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  1. I enjoyed this one. Very difficult song to mix as there are so many frequencies over lapping which makes it hard to keep from getting muddy. I think you have done a grand job... but to my ears it does sound a little muddy in the 200-400hz range. Your composing skills are good. I personally could not compose this sort of thing as I wouldn't know when to stop adding different things. I think the secret in this style is to keep surprising people with various different types of ear candy as it can get repetitive 🙂
  2. garybrun

    Song in E Major

    Very clear mix, Reminds me of Norwegian artist Morten Harkett from the 80's group Ah-Ha. His music is very similar. I enjoyed the reverb and thought it was well done and the mix was wide Nice mixture of different electronic instruments I can hear thereverb tails well on my Focal monitors.
  3. garybrun

    Just be With You

    I use them for ideas. I also have the Valleta II amp they made. My pain amp is a Fender Deluxe Reverb which has been modded with original 1960's tubes and a little studio mod. Im not really a electric guitar player... my son is though.
  4. I understood what you where trying to achieve but I believe a tempo change would help the mix a lot more. My brain couldn't track all the different parts so quickly... I kept wanting to go back and listen to a part but it was gone in a flash! 🙂
  5. To be real honest it is not my style of music that I listen to. You have a great voice and the harmonies are great. Guitar work is fantastic. As I work professionally within video production I know and appreciate the work that has gone into making it. I have the latest Slate Digital drums... just learning to program them. I have posted a rock project a few hours ago which was my first go at drums. Thanks for taking the time to comment on peoples tracks and mixes. Its appreciated. Gary
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    Just be With You

    Its amazing what slate drums and a waves plugin on straight guitar 🙂 Line 6 Pod and Its is a Les Paul double tracked then panned left and right. Here you can see settings and buss.
  7. garybrun

    Just be With You

    Recorded last night. This is a rough test.. still needds bass adding and harmonies. The harmonies added are just for guide which I created for the singer with Necter 3. If anyone would like to have a go at the bass line... let me know. Thoughts so far would be appreciated. Many thanks as always, Gary
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    Listening to your mix on my Focals. Comes across well... why I think of Tubular Bells I dont know?? Could see it being used in a documentary or corporate use?
  9. Hi Bjørn. I enjoyed your composition and it sound really good through my Focal Trio6 be, Well done.
  10. Hi folks. Thought some might find these helpful. Good list of reference tracks. Good list of reference tracks
  11. garybrun

    I'm Retired

    I liked it Bjørn. Loved the old lay back feel.
  12. Thanks for the comments Paul. Appreciated. I have showed them to the composer and singer of the song,,, he's really happy about the feedback on here.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to listen Douglas
  14. HI and thanks for taking the time to listen. Its not a sad song... its praising our village and how it looks and activities that go on within it.
  15. HI and thanks for taking the time to listen. Appreciated. Gary
  16. What a beautiful song!! I am listening through my Focal monitors and it sounds great. I agree with emeraldsoul about backing down the vocals a little bit.
  17. garybrun


    Out of the three I would say two. Nr three sounds to much like brass. If you want to send me the midi files for the cello I dont mind sending you a wave file back as I have quite a few expensive samples.
  18. Thanks for listening Bob, Kråkstad... is the village where I live. The song is about our village and its in our hearts. This is really my first completed mix of a song. Been spending most of my time learning and tuning ears etc over the years. I have been a cakewalk user since the very beginning and still use the VS-700 system with the BandLab version. To be honest I've been an entertainer for many years and Im loosing some of my hearing (55yrs old) especially in the human speech range. Too much working with loud music over the years but reference tracks help to counteract for that. Mostly work with live sound, video editing and do quite a few Voice Over projects. As Im retired now I plan to spend more time with my first love.. MUSIC! 🙂
  19. Thanks for listening Bjørn. I agree about the fiddle... would love to have one in there too. Not sure I have ever mixed one though... 200 - 16k if its the same as a violin??
  20. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my mix. Appreciated.
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