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    and with the fancy coupon, it comes to $29.. .wow.. thats amazing. it's just like every other Waves deal. i am in shock.
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    Add the delay to your cart and use the code BPMCreateAnalogDelay and the price changes to $0. You can't use it if you already own it. https://shop.presonus.com/Analog-Delay
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    As if the world hasn't suffered enough already 😉
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    As all themers know, the Step Sequencer is just behind Matrix View as one of the first Cakewalk elements to attack when one sets out making a custom theme. Or maybe not. Well, in case you ever want to really make that theme unique and do up the Step Sequencer, I have decoded all 12 cells of the Step Sequencer / Step Button image. The Step Sequencer divides things into odd and even measures. Each step sequencer step can have 6 different states depending on whether it is in an odd or even measure, whether it's active (meaning you've clicked it to make a note sound), inactive (empty), and then whether it's highlighted because the playhead is currently over it. So if there are only 6 states, why do we have 12 cells? This is so rows of contiguous active steps can have rounded corners at each end. So in addition to all of the above, we also have images for the leftmost, middle, and rightmost active steps in a row, plus one for a single isolated step. This adds 3 button shapes plus their highlighted forms. Without further ado, I present the different cells of this button and what states they represent: Cell 1: Empty step in odd measure Cell 2: Highlighted empty step in odd measure Cell 3: Empty step in even measure Cell 4: Highlighted empty step in even measure Cell 5: Isolated step Cell 6: Highlighted isolated step Cell 7: Leftmost step in row of contiguous steps Cell 8: Highlighted leftmost step Cell 9: Inside step in row of contiguous steps Cell 10: Highlighted inner step Cell 11: Rightmost step in row of contiguous steps Cell 12: Highlighted rightmost step
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    To open the plug-in UI click on the small icon between the track number and track label in the track header. Also there is an option on the Insert Soft Synth Options Dialog to display the "Synth Properties Page" (aka the plug-in UI). This will open the plug-in UI when it is added to a project. If the Insert Soft Synth Options Dialog does not appear, it is because "Ask This Every Time" at the bottom of the dialog was unchecked at some time. This dialog may be opened using the Synth Rack View ("E" in the image below) and the option reset. Plug-in UIs may be opened using the menu "D" in the image above too. A soft synth requires at least one instrument track or an audio+MIDI track pair for a complete routing. Simply pointing a MIDI track to a soft synth is not enough. There must be an audio track to capture the audio from the plug-in. An instrument track is nothing more than a presentation layer above an audio+MIDI track pair.
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    Classes are 80% and an extra $10 off purchases $18 or more - Use code NOV10 https://www.creativelive.com/catalog Music Classes https://www.creativelive.com/catalog/audio
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    YAY!!! The GREAT mystery has been solved! They changed the access key to my account. I found out by checking my access key in my account, and it didn't match the one in Sound Paint. So I logged out of my account in Sound Paint (under "account" at the top..select log out..then log in) and used the NEW KEY from my account online to log back into Sound Paint and TA-DAH! It's all there! CRAZY!
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    Hang in there, Craig, you're in great hands in this forum. Someone will get to the bottom of this. I've been using the various incarnations of Cakewalk since 1992 an CbB is clearly the best one ever. I've had a lot of issues though the decades and some have nothing to do with CbB but other things in your computer setup. And of course I've run across legitimate bugs, but all were fixed. Even after you get a stable system, make sure you make backups or learn how to use the rollback feature, where you can rollback to the previous version if you get a showstopper bug.
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    I do want to be clear I still think Cakewalk is awesome and I love it. Trust me, I have FAR more scathing things to say on the Ableton forum, and they never listen to me...
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    We have updated DUNE 3 to version 3.5. This update adds a new patch browser, drag&drop modulation, and a number of detail improvements: VST3 version for Apple M1 machines added. Improved look and feel of the MSEGs. Maximum polyphony increased from 16 to 24. Genetics function to create new patches from existing ones. Support for polyphonic aftertouch via the mod matrix. New compressor mode, "Punch". New patches added to the factory library. Better memory usage. Each new plug-in instance consumes significantly less memory than v3.4. The upgrade is free for registered DUNE 3 customers, and can be downloaded from the User area page. DUNE 2 customers may still upgrade from the Shop page.
