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  1. Reminds me somehow of a spy theme. Well done
  2. OK.. Ill go and sit in the corner like a naughty pig 🙂
  3. Hi Jerry. You have an amazing talent in your arrangements wish I could hear what you hear in your head. I do listen to all your tracks when you post them.
  4. Thanks mate. You have all been very helpful. If you find some of my stuff from a while ago its really bad 🙂 I think this is the first proper mix I have ever done and its a great feeling.
  5. Thanks so much... Im well happy with it. This forum helped fantastically with tips.
  6. Thanks so much @freddy j I get caught out a little as I am a live sound guy and find it difficult to "dry" things up when mixing in the box.
  7. Cheers @KurtS I took your comments onboard...
  8. thanks for taking the time to listen..good feedback.
  9. Thanks mate.... DONE!
  10. Here comes Jessie!! I have never heard anyone who creates music like you Jessie. Totally unique.
  11. After taking onboard everyone's suggestions.. I think I'm done now. Thanks everyone for all the input and suggestions.
  12. Great tips... thanks everyone. Now its to put them into action in a percentage way... as everyone hears things differently.. but we are on the right track. I am learning to go with my gut feeling (what I like) its very easy to doubt yourself. The band themselves have different ideas. Drummer likes to be louder Guitarist like to be louder. Backing vocals want to be louder You cant please everyone 🙂 That's why I love posting on here as it validates different things. Thanks so much everyone.. Ill post the final mix soon as I take things on board.
  13. Thanks @KurtS someone else told me the same. m struggling a little now as every time I adjust one particular instrument it effects the whole mix.. I'm working on it though.
  14. Here is just the mix without vocals.. think I am getting rid of the boom?? Also added an organ, reduced delay and reverb.
  15. Thanks @John Vere I have made some adjustments and also added a organ that was missing and will post later. I just want people to rip the crap out of the song.. I wont get offended in anyway... thats why I post. A while ago I asked for a new forum to be created for mix and mastering where people could discuss there work and be very critical. Hope you get well and on your feet soon John
  16. Thanks for the comments @mark skinner I am really doubting myself.. when you play my track against another commercial country track mine sounds boomy and not enough top end. I'm really confused at the moment. We have another 4 tracks to go!!! I'm thinking of sending the mix to a professional mastering engineer then at least we have a base line to work on. Don't get me wrong.. I want the band to have its own sound and not be pigeonholed to sound like others... but there must be a baseline?? P.s. The SHE is a HE 🙂
  17. Thanks Paul.. appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment.
  18. Thanks mate... good to hear coming from you.
  19. Sorry to hear of your illness Lee. The black dog is not good. Music is a great way of expressing things.
  20. garybrun

    Take the Knife

    Very nice. Sorry I couldn't watch the the full video as I suffer from chronic PTSD... so I just listened. Your work has always impressed me.
  21. Thanks Jack. Ill make sure to tell the band.
  22. Cleaned up bass masking. Raised level of the solo guitar as suggested. Also more dynamic range now.
  23. thanks for listening….
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