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    https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/bx_masterdesk_classic.html Use Code: BX-FOR-FREE
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    One Knob make-your-music-not-suckisizer
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    I remember the day he was born. He looked up at me and he said β€œMama, I am not a person. My body's just a flesh vessel for an immortal being whose name if you heard it would make you lose your mind.”
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    Success! We have found our new bass player. His timing is good, he can sing harmony, isn't a drug addict, alcoholic or general flake. He's a Reaper user, but I can overlook that. It was a long day. I sang and played for 9 hours straight, something I haven't done in a very long while. Now comes the slog of working him in in time for the next gig, which fortunately is nearly a month away. I am beat. But it was a good day today.
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    his Black Friday we’re releasing a BRAND NEW PLUGIN: Sign up now to get it FREE! https://www.waves.com/lpn/black-friday-2021/free-plugin-signup
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    Run Native Access to Auto Update
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    It's an EQ with 26 personalities! (let's see how many get that)
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    my brain can't comprehend split eq. i have a hard enough time with regular eq.
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    Go to the Waves site...and under the Platinum upgrade click "Customize Upgrade". Go to the bottom of the page and you'll see "get upgrade from Dealer". Click that and it will then send you a code. Once you have the code, go here https://everyplugin.com/waves-upgrades Put the code in the appropriate field, verify that you're human ( I hope ) and send. Koby will send you an upgrade price!
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    Some new Post-Halloween Gargoyle Rock. Thanks for watching.
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    This is a work-in-progress, the 1st movement which I just completed, is here. All instruments are from the VSL Symphonic Cube.. Best, Jerry
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    An interesting fact/trivia I just made up: The value of Pi was first calculated to 18 decimal places by a Knight of the Round Table. Sir Cumference. Β© The Beano
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    It looks to have been on Sound on Sound as a News, Eventide SplitEQ unveiled (Published 3/11/21) but seem to have been deleted, just google cached left now. Mentions special introductory price of $99 (normally $179), looks to be a great eq tool. Here's one of the Eventide youtube promos on it.
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    Yep... back in the day I never imagined I would own the Gold bundle, much less the Mercury bundle. But here I am... proud owner of a v13 Mercury bundle!! Yeah we got it real good people. Real good.
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    My price from Waves was $20 more than from EveryPlugin.
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    It is, thanks. Price came down to $48.
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    it's ok to fart while you shit, but not shit while you fart
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    My upgrade path on the Waves website is €55 with the YNY23 code, and it would give me 43 new plugins. Say what you want about Waves sales being the same, this is a great deal.
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    I am not gonna touch the "attitude" issue because I'd hate to see the thread closed. PLUS: When I first tried NeoChip a few minutes ago, it did not work. The transport stalled with "processing tracks audio" or something and I had to kill CbB. Next I tried the 32-bit version of NanoHost. I got a string of error messages stating one module after another couldn't load. BUT THEN: I opened a simple *.cwp project I created to test Dim Pro 1.5 and did the "Replace Synth" option. LO AND BEHOLD: It booted in CbB. Not only that, but my midi usb keyboard can play it using BitBridge. Not sure if its the one from Cakewalk or one I downloaded. However, there seem to be compatibility issues with the plug-in. While it will play, once I minimized the NeoChip UI, I couldn't restore it. Also, changing patches via track widgets doesn't seem to work. UPDATE: For the first test, I neglected to change the channel widget. So, once I set [ C ] to 1: NeoChip, then [ B ] = 0 and [ P ] = 0 to 31 successfully changed the NeoChip preset. (CbB works as expected; not a bug.) SO: I closed the project and reopened it. The NeoChip UI is there and I can change the presets with the top line preset selector. And minimizing/restoring NeoChip now seems to work. JMO: If you really want it to work in CbB, it can be done. I would hesitate to call it a CbB bug. OK--that's me understating it. The fact that CbB can indeed use a 32-bit soft synth that was created in 2007 and only had one released version (so far as I can see) tells me CbB is amazing!!!!! πŸ˜‰ PS: I will probably never use NeoChip for anything (other than testing it some more), but hey, if someone really wants to use it, I hope my explorations have been helpful.