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    The only themable scroll bar items are the background and thumb for TV, CV, PRV, Step Seq, & Matrix Views. One day I noticed the Browser's Help Module scroll bar was oddly colored and uses different elements than the other windows. EDIT: I found Global > Scroll Bars > Scroll Bar Background also changes the Help Module scroll bar background. When this happens, the Help Module scroll bar thumb & arrows will also change, but not as expected. Background > Thumb > Arrows: Cyan > Red > Red Dark Cyan > Red > Ice Blue Light Cyan > darker Cyan > darker Cyan Blue > Dark Blue > Magenta Magenta > White > Gray Red > White > Gray Dark Red > Cyan > Cyan Green > White > Gray Dark Green > Magenta > Ice Blue Black > Gray > Gray White > Gray > Gray Dark Gray > Black > White Gray > Dark Gray > Dark Gray
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    TOONTRACK - Free EZX when you buy EZdrummer 2 EASTWEST - Save up to 60% on everything SONORA CINEMATIC - Last few days to save 20% on new Poiesis Cello, created by Alessandro Mastroianni - ends 15th November ZERO-G - 91% off Orchestral Toolbox | 90% off Cinematic Toolbox | 89% off The Vault | 70% off Ethera Soundscapes | 25% off Ethera MAX Bundle | 25% off Ethera Bundle ICEBREAKER AUDIO - Exclusive 50% off Akebono FRESHTONE - 40% off the Complete Bundle
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    I could fix that for you. But I can't be arsed.
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    thanks cclarry i got mine going it was the login thingy working great nice fine by the way apricate you thanks fmm
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    They are charging a shipping fee, so I'd assume it's phys.
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    If you were one of the lucky ones who got the piano before they shut it down, then check your "Access" key! They changed them....that's what happened to me, and WHY I couldn't get Free Angels to show up! See my post above! It has nothing to do with the version of the installer
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    You can also use the code NOV20 to get $20 off, but you need to have $40 worth of courses in your cart before you can use it (VAT excluded). They also offer "paired course discounts" which can give you an additional 40% off. I'm not sure which courses count as a pair, but I got Recording Metal with Eyal Levi for $11 and Graham Cochrane's EQ & Compression master classes for $3 each. The offers are shown in the cart at the bottom of the page.
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    Sorry to resuscitate a year-old topic, but I also tried to load Proteus VX in Cakewalk... and got the same results as the OP. However, when I load it as a VSTi in Cakewalk Music Creator 6 Touch (basically a stripped-down version of Sonar X2 that was available a few years ago), it runs perfectly. The UI appears and all presets are available. The only reason I can think of is that MC6 Touch must be a 32-bit application. Anyway, I now save any Proteus tracks to audio tracks and use those in Cakewalk.
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    There is a free demo package of the Halls of Fame that you can get here https://www.bestservice.com/halls_of_fame_3_free.html
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    Ya that used to catch me too. Just open the Automation lane and you will be able to edit the track. You just can't edit while the automation is superimposed on top of the track.
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    How many Mute buttons do you need. There's one in the Track Pane, the Inspector and the Console view of each instrument plus the midi track if it's split. It would actually be a real bad idea to have one on the actual VST GUI as those are most time hidden and there would be a 100 posts from people wondering why they have no sound.
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    Realitone's Realibanjo library for Kontakt is now available for the player version of Kontakt for $39.95 (introduction price - regular $59.95 https://realitone.com/products/realibanjo?mc_cid=a864fe639b&mc_eid=bcd3979946 This version adds NKS compatibility and more patterns. Current users can update for $15 which Mike says just covers the NI licencing costs. All in all a really useful Banjo library that no longer needs full Kontakt.
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    Sweet. Halls of Fame 3 Vintage Legends has my name on it! Nice that it lasts till Jan 2.
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    Iris 2 and Breaktweaker at $9.99 are good options if you don't have them also!
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    I'd also add Boz Digital Imperial Delay FreqEcho is also VST3.
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    @Craig Reeves I have been using this program almost since its inception, and I can say the exact opposite of what you described. It has always been very stable and reliable, there were 2-3 times in older versions when the plug-in scanner stumbled and even caused the program to close, but those times are long gone and never happened again. Since the days of Sonar X, this is one of the most stable and hardy programs, look for problems in your system, most often - these are conflicts between some plugins, tested and proven thousands of times.
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    New song for you awesome Cakewalk peeps! Hope you like! 😁
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    let the funk be heard.blend right on.you go man.jack c.
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    Oh no! I was under the impression I could just use it as cash in the shop. That's the end of that one then 😆
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    anyone use these products, I think they could be useful, maybe. I have used Izotope's Rx for doing some isolation of different elements, but not totally happy with the results in most cases.
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    Thanks. Discount worked on discounted upgrade price as well.
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    I understand the issue you're talking about. - but really it is just a function of the way you expect it to work coming from Samplitude. I can't for the life of me figure out a smooth functioning workflow trying to utilize VSTi in Samplitude. CbB has come further towards your workflow by integrating the simple instrument track, but I think that approach is particularly confusing. The way I look at it is that the Instrument - the Midi track - and the instruments output(s) ( audio track ) are completely separate items and devices that are not intrinsically tied together until you patch them purposefully. So- the old school CbB way 1.) Create an Instrument VSTi via the synth rack. This will automatically create the associated audio tracks designated by the VSTi. Select the output of the midi track and assign it the the VSTi. All done. -If it's a multy timbral VSTi then set the appropriate channel from the midi track. Now it's really really all done. Everything is re-assignable from whatever midi track to whatever VSTi. If you wish to assign the midi track to new different VSTI then use the Replace Synth dialogue in the synth rack. If you want to just re-assign the midi track to a different already instantiated VSTi. just change the midi tracks output. Things remain open ended and easy to keep track of. IMO
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    And, Eddie... NOW using the arrow button on the left of the of the Workspaces dropdown works as you described, and like it used to.... -Jeremy
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    @John Vere Wow wow wow!!! HUGE time saver! THANK YOU!! @57Gregy Wow wow wow!!! HUGE time saver! THANK YOU!! See, there's always a good reason to post here! My god, two huge time savers in the space of a few moments! You'd think when there are so many different ways of doing things in CW, that I'd have stumbled across one of them at some point. But no. Thanks again.
