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    FREE 30-Day All-Access Pass to Groove3 CODE: sonible30 https://www.groove3.com/redeem must enter code by March 31st, 2023
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    https://www.waves.com/account/free-metafilter-producergrind Free Waves MetaFilter for followers of ProducerGrind! For a limited time only, Waves is pleased to offer you MetaFilter for free. Claim your free plugin now!
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    Instead of $150 or $49 on sale https://noiseash.com/need-73-console-eq/ NoiseAsh NEED 73 Console EQ free with coupon at checkout: BEAT73 (thanks to Dza over at Gearslutz)
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    Green Oak Software makers of the popular classic synth Crystal has released Tungsten Texture Delay Effect Delay effect with a twist. Tungsten is a sound design tool to add ambience with texture and color. Cesium Lush Chorus Effect Cesium brings distinctive character to a chorus effect. Use it to add motion and depth to your sound. https://greenoak.com/effects/
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    I just downloaded, installed and tried out the Emerald Flute library, an Irish flute sample library Libre Wave usually charges $23.99 USD for but is giving away free right now (end date unknown) and it's very nice. This is my first experience with this developer and I'm impressed. I didn't have more than a few minutes to play around with it, but I used the keyswitches to try the various articulations and I thought the library seems well done and sounds very nice. It uses the developer's plugin called Rhapsody, (available for Mac, Win & Linux) so for those without KONTAKT, this doesn't require that. So install that first and then download the two files for the library (there's 4 videos on the page to download Rhapsody; you only need to watch the first and it's very simple). https://librewave.com/product/emerald-flute/
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    Get it here https://nugenaudio.com/pe-ab-assist/?src=null_nws_pte_ab
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    https://www.steinberg.net/vst-instruments/colors-free/ for HALion 7, HALion Sonic 7 A free instrument with sampled synths, textures and much more Colors Free (VST, AU, AAX) is a unique instrument, filled with sampled analog synth sounds, dusty lo-fi textures and colorful vintage keys. You can build your own sounds from scratch with four different layers, shaping tools and a clever modification engine, or hit the random button to get new sounds. This instrument offers you almost infinite possibilities to create atmospheric, deep and abstract sound sculptures. And you can do it for free — in almost any DAW. Beautiful sounds with rich synth textures in an easy-to-use interface Random function to create an almost infinite amount of new sounds Includes dusty lo-fi textures, LFOs, an arpeggiator and additional effects Works with free HALion Sonic in Cubase, Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro and other DAWs
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    https://www.arturia.com/sounds#vintouch_vol_1 Vintouch Vol 1 Sound Bank - Enjoy a free collection of sounds exclusively created by award-winning multi-platinum producers Shuko, Basti, and Traxx, with combined credits including Chainsmokers, Anderson .Paak, Ludacris, Roddy Ricch, Ava Max, and more. Compatible with AnalogLab V.
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    https://www.fabfilter.com/news/1679389318/all-plug-ins-updated-with-aax-apple-silicon-support-interface-scaling-and-more GUI scaling... very nice.
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    Get it here - requires Kontakt Player https://store.cinesamples.com/products/mister-rogers-celeste
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    Introducing the Touch Loops Vintage Drum Breaks Collection: Recorded using the finest vintage microphones, a beautiful old Studer tape machine and some classic Neve pre's, this collection oozes with style. Containing original mixes, mono 60's stylings and spring reverb tinged loops, each loop guarantees to lift your next beat. Use code: Waves100Drums Get Yours Free *Offer valid until March 9, 2023 https://touchloops.com/products/vintage-drum-breaks How to download One collection is available per customer. Just add the discount code 'Waves100Drums' at the checkout to receive the pack 100% free of charge. All loops and samples are Royalty Free and available for instant use.
