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    The way I see it after some testing (with the most neutral settings): 24 and 80 when used across individual tracks have a subtle cumulative effect. On the master bus are almost nonexistent. 99 and 440 are not so subtle across individual tracks, but give great results on the master bus. Bear in mind, these plugs are CPU hungry and can easily cause dropouts, if you have too many tracks. In such case you'd want to use them only on buses, not individual tracks. HTH.
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    I want a permanent subscription to a single plugin for a one-time payment of $29 or less.
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    I think everyone has behaved themselves accordingly, however the risks of arguments are becoming elevated. This thread is locked.
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    @Chris Boshuizen This issue has been fixed for our next update. Its actually something that was broken in one of the SONAR releases itself. The next update has major improvements and optimizations for plugin time sync and looping so many old issues have been resolved.
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    Cakewalk by BandLab comes with these three very nice and useful VST effects, two of them are multi-FX processors oriented toward vocals (VX-64) and percussion (PX-64), the other is a saturation processor (TL-64) with multiple controls. The VX and PX carry only Cakewalk branding, the TL also says "powered by Studio Devil). Unfortunately, by default, they are "excluded" in the terminology of the Plug-In Manager, and in order to use them the user must use Plug-In Manager to change their status so that they show up as available in the FX racks and lists. Every time a new version of CbB installs, the installer flips their status back to "excluded" and the user must again use Plug-In Manager to enable them. They were enabled as part of the SONAR Platinum suite. I read on the forum that some of the Style Dials use their resources. I don't know what the barrier is to making them available by default.
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    Hi forum folks Here's a new song that I co-wrote with Patty Lakamp (lyrics) and has James Griffiths playing on guitar. Lyrics below link The Next Level © 2019 Lyrics by Patty Lakamp Music by Daryl Greenway Performed by Staypress Guitar by James Griffiths @jyemz V1 I’m happy with my girlfriend But we have a looming issue Just what is this Next Level She wants to take us to? V2 I’m really only guessing Cuz it’s hard for me to picture And what is it exactly She wants me to deliver Chorus The dreaded Next Level Scares me half to death She’s got me unsettled And out of my depth I’m not sure what I’m s’posed to do All she said is Something New I hope it's not too stressful That dreaded Next Level Instr. Break V3 She has these expectations I might need a refresher I really don’t want to lose her, but I don't perform well under pressure Chorus The dreaded Next Level Scares me half to death She’s got me unsettled And out of my depth I’m not sure what I’m s’posed to do All she said is Something New I hope it's not too stressful That dreaded Next Level Instr. Break Bridge How many levels are there? And what comes after this? And what does she expect of me? And what if I resist? And why can’t we just stay right here? I like the way it is Chorus The dreaded Next Level Scares me half to death She’s got me unsettled And out of my depth I’m not sure what I’m s’posed to do All she said is Something New I hope it's not too stressful That dreaded Next Level It sounds experimental That dreaded Next Level
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    Krap. I don't quite know how to interpret NI's statement, but puhleeeeze no subscription.
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    If nothing else, this will probably make history as the longest thread on this Forum.
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    Sonex Audio has released a free 6.3GB Steinway Grand Piano Size 6.31 GB / 2805 Samples / Kontakt 5.6 required https://www.sonex.store/en/index.php?route=product/product&path=72&product_id=58 https://sonex.store/files/Sonex_PA_Steinway_D.zip
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    Do not overlook the EQ 73, 81, PA, and PB. These EQ's give a nice smoothness to a distorted guitar in my opinion. Don't over do it, but a little really adds a nice touch. Turn the input up and adjust output accordingly. And don't discount those Quad plugins. Overlooked workhorses IMHO. I almost forgot to mention the 670 comp. I love that thing on a bass guitar. Just gives it an old school richness. Last but not in the least, the one that got me going on old school EQ's, the EQP-1A Program EQ is perhaps my favorite sounding Pultec emulation I have. And I got quite a few. To be honest, there is not a dud in the bunch of modules for T-Racks.
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    You tell me 😂 Some people think software is like vintage guitars maybe? There are some still using SONAR 8 dreaming that its better.
