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    Last time I heard an introduction with that sound was when our rhythm guitars tried out a new FX peddle I had built for him. Pleasant enough tune, drums do get a little monotonous as noted above. Mix overall nice and clear.
  2. Good to hear you playing again Rik, as my specialist says keep them moving as much as possible, the hands and wrists that is.
  3. @Rik nice to hear from you how are you, been a while since we heard from you. Thank you for your kind words. Look forward to hearing something from you.
  4. I think you did a good job on this @cclarry What did you use for the roto-toms at the start? The vox could come up a tad but your mix. Nice one thanks for sharing
  5. @bjornpdx thank you for the listen and kind words. @Douglas Kirby thank you as well not got the DAW fired up at the moment but I think it was Arturia's DX7, but it might not be I used Ample Sounds free P-Bass for the Bass, Korg's M1 and a couple of other Arturia synths.
  6. You can load FX Chains into the Pro channel as well as the FX box of tracks and Busses.
  7. Wookiee


    Spider man always appealed to me as he seemed to a bit of an anti-hero. Likewise I did not enjoy the tune to the original cartoon. This sounds like a reasonable rendition mix wise though, thanks for sharing your spiderywebiness. 🕷🕷🕷🕷
  8. Politics is off limits this is a forum for Cakewalk by Bandlab.
  9. Wookiee

    City Girls

    Not my thing either but well done @garybrun
  10. Wookiee


    For themselves is what they forget to add, they really do not give a 💩 about anyone else. Well performed and captured.
  11. I enjoyed the Piano but think the drums are either to forward or to complex.
  12. Do peeps think it would be handy if when Bandlab Assistant updates CbB it would be useful to not delete the installer. Then a user could copy it to a safe place if they find they need to roll back because an update has caused an issue with a third party plugin that had been working. Obviously the user would need to keep their own file management records of what version of CbB the installer is. Just an idea for peeps to consider.
  13. Probably best to render the region FX Melodyne. Remove the area of audio you do not like, then either record to a new track and drop it in or do a Punch in and punch out record into the required section.
  14. Nicely done chaps, sounds good here, thanks for sharing.
  15. Wookiee

    Snow in June

    Nice and very appropriate, like those subtle bends. Sweet stuff thanks for sharing.
  16. Wookiee

    Night Beach

    @Lynn My thanks for your comments and ears, this was another one that sort of just solidified out of the ether. The Synclavier started it all and the other voices just fell into place.
  17. What version of Cakewalk by Bandlab are you running? It may be your version is an older version. Updates are issued on a random basis. Did you install it in the default locations? Have you tried login out of Bandlab assistant (BA), closing BA, restarting BA and login in again?
  18. Had a quick listen between software updates sounds like classic Bob but I need to have a second listen before I can really make any sort of worthwhile comment.
  19. I have found their support to excellent normally get a result in 24 hours. Are you using the Arturia Software centre to install and manage the software @kakku?
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