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    Pulsar Audio lets us to get its compressor plugin, Smasher, completely free (normally 49€) If you have any problem with the code, is: mixbustv2023 Use this link to add the item to your cart with the code included https://bit.ly/3ZN8cWW More information about Smasher https://pulsar.audio/smasher/
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    probably includes the Disney souvenir mug... On the hand a cup of kopi luwak**, as it’s known, can sell for as much as $80 in the United States. (**even if you were paying for it I wouldn't drink that crap )
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    This is an error they will correct soon I think but it was not possible pass on this offer 🤣 take this as a joke, no offense to anyone (including PB
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    Unleash the power of pro-quality audio and video with this incredible content creators’ bundle! Tap into the renowned video editing tools of the fast, powerful Vegas Pro Edit 18. Record, arrange, mix, and master your audio with Samplitude Pro X5. Get Music Maker Plus 2021, SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 15, and soundpools full of loops and samples. Treat your creative passion with the quality and polish it deserves, and help support Malala Fund with your purchase! $25 for the whole shabang! https://www.humblebundle.com/software/king-content-creator-bundle-software
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    Run Spitfire Audio app https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/classic-synths
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    I rarely hide tracks because I constantly forget them if I do. So, my suggestion is for a "Hidden tracks" indicator is placed somewhere, that would light up when tracks are hidden. Exactly like Excel does in the status bar when a view is filtered. This will remind you that there are... hidden tracks.
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    You might be pleasantly surprised in the next release.... and it's much more than an indicator.
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    Hi guyz , xils Lab released an update for its poly KB III , a welcomed one specially for the resize and this beautyfull gui , but the beauty is it's ability to deliver one of the best analog soudnin the box !! Its simple architecture combined with some unique mod tools makes it hard to beat !! A pure beauty that i wanted absolutly to share iwth you guyz .... grab a coffee and chill me !! LINK : https://www.xils-lab.com/products/polykb-iii-&-ii-p-159.html Don't under estimated this beauty guyz .... and it's 59 $ actually !! 00:00:00 Intro & Plugin Tour 00:04:55 OSC 's 00:07:56 Filter Cutoff beauty + mod 00:11:09 Filter Enveloppe 00:14:23 Sound design 1 : Taurus style !! 00:19:24 2nd filter drive & mod fun !! 00:22:04 Sound design 2 : deep dive & creation of my new patch !! 00:25:55 SPACE X ! 00:31:23 VOICE X ! 00:39:05 Conclusion ... 00:42:10 Our Patch !! 00:44:30 Bonus ... the patch again in action Thks for watching .
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    The gorgeous sustained sound of this unique Pennsylvania-made violin (ca 1895) available in four convenient versions: Decent Sampler, Kontakt (requires the full version of Kontakt (version 5.3.1 or later)), Ableton Simpler/Sampler (requires Ableton Live 9.7.1 or later), and SFZ. https://www.decentsamples.com/product/lewis-e-pyle-violin-kontakt-ableton-sfz-free/
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    SSL Native FlexVerb $16.01 in cart with code FORUM on JRRShop. https://www.jrrshop.com/ssl-native-flexverb Down from $279 they say but that feels like one of those kid on prices. Maybe not.
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    Meet KClip Zero - our 100% FREE version of the industry-acclaimed KClip 3. KClip Zero offers our “smooth” variable clipping curve as well as internal oversampling, making it ideal for masters, buses, and tracks with absolute minimal fuss! KCLIP ZERO FEATURES: Industry-leading oversampling quality - mastering grade oversampling, set at 2x for realtime monitoring, with 16x offline bounce Variable Hard/Soft clipping - soften control allows you to dial in just the right amount of soft clipping (or leave at 0% for pure hard clipping) Gain linking - match input and output gain as needed Resizable Window + Preset Menu https://kazrog.com/products/kclip-zero
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    $15 coffee? I knew the economy was in shambles, but didn't realize just how bad...
