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    Got this from them via e-mail. (just a snippet of the e-mail)
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    Just a pretty melody I wrote a long time ago but re-done now with updated instruments. Inspired by Walt Whitman's poem Gliding O'er All Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening. At one time the melody fit the words. Thanks for listening or commenting. --------------------------------------------- Gliding o'er all, through all Thru Nature Time and Space As a ship on the waters advancing The voyage of the soul - not life alone Death, many deaths I'll sing ------------------------------------- OTS Steel Strings AmpleSound Martin guitar Embertone Joshua Bell violin u-He Diva
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    Introducing our next FREE offer from Ghosthack – The Incredible Cinematic Trailer SFX Sample Pack! Dive into an epic collection of modern cinematic sound effects! Expect 411 sound resources inspired by heavy Hollywood trailer music. This sound pack includes everything from impacts to braams, drones, risers, sound fx, percussions, sub booms, drum loops and many more. If you’re looking for a unique collection of sounds inspired by modern film and game trailers then “Cinematic Trailer SFX” is the right soundbank for you. NOTE: Cinematic Trailer SFX contains 24bit .wav files that work with every DAW, every sampler, every audio and movie program. Download free here: https://audioplugin.deals/apd-exclusive-cinematic-trailer-sfx-by-ghosthack-free-download/ Free download expires on April 13th, 2021 at midnight eastern time. KEY FEATURES Total Size: 918 MB 411 Sound Resources 24 bit .wav files that work with every software Hollywood trailer inspired sounds Instant Download 100% Royalty Free VIDEO
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    Get all of that crazy talk out of the way before Larry comes back.
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    Dann, should use it fast. Before the 2 reffeshes 😉☺️
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    Lemon to Strawberry? (What can I say, YouBoob had this one following the last, and I like it!😁)
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    https://soundcloud.com/bats-brew/headin-eastwest Headin’ Eastwest- there is a little eastern intrigue happening in this slow heavy rock tune. It is a hopeful feeling song about taking journeys, long sojourns, to places you’ve never been before, and hoping for the best outcomes. You don’t need to know exactly what direction you are going, only that you are going. Could be east, could be west. guitar geek stuff: for cabinet impulse responses i used 1.Celestion G12m in 2x12 closed back cab 2. Celestion 2x12 blues cab 3. York Audio Friedman 4x12 w/V30's cab. 4. York Audio Mesa 2x12 V30 LTD (this only cost $1, and is so good) marshall super lead and vox ac30 amp models in the strymon iridium for all these parts. i used everything on this pedalboard as well:
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    Part 2 of the Warp series using Cherry Audio's Polymood (Polymoog) and New Eight Voice (Oberheim's infamous Eight Voice) Arturia's OBX-A and the (Moog) Modular All mixed in Cakewalk by Bandlab Warp 2 Thanks for listening.
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    Erhu , Duduk , I will send the idea to the Team. Thank you all for the good words! Here's another demo for Ample China Qudi from Tremendouz. He went for a happy power metal vibe
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    I'm such user. I rarely buy plugins or virtual instruments nowadays. Heck, even bundled plugins and instruments are often good enough to achieve any sound you can imagine.
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    While the products are great at this point I would be collecting them. I have many of them and often I have to go to my account to see which ones I don't have. With the never ending sales of plugins by developers I have to wonder if many users have gotten to the point they don't need anymore.
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    Some updates just require a little more time in the oven. 😎
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    I went many years playing live through a Boogie Mk IIB with no Reverb, or Graphic EQ. I finally got a Ibanez Flanger and and Analog Delay pedals and used them for years. About 6-7 yrs ago I started getting into more pedals. Now I got what I think are way too many. Not even gonna talk about my guitars... or amps!!
