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    You can already undo faders to their last value. Right click on any fader and choose "Revert to..." To apply to multiple tracks use quick grouping. There are no plans to make this part of undo - it would be very confusing. There is also mix recall that allows you to save and restore mix snapshots that is a much more powerful way to do it. Please post these topics in the feature request section not the early access thread.
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    Thanks, Cakewalk are improving a lot, but i'm still waiting for ctrl+z to undo faders movements and VST moves too. would be really cool
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    I'm sure this is an endlessly requested feature: can we please have Undo apply to mixer knob movements? This is so essential. I know I'm not the only one who slips with their mouse, or accidentally clicks on the wrong channel strip and screws something up in a hard-won mix before they notice that they tweaked the Reverb Send for the Left Overhead instead of the Snare or whatever. And yes, I know how to safeguard against this with mix recall and automatic backups and whatever. I really shouldn't have to. These moves are critical and there is no reason for them to not be Undoable.
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    Reset overnight. Release the GAS!
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    Hello ! Be able to use the mono sound card outputs when using external effects. Example: If I use the left output of a stereo pair for a mono external effect, the right output of that same stereo pair can be used for another mono effect. Thank you
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    TAL-NoiseMaker TAL-NoiseMaker is an improved version of TAL-Elek7ro and has a completely new synth engine and a lot of improvements in sound and usability. The synth also includes a small effect section with a reverb, chorus and a simple bit crusher effect. A display shows the knob and slider values. This allows more control over the synth. A ringmodulator and a syncable triangle are also part of this synth. TAL-NoiseMaker includes new filter types as the self resonating 6dB low pass and a notch filter. Its improved amplitude ADSR is very suitable for slow pads as for really fast envelopes. 128 factory presets included, 80 made by Frank "Xenox" Neumann / Particular - Sound CHANGE LOG Version 5.0.2 beta / 28.06.2021 Fresh UI Maintenance UI and Audio Processor. Audio engine is still the same and the plugin is backward compatible. Version 4.7.0 / 05.04.2021 VST3 parameter automation fix. https://tal-software.com/products/tal-noisemaker
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    @Fleer As the reset code has just been announced, I strongly recommend Lindell TE-100, it is amazing! Make sure you use the oversampling on max when processing / bouncing the final files. ACME opto comp is great beautiful colour (for Vox etc) but TE-100 is special! Just my two cents 🙂
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    But first that free bonus library.
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    That was a good video. And he did make an excellent point about subscription plugins not updating in time and old fashion pay for plugins working. Subscription makes the dev's fat and lazy. Like, I got all this money coming in so I can sluff off and you can't do a damn thing about it. Watch me.
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    Just starting a thread here to discuss Windows 11 compatibility. While we don't expect to have any issues with Cakewalk running on Win 11 getting your PC running it is a different story You may have read about the announcements that Win 11 only supports PC's with newer processors (Intel 8 gen and higher) and that it requires TPM 2.0 hardware support. In fact many of my PC's fail the upgrade test because I don't have TPM support and my CPU (though quite capable being an core Intel) is an earlier generation. Here is a new blog post from Microsoft where they appear to be potentially dialing back the requirements. I hope the requirements get relaxed because they seem a bit restrictive to only allow systems with TPM 2. I've seen some reports of soft and hard blocks for installation. Will be interesting to see how this evolves.
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    Ok boyz...headed back to Kentucky to help out with the kids again! I'll try to get in here when I can...until then...take over! Will be back to normal when I get back again!
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    If Ripple Editing is not working then I would respectfully suggest you're doing something wrong Identify where the project ends, as described earlier Select all In the timeline, drag across where YOU want it to end and the actual end Turn on Ripple Edit Hit delete Turn off Ripple Edit
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    Chris I used it successfully for solo cello (live recording), other orchestra stuff, vocals and mastering. The filters are excellent the mid bands mind-blowing... you just need to get used to it how it really works... read the manual first to get the grips with it then just listen and turn, on the high band, don't think - just turn that knob... 🙂
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    Ohhhh........ When he told me that one day soon he's gonna make me an offer that I can't refuse, I thought it would be something to do with Omnisphere 3.....
