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    Hey, it’s Brian May, not July or August.
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    Cakewalk doesn't need to steal your music, we have record companies for that
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    This is the first of something that we hope to do every other week. It was put together by Samuel Törnqvist, a Swedish composer, and Simeon and I found out about it through VI:Control. I don't know about you, but I work all by myself in front of the computer. So I don't just come here to find out about deals. It's very nice to be in touch with people who share my interest. So it was nice to hear during this podcast about how the other people got involved with music and using virtual instruments. And a particular honor to get to know Simeon a little bit, because I'm a superfan. It's pretty long, but if you have some time, check it out. 😀 (FYI, I designed the logo.)
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    Using the tape algos that we do on this leads to some really nice lo-fi sounds. Some of the audio demos are pretty "crunchy" and/or "fluttery" etc. Though many are played by Luca Zabbini so they're also impeccably played which doesn't help 🙂
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    If you are that paranoid and mistrustful of software its on you to enforce your requirements, not the companies making the software. Its simple to set up a firewall block that prevents internet access to a specific program. Learn how to do that.
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    Run the IK Program Manager to update
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    Or go nuts - feed the output of Riffer into Chordjam and see what comes out 🤪
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    Lol. If playing is the criteria, all of my sounds would be considered lo fi. 😆
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    See the details here: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/sampletron2/
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    Latest issue of Computer Music is now out, and this month’s plugin is Tone2 Filterbank3. Be warned, it’s only 32 bit on Mac, 64 bit is available on PC. RRP $79 https://on.readly.com/s/GB!Dr73W8v44x7
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    I think a more valuable upgrade is from Editor to Studio. Imo, it's a real game changer to be able to see and edit multiple tracks in the same view.
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    Riffer is single note "melody" or "riff" oriented. This is chord oriented. I will certainly take a look at this one, as I have a large collection of MIDI tools that I depend on to prop up my "creativity"🙄 . Scaler 2 is top of the heap in this (chord based) category, IMHO. I have both AudioModern's Riffer and Playbeat, and while I have gotten some great output from them, they are truly random generators, without the ability to apply any harmonic (other than scale) or meter based rules to kind of reign in the random creation to more musical output (like Captain Suite or Orb Producer, for example).
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    Up next after the Illuminati. Do me next. To be fair, people are getting more and more sensitive to these privacy issues. Its not unfounded but I don't see Cakewalk being at the center.
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    It is possible to extend the range of SI-Bass with a little modification to the sfz files.
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    Log in to your account and select "My Products" and a pop up will offer you the product FREE with a code! https://www.ikmultimedia.com/userarea/my-products/ To get started with Play Guitar Hits: Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Launch the app and enter your promotional code in the Redeem tab at the bottom of the homepage Start using Play Guitar Hits Above promo code valid for 90 days after receiving this message
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    The Creative Soundpack series has a lot of excellent choices for adding depth and dimension to your score . . . and more than a bit of inspiration. In this video, I share a score created using the Creative Soundpacks and share a brief review and examples of each of the sample libraries in this creative and inspiring series. The Creative Soundpacks are available from https://bit.ly/OrchesrtalTools
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    Check 'em out here https://www.bigfishaudio.com/weeklyspecials.html?&sou=bfatopbar
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    John Entwistle Band - The Real Me
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    The best part is that he had to edit it! 😁
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    ^^^What he said... Waves only cares about the "Waves Price After any valid discount"...so what you paid at EveryPlugin, like Koby said, is irrelevant. Sounds like you had a crap rep to deal with....and they're out there. They think that they are doing the company a favor by "berating you", but as you said, it's the exact opposite!
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    The plugin menu changes in this release are awesome! This alone was worth a new release. Plug-in menu improvements Plug-in menus have been greatly enhanced to make it easier and faster to find and select plug-ins: Plug-in menus show color coded plug-in types (DX/VST2/VST3/32 bit) Large plug-in menus can now show over 1,000 plug-ins Multiple columns appear when applicable Clearer fonts Supports mouse wheel scrolling Supports keyboard navigation: HOME / END PAGE UP / PAGE DOWN Press any alpha-numeric key to go to the first plug-in beginning with that character; press the same character again to go to the next plug-in, etc. Here's a screen shot from my system. Thank you Bakers!