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    Hey... It's been a few years since I've posted a new original here, pre-Bandlab days in fact. The result of life, work, COVID, the end of SONAR, etc.. I actually completed the song last April, didn't get around to uploading until November, and posting here just now in March. Did I mention life, work, COVID and SONAR? 🙃 Anyhow, it's very much as 70's prog inspired piece but somewhat straightforward too (at least time signature-wise). SoundCloud version is here: I've also taken my first dip into the waters of creating a matching video with Vegas Pro, using random free snippets found on the web. Be gentle, it is my first time after all. 😉 Thanks!
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    https://batsbrew.bandcamp.com/track/neon-blues Neon Blues: this is the only song on the new album that was directly influenced by the Covid Pandemic. The name of the album is Elemental; Neon is the 10th element on the periodic table of elements; Neon blues is the 10th song of the album. The 1st half of the song, is to represent the lockdowns, the social pull back, the fear of the future, the heartbreak of the relentless wave of bad news… the 2nd half represents the pushback of science, the battle against the virus, the struggle to get back to a fully functioning society. The Battle is not won yet. Hence the vibe of the song is both sad and hopeful at the same time. album here: Bandcamp: https://batsbrew.bandcamp.com/
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    Hello CW friends! Today is a special day for me, so I thought I'd post a song that I wrote in honor of my parents whose anniversary is today. I wrote the song several months ago but hadn't posted it yet. It marks my first use of EZ Keys, which has been a boon for me in learning to play keyboards better. It's my version of Texas roadhouse blues and can be found here: https://soundclick.com/r/s8ectf As always, it's all done in CW using S-Gear for guitars and Superior Drummer 3 for drums. Always looking for suggestions, and thanks in advance for your time and help! 03/23/21: I've taken your suggestions and remixed this, and it does sound better to my ears. I brought the guitar and piano closer together (from 75 L & R to 65) because I noticed on headphones that it seemed wider than I remembered. Also, I tamed the hihat in the first verse a little, but otherwise, that's all. If anyone else has an idea, it only takes about 10 minutes from start to finish to change, including all uploads. Many thanks to all who've contributed, and I think it's improved.
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    I have most of their plugins. The ones left that I still want are all high prices right now. I could get some amps I don't have but, as others said, I'd be just completing collections. Maybe if they had a new PPG synth, inherited from Wolfgang Palm, or the new version of Thorn announced some time ago I'd be tempted but... my price threshold for collecting plugin is much lower nowadays.
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    cool. but.. i already have 2 of the tapes plus tape echo. .. we sit and we wait for group buy baby!!
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    For $20 you can pick up a couple of guitar pedals or other cheap plugins for FREE. Just sayin'. Got me some Black Distortion and Blue Chorus...
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    That's scientifically worked out at the rate of $1 for every time you'll actually use it.
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    Not only is it free, I got a message from APD saying I earned $0 for my last order. Deal!
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    Beatos' deep discount made me very thirsty, so I used that thirst to finally decide to start an Ear Master sub and so far I like it a lot. The windows program has some, IMO, amateurish bugs (particularly being the 7th version), and the graphic design is not that polished, but I'm liking what I'm learning and how I'm learning it.
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    Set the standard for Rock and Roll mockumentaries. RIP Neil Innes (the masterful creative genius behind the music of The Rutles).
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    In the last post the OP writes he's now using a Focusrite and a condenser mic.
