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    I swear, this group is like an AA meeting where everyone brings alcohol to the meetings.
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    I always have it open. I set my Browser to start where I left off, and it's always open... EZ PEEZEE
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    We created this forum, and its sub-forums, to allow for more targeted discussions and help forum members more easily find specific groups of content. We hope you find it useful! We may fine-tune things here and there to better suit actual usage, our main objective being to preserve and highlight quality information. While The Coffee House has been home to off-topic music discussion to date, we hope having more targeted forums will help promote content and discussions that are more easily accessible to new and existing members alike. As always, feedback is welcome. Thanks!
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    Did that once, led me to a dark alley where deals are exchanged before they see day of light...
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    Thanks to Bandlab for adding additional forum sections. Having a Content section for the new Articulation Maps, Arranger Templates and ProChannel Presets and then moving UI Themes all in one place makes for a one stop resource center. Love it. Then renaming the off topic section to General Music Discussion so the Coffee House is grouped with Computer Systems, Gear and Production Techniques should work well. All the additional sections have been requested by forum members. Thanks for listening! I'm sure it will not take long for all the new sections to become beehives of activity.
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    I'm wondering about the validity of performing such a test with a YouTube video, given that we know YT never presents audio without modification. Using an oscillator plugin such as MOscillator (one of the freebies in the Melda fee pack) might be more trustworthy. I think we obsess over hearing range because a) it's easily measurable, and b) it's something we all fear losing with age. The question that never gets asked: how much high end do you need to hear in order to create a nice-sounding mix? If your kneejerk response is "as close to 20 KHz as possible", that does not reflect reality. If you listen to MP3s, the upper end has been lopped off (IIRC, at 18 KHz). Same for other lossy compression algorithms. If you listen to FM radio, it's limited to 15 KHz. Your guitar amp likely tops out at around 12 KHz. Hammond organs often occupy the upper end of a mix, but a classic Leslie horn only goes up to about 10 KHz. Truth is, we listen to band-limited audio all the time and rarely notice. The real question is where musical frequencies live. Quick, what's the fundamental frequency of the highest note on a piano? How about a piccolo? Think either one goes above 12 KHz? Think again. Sure, there are overtones that are multiples of the fundamental that can run up into the hearing range of bats. But humans can't hear them. But can you tell when they're not there? Try this experiment. Play the highest note on the highest virtual instrument you have on hand. Pipe organ, for example. Nothing goes higher than a pipe organ, AFAIK. Insert SPAN and note where the fundamental frequency is, and where its harmonics lie. Now add a low-pass filter and start cutting those harmonics until you can distinguish a tonal difference. Find some six-year-olds and repeat the experiment with them. When mixing, by far the most important frequencies are the ones everyone can hear with ease, between ~1KHz and ~5KHz. This is why band-limited speakers have long been used by mix engineers; if it sounds good on speakers that don't go much above 8-10 KHz or below 100 Hz, it'll sound good on a full-range system.
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    Remember when they just had one deal at a time? And then they had two deals at a time? The next time I looked, they had EIGHT deals going. I could usually resist GAS with one or two deals. Sometime they were selling something I already had or didn't want, so I could sigh a sigh of relief for a week or two. That money was safely set aside to be spent on something from Plugin Boutique or somewhere else. But it's much harder for me not to spend $$$ with 8 deals going all the time. Particularly when they are around $10. Ten bucks is the price point for me to buy something I really don't need. How do you deal with so many deals from Audio Plugin Deals?
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    I loved 8.5.3. Best version ever. (I could post a screenshot of someone stating X1 pre-many-many-fixes was the bestest ๐Ÿ˜)
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    I'm hoping they will see the light and have ten for $10 each. I am okay if some of the $10 offers are up to $14.95. I'm not sure if I'm ready to take the leap for $29.99 being my $10 yet. But give me time.
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    Great echo chamber here folks. No OP in sight!
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    Thereโ€™s no fence anymore to be on.
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    Page 303? Acid? It's got to be Hardfloor: Hardfloor - Make Acid Great Again
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    I found his email address on his soundcloud page. soundcloud.com/anydaylong He is a "mind open guy" and he would surely appreciate a message from you!
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    ah those were the days... my quake nick was "an old lady" so it would hilariously say "YorGoinToDie was fragged by an old lady"
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    That's because iLok allows installation of that version over newer versions. Steinberg's eLCC will error out if you try to install an older version over a newer version, and will update the older version with a newer version if you install in the proper order. iLok's software doesn't do that, so you end up with all sorts of issues when vendors bundle the older PACE installers into their plug-in/application installer, and don't update the installers when PACE does. That was the issue with the iLok software from AIR and SONiVOX. Also, PACE uses a different type of driver architecture for their iLok software, while eLCC installs as userland software. This is why you have a driver installation dialog when first installing the iLok software, but nothing like that with the Steinberg eLCC. This conspiracy about software running deep into your OS has never applied to eLCC, or been associated with Steinberg's hardware copy protection. Unrelatable situations. The issues with performance affected most USB dongle solutions many years ago because the tech was simply slower and less mature. Slower USB flash devices. Slower USB Ports. Slower computers, etc. This hasn't been an issue for a long time. iLok, eLicenser, Codemeter, etc. These have all been performant for years. Most issues people run into, these days, have to do with people not keeping the software up to date - or activation server issues during mad rush/promotional periods/product release or update times.... All of this can and does happen to products that have never used hardware copy protection, since that's an issue with server resources.