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    Grab our limited-time free pack - FUTURE CHORDS MIDI PACK by Red Sounds. https://vstalarm.com/product/future-chords-midi-pack-by-red-sounds-limited-time-free/
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    My latest, featuring my Antigua Tenor sax and Yamaha NCX1 guitar, Ezdrummer 3 and ZZC PJ bass
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    Sure, you can do a lot of this in a DAW with some effort. But here are a few of the reasons that I like Unify... A big # 1 is that Unify assigns each instrument to a separate CPU core/thread for performance optimization. Hides the interface for instruments that you don't care to look at. Here's looking at you Spitfire! Provides a preset browser via Unify patches for plugins that don't have modern browsing or search abilities. Also has a "favorites" tagging system. Ability to search across all owned plugin libraries for presets that have been "Unified". Can't do this with a DAW. Since Unify is also a plugin, you can use any Unify preset in any DAW. A Unify preset is portable, so setup once and use it on any computer with Unify (and the respective instrument plugins) installed, even if it is running a different DAW! Extensive macro knob control (4 banks x8) of plugin automation parameters on any layer. Great if you are playing the instrument in real-time. You can MIDI learn the macro knobs by CC to any controls on your controller. Keyboard splits and layers are a breeze to setup. The ability to quickly find and stack sounds from different synths together. Happy accidents! Lots of MIDI FX to work with on MIDI layers. I currently have 21,577 Unify patches to work with...
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    Just spotted this! Thanks for sharing! 🥰 For the record, we're not affiliated with all the resellers on our Reseller Price Check tool, though we are with a few, of course. But we do show prices from resellers we get nothing from, such as JRR and Audio Deluxe. Similarly, we're one of the only services to share deals from all corners of the world on our Facebook group, SubReddit, Twitter account and other channels, without purely focussing on those we get commission from. So those are some of the best places to find offers from indie devs and the like. One thing to bear in mind is that most resellers (and there are many) get their products and pricing from the same central distributor (usually xchangemarket or plugivery) so, unless they're doing some shifty shenanigans, the majority of them will carry the exact same prices for most products. So we tried to include the top, most trusted, resellers who also sometimes have exclusive discounts. You could still technically use the plugin price drop alerts just to know when a sale is on and then get the prodct from a reseller of your choice. We're also limited in space on the page and the size of database available at the moment so we settled on these 7-8 top resellers. This particular service has cost me a lot more in time and money to build and maintain that it has earned back so far! As with all the APG and PD stuff, the service to the community comes before profits. Luckily, I also have a day job! 😅
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    Mamas and the Papas - Monday Mondsy
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    Can YOU guess the price? https://www.waves.com/chris-lord-alge-plugins#sort:path~type~order=.default-order~number~asc|views:view=list-view|paging:currentPage=0|paging:number=20
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    Hi all , I have been practicing playing over some Jazz tunes using I Real Pro . I'm posting this video here because I want to keep it low key .. Here is an improvised practice performance I recorded this afternoon of me playing along to the chord changes of Song For My Father . Hope you enjoy some of my melodic phrases ... all the best , Kenny
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    Run ASC V Collection 9.2 has arrived Take your creativity to new heights & enjoy next-level sound with reference-standard virtual instruments. This Music Makers Sale is your chance to discover V Collection 9 with a limited-time offer & exclusive sound banks. Exclusive deal until March 26th. Update starts from v8 to v9 for 99€ Also lot's of updates for v8. Mostly: New features and improvements: Window can now be resized by dragging the bottom right corner Added audio protection on plugin output (Limiter at +12dB) AAX is now compatible with Mac M1 NKS is now compatible with Mac M1 and VST3 Graphic performance improvements Bug fixes: Fixed crash in preset browser on Windows Fixed crash when dragging & dropping a MIDI Clip in Ableton Live Fixed potential install issues with .pkg files on macOS 13 Ventura Fixed automation from controller in FL Studio
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    I'm confussed... Is this Waves or PA?
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    Come on guys, it's literally explained in my original post and it's only two sentences and it's also explained on the landing page for the sample library. From my OP above: "It uses the developer's plugin called Rhapsody, (available for Mac, Win & Linux) so for those without KONTAKT, this doesn't require that. So install that first and then download the two files for the library (there's 4 videos on the page to download Rhapsody; you only need to watch the first and it's very simple). " Here's a direct link to the Rhapsody player landing page: https://librewave.com/rhapsody/
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    Better this bundle with the plugin included https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/81-Bundle/82-Plugin-Boutique-Bundle/10329-Free-Mixing-Bundle
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    For the steam punk UI alone I want these!
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    Bottom line is that nobody listening to your music will know what drums you used in a mix. It all comes down to whatever is easiest for your workflow. If it sounds good, it is good!
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    I got mixed* results the two times I tried to use it. *see what I did there?
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    I..... I beat Larry?! Quick! Somebody name a street after me or somethin'!