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    Some absolutely fascinating opinions you have there mate … … and so much more insightful that the usual drivel 😁
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    Free Fall Lover - John Klemmer
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    @NoelBrutonMusic your concerns are unfounded. You do not need bandlab’s permission every time you use the application. Where did you read that information? This is how it works: You sign in to BandLab to activate the software once when you first install it Activation is required generally once every 6 months unless something drastic changes on your system like you changed the version of windows or something. In the latest release it refreshes your activation lease automatically when needed to save the user from unexpected discovery of a timeout The lease is automatically renewed when you log in to BandLab, when you install a new version of the software and of course if its about to expire. This only happens if there is an internet connection available. If you don’t want your system to be online you have to handle activation manually using the offline activation workflow. Previously BandLab assistant was used for activation. This changed in the 2020.11 release and everything is done inside CbB now which makes things much simpler for the user. Now users only need to sign in ONCE to Cakewalk and from that point activation is handled automatically when needed as long as you don’t sign out of BandLab of course. Its as unobtrusive as it gets and very standard to how everyone in the industry does this. The changes were in fact made to improve things for users who got the activation timeout messages.
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    Well it's certainly "pro" enough for me! I gave up on Cakewalk after the Gibson thing because I was a so-called "Lifetime Member" with SPLAT. I was so ticked I could have spit nails. 4 years later, it doesn't seem so bad and honestly, I miss using SONAR so here I am. Again.
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    https://www.humblebundle.com/software/mega-sound-designer-loop-crate-vol-2-software Plus a load of sample packs
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    Hi Chaps , here´s a demo not quite ready for mixdown but ready enough for critique and constructive input , its a song inspired by a netflix documentary of the town ``Flint Michigen´´ it was concieved way before the BLM movement - campagne so I´m not trying to jump on any political bandwagon , this is something different for me so ..erm give it a go ..its a fictional story of good people trying to do their best ......... cheers paul
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    Same here. Maybe a bit too experimental …
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    I'm a sucker for Tron collections. I own the first Sampletron, M-Tron Pro, all of Puremagnetik's Tron libraries, Tronsonic's Tron libraries, Sonic Reality's Infinite Player Tron libraries and several others and yet I still want this. I'm a Tron addict.
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    Larry is probably taking a nap. Would’ve been posted an hour ago before email even left their servers haha
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    The only thing I have noticed is that in CbB Melodyne often jumps to different positions and it is very annoying always to scroll to the contents. And the new functions "levelling" and "noise/pitched recognition" are not that convincing IMO. The "more musical analysis of pitch deviations" is almost not noticable, the recognition of vocal notes is still very poor if it is not simple like in choir voices. Thus I don't know whether it was really valuable to upgrade for me. It sounded much better than it really is (especially the latter).
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    wow! what's scary is i've seen some guitar players with that number of foot pedals at their feet (in like a 4ft x 6ft tray)
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    Me too….albeit a bit reluctantly.
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    Offer lasts until 17/6 - the offer is free for 1 month. Or put another way it's a time limited demo.
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    If it’s included for free in Total Studio Max 3 for a limited time, I’ll bite
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    Only joking. They've probably never heard of Cakewalk 😉
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    Nothing's changed for me...I've been using Sonar/Cakewalk, Studio One, and Ableton Live since their respective initial 1.0 versions. Rapture Pro is tied with Kontakt for being my most-used virtual instrument, the Concrete Limiter has some kind of mojo that's not in any other limiter I've used, etc. Using three DAWs has made me proficient at transferring files back and forth, so I can use each program for what it does best. I have to say that the current Cakewalk incarnation has achieved what a lot of us had hoped would happen. I can't understand why anyone wouldn't move from Sonar to Cakewalk, especially since you can still hold on to your Sonar goodies.
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    Cool Stuff Wookie - particularly liked the synth from about 1.02 to 2.18 (prominent lead sound) What did you use there? Cheers Nigel
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    Deal: 71% off "Drumazon" by D16 Group Value: €99 Discount: 71% off Price: €29 Grab the deal now on http://www.VSTBuzz.com “Drumazon” is a faithful recreation of the classic Roland TR-909 Drum Machine, used in the classic hits by artists such as 808 State, Moby, Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), Orbital, The Prodigy, Freddy Fresh, Jean-Michel Jarre, the Chemical Brothers and many more! This plugin is perfect for a wide range of music styles including but not limited to EDM, Techno, Trance, Electronica, House, Industrial and Downtempo. Grab the deal now on http://www.VSTBuzz.com!
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    I didn't even know Hornet made a plugin that expensive! 🤑
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    No changes needed for CbB 2021.04 Update 1 👍, so it's totally compatible::.
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    Crucible Free church organ https://www.orchestraltools.com/sinefactory
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    System 7 - Song for the Phoenix
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    Just got it, it's actually $7. You can say I acted... on impulse
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    Please remove thread- Video removed for updating.
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