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    Ah, yes of course, changing parameters that are automated has special implications, and undo isn't really applicable in those cases. I am not a fan of the undo logic in Cakewalk, where you can undo if you changed track volume via automation, but you can't undo if you just change the Volume parameter of a track (Track View / Console view does not matter). Maybe this could be optional? Examples from other software, like Ableton Live and Premiere Pro, is that you can undo Volume changes for tracks (without automation). Sorry! Should we start a separate thread for this discussion, maybe? 😁 UPDATE: Let's continue this discussion in the "Undo for mixing moves, please" thread in the Feedback Loop. 😃
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    Well, I'm sensitive to topic adherence myself, so I try to make sure to mention something free in every post. ReaFir, various bits of the Melda free bundle, annual freebies from A|A|S, Pluginboutique giveaways, Freakshow Industries' "steal this plug-in." I'm fine with comparing commercial FX to freebies and talking about how we use freeware FX. I think it's helpful to hip freeware searchers to the fact that certain dealers and manufacturers run regular giveaways of payware products, or that commonly used freeware suites can be upgraded for very little money. These developers do a lot of work to provide us with loss leaders to pique interest in their commercial stuff, so I don't think it's off limits to mention their other products. Besides, it keeps the thread near the top.
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    Nah. Wouldn’t work. Minimum spend $32 to use your $25 voucher. So I got the SPL Vitalizer for now at $9.99 which is, well, pretty, pretty good. Until that $20 voucher gets reset in a few hours.
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    Rigid Audio's Sodium - 24hr flash sale - under $5 https://rigid-audio.com/?mc_cid=31966f8636&mc_eid=466c6f2b90 RA's new offering Perception is also on sale (same link) for $7
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    Aaaaand... we're at 50% now 👍
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    I used to watch him because he was kind of funny and interesting, but a usually had some good points. In this one, he makes an excellent point about how devs with subscriptions should be the first to have their software compatible with new hardware releases. He was wrong about Melda however, because they do offer a subscription - or rather, a rent-to-own option, which is 100% better and a more user-centric model than a subscription IMO. I hate subscriptions. Subscriptions are right behind the silliness that is WUP. I just got MPS4 this year after literally years of waiting for sales and buying different plugins to get a manageable upgrade cost - and I really like my Izotope plugins. However, if this is the future for Izotope, they have gotten their last penny from me. I love Studio One as well. But if they decide to go all subscription too, CW by Bandcamp or Reaper, here I come...
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    Since GearFest is online only this year, be sure to call in to see if there's a better price. Usually in-person you can get a better deal than online during GearFest, even on items already on sale. I just called in and was able to get a discount. Most manufacturers limit the publicly advertised price, but during a big convention like this there are special deals sometimes. (Hopefully next year it will be held in-person again, because it's a great time and it's free to go.)
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    Orange Tree Samples' top banana (sorry, I couldn't resist the pun, hopefully I won't face some kind of Cakewalk Forum Hall of Shame for it!).
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    https://varietyofsound.wordpress.com/2021/06/25/a-brief-update-on-the-future-of-vos-plugins/ Love these vst fx,and use them all the time even though 32bit. But looks like they may get updated to 64bit. Hopefully my fav Baxter Mastering EQ. If you have any of his stuff you will know how good they can be.
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    Hi Jesse I confirm an external browser is always opened after I validate the 2 way auth process on my phone. I join a video where you can see all involved elements, cakewalk, my phone and an instance of my default browser (The 400 page that is opened at the beginning is from a previous authentication attempt) cakewalkAuth.mp4
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    Editing in the Tempo Track is very similar to editing automation envelopes
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    Until then, hold CTRL while moving a window, this will supress the docking.
