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    When I interviewed Warren some time ago on my channel we talked off camera for quite some time about it and he was intrigued as he’d never heard of it. I asked for a moment of his time to give him a quick tour via screen sharing and he was blown away! His first question was “Why aren’t more people talking about this?!” I told him of the sorter history and reassured him that regardless of the past there was still a strong community of Cakewalk users and that it now has full support again! Thats when he told me that several in the community had been talking about it but it slipped under his radar as it isn’t widely used or spoken of daily. It was then that we discussed doing a course for his community. Even though there aren’t as many that use it in the PLAP Academy (of which I am a Lifetime Member) he still took time out of his crazy schedule to try and help. I assure you Warren is truly a gentleman and an excellent mentor. If he makes some money off of the course in return for his countless hours of free training, I am completely fine with it.
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    Well hello Robert. It's intrigued me very much to read about the history of Cakewalk, Inc.'s various mergers and acquisitions over the years. My stepfather was CEO at a couple of leisure product companies in my childhood, so I heard him talk about that stuff over the years. Then as an adult I toiled in the software industry, including a few shrink wrap houses like Adobe, prior to and during the advent of the www as a game-changer. My thesis has always been that as a freeware corporate giveaway, the quality of Cakewalk is likely to increase. This is because development will be driven by the developers' impulse to please their own needs (one of which is to do a job they can be proud of) and those of the user community rather than the survival need to acquire new licensees. I was called a dreamer on the old forum and this one, and well, I'm so happy to be able to say "neener-neener." There were (and still are) those who insist that the whole scheme is doomed and that there is no possible way to maintain high-quality software without charging people to use it. They'll post these assertions using Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, and apparently have never been to a trade show where companies are giving away tote bags or guitar picks with their logos on them. Just gotta think of Cakewalk now being the promotional item rather than the thing being promoted. I've seen people endlessly confounded when after almost a year, the developers have been working their butts off to ship the latest major version, and it finally ships. Yet it still carries all these bugs and design annoyances and oversights that people have been complaining about since 2 versions earlier. I've been both on the selling side and the buying side. The reason is simple: because fixing bugs and small featues doesn't bring in new licensees and upgraders. Fixing bugs costs money, adding flashy features makes money. It's why so many companies would love people to subscribe to their software as a service. With that model, if you continue to ship buggy crap, you open yourself to loss of subscribers due to people questioning that $30 per month bill, with competitors lining up to eat your lunch, and you can also afford to attract new users at a reasonable rate of uptake because you have a steady stream of cash coming in. Rather than depending on huge adoption right after the magazine reviews of the new features (which never mention bugs) are published. I've seen others wondering what effect Cakewalk's free license scheme is going to have on the DAW market. Will it take out a smaller program or two that someone might have used to get started? On that topic, I have no idea. Maybe there is less room for the Mixcrafts and Mu Studios of the world. I dunno. What I haven't given much thought to is the effect it might have on people who teach and produce instructional materials, like Warren and Robert. Did the companies that were doing this before Gibson binned Cakewalk Inc. suffer? Probably? Will there eventually be an uptick, or are we already seeing one? 3 years later, there are 4 YouTubers I know of who are publishing regular tutorials, which means there are probably more. Are colleges showing interest? Or do they still pretend that what you must do is learn Pro Tools prior to moving to L.A. to "make it" in the recording industry (iLok in hand)? Things will take longer than with payware programs due to there being nobody paid to go around and advocate for it. Always fun to watch the story unfold....
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    Thanks man! A lot of the information in my course is geared toward achieving a finished mix quickly that you can be proud of. I don’t consider myself a guru or anything, I just love the software and after 15 years I can navigate my way around it quickly. My main desire was to help others and in the process get Cakewalk the publicity it deserves.
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    He told me he saw that a lot of people in the community are using it and was wanting to help in some way! I hope it will get more people on board, whether they find bugs or not. After all, some people with fresh perspective might eventually come up with the next best idea for improvement as well!
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    This seemed promising, but unfortunately I am looking for "hay!" shouts.
