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    Slowly but surely, we are beginning to change the way people view this DAW. I’ve personally seen the interest generated by some pretty big names in the industry. It’s just up to everyone involved to share the news and show its worth. I’m personally dedicated to seeing this DAW prosper and get the proper respect it deserves.
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    Just want to say it's nice to have disagreements on here and it still be respectful. This place is pretty cool.
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    To celebrate their partnership, Native Instruments and iZotope offer Hybrid Keys by Native Instruments and Ozone Elements by iZotope for free. The offer ends on May 31st. (You will need to register a user account at Native Instruments and iZotope in order to download and activate the software.) In addition to the free software, all interested users will also receive a $25 discount (using the code iZotopeNI2021 at checkout) for both online shops. The vouchers are not valid for products already on special offer and can be used through june 30th. https://www.izotope.com/en/alliance/ozone-elements-x-hybrid-keys.html
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    Free Rock MIDI Drum Grooves: 28 MIDI rock grooves All in 4/4 9 tempos, ranging from 68 to 145 BPM Arranged for Toontrack EZdrummer & Superior Drummer, XLN Audio Addictive Drums, Steven Slate Drums, NI Studio Drummer, I-Map and of course General MIDI All recorded live by Magnus Brandell, of course not quantized Totally free of charge https://oddgrooves.com/product/straight-ahead-groovin-rock-lite/ They also have LOTS of other free MIDI drum tracks!
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    Thank you for all your tutorials @Robert McClellan. I am trying to watch and learn from every one of them. Also Thanks for other people with great content like @Xel Ohh , @Creative Sauce, @AdK Studios and @John Vere You're doing an amazing job. I hope you'll get more subscribers, not slowly but surely. 😊
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    Some sounds from Hybrid Keys are available in the free Play Series Collection but I think this is the first time it has been free as I didn't have it installed - Analog Dreams was free a while back
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    Well...that's was highly informative
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    It just comes with three cabinets unlocked. The others have to bought as an add on. Not sure how I feel about the fact that both they have now two parallel 'shops' for add-ons: - The rig libraries - The Cabs Think I'm done putting money in TH-U until there come real great offers on bundles.
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    Reason Studios announces Reason 12 Reason Studios has announced today that Reason 12 is coming later this year. The new version, which will arrive about two years after the release of Reason 11, is set to bring many new features and a much improved user experience, Reason Studios says. According to the developer, one main goal for Reason 12 was to improve the Rack experience. To achieve this, they’ve made the user interface high resolution. Reason Studios says that you’ll be able to zoom in and out fit your setup, and they claim that all 3rd party Rack Extensions will be high-res ready on the day of the release. That’s pretty big news, and it has the potential to bring a significant improvement to the user experience. Reason 12 will also feature an all-new Sampler, which will be a significant upgrade to Reason’s current sampling capabilities. The new Sampler will cater to library playback and ad-hoc sampling, and feature „new ways to play your samples“, the company says. We’re curious what those will be! To bring it all together and ensure a smooth workflow, Reason Studios has also given the Combinator a complete overhaul. The developer says that they’ve implemented many user requests, such as more CV inputs and controls, as well as easier programming and more patches. The goal is to let you build Combinators that feel like new devices. You can create custom interfaces using your own images and custom panel sizes, and build your own set of macro controls. That sounds very nice! Last but not least, the new version of Reason will come with a new sound bank that takes advantage of all the new features. It’ll also include an improved browser, so you can find your stuff more easily. The weekly Reason+ packs will also make use of everything that’s new in Reason 12. Release date According to Reason Studios, Reason 12 will be released on September 1st, 2021. Reason+ subscribers will of course get access to the new version immediately when it arrives. We don’t have any pricing information at this point, but that’ll arrive when the release date nears. https://www.gearnews.com/reason-studios-reason-12/
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    There's a pretty simple solution that at least worked for me. 1. Keep your data (projects and customizations) off of your system drive, which you should be doing anyway. 2. Image your hard drive that contains a Windows 7 OS, program files, and Sonar (or CbB or whatever). Then clone the image so you have two copies. 3. Wipe your hard drive and install Windows 10 OS, your plug-ins, and the latest version of CbB. 4. Try it for 30 days. You will have little, if any, trouble loading your projects into CbB+Windows 10, editing and saving them, and loading them into Sonar+Windows 7 later if needed (assuming you're not doing anything that would be incompatible with Windows 7). 5. If you like it, keep doing what you're doing. If you don't, restore the Windows 7 image. At least, that's what I did, after waiting about 2 years to move from 7 to 10. I still have the Windows 7 image sitting around somewhere...I ended up finding Windows 10 better in several ways. As to the constant security updates, unfortunately the people planning attacks are becoming ever more numerous and more persistent. OS companies have to keep on top of things, on a virtually daily basis. This is true of the Mac as well. The only truly safe approach I know is either never to go online after you know for sure your system hasn't been compromised, or not clicking on anything that touches the world outside of your computer (but I'm pretty sure that applies to any OS).