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    Have also had the Boss TAE. You can tweak the TAE's Reactive-Load (bottom and top) for the specific amp. The only one that allows this. Again, you can achieve good/great sounds. I didn't care for the onboard SS power-amp. Can't go wrong too far wrong with any of the above.
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    My first articulation map is for the Amplesound M II and M II Lite virtual instruments. The more I read and understand the Amplesound user manual the better I realize this Articulation Map may be a work in progress. All feedback positive and negative is appreciated! The M II is a virtual Martin acoustic guitar. The attached comparison chart details some of the differences between the two instruments. VSTi download link Amplesound M II.artmap Comparison_AGM_vs_AGML.pdf
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    I once was banned by an online music forum.
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    I use a bookmark..... I get to these deals in one click.....
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    Tony LaRussa helped me load my truck after a gig. We ended up talking baseball for quite a while. It's like a religion for him. Great guy. See, I said "after a gig" so it's a musical high water mark!
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    Hopefully this can make my miserable speakers sound like NS10s
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    I got this and the new GK Bass amp for $34.98 with my $75 voucher.
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    I have over 400 blank cd's.
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    This is a drum synth, not a drum sampler - though it does have two sampler slots. Comparing this to NI Battery is like comparing DrumSynth 500 to Strike 2. D16's 909 is a Synthesized recreation of a specific drum kit, so a bit different. DrumSynth 500 is basically comparable to the Drum Synths in Native Instruments Maschine software. I think Falcon 2 has Drum Synths, as well. They actually added this plug-in to the Akai MPC 2.9 software to compete with Maschine 2 in that area ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wouldn't be surprised if it was developed for this purpose (and released as a plug-in to further monetize it).It's worth $9.99. Not sure it's worth the MSRP, though. You can get Maschine 2 for less than $149 (via bundle with an M32 Keyboard) and that's the price point of sound design tools like Steinberg Backbone, which are simply better pickups if you're into sound design for Drums (and other stuff). Buy at $50 or less. Skip at $50 or more and invest in something else, IMO. Skip if you already have the MPC 2 Software, since you're likely doing your beat making there if you use Cakewalk as a main DAW, anyways.
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    Hi fine folks Here's a new original song that is a true story of a trip to Glastonbury Festival many years ago. Lyrics below link Our Lost Weekend Written and performed by Staypress V1 Went down to Glasto back in the day Tried to hitchhike but got lost on the way Got a lift in a stinking van A woman with incense and a hairy man Heavy conversations of mushroom and weed Tongues were loose and minds were freed It took all day to arrive at the site At least we got some daylight Pre-chorus It rained for three days Like it seems to always There's mud and marijuana and music if you wanna Chorus 1 It was our lost weekend With our hippy friends It was our lost weekend I thought it'd never end V2 Popped white lightning - we were led astray Paranoia set in - we were floating away Saw a three legged dog - it was very trippy Danced like a windmill and fell out with the hippy Pre-chorus It rained for three days Like it seems to always There's mud and marijuana and music if you wanna Chorus 2 It was our lost weekend With our hallucogenic friend It was our lost weekend I thought it'd never end Middle bit So the 'frights' got too much and we made our way home Walked for miles in what seemed like a raging cyclone Our minds, not our own, we'd gone round the bend We'd left them on our lost weekend Chorus 3 It was our lost weekend Our lost weekend Our lost weekend It was our lost weekend
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    A "rock" video. Scenes from Valley of Fire in Nevada, White Pockets and Colorado Buttes in AZ. Thanks for listening/commenting. -Bjorn
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    I was just about to post this Larry, Darn you for posting before me time after time....RATS!! ๐Ÿ˜–
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    Not that I have any say in this as a Cakewalk user, but as an alternative I would rather see a monetary user investment system put into effect such that credit be given for the user financial support over the decades that led to the current product. Since this is purely a hypothetical issue over which users are not the financial decision-makers, let's say that CbB can be evaluated at a fair market value of $1200 (USD). As example 1, let's also say over the decades User A has paid $1500 over the decades, there would be no additional costs to continue to use Cakewalk by Bandlab. Let's say User B has paid $800 over the decades, a $400 "investment" in the software could be paid based on flexible terms, for example $10 / month for 40 months after which User B will have a "forever" license. Let's say User C is new to CbB. Perhaps after a 90 day trial to decide if User C wants to use it, she or he would have flexible terms (such as $10 / month) to continue to use it or discontinue both payments and use (classic rent-to-own licensing). Clearly this is a purely academic discussion. Let's be clear: we have no say in the matter. However, I think the question is a good one and if the decision-makers like your suggestion, I hope financial credit would be given to users who have helped financially support the software through years of purchases.