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    If I understand what you're trying to do I think I can help with this part. Before you Insert the synth, set the desired synth bus as the default. For those who don't know how to do that, right-click in a grey area of a bus pane and select Set As Default Bus from the menu. Then you won't have to reset each output. After you're done, reset the Default bus to whatever you normally have it set to.
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    $69.99 on Musician's Friend SDOTD https://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid?icid=210190
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    I have the version with the pickups spread far. It sounds like you'd expect it to: very woody, for me kind of McCartney "sounding" without the brilliant playing.
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    Thanks for putting the link I forgot, although the people in this forum are smart and I don't think I need it.
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    Did you enable ripple edit before the delete (or Cut Special)?
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    How it works: Add products worth at least € 99 (incl. VAT) / $ 99 (net) to your shopping cart and choose one free product from the pop-up window in the basket. Here´s what you can choose from: iZotope Neutron 3 Elements (€ 129) – 4 Powerful Tools for great Mixes AAS Lounge Lizard Session (€ 49) – 16 authentic and classic E-Pianos IKM Future Synths (€ 79) – Collection of Dancefloor Synth Sounds RastSound Oud String (€ 39) – Authentic, oriental String Instrument Soundiron Luftballon (€ 7) – Wind, Percussion and SFX Library Ueberschall House Musique (€ 49) – 90s Funky Disco House Kits and Loops Zero-G Cyberstorm (€ 75) – Futuristic Sound Design Library BS Accordions 2 Single Wooden Melodica (€ 49) – Handmade Melodica BS Halls Of Fame 3 – Vintage Legends (€ 99) – Six Vintage Hardware Reverbs BS StudioBox SFX Cartoon & Short FX (€ 19) – Sound EFX Library This special offer is also valid in combination with all other deals - on every order until January 2, 2022 (only one free product per order possible | Multiple orders possible | subject to availability, remove or exchange of the free items) Currently, you can choose from over 650 discounted products in 50 different deals. In the course of the coming weeks many more great deals will be added! Don´t miss out on them! https://www.bestservice.com/deals/get_a_free_product_with_your_purchase_3642.html
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    So if i understand correctly it is the date of contract that is making a sub elligeable for life ? Smart they are ... Sergio , just try zenology , the engine is exactly the same as fantom , and jupiters ect and i can tell you it sounds superb ... i compared it to the real deal and some of the best emu s Softube and their own ) and it s really sometime a question of filter or adsr values , ect ... if you want real analogness just grab some real synths ,they re affodable now , i moght do alsôbt i swear it s not for the sound but more for intzrfacing ... stuff like fantoms , korg triton ect have been used like crazy and are still superb , and as for the zencore engine , it s even better in some aspects , and the delta is't worth the headache of using their interface witch imho deserve more attention. By the way do you if we get the licences a start or at then end of the year subscibed ? If we have a running plan , how dos it work ?
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    $24.50 intro price - * Intro offer until December 2nd https://rastsound.com/downloads/persian-vocals/
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    I've got to agree, I've had the exact opposite experience too, where it's the most stable it's ever been here for me. But that said, Craig does have some serious issues with CbB on his system for whatever reason, as he's mentioned in a few threads, so I definitely understand the frustration! Hopefully you're able to capture some crash dumps, Craig, and get them over to the Bakers to find the root of the problems - if it's something actually being caused inside CbB itself, rather than a plugin or whatever, that helps us all if it gets fixed.
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    Use code GROOVE3 on their own website https://www.eventideaudio.com/plug-ins/spliteq/ and you get an additional 25% which makes it $74,25. I'm seriously on the fence about this one. I read and see that it is briljant and a must have. But it would be EQ number 36 and not a cheap one at that. So is it $75 more briljant than Fabfilter, Sonible or SSL?
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    I'll second this request. I regularly use negative track delay. @Glenn Stanton That's a good thought, but although nudging notes will work, it's extremely labor intensive when you have many MIDI tracks (my projects usually run 20-30) and doesn't allow you do cut, paste, and duplicate whole bars and arranger sections cleanly. Also nudging is destructive, meaning if you nudge, then change tempo the timing going to off again whereas real time negative delay accounts for the tempo when the note is played.
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