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    For those (like me) that use the Izotope Product Portal to update their various products ........ don't bother opening it up and updating to v 1.4.2. Apparently there is a permissions issue with the said installer and it will only install/update itself in Windows safe mode ! Which basically renders it unusable. I was advised by their chat line to wait for a further update to the Portal software. Cheers, J Fixed now
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    My thoughts on that ( sampler ) are this Bandlab app on phone or tablet could become a great FOUND SOUND sample tool when you are out and about, to use in your tracks. Record directly into the Bandlab app DAW on your phone to one of the tracks in a project there and then when you get home, open CW and import that project ( downloads from your a/c in the cloud used by the app ) and work away on it as a regular CW project file Works a treat: Opened BL app on phone. Pressed the + symbol to add new project, pressed RECORD and did so. Then saved it ( went to cloud ). Opened CW .. File Menu, Browse bandlab Projects, opened that window: Choose the TEST project and it opens in CW as normal. Hassle Free It would tempt me to get a decent USB Mic for my phone
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    €/$ 30 discount on every purchase from €/$ 149 €/$ 100 discount on every purchase from €/$ 499 https://www.bestservice.com/deals/subscribe_and_save_promotion_3403.html *You must be subscribed to their newsletter of sign up for the newsletter to get the discount
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    Just to follow up, my issue with Win 10 20H1 has been resolved. I went back to Microsoft yesterday (7/16/21) and there was a new update to Win 10 with the word "critical" in it's name. (2021-07 KB5004237) I let the computer do its thing and it took about 20 minutes to install and reboot. I should have tested the DAW at that time to verify that the bug was fixed, but when I opened Cakewalk I saw Cbl had issued the new update (2021.6 Build 053) MSMCLEOD mentioned, and I installed that version right away. Everything works. There's something MSMCLEOD mentioned about One Drive. I deliberately avoided activating One Drive on my DAW, and so my updates may have been uncoordinated when I was caught in the initial 20H1 Win 10 update just a day earlier. (I also noticed that in June, the previous update was labeled 20H2, which if memory servers, verifies that update versions and builds do not necessarily adhere to numerical order. Regardless, if you pay attention to the Win 10 update versions, 20H1 now seems to be cooperating with Cakewalk just fine, or vice versa.
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    Deactivate the license from your i-lok and then you'll see the 2 licenses appear. I just did it then.
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    Thanks, Jerry. Celtic music is so beautiful. I hope someday I’ll be able to give it a serious listen. I have many accordion libraries, including Tarilonte’s, but nobody has done a real Cajun accordion yet. Of course, if you know how to play one like that, maybe you’d get close I agree with seeking out quality solo instruments. But there are often some quite good ones in collections Working on my next World Music video now If all goes well, it will be better than this one
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    The Style Council - Walls Come Tumbling Down
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    Update Tuesday 20 July 2021: Shipper created a label, ups has not received the package yet. That's the scheduled delivery date for this Epi Jack Casady Signature Bass:
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    https://www.bestservice.com/ezbass.html use code: summer-21-30 Normally $149 Lowest I’ve seen so finally got ezbass
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    Could have been a disaster. The guitar amp was DOA. He had a small second amp that's normally used as a satellite on my side of the stage so I can hear the guitar better. We had no choice but to mic that little amp and run it through the PA. With no extra mic stand, we had to dangle the mic down the front, so we're capturing it off-axis. An SM-58 is definitely not a side-address microphone, so as you can imagine it sounded pretty thin and nasty. Fortunately, we had a great crowd and the performance went over well. Everybody was firing on all cylinders, even me, being fueled by Starbucks iced mochas. With my high blood pressure I'm not supposed to do caffeine, and normally avoid it. Put a couple iced mochas in me and I'm like that squirrel in Open Season. One of the reasons the performance worked well was that for the first time I was getting guitar through my vocal monitor. Being able to hear him clearly meant that we were in better sync than ever and I was able to play off him in a complementary fashion. Sometimes adversity spawns epiphanies. So today I'm trying to figure out how I can monitor the guitar like that in future. I'm thinking a line out to the board and just routing it to the monitors but not the mains.
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    Kinetic Strings is a very interesting shorts library paired with a very powerful rhythmic engine. Get your strings moving.
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    Komplete Kontrol Keyboard Setup in Cakewalk... I have seen different post from people trying to set this up so here are some visuals to go along with what you have read. I just got this keyboard let me know if there are other things that I am missing in the setup any info is appreciated. This video will show how to setup the Mackie control and the function that I know it can currently do. Hope this helps.
