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  1. @Lord Tim Brains are dumb... and so are we! LOL. I have been a Plapper for a few years now. My favourite teacher is Marc Daniel Neilson... WOW!!
  2. Yes you get the original sessions and two more to work on.. pop and rock. I recommend it... you learn a lot.
  3. I think that a lot of this is also because Cakewalk is free. You used to be able to read tutorials and other interesting items in the main magazines.. now its not even mentioned. Why is that when a product is for free and in some cases rivals those out there. I've been a cake walk user for nearly two decades and I can remember when it was one of the really big names. I even have the Sonar V Studio system which was a lot of money quite a while ago.
  4. @Lord Tim thanks so much for taking the time to reply. brilliant.. I’m going to try some of those things. I always start with drum and bass and leave vocals to last.. Once again thanks pal.
  5. @Larry T. HI Larry. Thanks for commenting. I am glad you find it informative etc. That's is why I have posted all the stages and struggles, hoping someone would find it helpful. I also always used to mix in the green... but when I discovered how saturation and clipping into emulated analogue gear etc has a huge effect.. it takes it too another level. You can create different colours and different effects give very different flavours when pushed. They used to push the old analogue tape to get certain sounds. I can mix clean.. I just want learn more about what does what and give myself more weapons to add too my arsenal. Now I have spent 4 days just building a mix template.. adding all compressors and other lovely nice analogue simulations. Check out Β¨Billy Decker Template Mixing Hopefully now.. I am 70% there when I load all my tracks and stems into a project.
  6. @Lord Tim Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and comment... really appreciated. Its amazing how everyone hears differently.... great advice thanks. I am building a new mix template on a coarse I'm on by Billy Decker.. country fella. Ill post his mix here.. Now my tastes are very different to his.. but look how much his mix is slammed and smacking you in the face. Everything is so forward.... I have added nothing to this track... this is the original. Watched this guy mix this in about 8mins from scratch with the template system. I can hardly hear his backing vocals and his guitars are right up front as you guitarist love!! πŸ™‚
  7. At first thought it was going to be a rendition of "Auld Lang Syne" πŸ™‚ As stated some punch to the drums.. You have a good one coming here.
  8. I thought this piece was really nice .. well done BjΓΈrn. We all paint very different pictures.. But the lead vocal in the beginning is harsh and cuts through the ears at the beginning with the rotary pan. Really shows up on my monitors.
  9. We all paint very different pictures.. I hear what Wookie hears regarding bass, I'm listening on Focal Trios with no sub... when I add the sub I can really hear it.,, maybe a little too much?
  10. Very nice... Some mean low end in there...
  11. garybrun


    Very nice... Well balanced and panned with great eq skills. Drums have great punch.. Some mean guitar playing in there.. Love the trumpet... (that the only instrument I am educated in).
  12. Thanks for that.. I did have it set louder.. the automation on that track was switched off 😞 You get so involved in a project that you miss things... Ive listened to this track too much!!! πŸ™‚ Think I'll give it a break for a while. Now back to a few projects people have sent me from the forum πŸ™‚
  13. @Wookiee Thanks O. Furry One! I recently requested an additional forum for mixes and maybe mix templates. (not had a reply yet). Many post their songs up and then post various revisions for advice on mixing etc. My suggestion it would be good to have a dedicated area. Its so easy to get lost.. πŸ™‚
  14. After taking into account @DeeringAmps suggestions with call and response I have now added mix 5. Again learnt a lot here... as I had never thought about "call and response" before. Made me look at country music in a different way. Thanks. I know this thread is long and un-interesting to some people but I have done it so people can see the thought process that goes into a mix. The guy who orignally mixed this did it in about 10 mins... I have taken days!!! πŸ™‚
  15. @DeeringAmps Thanks for your ears
  16. I have an Apollo 8xp and I dont have anything between it to add stuff.. just use eq and hardware emulations with the Apollo. If you listen to modern records they are very dry and almost around only 5 instruments max. The Vocal is smashed, so also with the snare and kick. What Im saying is I cant make my mixes sound dry... I seem naturally add more verb/room etc. This is more pleaseing to my ear.. Im 58 and remember the sounds.. that was when verb was all over everything. I cant seem to break that sound in my head. Glad to hear the ears have cleared. Now Im going to work on the call and response as suggested in a previous post and work more with automation. Does anyone know a shortcut to delete all automation from tracks? Was trying to find it yesterday... had to do each one singular .
  17. Thanks for replying and listening. Mix 2 was my own Master 1st try. Mix 3 was how Bandlab mastered it after I put it through my Master Chain. Mix 4 was not put through any Mastering chain,
  18. @SupaReels you think your ears are smashed...lol Ive added the dry tracks I received to the post.. just as is. I also thought a brighter smashed sound really gave the song energy (Im not singing on this). When I was mixing vs three I was bouncing in my chair... I think that's a good sign . Kick, Snare and tom are samples blended in with original drums.. (used trigger) The mixes have different panning choices and volume levels on vocals and backing vocals, and guitars as well as the fiddle. I brought the fiddle up as suggested.. No matter how hard I try I cant get a dry sound. What I mean by this is that I seem to have more room and a more of a live sound. The tracks where completely dry. The only thing I can put this down to is being a live sound engineer for a while πŸ™‚ Mix 4 was done at correct LUFS.. but it just doesn't have that bounce that I wanted,, but I posted here for peoples opinions. So there are 4 different mixes... which are all different. The instrumental shows all of the instruments and I hope they can all be heard clearly. It was a blast doing this project and a great learning curve.
  19. Mix 4.. with better LUFs .. not so smashed.
  20. OK... another mix added... too smashed... lol. Need a break.. Come again tomorrow... add the suggestions a few made..
  21. Thanks.. there is a lot more to do πŸ™‚
  22. Thanks guys... I'll look at it again tomorrow as my ears are shot now πŸ™‚
  23. I have started on my first ever 40 channel mix. I will post all revisions and how the mix has developed below... I reckon there will be quite a few!! Could I have your opinions please? Thanks you for your ears and advice. Dry tracks as received.. nothing added etc. All tracks where mono. First Mix. The original tracks are recorded well (bought from on online streaming coarse) Now remixed again and smashed πŸ™‚ Mix 3 BandLab Mastered Corrects LUFS Call and response as advised by deeringamps. Think I am nearly there now... Mix 5 Any suggestions appreciated. Billy Decker Professional Mix... I have not altered anything.
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