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    No, not for mixing. One of the reasons other DAWs report latency numbers is that certain other DAWs didn't use to have PDC, requiring the user to figure how much compensation was needed. Cakewalk was among first to make PDC a standard feature on an affordable DAW, instead of a premium feature you paid extra for.
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    I once played a bar where they had a dart board just to one side of the stage, three feet from my head and just inches from my PA. They wouldn't let us move it. It was a tense gig.
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    My last house had a nice basement (the only time I have ever had one), so I turned it into the best, small English pub-style bar in the area! (The guy at the dartboard is prior-World Champion Bob Anderson! The other guy ran a dart league about 150 miles away and lost a lot of money to me and Bob that night. LOL! 😜)
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    Ok...found out some information. He's alive, but in the hospital and not well. But I was told that he will contact us when he gets out of the Hospital... So that's good news!
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    To celebrate the arrival of the ERS plugin line, there is a 50 percent sale on all three until March 1st! Normally priced at $69 (ERS 250) and $49 (DimD and EchORek2), now is the time to get them for half the money... Available, as all DDMF plugins, in 32 and 64 bit for Intel and Apple Silicon, and in VST/VST3/AU/AAX format, over at your trusted DDMF store. https://ddmf.eu/product/ Basically, a Dimension D ($24.50) , an EMT250 ($34.50), and a Binson ($24.50). No brainer territory, but I can't vouch for how they sound.
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    Only trying to help, since OP seemed to ask for input that could get him back on track... If I ask that, it is because I've been able to help several musicians with different DAWs in my neighbourhood by checking systematically what happened when they had problems...Checking software versions and types of hardware are part of that...(I should have asked for more info on hardware and software, my bad) It was a simple question, just to understand more about the working environment of @bdickens's system in order to try to pinpoint a problem. Win7 is still popular among many DAW users, but not supported by Microsoft anymore and CbB does not actively support this anymore as far as I know. Also, the update version of Win10 matters, regularly things go haywire with a new Windows update. You can't just blame CbB, there could be a number of reasons other than the DAW itself being the culprit. As explained by @msmcleod in this thread Microsoft Edge, it is a not-neglectable part of Windows 10 and CbB apparently uses a related part for its installation. There are a few others who had problems with it as well, so maybe the latest CbB version needs to be smoothed out, for OP it also could be plugin related, who knows? Regarding common sense, not everyone reads everything and communicates everything in a way that everybody will always understand everything (what a sentence...). So in order to help someone, sometimes questions that are obvious for most will still make sense. I agree that in this case a warning by CbB about Edge would be sensible. Sorry to hear that your system was messed up with an update. Other than The only way to find out what goes wrong is step by step checking where it what has changed. OP could at least try some of the suggestions or let me know why they could not help him. There was an error code that could be followed up and from what I thought was reported a certain file was not accessible or could not be updated. Sometimes that can easily be solved. It is impossible for any developer to make sure that an update works out of the box for everyone due to the virtually infinite combinations of hardware and software. In the meantime operating system and other software and hardware drivers also keep changing making it even harder to provide a 100% compatible solution. So once in a while you can be the unlucky one. Many other user have not reported this problem, so it is probably working for the vast majority. I guess we've all been there and way too much the DAW was blamed for something that eventually was caused by something else... I had huge instability problems after the last CbB update, which in the end appeared to be caused by Waves v12. Forums of other DAWs also reported similar problems with Waves v12, and uninstalling and going back to v11 fixed it. But first reaction is often: my DAW is buggy...
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    Let's Call The Whole Thing Off - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
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    Thanks Wookster me old mucker Thanks so much - I was trying to keep Baps big bottom exposed for everyone to see/hear Thanks so much David
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    Very well put man! You’ve placed in a nutshell what most have never taken the time to divulge in, or maybe didn’t have the back history that you’ve had to see the forest for the trees! Kudos to you for having an open mind and staying positive!