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    Slowly but surely, we are beginning to change the way people view this DAW. I’ve personally seen the interest generated by some pretty big names in the industry. It’s just up to everyone involved to share the news and show its worth. I’m personally dedicated to seeing this DAW prosper and get the proper respect it deserves. Thank you Sir for invaluable contributions in relation to building awareness of the capabilities of cakewalk by Bandlab . Your contributions are surely appreciated by so many persons who you have touched with your teachings. Keep up the good work and continue to do what you do. Glenville
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    Regardless of how well your DAW is going, if you want a specific plugin that's written to be heavy on the resources because it needs to be (think amp modellers, sample libraries, physical modelling, etc.) then old hardware is going to be the bottleneck between you and your creative vision. Can you work with ancient hardware? Sure - I was using a laptop with 8GB of RAM on a dual core CPU for ages and doing huge productions on it. Did it suck? Yes. Yes it did. It involved a bunch of extra work that just isn't required from a more powerful machine that may not support an OS anymore. But I got the job done, albeit much more slowly. It's not a dark future, it's just how it is. Don't be surprised if one day Justin and co. turn around and go "look, this is stupid supporting a 20 year old OS that's been abandoned because we can't run X language to draw the UI efficiently on a modern interface" with REAPER. Every dev needs to make a decision as they go along for their own sanity and the ultimate stability of a product. If you're always looking behind you trying to maintain compatibility with some long dead OS, it's asking for legacy bugs, bloat and problems as it goes onward. Apple is probably the most brutal with this. "Right, here's our new OS, all of this old stuff doesn't work now. Good luck with the new versions if/when they arrive." Eventually people stopped supporting CP/M, DOS, Win 9x, etc. with their software. You're seeing 32 bit software start to disappear in favour of 64 bit. What I'm saying is you might have choices now, but as systems change, devs will need to keep up or their software will be left behind too, and those choices will diminish. Even if a host might be compatible, your choice of plugins will eventually start to shrink before you're forced to find a host and OS that supports them. If you're happy with doing basic stuff, with stock plugins, sure - have at it. You can certainly make good music with stock stuff in any current DAW, but if you require certain things to do your job in a professional situation, those limitations can mean the difference between doing it in a week as opposed to months with workarounds. I don't believe this. Win7 is an abandoned OS. If you want to use this for anything online, then the risk is only going to increase as the years go on, vs. a currently updated OS. If you rely on any plugin that uses a company that does online authorisation (and there's many) then you're stuck 'walking that path without a bodyguard" if you use Win7. The other thing is this is all kind of irrelevant to a point with CbB anyway. You download it and set it up online (like most software), sign up and into your Bandlab account, and you can choose to be online or not. So long as things are kept current to around 6 months - and there's offline auth too - then there's really not a lot of difference between this and SONAR X1, other than the devs wanting to be smart about what bugs they chase. Additionally, imagine having to write spaghetti code to work around something in a discontinued OS that was already fixed 10 years ago in the currently supported OS? Or finding some obscure bug that's only a thing that appears because of this old OS? Wouldn't you rather they focus their time on making the best CbB they can? And getting people to keep the app current takes the wild goose chases out of the process of tracking down new bugs. Something may have been fixed a year ago which people on an old version may be complaining about "this stupid buggy software has X issue and the devs suck!" whereas it actually may have been fixed since then. Keeping it all current mitigates that. Bottom line is this: I don't care what you use, ultimately. That's your choice - as it should be. (And I'm aware that's a lot of writing to say "I don't care" 🤨). All I'm saying is while you may have choices now, things change and if you're able to deal with those limitations that you're giving yourself by sticking with something old, have at it! You can definitely make great music on a Windows 95 machine if you really want to. Or tape machines for that matter. But speaking as someone who does need fairly powerful hardware to run the specific things I do for the work I'm being paid to do, I'd rather hop on board with the way things are heading and work out a path forward rather than watch the world inevitably shrink around me and have to come up with contingency plans and workarounds. It's just not a good way to run a business.
