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  1. Hiya, This is not a serious bug but I it IS a bug and an annoyance. "Undo" should restore the cursor or 'Now Time' to the place it was immediately prior to the action or event taking place. Consider a new recording - Now Time is 1:01:000, recording starts and something isn't right so we stop recording at 5:01:000 and hit undo (ctrl-z) The recording is undone perfectly but the Now Time is not restored to 1:01:000 instead it is left at 5:01:000 This requires an additional (ctrl-home) to return the cursor to the start. Cheers Martin
  2. It would be a real step forward for CbB to natively support Jack Audio instead of only via the Jack Audio ASIO driver. https://jackaudio.org/faq/jack_on_windows.html This would allow multiple devices to feed into cakewalk and even route cakewalk output to other software or multiple devices So may useful ways of moving audio around the workstation and devices, so many ways it would help folks get different stuff done. Cheers Martin
  3. Great work man!! Just some feedback - works a treat with Novation Launchkey Mini MKIII - sorta The connection seems to drop out - like it needs a keepalive or heartbeat to stay in DAW mode - I know that one can manually start DAW mode by sending a channel 16 Note ON c-1 127 (9Fh 0Ch 7Fh) (BTW I cant seem to send this with CbB sysex but I can with MIDI-OX) The only othe minor irritation is probably not your fault - I expect a limitation of the protocol. although the pots on the launchkey are proper pots with a start and end - when adjusting (say volume) sometimes you have to fish around to get them to latch to the CbB control they are manipulating. Its like if you move the pots too quickly they lose control (ha! outta control - LOL) Other than that : Schweet ! Nice work Cheers Martin
  4. Hiya - I recently bought one of these too - after much digging the biggest hint was in the Launchkey Mini MKII Manual in the chapter "Working with HUI (Pro Tools, Cubase)" It *should say "Cakewalk" in there too .... So the steps .... Connect, start CbB ... etc CbB Prefs: MIDI-> Devices : Select ALL of the Launchkey ports (MIDI & DAW) CbB Prefs: MIDI-> Control Surfaces : Create a new Entry - as controller choose "Mackie Control" for In Port choose the Launchkey DAW port for Out Port choose the Launchkey DAW port Choose a WAI color you like so you now where u are in the daw. Save and exit preferences In the CbB main window select the Utilities menu - click on your control surface (mine was called Mackie Control 1) In the next window change protocol from Mackie Control Universal to HUI (Beta) Close your windows and in a few secs your launchkey pads will change color and now the Launchkey manual is your friend for how to use it Good luck!!! PS: I dont have a virgin install of so I cant tell yu inf the 'HUI' (Beta) option is available - it should be according to this thread : https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/4299-latest-mmcl-mackiecontroldll-available-with-hui-support/ There's a link to his mackie dll in there if it doesnt
  5. Hell Yesssss it is! Thankyou - its not intuitive but yes that works - your little Vid helped heaps man - thanks!
  6. I agree - Last entry - would be useful - regarding number of bars - that may only be relevant if ones loop is an even multiple of a bar OR just a bar - what if the loop is an odd number of bars and the aim is to end up with an even number of bars? would it not be simpler to leave math errors up to the user to make and if ones loop is only 7 and a half measures or bars long, the question remains - how many times would you like to repeat it? just MHO. There is no bad feedback!
  7. Hi There, Thanks for picking up the slack and resurrecting Cakewalk - Much appreciated - now I can finally remix 25 year old recordings (yeah I could have used something else but why?) So I hope this is an ok place to comment/request a feature request. Regarding Groove Clip Looping - Please Please consider facilitating a 'Repeat Count' entry box so we don't have to drag it out for 100 or more bars. Its would be cool to have both but a repeat count would be awesome! Thanks
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