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    As the dismal 2021 Sales Season comes to an end, with it's plethora of lackluster sales, let's take the time to reflect on all of the GOOD THINGS that came from this year, and on our Family and Friends! I would also like to personally thank each and every one of you for making me feel appreciated for the effort that I put forth into keeping everyone informed about deals and trends, and for affording me the opportunity to get things that I would have NO WAY of getting otherwise! Your kindness and generosity shine through in all that you do! SO A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE CAKEWALK FAMILY!!! Let's make 2022 a YEAR FULL OF WONDERFUL MUSIC! A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!
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    As of today, I can OFFICIALLY draw Social Security, the pre-requisite to being OLD! First check arrives on February 23rd, and it can't come soon enough! The past few years have been REALLY ROUGH! So...YAY!
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    It's against forum policy to post any form of pirate software or links and codes that should only be available to magazine subscribers.
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    What about a separate sub forum for "User Deals"? That would keep them from clogging "Deals" thread...and you wouldn't even have to go there if you didn't want to! And it would keep this groups sales HERE instead of at KVR, taking traffic over there... Just a thought!
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    Dear ladies and gentlemen, a CW family :-)! Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas times with your loved ones! .... edit... or just simply a peaceful Holiday times with your loved ones! Love from Finlandia Zok
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    Returning to the subject, LARRY!!! Happy birthday, grab it early and live long! And for your birthday, I got you an old Lang sign.
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    Let's gooo! Log into or register an IK account and then head to your User Area Use the pop-up message to Redeem your promotional item and sign up for the Newsletter, if you're not already Ikmultimedia
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    Have an excellent New Year for you and your families with great health, prosperity, lots of music and love
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    Get it in your account - Expires on 17 Mar 2022 https://customer.focusritegroup.com/en/software/sound-collective-baby-audio
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    I got my wife a pair of these for Christmas.
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    It's 2022, now (in France), So... Happy New Year ! Bonne Année à tous ! I wish you all, the best ! 🙂
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    Could you make your font larger? Old people can't read small fonts! 😏
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    I thought that you weren't officially old until your first question on arrival at any given place is "where's the toilet?"
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    48GB - I know of one forum where that will be impressive. I can't wait until they make a 10GB hand clap.
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    https://www.villagevoice.com/2021/12/27/the-strange-history-and-vibrant-players-of-the-hammond-organ/ (thanks to a thread at MusicPlayerNetwork)
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    I have 73 keys on my synthesizer. I think there may be one that I've never played. I have 88 keys on my piano. Even my cat has played all of them.
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    People say lots of stuff. Keep calm and carry on.
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    Everybody gets targeted like mad these days. I have a small dot com that has received some notoriety in the marketing, advertising and PR world and I don't think we've had a month in the last several years where there wasn't at least 1,000 hack attempts. Fortunately, most of them are pretty weak -- and we're pretty hardcore about security measures. But yeah, if you ever want confirmation that the world isn't filled with an overwhelming percentage of kind, well-meaning people, you can look at hack attempts or just look at social media. This is why I've taught my kids to look for, appreciate, give out freely and celebrate kindness.
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    It's because of their highly sought after string libraries...
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    Hehe! Since this was a new post I was half expecting it to be on sale for $19.99!
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    That's on me, I named this promo. Then I thought about this and the "Get Your Tron On" (also my handiwork) aren't great for our translators so I have to apologize to them. In Spanish I believe the SampleTron 2 promo essentially became "Light your Tron on fire" or at best "Turn on your Tron" which is a little better.
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    $10.00 https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/4-Synth/8402-Quadra?a_aid=5640b17f636ee
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    Guyz can t believe the year .... anyway , health and peace of mind for all my fellow humans ....
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    Nearly every great deal in the Deals forum in 2021...
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    ..."stop spending money on those *#&() plugin thingys or you'll find yourself plugged!!"
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    I've certainly done my part!
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    And remember...the Misses never misses!
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    We're not using them, we're trying to collect a full set. Even I missed a few because I forgot to actually purchase them after making the post.
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    Merry Christmas to all! My gift to you is the Kindle edition of Part 1 of my biography. These recollections of my time as a UK recording engineer look back on an era where capture of a performance and a good sound were paramount. They could only be achieved using ‘ears’ and ingenuity supported by minimal technology, unassisted by computers, sequencers or plug-ins, none of which existed in studios at the time. Download it for free on Amazon 24th, 25th and 26th December 2021. Start and end dates are midnight Pacific Time. Amazon UK Amazon Germany Amazon.com Amazon Canada Amazon Australia Amazon Japan
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    $16.79 with code GROUP at JRR https://www.jrrshop.com/psp-lotary
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    Still Free! https://www.bozdigitallabs.com/product/panipulator/?ref=14
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    The actual discontinuation of support for VST2 plugins only applies to Steinberg products (i.e. Cubase). I would think that virtually all other DAW manufacturers will continue to recognize VST2 plugins until there just aren't that many left in circulation. <rant on> It bothers me a lot that a private company controls a standard as ubiquitous as the (VST) audio plugin interface. Why isn't this an open standard supported by an independent group? I don't think that I'm the only one annoyed by some of the decisions made by Steinberg in the past, like initially crippling Midi support in the VST3 interface (they eventually backed off on that). VST is just an interface! There is no required code behind it. Steinberg should relinquish control of it, or a new 'open' standard should be developed... Fat chance that will catch on, though 😒 Ok, all done. <rant off>
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    Your drum recordings are gonna sound MASSIVE after you use this FREE plugin. Trigger 2 is the secret tool pros have been using for decades In seconds, you can replace or augment your drum recordings, turning them into HUGE pro-sounding drums. Trigger 2 FREE is easy to use, sounds natural, and gives you 6 kick and 6 snare samples that will give you pro drums in seconds https://my.stevenslateaudio.com/product/trigger-2-free
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    I love these announcements announcing and announcement, but I think they should take it further: create an announcement for a teaser that will announce an announcement
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    No matter how great they are I don't want to get trapped in Apple's Echo system. I like tinkering with PC hardware. I've been doing it for 20 years.
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    Imagine if she said, now I don't need to borrow yours.
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    Just a heads up - I'm getting a lot of crashes with the BIAB 2022 plugin. This doesn't seem to be a CbB issue, as it crashes Reaper too. Studio One 5 doesn't crash, but frequently pops up error dialogs. I've raised a support ticket with PG Music. The crash only seems to happen when the UI is open, so you can mitigate the issue for now by turning off the audio engine before opening the plugin UI. You can switch off the engine by clicking this button: If it's white as shown above, this means the engine is running... so just click it to turn it off before opening the BIAB plugin UI.
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    You could teenage tell her "At least I'm not doing crack!" Unless you actually are doing crack.
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    I always say to people not to waste time and money on researching their relatives/ancestry....just announce on FB that you won the lottery.
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    Happy B day Lars! I'm going to leave my turn signal on all day in your honor.
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    Survey voucher is still valid, if you haven't used it before. USERSURVEY21QFK8H0T9
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    Bargain price for a most useful plugin. Gainmatch is currently on offer for $9 using discount code BF21. https://letimix.com/products/gainmatch
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    Today it's a walk-in freezer.
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