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    UPDATE 17-May-2021: Cakewalk 2021.04 Update 1 (build now available We're pleased to announce the 2021.04 release! This release integrates BandLab library access directly within Cakewalk, introduces a new Tempo track and Tempo Inspector, PC2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier ProChannel module, automation enhancements, Arranger enhancements, lots of other enhancements and optimizations, and over 80 bug fixes, all in keeping with our goal of making Cakewalk as reliable and enjoyable as possible. Thanks, The Bakers
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    I just checked my iLok account. All my VI Labs pianos, including the Ravenscroft, have 3 authorizations. Soft (PC) authorizations are supported, so you don't need a physical dongle.
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    "Hello, we are NI.. we give you free what was free"!!
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    Bill would of agreed with that statement.
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    That's always the first thing I look for in a mix. Ugh! There's nothing worse than fake ones.
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    If a $1600 tree in the forest falls to $49, was it really ever worth $1600? Perhaps, when sales are over they should announced that prices have been jacked 30x. "We've increased our prices 3000% temporarily."
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    And one of Slate’s best plugins for sure.
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    Note: this is included if you have TH-U Premium (previously TH-U Full)
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    Looking on the site it appears that Reason Studios no longer sells the Suite directly. Everything that used to be in the Suite seems to be now subscription-only. Maybe the Suite will always be available through stores, but anybody who wants it might want to consider getting it now
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    This was one of my early piano reviews and still a favorite.
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    It might also be worth mentioning that companies cease support not out of disrespect for older customers, but because support resources are limited. With a free DAW, it's unrealistic to assume a company can support multiple operating systems. With paid DAWs, if they're cross-platform, the service nightmare is exponential, which makes it even less likely they'll have the resources to support all types of customers. Windows systems continue to multiple into different permutations. You can have a rock-solid, 100% stable system but then something as seemingly trivial as a graphics card driver update can wreak havoc. I image my system drive a lot - then no matter what happens, I can at least get back to where I was. [Edit] IMHO the biggest danger in never updating is more about hardware than software. If you have a computer that's several years old and the motherboard or the CPU dies, you may not be able to find a replacement. At that point, you're basically going to have to start over from scratch with new hardware and new software. We've de-evolved from component-level repairs, to board-level swaps, to system replacements.
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    Hi folks, thanks for your help in making this a great update. Update 1 has been officially released. Head to Help | Check for updates to download the final build.
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    Jimi Hendrix - third stone from the sun:
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    "Scoville Count matters not to Straummy" ~ Straummy (2021)
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    For all of the hard work Noel and the crew put in on this program , all at no charge to me, well... I thank them every day and twice on Sunday.
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    me, and the crew are still trying to find our way but if you could tell me what is right or wrong with this I would inform the crew, thanks baby https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14250585
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    It is our 19th wedding anniversary today. My wife's 44th bday yesterday and my 50th last week. After many years of debate, analysis, and testing our theory we've both come to the conclusion that birthday/anniversary cake is in fact better than ...