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    Thanks @garybrun, well where to start? I did a lot of work on the lyrics and went through several iterations before I settled on a final version, I really did want to tell a story through the imagery I was trying to paint with the words. The piano chops are not mine, but I did choose the instrumentation. Your own vocals may sound worse in your head Gary (they always sound sublime to me btw), mine unfortunately also sound worse in the heads of others - of that I am quite convinced - but thank you eternally for the vote of confidence; I shall treasure it always. As to Graham Kendrick, I had never heard of him so I trundled over to YouTube to see what I could find. Wow, that's quite a compliment and company I'm very happy to be compared to any day of the week - he has a great voice. 🙂 Thanks again for the comments and for taking the time to listen and feedback. Andy
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    Thanks @PavlovsCat the track is mostly just me playing Dobro, Acoustic and piano. However, I don't own a bass guitar, so I used the Core Bass Pear from OTS in there. It's layered with some other stuff to add a bit of extra acoustic character. Thanks for taking the time to listen. Appreciate it. 🙏
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    I don't care what it is, I just like updates to owned products. 😁
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    Before copying and pasting, I always check the clip's properties to see where it actually starts. It may appear to start on the measure, but checking the properties may show it starts at (for example) 15:04:889. I write that down. Then when I want to paste it 16 bars later, in the Paste dialog box I change the numbers from whatever it reads to 31:04:889 and everything will be copacetic.
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    It's quite light. It mostly does vocal seperation
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    I don't like de-essers... they destroy the sound too much. Better automate those esses manually... and also make fades on places when they stick out. ProAudioDSP DSM V3, can be useful or any spectral stuff, Multiplicity by DMG also can work for dessing, but manually automating works the best every single time. again just my humble opinion...
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    Sounds OK here this is just my own furry perspective the string piano balance is not quite right tin places. Neither are prominent enough and tend to tread on each others feet.
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    Glitchmachines also has Hysteresis for FREE. https://glitchmachines.com/products/hysteresis/
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    Wa-hoo! Voucher reset!
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    In freeware FX news, today we have a couple from Fuse Audio Labs, the VREV-666 Spring Reverb and RS-W2395C Baxandall EQ. Yay spring reverb, it's like spring reverb Spring lately. Also, for Glitchmachines fans, Fracture has been updated to v 1.3 with a new UI similar to Convex, and new presets. It's also VST3, so you can keep v 1.2 around for legacy projects. I don't think they have the same plug-in identifier as after I installed 1.3, 1.2 still appeared in my fx lists. The new Fracture has a more intuitive layout, so it's easier to understand what effect the controls have. There's still plenty of the stochastic uncertainty that's part of what Glitchmachines are about. Cheers to them for giving a freebie such a nice upgrade.
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    Moving the volume fader wont override automation that already exists in the track since the envelopes control the fader. What you are looking for is offset mode.
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    Hey, thanks for the reminder, LOL! It shouldn't be too bad, I only signed up for 1 guitar, and we are already at 50% off, with 7 days left to go. Will be very nice if we can hit 60%!!!
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    So I was able to get TAL-Vocoder to work in less than a minute in Cakewalk. It's very easy. I started a Basic template that includes 1 Audio track and 1 MIDI track. I added an audio clip. Then added TAL-Vocoder to the FX in the Audio track. Selected Enable MIDI Input from the VST menu. Then clicked on the MIDI track. Input Echo automatically turns on when I do that. And done! Now I just play the clip and use the keyboard (I used the virtual keyboard) and pressed a key when I played the track. The clip sounded vocoded.
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    I decided not to just tack on to my throne thread. On Monday I said goodbye to my Roland TD17 KVX kit... and hello to this. Hendrix Bubinga 6 piece 2 up 2 down with Paiste Big beat cymbals mounted on a Yamaha hex stand setup. Last but not least I have a set of 6,8 and 10 original Remo Rototoms.
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    May your travels be safe and include the coupon code "forum" or "group" at checkout.