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    Guitars and players vary so radically, I don't even mess with included presets. Start simple: Amp block and a Cab block (IR block and be substituted for the Cab block). If you use an IR block, try to use a Cab IR that you're already familiar with... as this will help "get your bearings" on the overall tone. Adjust the Amp block parameters like you would on a real amp. Increase/decrease the drive. Roll your guitar volume up/down and listen to how the Amp block responds. If the Amp block feels too tight, increase the Sag parameter. If the Amp block feels too loose, decrease the Sag parameter. Once you have an Amp block and Cab/IR block that sound decent to your ears, add a Reverb block and dial it to taste. Sit and play/tweak this for a while. Note that these devices are simulating a mic'd amplified guitar cabinet, they're not simulating the "amp in the room" sound/experience. That's an important distinction. ie: Running any of these guitar processors thru 5-8" studio monitors is not going produce the sensation of a 100-watt half-stack. That's down to physics... 😉 I like to start with the Amp block (several slots to the right)... as this leaves room to add block/s before the Amp block. ie: You might want to use a high-pass filter prior to the Amp block. If you hear flabby/tubby/loose bottom-end, this will solve that problem. FWIW, I use a high-pass filter prior to the Amp block... no matter which hardware/software "modeler I'm using (Helix hardware, Helix Native, GT-1000, Axe-FX III, etc). I've had the fortune of working with all the top-tier guitar processors. What you learn from using any one of them is directly applicable to all. If you start with Helix Native... and move to the Axe-FX III (or vice-versa), you'll have knowledge/experience that makes using the new processor more productive. As with a real amp, all of the top-tier guitar processors are capable of good/excellent results (they're all also capable of sounding bad). The more time/experience you accumulate, the better results you'll achieve with any of the above. If you're using software based guitar processors, the DI input can make a HUGE difference in quality of results. Lots of folks complain that Helix Native doesn't sound as good as the hardware version (even though the software algorithms are identical). Often times, these folks are using a $100 audio interface with a terrible DI. If you've ever recorded a Fender passive bass with a cheap DI, it can sound extremely weak/anemic (fill in your favorite adjective for bad). Run that same passive Fender bass thru a quality DI (Neve are some of my favorite)... and the tone is just "there". The better your front-end gear, the better Helix Native (or other AmpSim plugin) will sound.
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    For me it is enough to have one subscription: To the tax office! No demand on additional subs!
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    Just an FYI for people using the free version... There are a couple additional modules that are free and you can add them by installing them separately. Away from my computer at the moment so can't recall their names.
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    How can I Unsubscribe from Subscription offers? 😆 To the extent that the subscription model makes sense for anything to me, it's particularly silly for me to subscribe to a plug-in bundle. I'm a big ho-bag for plug-in deals in the first place so I have to watch it to make sure that my drive doesn't fill up with a bunch of great stuff that I wind up never using on projects. I need to be careful to only even download and keep things that I know I will make use of. The idea of paying monthly for a collection of plug-ins I might use 5% of is insanity. First, I'm not so into bundles. It would be like going to a woodworking store that carries Porter-Cable and telling them to give me one each of everything P-C makes whether I actually need a router, circular saw, jointer, planer, drill, etc. I may already have a Hitachi drill that works great, I might never use a jointer. I may not even like P-C's model of sabre saw. I might make an exception for Meldaproduction. 😂 Next is the subscription model itself. I think it works in situations where the software is used in a commercial environment where it's used to generate income. A graphic design house can just pay Adobe every month for their software and be done with it. It's another invoice. Where someone's a broke bedroom musician who saves up to buy one $25 Waves plug-in at a time every 2 months, and it's regularly going to be down to buying groceries or making rent vs. paying their $12.95 plug-in subscription, no way, not now, not ever dream on.
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    Scheps Omni Channel is fantastic. Even if you just use it for problematic spots, it has all the tools you need to tame squeaks, excessive sibalance, difficult plosives, etc.
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    I've been watching that one. My hope is that if I hesitate long enough, it'll go away and my GAS will be relieved...
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    "The longer a discussion of plug-ins continues, the greater the chances are that Starship Krupa will bring up Meldaproduction." Or sum juan will dis me for having "too many" plug-ins.🤣
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    @Carlos, I am just learning how to use this driver myself so I am not sure how it would work in your situation. What I am discovering is their stability and performance not only in Cakewalk but other audio recording and capturing apps as well. The best thing to do is download and try it for yourself. Having the PDF manual available through the link I shared above will also help. You can always rollback to your previous driver if you find that it’s not working for you. There is a little learning curve (which I am discovering) but once you start to understand how the patching system works there seems to be an amazing depth of how you can use this to communicate between several audio apps at the same time and even work with audio between interfaces and other computers through using networked audio transfer. It would be very interesting if someone was able to pick up the torch and continue developing this (with the author family’s approval of course) as it is a very well coded piece of software that as I mentioned earlier seems to have exceptional stability and performance. Joyfully,
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    reads like a cloud based subscription system, East-West alike
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    It's like a company that makes 62 billion different instruments might have spread themselves thin or something? And of course the answer is to become thinner...😬 Also is it just me or does that article read like "subscription imminent!"