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    $49 intro price https://www.timespace.com/products/overloud-supercabinet
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    Since Version 3 (my first), the upgrade price has always been $129.
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    Ekee ekee ekee sha-boing!
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    I hope you guys plan on continuing these collabs It was like I was there, so strange vintage freddy, and quintessential lynn party on but don't work until you die, OK?
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    have you guys used Audio Assault's IR loader? https://audio-assault.com/air.php at $10 is tempting
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    Hi! It is possible to turn the effects back on accidentally on a frozen track in the mixer. In the mixer view you cannot see whether the track has frozen or not. I would like to be able to see that in the mixer. Maybe the same color as frozen track lanes on the effect container. ciao Andre
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    Nearly there ... ... 😠 😞
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    Yes. Reason Studios confirmed (on their forum yesterday) that Suite is discontinued for 12 and later. Kind of puts us 11 Suite owners in a quandary as far as "catching up" with the after v 11 releases. Pay per pieces wanted, or go to subscription (Reason+). I think the current deal for Suite 11 is as good as it will get for those that want to get the goodies and avoid the sub.
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    Guaranteed to keep you single in prison too! 🤣
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    Why aye, Dennis man...
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    Having seen some of the sh1te he used to post, I always thought I knew what the 'P' stood for 😁
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    Initial Audio has released Initial Slice loop slicer and beat making plugin for Windows and Mac. Load audio loops via drag and drop to slice, loop, reverse, pitch shift or even time stretch them. Initial Slice also comes with multiple built in piano rolls so you can create sequences right in the box. It also has an advanced drum sequencer, bass sequencer, playlist editor, 4 effect racks (each with 11 built in effects) and lots of content. Slice is powered by Zynaptics Artificial Intelligence-driven time-stretch algorithm ZTX. Windows 64 Bit VST, Mac AU & VST (Big Sur and Apple Silicon compatible) + Standalone Version for Windows and Mac. Lifetime free updates. The intro is €89.10 (reg. €134.10). No end date. https://initialaudio.com/product/slice-loop-slicer-plugin/
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    I can't help it but "analog emulations" are starting to be like piano libraries.
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    @billp - I replied in the other thread, but just for everyone else's benefit, this has now been fixed and will be included in the official release.
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    Guys you absolutely do NOT need to be connected to use Cakewalk! I think you are misunderstanding what activation does. 🤯 You can run cakewalk anytime anywhere without internet. The bandlab integration features are completely optional and those do need an internet. Even activation can be done without an internet connection from the PC you use Cakewalk with.
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    Is that $50 deal gone? I see it for $99 and can use jampoints to get it for $69.99
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    So straight up, this new T-RackS module is $69 with the $30 IK discount auto applied in my cart. The TS3 upgrade is still $299 in my cart, so if I just want the new module, $69 is not a bad price!
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    It's partly the microphone positions on offer - up to an 11.1 configuration, as well as bleed for each mic. A summary based on info from their website: 1. Basic Sound Library All instruments, all tools and all articulations in direct microphones as well as the OH Dyn and Amb Ribbon channels. Bleed available in Snare Bottom, OH Dyn and Amb Ribbon channels. Approx. download size: 40 GB. 2. Room mics The rest of the room microphone channels (OH Cond, Amb Near and Amb Mid). Approx. download size: 46 GB. 3. Surround Setup Surround. Five channel microphone setup to achieve 5-channel surround. Approx. download size: 43 GB. 4. Height Surround Height and width. Six channel microphone setup to achieve 11-channel surround (in combination with the “Surround 1” content). Approx. download size: 52 GB. +. Additional Bleed All remaining instrument bleed, meaning the sound picked up by microphones other than the one(s) directly intended for a specific instrument or ambience. Approx. download size: 54 GB.
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    Yes, I tried the VST3. I wonder if there’s a big performance difference in VST2 vs 3.
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