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    Nice. just extended my subscription by 30 days!
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    Synth/PolySick Percussion/Vibraphone Coins HOW TO UPDATE (you don't need to download again Minima) 1) Go to Pulse > Preference > “Check for Product Updates” 2) Library > Click on “Minima 2” > Click on “Update to the Latest” 3) Enjoy! https://www.xperimentaproject.com/minima-2/
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    https://www.waves.com/account/free-berzerk-sanjay-c?irclickid=w%3AP0Pr2WSxyNTE71H0wd2QmRUkAUtAVpex-k3c0&irgwc=1&utm_medium=1440378&utm_campaign=Online Tracking Link&utm_source=ir For Sanjay C subscribers
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    In case you missed it... On Feb 8th v1.11 update for Elevate Mastering Bundle (everything but Invigorate) was released https://www.newfangledaudio.com/elevate-release-notes Release notes for Elevate Mastering Bundle v1.11.0 1. Support for AAX Silicon Native (Mac Only) 2. Improved performance on Windows machines (Windows Only) 3. Plug-ins default to OpenGL Off on Windows 4. Removed support for Windows 8 (Windows Only)
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    Nothing like a good cup of coffee made from the pooped out coffee beans from a Civet! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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    link: https://www.uvi.net/en/my-account No voucher(s) for me. Thanks UVI for helping me avoid temptation.
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    https://www.wavealchemy.co.uk/product/bassynth/ Use code - Bassynth35 + Drum Tools sample pack 49$ for free with purchase until this weekend works in kontakt player
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    I'd recognize that silhouette anywhere!
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    A few comments, from someone who has engineered many Pro Tools sessions... Efficiency: Pro Tools started life on the Mac, Cakewalk on Windows. Because Cakewalk didn't have to go cross-platform, it could optimize performance with Windows. Audio engine: IIRC Cakewalk was the first to employ a 64-bit audio engine. The days of DAWs using 16- or 24-bit engines are (thankfully) well behind us. AFAIC, audio engines have more or less reached parity; any differences will likely be due to plugins in use, pan laws, etc. Hardware I/O is where the variables occur. But also, Cakewalk has an upsampling feature. Although not quite as relevant as when it first introduced due to computers getting faster and many plugins including internal oversampling, it can still make a significant improvement in sound quality under some conditions. Fader size: Hold shift to move the fader with more resolution. The mouse scroll wheel, with shift held, is also good for fine adjustments. For a control service, nothing has the same tight integration as the late, great V-Studio, but Mackie Control-compatible devices do all the important stuff (faders, mute, record, transport, etc.). I use the PreSonus Faderport 8, whose dedicated Sonar mode is compatible with Cakewalk by BandLab (however, the Faderport must have at least the 3.51 firmware). "Christmas Tree" Look: +1000 to Lord Tim's and Noel's comments. Cakewalk's user interface is highly customizable. In addition to Themes, Workspace Manager can not only simplify the "look and feel," but optimize the user interface for specific DAW-related tasks. Compared to Pro Tools, Cakewalk's show/hide and docking functionality is more developed. PT does have multi-mono mode for plugins, which is great for mid-side processing or independent processing of left and right channels. However, it's easy enough to do the same functionality in Cakewalk by splitting into buses. FWIW also check out Patch Points, which allow for highly useful routing possibilities. Hope this helps!
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    Bandlab is a commercial company, and despite Cakewalk being free, it's not open source, nor is it just being treated as a giveaway product. Bandlab have a strategic plan for their products and it's not in their interests to telegraph these plans to competing companies, much like almost every other company in this space, much like everyone else has said so far. While we may not like it, it's clearly the model they've used since 1987 and it's apparent this is how they're moving forward. Throwing insults and accusations against users won't change this, it'll just stop people interacting with your threads.
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    One way I would like to see what's next but at the same time I want Cakewalk Baker's to be able to work in peace. Plus when they did give some updates on upcoming additions the competition was also got what they were working on. I'm just happy that this fine DAW is still being updated.
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    Sick Noise Instruments shows Xenoyte v1.0 A virtual instrument for Windows and macOS completely free https://sicknoiseinstruments.com/product/xenobyte/
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