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    I do a lot of location recordings. Music, mostly. I've often nervously wondered what it would take to make my system fall over as my mobile rig is pretty humble. Specs are: HP ProBook6565b (i5 1.6Ghz) laptop 8GB Ram 1 x SSD Kingston 400 for OS 1 x internal Seagate HHD 1TB for Audio Win 10 Pro. RME Fireface800 Asio driver @256Samples Buffer Recording done at 48k, 24bit. I just finished tracking three choirs for a project and it was all recorded in layers on location, totaling 238 audio tracks (pic attached). Recording was done 2 tracks at a time with no plugins on any tracks. Each of the 10 subgroups of voices was routed through an Aux with Breverb running for on the fly playback mixes, so that's 10 x Auxes and 10 x Breverb. Well, the bottom line is the system had a few dropouts towards the last session when I was jumping around a bit too quickly between takes, but it never had an audio dropout or even a pop or crackle during tracking. It felt solid and would probably be solid for another 20 or 30 tracks, if not more. I may well clone the tracks to see how far I can still push it. Disk performance hovered between 15% and 50% depending on the amount of tracks in that section of the production. I thought the info might come in handy to someone, somewhere It's good to know CbB is up there (and in my opinion ABOVE) some of the "pro" DAWs..
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    Me too. Studio One user. I’ve never tried Cakewalk. I’m not much of a baker.
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    Hey, some of us don’t use Cakewalk. Some never have. Or maybe only me. I’m here for the deals. Always was. So if the forum would shut down, I’ll visit Larryland.
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    Unify 1.4 is HERE! New to Unify 1.4: • 32 New Patches by John Lehmkuhl. Total # of Patches: 570! • AAX PlugIn Suport! HELLO ProTools • Sync'd LFO with custom waveshape - new worlds just opened up! • LiveControl™ integrated into Unify for realtime control and seamless muting of Layers (and 1 layer can be an ENTIRE 24 Layer UNIFY patch!) • 2 Incredible effects installed: Chow Tape Model and Chow Matrix (incredible tape simulation and the coolest DDL effect you've seen ANYWHERE) and both are FREE and included by very kind permission by CHOW DSP with the installation. ILIO's UNIFY UPDATE PAGE Unify Change Log edit: note there is a typo in the release date shown below that has been subsequently fixed on the change log page.
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    Well, I'm a guy on a forum AND a professional mixer, as well a mastering engineer who's mastered hundreds of tracks, one of which won an award, and one of which was nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media awards. So I've around the block a few times I've done a lot of research on stereo placement. My favorite tool for doing so is using an M/S encoder, putting the sides in mono in one track, the center in mono in one track, and comparing with exclusive solo. This makes it easy to tell who's doing LCR panning (which has more than one meaning , it also relates to live sound). Doing this also reveals two major philosophical differences in mixing. For example in Madonna's "Ray of Light," the main guitar and synth are panned hard left and right. The sound seems like it explodes out of the speakers, and leaves lots of room for the center voice/kick. It sounds nothing like a live performance (of course, not that there's anything wrong with that). LCR is also good for giving a "vintage" vibe because with limited tracks and ancient mixing consoles, your only choices were left, right, and center. Another advantage of LCR is it translates well over different systems, because you're not dependent on nuanced stereo. When you listen to someone like Peter Gabriel, the sides are used more as a frame around the center to provide ambience. This sounds more live, and flatters the voice because it's the center of attention - it's not competing with the sides. If you hear the way Gabriel and Madonna handle the voice, there's no doubt who wants to put the center of attention on the vocal more than the production. I feel both artists made the correct artistic decisions. Or at least, that's the way I would have mixed them. My personal reference for mixing is live music, for two reasons. First, when someone listens to my music, I want them to feel they're watching a performance. Although I'll place sounds toward the left or toward the right (sometimes quite a bit toward the extremes), I never pan hard left and right because that's not the way live music sounds. Second, if I ever play the music live, I want to be able to reproduce it so it sounds at least somewhat like the album. As to stereo wideners, I totally disagree it's a band-aid if it's based on mid/side processing, not phase differences, which seems to be what the guy in the video is referring to. No one considers mid/side miking (which uses the same principle as quality wideners) a band-aid or amateur technique, in fact, it's considered rather advanced because of the options it gives on mixdown. Of course, you don't want to "widen" things to 200% of the width, but just a little bit can open up some space in the center that would be difficult to do otherwise. However, I prefer a more DIY approach, where I encode the signal into mids and sides, process those components separately, then decode them. For example, I just re-mastered an album by Martha Davis for vinyl. By separating it into mid and side components, I could make sure the bass was 100% centered, as well as keep extraneous bass out of the sides. By increasing the highs a bit on the sides, because highs are more directional, the apparent stereo width was greater. When done this way, it also collapses perfectly into mono, which I also consider important. I could go on but that's enough for now. Feel free to check out my latest album project (link below), which is selective in the approach to panning, and combines the two techniques. Some parts within a song are more centered; in some songs various instruments are panned much more to the sides. I feel the variety makes the album more enjoyable than if everything was panned hard left/right, or treated strictly as framing for the center. In other words, pan, don't pan, widen, narrow, whatever will best serve the song - which will tell you what it wants if you listen hard enough. And whatever the song tells you will be more appropriate than anything you read on a forum, or hear from a guy who knows how to post a video. Good luck with your projects!! https://youtu.be/ONQkKQcuego
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    Those that don't use Cakewalk clearly have some things to learn about the best audio deal on the market.