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    Heh, you're only seeing part of it! The house rule was drinks were free, so don't bring anything over (a case of cheap beer would have never been touched). Instead, there was a tip box on the wall (see below) and anything put into it went directly into buying more (and mostly new types of) booze or the occasional food delivery (I ran a few blind draw tournaments). Because even the nice micro-brew beer on tap (normally around $6 a pint at a bar) only costs about 50 cents a glass, I ended up with over 120 types of liquor! Fun times. 🙂
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    Good grief, that's good news!!!! Whoever (hopefully) speaks with him, please pass on our most sincere wishes!!!!
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    That's not a complicated sound to make. I don't remember if this video I made was done with Amplitube or something else: Two instances of ValhallaDSP's Supermassive for the "pad" thing.
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    Now THAT'S my gaming time history! Back when I lived in Irvine Kalifornia, I used to run the second-most popular game servers on the West Coast for Quake, Half-Life and Counterstrike (called "N2O's Gas House"). I had a dedicated T1 line and five separate stations for my friends to use (I lived half-a-mile from work, so we'd all go over to my place at lunch or after work to either play in my music studio or play online games). At one time, there was a database of all Quake 1 players and I was in the top-25 out of over 340,000 (my game name was, like the servers, "N2O" which is the chemical formula for Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas - my tag line that I could spray in-game was "You'll die laughing!"😁). We played on two League Republic teams for Counterstrike and, eventually, ended up taking the first and second-place positions before quitting. Being right next to the server REALLY helps your ping! We always had to film our matches for the referees because whiney little punk kids half our age kept thinking we MUST be cheating - LOL! Needless to say, we didn't have to rely on running a communication server when we're all sitting in the same room. One of my friends created a popular set of bots for Quake and I had two Half-Life maps that I made that got a lot of playing time (one called High Dive and another was a very compact version of a 2fort2 map). Those were good times... 😊
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    Firstly were not installing edge so lets debunk that theory. Its a webview component that is REQUIRED by cakewalk to do single sign on to BandLab both for activation and future integration. It does work on Windows 7 and was tested by QA. WebView is not the same thing as Edge. We have clearly indicated many times that we don't actively support Win 7 any more and allow installation as a courtesy. The installer even tells you this! If you are still using Win7 and installing updates you can still revert to a the prior version if you have issues.
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    Should work fine in new cakewalk by bandlab but some plugins you may have used back then might not be available. Good luck
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    Don't recall ever seeing a crossgrade offer. Just the upgrades from intro and standard, plus the version upgrade deals. I think that if you already have a DAW you like, you don't really NEED Ableton. But it still offers a lot in the way of sound design creativity, and experimentation for any style of music, not just EDM and DJ - at the cost of a huge learning curve. It is different from other DAWs, and that is what can make it a good complement to your existing DAW. It is also rock solid for live performance.
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    Call. The Call - The Walls Came Down:
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    Sampling Nirvana, showing how good Rap can be ... Credit to the Nation - Call It What You Want
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    Indie Voices is good but maybe you need more powerful heys. Should it be freeware? Well, some people have to pay bills and even if this is just a very small plugin, I'm sure it was work to record the shouts and to bring it into VST... so I'm ok with that little price here
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    Indie Voices i s free for a limited time and is similar.
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    Without even critiquing his singing attempt, whoever that guy is should takes some guitar lessons! He's all over the place! Heck, he's even holding the guitar backwards!
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    Purple. Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze:
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    Don't ask me why but now it works perfectly! It's bit strange, buy hey it works so I'm happy!
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    Hope springs eternal!! God bless.
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    If you were to invite me over you would have a couple of less bottles of booze. Not that I drink too much. Well, not that I Didn't. But because your dart board is too damn close to the booze.
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    Yes, let us al hope for the best!
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    That's great news! I'm in when he contacts us!
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    I hope that the carpet was authentically sticky and the toilet floor permanently wet.