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    This is one of my favorite older movements. Jerry PLAY https://www.jerrygerber.com
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    It would seem that NI should consider loosening up some controls with the licensed full Kontakt, so that users can customize their own local installation for this. But it is, what it is! Anyhow, thanks for the helpful info!
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    Yes, it is a very big commitment by developers when they take that extra step to not only make it Kontakt Player ready but that process also includes making the library NKS compatible as well. They have to pay an upfront fee as well as a per license fee depending on the terms that are agreed upon based on sales projections.
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    There are some "hacks" that will let you make a library appear but most of them have very bad side effects or require you run older versions of Kontakt. You may be tempted to try these but I can't stress enough you don't want to have to deal with trying to fix it later.
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    @abacab - It used to bother me, but quite honestly, I rarely use the library view anymore. I've found a folder structure that works for me, and I have everything set up in quick load. I use that 99% of the time now.
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    There's the rub and the very reason that 3rd party libraries require the FULL version of Kontakt. Since they are not encoded for the Kontakt Player they cannot be displayed in the Main Library browser, but as you mentioned you can use Quick Load which I am learning to use more and more.
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    The feature was added in 2019.11 http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=NewFeatures.053.html
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    I tried getting Soniccouture Xtended piano for 49$ (already in deep sale) and Forest Kingdom 3 upgrade for 99$, but the total is 148$, so one dollar short to apply the discount. I wrote to their support, hopefully they can do something about it.
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    That's very interesting. I didn't think of trying the VST version. I only used VST3. However, after trying them both, I still get the same result. No mix groups. Thanks for the information though.
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    What an inspiring essay, Reid! btw, "1492" is one of my all-time favorite soundtracks. I have so many virtual instruments on disk that I don't use often enough. Many of them I've had to look up on Wikipedia because I didn't know what the heck they were. Kontakt has been a musical educator, a window onto the larger world. Who knew there was such a thing as a bass balalaika? And that it sounds awesome in a jazz or prog rock context.
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    Yes, I show a little run through in the video. The library records the MIDI and you can drag and drop from there.
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    It is possible to set the ASIO buffer size for some audio interfaces. Typically you will see the latency slider in preferences for those cases. However we don't allow setting the buffer size automatically today. You can log a feature request to have a latency presets picker.
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    This could be interesting, see it as a tone option for blending with the mic tracks or as lipstick for hack demos. Didn't love the FX on the SoundCloud demos, but easy enough to leave out, wondering why they didn't include an LDC option for the mics, seeing some potenial for additional models if the base concept proves to be useful. Plan to give this a shot though as I've never found much use for any AG sims.
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    If you haven't already done this I recommend reading about the step sequencer here. I don't use it a lot but when i have it seems to have all the features I wanted I just had to learn how to use them. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR&language=3&help=Views.13.html
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    I figured it out. The plugin is posting spacebar messages to the main application window. Cakewalk currently doesn't accept random processes sending keyboard messages to the app window so it throws such messages away. Lets say ahem that this is pretty unorthodox behavior for a plugin to do and I've literally never seen any other plugin do this. My guess is the developers tried it in a couple of DAW's and it happened to work so they started doing it. This is exactly the kind of thing I'm referring to when I say you cannot infer anything by looking at how a plugin works in one DAW. Most plugins send keystrokes to the PLUGIN window not the host window. If VEP had done that it would have worked properly. I have made a couple of changes to listen to keystrokes at the app level, and now the play button and spacebar work in VEP. However we'll have to test it and make sure there aren't any unwanted side effects to this.
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    So I tried this out with VEPro and I can see that you cant start the Cakewalk transport from within VEP. However it also does not work in the release. So this is NOT a regression. I'm not sure why it seems to work for you. I'm using an older build of VEPro 7.0 demo server so maybe we aren't running the same version. In fact even pressing the transport in the server doesn't start playback in CbB so this is not related to the spacebar. I'll see if I can find out what the plugin is relying on to start the transport in the host. In any case this doesnt seem to be a bug but some missing communication.
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    there are some midi libraries which have just about every possible chord variation, i haven't seen ads recently for them but a search should get your there. the better ones are not free - i'm guessing because of the # provided as well as related documentation. those should be able to be viewed via the browser, or maybe come with their own app/vst. one thing i've been using - HookPad (also not free) but it's allows me to drag chord onto a simple measure based view. can also use melody lines as well. then i export as MIDI and import into CbB. some melodies form the basis for auto-strum guitar parts, and the chords are, er, chords 🙂 the other is band-in-a-box which has some nice auto generate features and ability to export MIDI as well as a vst plugin (which i don't use, no reason, just i don't)... agreed it would be nice to use the native CW chords though...