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    "Frank Zappa and the Mothers were at the best place around" Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water:
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    Piotr has been hypnotised by the SLO , he ain't responding no more lol
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    I never really warmed to the prochannel. Can't say why. Just preferred the fx bin.
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    Wow... Seems their pages overloaded, happy I was fast enough to load demo... I am afraid after playing for several minutes ... I will not able not to buy this thing... It bites but it is not harsh as others and really great sounding... with sustain stretched like rubber. And lots ( I mean lots) of nice presets...
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    No argument about better menus but do you have that many drum maps? CbB includes quite a few but. at least in my case, I can't use most of them. Instead of clearing out the default drum map folder though, I use a custom location, copying the few needed from the default location and adding several custom ones. Doing this significantly reduced the display and because they are in a custom location there is no chance of getting overwritten with a CbB updated.
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    you get the 20% off if you own other of their stuff. Comes to $95 USD. I would still wait for a 50% sale. LOL.. I like how IKM gave away Soldano for free a few weeks ago to screw them. It's like their have a snitch in NeuralDSP or something.
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    All things being equal, CbB (aka Cakewalk by BandLab) was previously known as Cakewalk SONAR Platinum which was around for over 20 years. When Meng acquired the Cakewalk assets he chose to make it free and it's highly unlikely he would ever close it (in yours or my lifetime). However, nothing is certain and those who love Reaper or Studio One or Cubase or any other DAW, could ask the same question and the answer is the same. Anything is possible.
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    C'mon, seriously. Nothing in life is certain. You can at best make an educated guess. That's what I do.
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    @Aloe DukeYou should probably search the forum first for the other 9,000,000 times this question has been asked, and questionably answered... 😉
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    Now that I have Amplitube 5 I've really stopped caring about other amp sims.
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    Not such a great deal considering I paid for a lifetime.
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    although pretty price for just 1 amp but it is slo100 so if it is good emulation... the real thing sounds so amazing on records... I have nembrini slo, ik slo and STL slo emulations (&maybe others I forgot?). And I like definitely STL the most. Although none of them to my ears is really close to what I can hear from real slo 100 or even synergy module But as never was so lucky to be real thing user, can only use other guys work and kindness to hear how it sounds alone and unprocessed. Yeah, AT5 is great for a money but the same thing was true for AT4. To be honest I have no motivation for upgrade at all. AT5 and AT4 sound very different even when checking with AT5 CS but for some emulation actually I prefer AT4. And having AT4MAX price for upgrading to even AT5 is instant deal breaker for me atm. I think when there would be a deal available to go to AT5 I will still be keeping AT4 for some uses - not mentioning AT5 is still buggy and very slowly loading so to have a pleasure of play I prefer AT4 or STL things.
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    it's free I'm guessing you're worried you'll learn how to use it and then it'll shut down it may happen but what you learn will be transferrable, mostly, to other DAWs I learned in Reaper and now I'm a happy S1 user
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    I Only Have Eyes For You - The Flamingos IMO one of the best doo-wop songs ever recorded
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    Hope not, we don't want to loose the Deals forum and the Coffee House.😇
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    999 -666 Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast (666)
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    Not to be captain obvious, but you can of course turn the inbuilt cabs off and use external cab/IR loader, I've always preferred external loaders up until AT5 was released, I find the included cabs and features more than adequate, (thus far) I'm not super excited about the sound either, I've had AmplionPro since it was released, never saw much use, and hasn't been used for many years. Glad I didn't just jump in as I usually do (once bitten twice shy and all that), downloaded the demo first this time. From what I have heard and seen so far I'll likely pass, but I'll give it a bit more time after I get back from the Doctors.