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    Hi John I like this and the mix is excellent. Sounds really good to me Cool stuff Nigel
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    Well, actually I've noticed that the only way I can save money AND browse this forum is by procrastinating. So mission accomplished. 🙂
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    The guys from Sonic Atoms are at it again, this time with an amazing vocal texture library for HALion, HALionSonic, and the free HALionSonicSE player. Nebulace Vocal Textures Our first take on a human voice with creative and experimental twist. A beautiful female vocal textures, packed and prepared to be performed accompanied by organic pad sounds, which extend natural range of human voice. Zaria’s intimate voices will take you on an adventure to another galaxy. The most significant value of Zaria is it can add interest and motion to cinematic, ambient music or it can just sit on backseat and create harmonic ambience. $59 intro price. Look for a livestream soon 🤓 https://sonicatoms.com/zaria/
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    I'm thinking 70's too, but no song title comes to mind immediately. Relaxing, in it's own strange way. Nicely produced and recorded. 🙂 John B
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    Deering & Wookiee-Thanks so much! 🙂 JB
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    There is no need to apply any effect destructively. Insert the plug-in to the MIDI FX rack located in the MIDI track or the MIDI tab in the instrument track inspector or in the clip FX rack. When added this way, it will not appear as data in the track. Yes, there will be a very slight delay. After all, the plug-in must process the data. This can be as little as 1ms or 1 tick. It is possible with additional tracks using Transpose MFX to add the extra data either by cloning and linking the original clips or creating master MIDI track and routing the data using a plug-in with a MIDI through feature described in several threads like this one
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    Thanks for the kind words. My actual problem is that my voice is not as solid and effortless as it was when I was younger. It took several passes and multiple takes for me to get this, and even then I hear places where I'm not quite on the note the way I want to be. So I'm definitely not inclined to try and show off!! 😆
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    Love this! I wanted it to go on longer, but it ended at the right time. Very nostalgic!
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    It's not easy to do a live mix, but you nailed this. Kudos to you and your band!
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    Their Alt piano may well be my favourite piano of the moment. It works great in Kontakt 5 and is quite light on the system.
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    Some additional details to complement Zo’s insightful video. on sale now for $129 (instead of $199) https://www.empiricallabs.com/product/arousor/ WHAT'S NEW IN REV 3 Two OPTO Modes based on the time constants of a classic and a modern LA2A Soft Clipper Expert Panel that allows for introducing more second harmonic distortion and the ability to place the compressor input before or after the soft clipper circuit. Detector Sidechain EQ now includes a listen mode to hear what frequencies are affecting the compression detector. Two new ratios (6.5:1 and 7:1) can now be accessed by enabling “ALT” mode in the ratio section. The GUI can now be enlarged to double its original size for more comfortable editing. iLok Cloud activation is now available rather than just iLok USB activation.
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    I guess irony is in the eye of the beholder - IMHO it's a matter of time vs money vs effort vs what technique(s) works best for you. To transcribe you need to have have tools at hand (source capable of playing/replaying material to be transcribed, instrument at hand, something to transcribe on or to, etc.) and enough uninterrupted time to properly utilize them. Transcribing is a great way to learn and tune your ears but not necessarily the most bang for the effort and the least portable. And you still need learn theory and utilized other techniques to train your ears. Of course YMMV.
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    Noel said last month that in the near future Cakewalk and Bandlab site will be more linked for those that want to take advantage of it. Plus the Bakers asked what we wanted for a chord track. Don't know if that is also being worked on short term or long term. Patience Grasshopper
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    I confess I come here every day to check the Early Access Program forum for bold text.
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    What makes you think this? There is a stable release now that came out about 60 days ago. How often do you usually get updates of your audio software? Other companies take way longer to issue updates than BandLab. Some even years or never. Usually with Cakewalk, when it takes longer than usual the next release will include some fab new features. Now that most of the longstanding bugs have been dealt with, we've seen biggies like the Arranger Track and Articulations Map. Maybe there's something new in the works. Maybe the developers took some time off. Whatever, 2 months is not a long time to wait for an update of DAW software.
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    Kind Rage against the machine sounding, good heavy guitars. There's some spots where the vocals are a little out of tune, flat. Maybe some instrumental timing off a little sometimes. Good head banging energy.
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    Once you have Synthmaster, you probably want to add some expansions, starting with this free one https://vstbuzz.com/freebies/synthmaster-2-8-soundset/ And then the ones at the synthmaster site. They have sales a couple of times a year so it's probably worth waiting a little until the next one https://www.synthmaster.com/synthmasterexpansions.aspx In particular I'd recommend checking out the expansions by Nori Ubukata and Rob Lee
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