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  1. I wanted that big, trebly 'Telecaster in a canyon' sound. Thanks for the kind words.
  2. I thought about that, it's a good point, but I think the last verse - 'first one out the door' - does the trick too. Thanks for the feedback, though....
  3. Final mix! Thanks, everyone, for the input!
  4. He has a separate four-track digital recorder, I'm not sure of the details. But it starts out in sync, then falls behind a bit, then catches up, etc. It's not him - he's provided a full mixed MP3 with my tracks and his playing and it's fine. But his raw WAV files don't sync up. He's going to get Cakewalk and buy a USB digital audio mixer / interface; then we'll see.
  5. They sync up to each other - but not to anything else in the entire project. :'-(
  6. I continue to have syncing problems with the live drummer tracks. :-'( I'm sticking with the digital drums for now; I've added extra percussion to give it some variety. I think this is ready for release. Let me know what y'all think.. EDIT: Final Mix.
  7. WAV, but he recorded it in Audacity. He sent me an mp3 of all of it and it sounded fine, but when he gave me four tracks of miked drums, it all fell apart. I tried freezing all my tracks to ease the load on my laptop's CPU, but no luck. I'm mystified.
  8. I'm actually getting some weirdness here. My drummer provided four tracks, one from each of his four mics. He sent me an mp3 of him playing along and it sounded fine, but when I drop the four separated tracks into the project they're all over the place - the tempo is not consistent and there is no groove, no pocket. I tried freezing all audio tracks, no improvement. Any ideas what might be happening?
  9. Funny you should mention that, I did start out with the intent to emulate Billy Gibbons. The track was already so busy, something simple was called for. But in the end I found myself sliding into and then outright stealing the lick from "Green River." I added in delay to that part because, well, the title. Thanks for the kind words.
  10. Thanks for the kind words on the bass. I have no beer to steal. As for stealing my girlfriend, don't tell my wife. LOL
  11. The bass *is* live; that's me. My drummer is in Northern California and is getting over a bout of moving gravel. 😄 I hope to have something from him very soon. What 'quotes' are you referring to?
  12. I'm thinking I'll remove the Creedence guitar at the end and replace it with something more in line with the rest of the song. Thoughts?
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