  1. No worries! It's well past time. And your song didn't REALLY cause it. LOL
  2. Barry Seymour


    Thank you so much! This is actually quite a profound thing for you to say.
  3. Barry Seymour


    I'm thinking the same thing. Thanks!
  4. Barry Seymour


    "Reminds me of early Chicago stuff" ... mission accomplished! Thanks!
  5. Barry Seymour


    "Fool if You Think It's Over" Chris Rea? I haven't heard that name in a while, thanks! I know the horns overtake things, but that was my intent. This is my high school jazz-rock band, back from the dead after 50 years; I want to celebrate these guys, they're still kickin! Thanks for the kind words.
  6. Barry Seymour


    I have others I only remember bits of - and it's better that way. Ugh. But for some reason I got it right on this one at the tender age of 15. When the guys asked me if I remembered the song, well, I did! Thanks! - Bear
  7. I have to agree about the vocal treatment. Should be a touch more spacey at the start, maybe a bit more reverb to match the music.
  8. Yeah, da broads in the background really shine. Me parients are from Wales, they'd have loved this. Good mix, the choir is appropriately heavenly.
  9. I tried to dance to this. My knee replacement is scheduled for late June. At first I thought it was something I did with my mouse wheel. 🤣 It was such a relief when Pink Floyd came in. Good Stuff!
  10. Barry Seymour


    Here's the new one. Written by 15-year old me over 50 years ago! I think it came out pretty good when we recorded it 51 years later! Let me know any suggestions you may have, and thanks! Rain.mp3
  11. The final mix done, the song and video are out!
  12. Yeah - when I went to edit the first entry in the thread, I was able to edit the thread title.
  13. Thanks! Yes I fixed the glitch at 3:10 and have re-balanced I.R.L.E.N.E.' s sound levels. Final mix coming in a few hours. And don't worry about 'nitpicky,' that's what I'm here for! After months working on this song, one's ears tend to get a little stale. Always appreciated. Thanks for the feedback and the kind words!
  14. I always thought it was considered polite to leave prior mixes in their original location; one doesn't want to be seen as 'rewriting history,' Plus someone might want to compare the new and old mixes? I dunno. But going forward I will do as you suggest. As for changing the title of the topic, I have not found how you can DO that. I'll have a final mix up in a few hours (pesky day job), at which point I will both replace the original mix and attempt to re-title the thread.
  15. Dang! You have a real ear for detail! You're right, at 3:08 Trumpet 1 had a clunker I missed. I copied another lick to fix it. I already boosted the rhythm guitars - maybe a bit more... Thanks for the feedback and the kind words.
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