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    $99.99 again at Best Buy https://www.bestbuy.com/site/wd-blue-1tb-internal-sata-solid-state-drive/6025900.p?skuId=6025900
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    I see the former as a more straightforward approach. Much like patch points and aux tracks. Iโ€™d rather use an aux track 90% of the time. Hope that makes sense. I might do another explanation vid on the workspaces as well. (Formerly called Lens... ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ)
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    Did you know that TTS-1 can play 16 different instruments in one instance- And it's easy to set it up using 4 different audio tracks. I have more tutorials on using TTS_1 posted here that if the OP ever returns might find useful.. https://sites.google.com/view/cactus-studios/cakewalk-videos
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    For only $29 (you save $150), get The Resource โ€“ Lost Tapes containing a massive 7.5GB of vintage licks and phrases from UEBERSCHALL! Whether you want to construct a complete solo, build some groovy chord or bass parts, or simply want that short, stand-out, instrumental hook to take your production to another level, The Resource โ€“ Lost Tapes is a musical treasure chest, waiting to be mined. The library is ideal for producers of House, Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz, Soul, Funk, or for a dash of something real to add to your latest electronic production. It is also a brilliant complement to the original The Resource release. Get this must-have library now for only $29 (normally $179) for a limited time only, donโ€™t miss out! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/the-resource-lost-tapes-by-ueberschall/ Deal ends on March 21st, 2021 KEY FEATURES 7.5 GB, 11.172 Loops & Phrases Huge collection of vintage licks & phrases Authentic vintage feel to all instrument recordings Musical treasure chest, waiting to be mined Instruments include electric bass, saxophone, trumpet, flugelhorn, clavinet, organ, synths, electric guitar, acoustic piano and electric piano Phrases recorded at 120BPM and organised into three keys: a-, d- and e-minor SOUNDCLOUD DEMO
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    This is beginning to look like it may be another one of those "drive-by" first posts where the OP never returns.
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    The only thing I picked up on that was linked to Sphere was sharing tracks via their Cloud service which makes sense to me. If you want to use Cloud storage beyond the 15G you get free from Google you have to pay. But maybe I missed something else. I opened up a large song I was working on in 5.1 in 5.2 last night. Without a doubt it loaded quicker and seemed to work better. This has happened before with their updates on my system. A new version will be noticeably better then the next will seem sluggish. 5.2 is definitely working better than 5.1 on my system in my opinion. The midi and virtual instrument features do not really apply or appeal to me much but it is amazing what they are doing with it.
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    Bryan Lee-Dope Smokin' Blues
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    you may want to contact the company of your plugin..
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    Thanks, it's fun playing around with old midi files.
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    I've owned all of them. Suhr has the best Reactive-Load... but the IRs are limited to 1024-Samples (short). Captor X allows you to run a pair of simultaneous Cab IRs. The Reactive-Load isn't as nice as the Suhr... but the IRs can be up to four times the length (plus you can run two simultaneously). OX Reactive-Load isn't as good as the Suhr. Cab models aren't IRs... they're slightly more dynamic models. UA Plate Reverb, Dynamics, and EQ are familiar to those who've used UAD/Apollo. You really can't make a bad decision from any of the three. IME, None is totally heads and shoulders above the others. You can get good/great sounds out of any of the three. I still have an OX and Captor X
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    Bridges Fallen from SPAN, my third album release within 10 months during this coronavirus pandemic. Simple tune, simple video. Enjoy & stay safe..
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    Now you're talkin douglas. Way to go!
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    I used to be Bob Marley.
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    Thanks @cclarry, I might pick this one up. I really see you as the modern day ice cream man from my childhood. Your threads are like the ice cream truck music playing in the distance and your posts are like the ice cream truck, but instead of eating all of the ice cream bars, I keep accumulating more and more ice cream bars beyond what I can consume and before you know it my house is jam packed with freezers filled with ice cream bars and I'm morbidly obese and being featured on multiple cable reality shows like Hoarders and The 1,000 lb. Man. So, yeah, thanks, Larry. Thanks a lot.
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    You'd qualify for the crossgrade which, combined with the 39.99 sale price in this promotion would be less than the full MODO DRUM. I'll put in a request for a special offer to those who participated in this promotion who would like to upgrade (similar to what our team has been able to offer those who purchased AmpliTube 5 but then realized they really wanted AT5 MAX).
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    or for $9.99 at JRR: https://www.jrrshop.com/air-music-tech-drum-synth-500
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