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    Impulse Responses: Who Knew? tl;dr: NadIR and The Acoustic IR Database I've learned a lot -- and saved a lot of money -- from @Starship Krupa's Favorite Freeware FX Thread, and from the many contributors to it. I feel a little guilty at taking and never giving here, but I just don't seem to find anything out there that you guys haven't already found and reported (or in some cases, discarded). But here's my story: I have a Gibson J-160E that I bought at a Third Street pawn shop (San Francisco) in 1968. If you saw the movie "A Hard Days Night" you'll know the instrument. It's the acoustic/electric that John Lennon plays in the movie. When reporters later asked him to comment on the Hard Days Night tour he replied (paraphrasing) "It was good, but I lost me jumbo." The J-160E is not a jumbo (sorry John), but it is in fact the guitar that was stolen on that tour. Because of when and where I acquired mine, it's even money that it is, in fact, John's lost guitar. Yes, I know, some guy in San Diego claims he has the actual guitar, and a perfectly legible sales receipt from the Liverpool music store where John and George bought their 2 guitars 60 years ago. But there are enough twists and turns to the story that I will choose to believe that mine is the real one. I really don't think there's any way to know. But the main thing about this guitar is, it sucks. It has a very heavy top, to keep it from resonating too much and feeding back when you plug it in. This makes it a terrible acoustic guitar, because it doesn't resonate much. And as an electric guitar, it plays like an acoustic guitar. Which would be fine if it were a great acoustic, but (see above) it's not. It does have a real pickup on it, which may or may not be a P-90 or a P-100, which would be fine if it were a good electric guitar, but it's not. Still, it's the only acoustic I have, since I have had my own problems over the years with thieves and numbskulls. So whenever I need some acoustic strumming on a track, I dust off the old girl, mess around for a half hour with mic placement, and end up fiddling with chorus and EQ and finally burying it in the track, hoping no one will notice how bad it sounds. Until I discovered impulse responses. I vaguely understand that when I use an amp sim with a virtual speaker cabinet, someone has modeled that speaker cabinet. Turns out, the modeling is in the form of an impulse response. In Guitar Rig, TH3 and many other sims, you don't have to know this. You click on pictures of speaker cabinets until you find one that sounds right, and badabing. IRs are also the driving force behind convolution reverbs, but that's a different story. Anyway, I got curious about IRs one day, and started googling around, and here's the thing I'd like to contribute to the Favorite Freeware FX Thread: acoustic guitar IRs. OK, these are not, strictly speaking, effects, but the effect they have had on my old Gibson is amazing to me. People have been recording impulse responses from great-sounding guitars, and with a little free software, I can add an IR to my recorded guitar in Cakewalk, and it comes out sounding like a vintage, perfectly set up Martin D-28! Or any of hundreds of other beautiful and great-sounding guitars. How long has this been going on? It's like I've been transported back to 1969 and given the chance not to buy this stupid J-160E. You need an IR loader, and that would be NadIR, linked at the very beginning. It's free from Ignite amps, but it comes attached to their Emissary amp sim, so you have to also get that, which is OK, especially if you're into metal. Both are free, so you can't lose. (Personally I prefer Ignite's Anvil amp -- you have to scroll down to find The Anvil.) I've never used anything like NadIR before, and it felt a little like being at the controls of an alien spaceship, but if you try a few things, you'll figure it out, or you'll crash on a moon of Jupiter. It comes with a few speaker cabinet IRs that you can use if you want to hitch 'em up to the Emissary amp, but you really need to try some acoustic guitar IRs, and you can search from among hundreds of them using the handy Acoustic Guitar IR Database (also linked at the top). I think all the IRs are free, but I didn't look at every one of them. A little googling will reveal lots more places to get IRs. I've only used them in a very conservative way, to make one acoustic guitar sound a lot like a different acoustic guitar. I have a feeling IRs can also be used in extreme ways, and everything in between. The only drawback will be that you'll never get anything done, as you check out what your voice sounds like in the train station, or your snare drum at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
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    A little sample, I actually have a D112 on Bass Drum and SM57 on snare btw. But this is just iPhone audio for a quick teaser I made. Loving the Bubinga!. Oh and, shattered one of those 5A Vic firths later that day lol. Wife says.. must have hit the drums the wrong way lol...
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    You can also download this plugin at http://www.vst4free.com! Anyways there you will find most of the free plugins and unlike to other plugin lists you can search for types, developers, newest plugins or plugin name. They also display whether the plugin is x64, linux, mac. The site does not look modern, but nevertheless IMO it is the best free plugin site!
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