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  1. @Myriad Rocker It is possible you have added me and Grem to you ignore user list????
  2. @Tezza Having used Arturia synths since the original release of their take on the Moog Modular way back in the early 90's they have become my go to source for synths. When the CS 80 V, ARP 2600 V and Prophet V were released I added them. They then introduced the collections series of which I have had everyone. Personally I love them and the new ones added in the V7 collection are all excellent With the Mellotron having the ability to add your own samples as well, provided you keep to the length rules.
  3. @Myriad Rocker As I can not PM you I have to tel you here, it does seem to have gone and why is not completely understood. I suggest you re-post in a new post.
  4. @Myriad Rocker Yes I did sorry I got distracted by something else unfortunately I did not find anything in the bin. Even a search using Google did not find. I will have a word with someone further up the food chain.
  5. Wookiee

    Journey of Discovery

    Sounds nice here.
  6. @synkrotron Thanks Andy I thought of you as this fell out of the furry paws, absolutely Arturia do seem to have this modelling stuff down to a fine art.
  7. I would recommend not using ASIO4all as it is reality not an ASIO driver but a wrapper around a WMD driver. Better to try using the WASAPI I get good results with it and a Realtek on board sound card when I can not be asked to fire up my studio. I though Behringer had issues a proper drivers for their interfaces.
  8. No comment on the vocal @AndyB01 (well know fact Wookiee singing kills all none Wookiee life forms within a Par Sec) I like this it has a very heartfelt delivery, I am obviously hearing the remix, though you have said it still needs a tweak or three. Will keep the furry ears on the lookout for such.
  9. Wookiee


    Nice to see you @synkrotron Andy, I like this it has a very cool groove. Mix come across nicely here on the Adam's 🙂
  10. @Joad That is no cat! it is a Wookiee Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment it is appreciated.
  11. @ION_Instruments Thank you, Berlin school is a weird thing to play and get into you just sort of have to let things happen. Thanks for also delving deep into the songs forum history to find this. 😎
  12. well perhaps screaming was a poor choice of description what I meant was it sounds like you are pushing it a little.
  13. @Myriad Rocker I think their may be a page limit i.e. only 9 pages then they just sort of fall off. Can you give me the title of the thread I can check and see if it is in the bin for you.
  14. It is just like someone has switch on a Mic and then off at the end.
  15. Sounds OK here @garybrun though those clunks at the start and end are a little disconcerting.
  16. Wookiee


    @emeraldsoul Thanks you Tom I really appreciate your ears and kind words. The choir is indeed that from Arturia's Mellotron V, I wanted an almost continuous ethereal sound of voices floating off in the distance to sit around the other sounds.
  17. Wookiee


    @Lynn Thank you, I played with suspended and diminished chords to try and get a more fluid movement, again thank you for your kind words and ears.
  18. Wookiee


    @Grem Thank you Michael nice to know you found it relaxing.
  19. Wookiee


    @Douglas Kirby Thank you the bells were from SD3 Orchestral SDX along with the Taiko drums, appreciate your ears and time.
  20. Wookiee


    @antler Thank you for your ears and kind words.
  21. What did you use for the didgeridoo?, what was the ARP being played on? how does the bass guitar track translate? Can hear it OK when it feels like it should be heard. does the synth stand out where it should, lay back where it should? Like the bass it works here are the vox good where they are? more dry, more effects? well it does sound in a few places like you are close to screaming them but.....
  22. @AndyB01 Mr Hackett a much underrated and under appreciated guitarist, I think you did a fine job on this based on what you say in your opening post. I look forward to hearing more nylon acoustic work from you.
  23. There is a tad of harshness to the top end of this on the Adam's other than that it has that slightly raw/live feel of a lot of your stuff. Thanks for sharing.
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