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    So just make sure you check for possible "other" upgrade opportunities. I had forgotten I had the Horizon Bundle and almost purchased the Platinum bundle upgrade. Thanks to Koby for helping me sort things out, I found that I could upgrade my Horizon bundle to Horizon + Restoration + NLS for $64.99!!!!
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    BTW...it's $78.71 with code YNY23 at EveryPlugin.
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    $1.39 per plug in, if my math is correct... You kids got it so easy. Back in my day, I paid over $10k for Mercury + SSL snowing uphill bothways.
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    Right..the actual price at EveryPlugin is $81.99
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    If you have Gold...NOW is the time to upgrade...WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY cheaper than WUP!
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    Photoshop Ed Neatly In Scene! 😁
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    I only had 3 picks and passed on the X-Drive after demoing all 4 of them. I sure wish the Amplitude FX could be used outside the Amplitude ecosystem! IMHO IK is missing out on additional sales be tying their FX (and us) exclusively to their ecosystem. I mean, it sounds pretty damn good, but I have other FX I like using too and would love to be able to combine them without having to fire up the whole Amplitude interface.
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    Wow! Very interesting. From what I gather the 710 is not much higher in power than the Intel HD 4600. This means that the internal Intel is some kind of bottleneck. A similar powered graphic card removes that bottleneck and frees the CPU for audio. Nice!
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    They had Effect Rack for $99 last BF. Great deal if you don't have any of their plugins.
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    Yeah I see he's posted some details... too bad he forgot to mention "Kontakt not required"! πŸ˜†
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    WUP., there it is. I have probably two dozen Waves effects plugins that date back at least several years but haven't used the WUP . Everything runs fine on my computer, so why bother.
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    Hey everyone, the Majetone - extended glockenspiel is out now for Kontakt 5.8.1+. There's an intro price of Β£25 (regular Β£35) until 21/12/21 The glock is performed with 8 different options - Hard & Soft mallet, Magnet, Ping pong ball (struck and dropped), bow, tape loops and digital stretch. All sounds/processing in the demo are from the instrument. Available now at https://www.majetone.com/extended-glockenspiel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDyJP21B0eo
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    Might need a more high tech phone than that
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    I record session singers to produce rehearsal tracks for my large (300-strong) choir. I create orchestral backing tracks for the choir. And for the last year, I've used Cakewalk to assemble three albums of my choir singing "virtually" - each singer has sent me individual recordings of them singing their part (recorded on phones and webcams, mostly), and I've brought them together, mixed and mastered them in Cakewalk. Each one has been a monster project (the biggest had 5,500 recordings to mix), but Cakewalk has made it a breeze!
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    I hate free time and sleep, and thankfully this program takes care of both things! Also it keeps one more long-haired hoodlum off the streets, so that can't be a bad thing, right? (But also, check out www.lordtim.info or some of the links in my signature below - this is what my boss (ie: me) makes me do non-stop. What a jerk.)
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    There was, but it got derailed so we switched gears and gave it a brake. 😁
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    I use CbB in a live setting, but over time I've moved away from using it for everything. The thing that hindered me most was the midi; inputs and outputs were forever being mapped to the wrong midi port at startup (because I'd move the file between my studio PC and performance PC, where slightly different things were plugged into different USB ports) - and then VSTs would start acting on CC / PC changes from the wrong source. That wouldn't become apparent until you played a song that used the VST, so it made for a nervous live performance. My best investment was Gigperformer, when on sale at Plugin Alliance. It hosts all my VSTs, has a rig manager for different PC setups, and just works. CbB plays back the backing track, shows notation, and sends out MIDI DMX (to QLC) and program changes (to Gigperformer) via loopmidi - virtualising the midi routes helps when moving project to a different PC. I use the arranger view as a setlist - each section in the arranger view is a song, so I can name them and jump around at will, or just play the set end to end. Each of the cover bands I play in has a limited number of songs (30 or so), so I can easily put all potential songs in one project.
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