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    I got an email from Guitar Center, regarding some sort of fire hazard for a Line 6 product here is the link to the Line 6 recall page: https://line6.com/g10recall/ Bob Bone
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    I went many years playing live through a Boogie Mk IIB with no Reverb, or Graphic EQ. I finally got a Ibanez Flanger and and Analog Delay pedals and used them for years. About 6-7 yrs ago I started getting into more pedals. Now I got what I think are way too many. Not even gonna talk about my guitars... or amps!!
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    https://neuraldsp.com/plugins/soldano-slo-100 €99
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    His CPU can’t handle SLO and reading this board at same time
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    And you can tell that the stage is level when the drummer is drooling from both sides of his mouth.
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    So did I, but the way I look at it is that so far, that's exactly what I'm getting.
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    Tried the demo and yeah, it was ok. Nothing revelatory at all, thought there would be some kind of wow factor the way people are talking about it elsewhere. I’ll stick with (non upgraded) sonarworks 😃
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    I don't really have to scroll and it says I've got 715 plugins but I suspect some of those are old 32bit dupes I should have zapped but I've organised them all into my own folders. I'm with you on Track view real estate - I don't like the double sized Inspector and wish I could put it back the way it used to be. But I keep the Browser open as I find it so much quicker to do a text search for a plugin than the old method..and if you have it docked on the left it's not very far to drag ! Shortcut B opens and closes it...or I have a macro on my Streamdeck that closes both the Inspector and Browser with one key
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    Sorry, my fault! It is €99, not $99
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    Whatever brings more money is surely the right one. Business as usual.
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    https://ml-sound-lab.com/collections/amp-sims/products/amped-cb4-free-trial €59,99
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    I was expecting the usual "full Kontakt required" but it looks like it's actually a VST?? I mean I know it says it in the title and all, but really?
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    Yep, I tossed LastPass out. There are easier ways to create a secure passphrase that you can remember, instead of a complex sequence of random characters that you are totally dependent on an app to remember for you. That's interesting to know that Francisco Partners is involved with them.
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    All new versions of Launchpad, Tools Editor, Upsample Editor and VST Inventory released as CbB Tools. A complete rewrite. All tools have font, style support and improved table displays Delivered as "CbB Tools.zip" containing a readme.pdf and "cbb tools.exe" As noted in the OP the zip is available from my Google page. Existing Launchpad users should copy "CbB Tools.exe" into their existing Launchpad folder. Other may copy "cbb tools.exe" into any folder such as "c:\program files\cbb tools". The readme has a little more info on install. Any questions? Please post them in this thread. thanks Some sample images follow
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    Got a new batch for ya! 🙂 Might be a repeat or two, deal with it! 😁
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    Lynn simply Great. I like your Music.😃
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    Cool! Great blues rock with nice groove... good performance and sounds.
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    Great, fun, sloppy bar band sound! But the synth trumpet kinda breaks that mood. It was well played, but it sounded like a synth trumpet. The sound of the voice was a little too AM radio for my personal taste. (Although I dunno, maybe that's what you want. ) If it were me, I'd thin it out, sing a little further from the mic, eliminate some of the distortion. You wanna sound like you're singing in a sweaty, messy pub, but not necessarily through a crappy PA. 😉 Would love if it took longer to fade out; it ended too soon! I wanted more fun playing at the end! Great tune!
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    well done recording job and i like that raspy voice.jack c.
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    @David Grammerstorf As i mentioned a good way up Page 1 here I am having the same issues .. it is a number of things. I have both a core i5 laptop and desktop. I move my Audio I/F ( Audient EVO4 ) from one to the other. I am getting clicks and popouts, mainly on Laptop I have to say. I have been intouch with Audient ( after a session with Noel Borthwick on Skype a few weeks ago ) and they have said they will be releasing major Driver/Firmware update imminently. In the meantime I decided to try something on my laptop. Over the years I have amassed a serious amount of VSTs and all added inside CW .. the folders where they reside. SO today I renamed all those folders with TEMP_ and dumped them from the listings in the CW Prefs so it would not find the zillions of vsts I then picked a track that was causing issues with clicks and dropouts .. created a new VST folder and just put a copy of the VSTs used in that track only into that folder. Loaded the track, which did so now way faster. I still had the clicks and dropouts when played BUT I then deleted the AIR Compressor on 2 tracks, still clicks etc. I then dumped the TANTRA plugin from a guitar line. TAA DAA whole track now plays perfectly .. no clicks/dropouts. Added the AIR compressor back also, all works fine now I know many here will say why bother temp dumping the main VST folders. I did so to see if THAT was causing the dropouts/clicks .. So not sure if this might be of help or not .. just relaying my experience anyway ...
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