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    Lots of excitement in this thread!! : )
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    Dang! Here we go!! Down Baby!! Get Down!
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    Every seller needs to setup huge catalog price to create impression for us their discounts are absolutely irresistible deals
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    *** Bad joke alert *** Q: How do you turn a duck into a soul singer? A: Put it into the oven until it's bill withers
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    Noise-floor on a dedicated audio interface with external A/D D/A can be very significantly lower than onboard audio. ie: Realtek isn't going to get anywhere close to average noise-floor of -118dB. You may not notice a 12dB difference on a single track... but multiply that across 24 tracks of audio... and it's an appreciable difference. Like pulling a veil of noise off the project... Even dedicated audio interfaces that have A/D D/A inside the PC rarely achieve noise-floor better than ~104dB (usually closer to -100dB).
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    Mine should be here any minute, <foot tapping>
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    Now having played with it for a while, I think it just kind of falls short of being useful. A new beta of Sundog was made available yesterday. Just playing around with it for a few minutes I got far more interesting music than anything I could get out of Harvest. But it's not a plugin so that might be more of an issue. I'm pretty fond of the Captain Chord plugin set if you must have a plugin. And I still think Rapid Composer is hands down the most "pro" (but very hard to fully understand) MIDI composer out there. Orb Composer and I still aren't getting along all that well, but it's later releases have been better. Harvest has potential but it needs to step up a lot to make it in my regular toolbox.
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    Good morning Zinc, I don't know about the shipping details to UK, but Amazon has it for $249 right HERE. (will keep my eye open for deals on this.... )
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    You rock, King L. Always have, always will.
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    If you drink enough of red wine, then it actually sounds like all of them put together.
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    AIEP3 is the new bitcoin. I bought 150 licenses after the subscription announcement. See you at the golf course.
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    Thanks for that. Yes, I suppose FreqAnalyst Multi is slightly less intuitive than, say, SPAN+ or MMultiAnalyzer. But more confusing than Neutron? pwalpwal, the difference is the three tools I'm currently evaluating are all multi-channel. The StereoScope tool, for example, shows you panning information for as many individual tracks as you want to look at at once. It's a very different view than, say, Insight's stereo meters, which can be deceiving. Let's say you have a project consisting of mostly wide stereo tracks - standard goniometers would indicate a nice stereo spread, even if the full mix actually lacked panoramic definition to your ears.
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    I found that if you "RIGHT CLICKED" on the Title BAR that you could in fact MINIMIZE the interface to the tool tray area. It comes in handy when you want to get the GUI out of the way for a little bit.
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    As for Al Schmitt, I did get his EZ Mix pack and it’s one of the best I have. Very versatile and dedicated to many different instruments. Quality pack indeed.
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    If your DAW computer doubles up as the "family PC", then I would definitely go for dual-boot.
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    BTW...you can STILL pick up Scheps Omni Channel at Best Service for $26.12 ...less if you have Best Coins https://www.bestservice.com/scheps_omni_channel.html
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    thankfully edited ...... Kenny
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    Mistakes are how we learn to grow, Peter. Let it grow!
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    Not the Scarlett Zo, the Claretts
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    They have been releasing adpaks - Pop, Soul, Heavy, Mallets - each next more awesome sounding. I would call that activity of some sort. Have you guys noticed how the room sound has been improving with each next release?
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    12 arturia effects for $149 is one of the all time great deals IMO
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    I was referring to double clicking in the clips view within the lane to select it. I was able to repro your issue. We didn't test importing from the file menu so missed that case. It will be fixed in the next update.
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    Word of warning - it's only 5,400 rpm, so if you're planning on streaming from it, I'd get something else.
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    Lots of $29 deals that will be better with code at everyplugin.com. Lots of$39 deals too. And $49 deals. $69 deals too. I quit looking after that!! : ) Who do they think they are? PA?!! LOL
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    Stereo,stereo, I started out in glorious mono on a Grundig portable reel to reel😜
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    Lodging a support ticket will get a better response. There, your issue will have a reference number assigned and they can keep better track of the progress. Simply relying on the forums will mean your issue will get lost in the hundreds of other posts.
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