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    Call 911

    Here comes Jessie!! He's on fire!!
  2. garybrun


    Hi Jack. We all paint very different pictures and these are just my opinions and I am not in anyway trying to take away from your composition.. I think I've said it before when I listen to your music... its sounds like its smashed and clipping. All to do with dynamic range. I can see on your wave file it is not though... I would work on the mid range and separation in the stereo field.
  3. garybrun


    This isn't my genre but the subject is 🙂 00:15 I cant really hear the lyrics... but is that intention so I have to zoom in? Maybe could be more upfront... ?? we all paint very different pictures.... and these are my opinions 03.57- 04.26 I would bring the vocals up a touch... also find it hard to hear to "walk the shadows" near the end. Again... "walk through the shadows" nearing fade out Brilliant production and arrangement. Well done.
  4. I listened to this once again Barry, Really great poetry.
  5. garybrun

    ;khpi 3

    Here comes Jessie 🙂 WOW... me like a lot!! Get yourself some funky cold madina down ya neck
  6. Barry.... what a beautiful song mate. Love the vocal and great lyrics. Beautiful. We all paint very different pictures... and I'm not saying my picture is better than yours. I would de ess a little more.... maybe its coming from the verb. De-essing the verb 1. Insert a de-esser after the reverb in the signal path. 2. Set the frequency anywhere from 3khz to 5khz 3. Set the range for the most clarity in the vocal. Adjust release control to prevent chatter https://we.tl/t-KqQwAZv7jD I would like a little more flow... try riding the faders with automation. Just close your eyes and ride the string parts Pads could have a little more space.
  7. I think we are a good team. Bad Spellers Of The World UNTIE!!
  8. I have a pair of Avantone mono's. I really fight with try to mix totally on those and then move over to my Focal Trio's. I just never seem to stick with it. I am sure if a mix sounds good on the Avantones it will sound brilliant on the Trio's.
  9. Hi. To be real honest I used their Orion Studio for a while. Great sounding unit with an excellent clock. The problem was customer service and updates to drivers. In the end I got so fed up with it (on windows 10) and bought an Apollo x8p. Gary
  10. Well done Freddy. me like 🙂
  11. Now that was clever stuff. Well done
  12. garybrun


    Love the intro Mark... get you hooked with the panning straight out of the gate. Nice verb too. Love your style of playing. These are just my opinions and we all paint very different pictures. Kick is a little to "flat" or "dampended" - I can hear the beater well. Unless that is your intention for the style. SI Electric could come up a little. When it got nearer the end I was feeling a little unbalanced as there is a lot of panning going on. My brain was trying to catch what was goin on but couldnt lock on (analytical listening).
  13. I have a few pair of headphone that I use through Sonarworks. DT880 Pro Avantone Pro ACS IEM Custom Encore Slate VSX I have a really good pair of Studio monitors (see sig) but I am really getting into the Slate VSX. Looking forward to the next software update for the headphones and some BigFoot emulations coming too.
  14. Luxury. We didnt have any legs! 🙂
  15. Luxury. DREAM... whats a dream? We never got any sleep!!
  16. Luxury A gnat ridden peat bog. We lived in slurry tank with bloody cow files everywhere.
  17. If you notice Rowan Atkinson (MR BEAN) is in it.
  18. Yes... you should be hung drawn and quarted for attention seeking!! 🙂
  19. So thats why your mixes are crap?? 🙂 English sarcastic humour!! lol
  20. After a post in another thread one guy we know designed the computer keyboard for the Acorn Electron @Wookiee and it got me thinking. They say everyone has their time in the "Limelight" What is your call to fame?? Ill post mine later as I have a few!! 😉
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