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    if i understand well it's just something that turn you regular electric gtr to an acoustic like one , right ?
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    Yes, yes I did. In addition to the ThickHeadOfHair variable, my aud.ini also includes: HairColor=0xFFFFFF and StrongBackMode=0 and LPFCutoff=13000
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    @Vyacheslav Thanks for the video. So let me verify whether I understand what you are doing: You open a plugin window from within the VEPro window When that plugin window has the focus you press space bar and the spacebar does not start the transport in CbB Is this correct? In your video you have not enabled the "give all keystrokes to plugin" button in the main VEP plugin window. Does it make a difference if that button is enabled? Also to clarify - the video you posted is with it working properly correct? BTW we had a case for this already logged. Unfortunately it did not get investigated in this release. I will escalate it and we'll address it since it appears to be a regression.
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    Nice work, cool song and seeing you play in that relaxed environment adds another dimension to the track. Thumbs up. Regards
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    Check out Scaler 2. It costs $59 and will give you a lifetime of useful information. And you can try a demo too: https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/6439
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    Hi Esther! Both versions are head and shoulders above most of the stuff here. Sound color and tone are subjective and both masters sound great to me. Great song. Great singing. Great performances all around. Great mix. Great work. 😃👍
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    The replay is live. I plan on adding chapters once thing process. It was a great time. Thanks everyone!
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    I started programming on this, first in BASIC then in Z80 assembler: My first sequencer was this... And I first used Cakewalk on one of these (a 20MHz Compaq Portable 386), with a Voyetra MPU401 clone. Nice machine with an amber plasma display, a whopping 2MB (or was it 6MB? ) of RAM and a 20MB hard disk. At around 20lbs it was hardly portable though. Did a lot of Turbo Pascal / Turbo C programming on this thing. ... but as this was my dad's PC, I moved to Music-X on the Amiga for around 6-7 years or so, before moving on to Cakewalk Pro Audio 7 on a P166 with 64MB RAM and a Yamaha DS2416 card.
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    Do you have both? I own the Scarbee Classic EP, and like it a lot. It is light years beyond the older Scarbee vintage keys included in Native Instruments Komplete. I haven't completed my Orange Tree group buy yet because I'm still on the fence with the Famous E. It does sound really good in the demos and I'm feeling like I must have it. That said, what would my wife say if she were to find out that I own five Rhodes libraries and I just bought a 6th. Arggg, what to do......
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    Jimi Hendrix - Castles Made Of Sand:
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    A young 50 ? Sure. Wow I was 24 when the OP was born and still feel young - I suppose it's a musician's thing 😎 Atari, Cakewalk for DOS, then moved to SAW (which was a great application also!) with two 286's, then the first Windows version of Cake. I'm in the club with BitFlipper and JohnT, John, Mudgel, BrundleFly, Undertow (and a few others now unfortunately gone, like BA-Midi). A VERY BIG salute to my friends ... we're still going strong. As for old-school, well that's subjective. I remember cursing X1 when it came out with it's new GUI. I LOVE it now and it's getting better all the time.
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    Since you seem open to working on your singing and mic technique, yeah, your voice is an instrument that needs regular practice to maintain a skill level, just like guitar or piano or drums. As far as mixing-related solutions, using the Quadcurve EQ in ProChannel, take the green band, set the Q to about 8, crank the gain up to about 10 and then sweep the frequency knob back and forth until you hit the "ugly" frequency. You'll hear it, it will be the once that grates like chalk on a blackboard. Once you find that unwanted resonance, pull the gain down to -3dB and then fiddle with the Q and gain as necessary to tame it. As with all things mix, take care not to overdo it to the point where there's a frequency hole. I do this for every vocal. To my understanding, it's what happens when your voice and the mic (and maybe some room reflections) form a resonant peak. It can be reduced by learning more singing and mic placement technique. Even if you don't have a vocal booth, you can set up your mic in different places around the room until you find the one that is most flattering/flattening. That's how Sam Philips did it.
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    I see the problem you have a guitar player bada-boom I'll get me coat
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    Cleverbridge is just doing their job. There are notices on FF store pages for more info read their terms and conditions
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    Blondie: "Hanging On The Telephone"
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    Good work, it sounds nice!
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    Well, you can leave your hat on.
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    Right now, the duration of a copyright is something like 75 years after the death of the author. Every so often they are lengthened, so that Disney can keep its copyrights forever. Copyrights should be shortened.
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