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    I thought that at first, too, , Nigel, but the name in the Playback Timing Master is for the AT2020+, according to Robin, which does have a headphone output and presumably will act as the audio interface. While the OP "got this USB mic because it's the same mic that a musician I like uses, and he's a successful musician with a million subscribers and a large spotify following, and his music sounds really good, but he uses Logic Pro X and I don't have a macbook " doesn't mean it will perform as well on a Windows machine. I'm not as knowledgeable as a lot of the folks here, but one thing that is invariably true is that no one has satisfactory performance with USB mics and Windows computers with Cakewalk software that I've read about since 2002. Maybe Robin will return and give us an update on the situation.
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    I think that, in light of the new info, we hold off on anything until we hear from him...
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    Bite your tongue, man! Nobody wants that. What if Behringer bought Fender? Fiat bought Lexus? Spirit Airlines bought Singapore Airlines? The North Korean government bought Microsoft? Löwenbraü was being brewed in frickin' Texas? Oh, sh*t, that last one's already come true.
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    in general, you need to know the "maximum" or "largest" latency which is used by the DAW to then set it across the board so everything plays in sync. so if i have only a single track with 5 plugins and none of the other tracks have anything on them, all the tracks will use the latency reported from that one track to set the overall latency so everything plays as expected. e.g. if that one track plugins add 10ms of latency, then all other tracks will be delayed by 10ms so all tracks are playing at the same time. (this is a simplification since internally i'm sure exactly what is happening but the effective results is the same). note that # of buffers used, as well as the sample rate will dictate the overall latency of the chain. CbB has a button "PDC" (plugin delay compensation) which if you turn it off will (should?) remove the compensation added based on what CbB determined based on the latency reported by the plugins etc. this (to me) should identify which track has the most because it will be out of sync. so you'd want to measure the latency of the tracks (or busses) to see which one has the most, and then how much latency that track (or buss) has. one way (manually) would be to use something like https://www.voxengo.com/product/latencydelay/ and pick a track with nothing else on it and adjust the time/samples until it aligns with the longest track. or try out https://www.kvraudio.com/product/vst-plugin-analyser-by-christian-budde some references on internal latency in a DAW: https://www.macprovideo.com/article/recording-and-production/understanding-plug-in-delay-compensation https://help.ableton.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010545559-How-Latency-Works https://www.16sounds.com/blog/zero-latency-plugins/
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    Actually, there are even strings attached. Cakewalk by Bandlab comes with Studio Instrument Strings.....
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    The start screen icons, especially the factory ones for templates, and descriptions on how to add images seemed very vague to me. So i dug in to it and have done a "how to" pdf about it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1J8zPeMlhRe5BVFwTHHJ42IB-EUodg_7J/view?usp=sharing Added 23feb2021. I've made some generic 400x400 pixel images with numbers in frame. Could be useful. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LFx4tWFdZby9KnGMf84L1WhxHQc6zmvS/view?usp=sharing
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    I just stumbled upon this and thought you did a great job. It's really a well crafted and well executed song with excellent vocals, musicianship and production. I mean this in a good way, but the drum sound and playing very much evoked memories of Phil Collin's playing from the Duke album -- which I love, BTW. While the keyboard choices reminded me of Banks solo stuff. But the song itself was original, definitely not a knock off, it's just that I noticed influences that I also love. If you were playing this live, I would absolutely be sticking around. Just an all around great job. Kudos.
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    Logged in and saw "-134.70" after I applied the code and got all excited that Softube might've started pricing their stuff more competitively, thinking it was 349.00-134.70=$214.30, but it just applied to the original sale price. I'll probably be waiting with Bapu.
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    You can do that in Event List by using the "Select By Filter" feature in the Edit Menu. You highlight or select the events you need to change, for example, CC10, panning, access the Filter in the Edit Menu, and then the best thing to do is choose "none" at the bottom right. This will clear all the checkmarks and you can then start clean. Go to the controller line, enter "10" in both fields, hit OK and it will select all CC10 events. I did it last night for an entire orchestral piece where I wanted to change all the pans (I used to do panning with CC events; I do it differently now). Took about 30 seconds. you can do ti with notes also. Say you want to change the velocity on all A6 notes, because a certain sampled note is too loud. works the same way. A little-known but powerful Cakewalk feature that has been around forever.
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