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    We're pleased to announce Early Access for 2021.01! This release introduces Arranger enhancements, SSO (Single Sign-On) for activation, import and export improvements, optimizations, and over 40 bug fixes. We'd love for you to check it out before we drop the official public version. Please note that Early Access installers are update installers, which only update from a specific version. To install the 2021.01 Early Access build, you must be on the latest public release of 2020.11. The 2021.01 Early Access build can be downloaded and installed from within Cakewalk by going to Help > Check for Updates, then clicking the Download Now link in the "Early Access Available" toast notification. Download Cakewalk 2021.01 EA installer Should you need to revert to the 2020.11 release, you can download the Cakewalk 2020.11 Rollback installer. If you haven't already done so, please read about the Early Access Program before participating. Please keep responses specific to problems or comments on this release. Unrelated bugs or feature requests should be posted in other threads or the feature request channel. Thanks again for your participation! The Bakers 2021.01 Highlights New features Arranger section inclusion of outlying MIDI notes When dragging sections or committing arrangements, Cakewalk has logic for dealing with leading/trailing MIDI notes that overlap section boundaries. In the following example, section 2 is selected. The underlying MIDI clip contains note events that start slightly before section 2 and end slightly after section 2. By default, selecting section 2 will ignore the portions of overlapping note events that fall outside the section boundaries. Cakewalk now lets you optionally include the full duration of overlapping note events. Notes that overlap section boundaries: Leading/trailing notes are often created in the following scenarios: The recorded performance is unquantized and notes appear slightly earlier than the section start. When using a sound with a slow attack, and the notes have to be played early to make up for the attack time. Leading notes as part of a lead-in phrase, or droned notes that overlap with the section boundaries. You can specify the threshold that determines which overlapping note events are included when moving sections. To do so, click the Track view MIDI menu and point to Arranger Section Event Overlap Threshold, then select one of the following options: Off. Ignore overlapping notes. Note value (Whole – 1/256 Triplet). Only include notes that overhang by a duration equal to or less than the selected value. Any Overlap. Include overlapping notes of any duration. When overlapping notes fall within the threshold set, those notes are included in the section move/copy and the clip start/end is automatically resized (slip-edited) to accommodate the notes. The moved notes are also removed from the neighboring sections. This requires Non-destructive Editing to be enabled, and works best with Split MIDI Note enabled. The Arranger Section Event Overlap Threshold setting affects all arranger drag operations, delete, commit arrangement, and Duplicate from the section context menu. Absolute time in Arranger tracks The time base format for each Arranger track can be set to either Musical or Absolute. The time base format determines what happens to sections when you change the project tempo. To toggle between musical and absolute time, click the icon to the left of the Arranger track name in the Track view: Musical . A section’s M:B:T position stays constant, and its absolute position shifts. Absolute . A section’s absolute position stays constant, and its M:B:T position shifts. Absolute time is useful for scoring to film/video. The Arranger track tooltip shows time as H:M:S:F and samples. When committing an arrangement, the following rules apply: If all the sections came from absolute time Arranger tracks, the committed arrangement track will be absolute. If the sections came from musical Arranger tracks (or a mixture of musical/absolute), the committed arrangement track will be musical. SSO (Single Sign-On) for Cakewalk activation Cakewalk supports SSO (Single Sign-On) for activation, which allows you to log in via any service supported by BandLab as your sign-in authority. Google, Facebook, Apple ID, mobile phone and BandLab user/password credentials are currently supported. SSO is only used for Cakewalk activation, and under normal circumstances you will only need to sign in once. Cakewalk will attempt to refresh your activation status silently and automatically on occasion during start up. Use the SSO login as you have done with your BandLab account in the past. Note that BandLab Assistant is still required for requesting offline activation of Cakewalk on computers that don’t have an Internet connection. Enhancements Cancel VST scan You can now cancel an in-progress VST scan with the new Cancel Scan button in Edit > Preferences > File - VST Settings or via the Cancel option in the VST Scan toast notification. The next scan operation will resume where the canceled scan left off, starting with the plug-in it was last scanning. If the last scanned plug-in was a shell plug-in (such as Waves WaveShell), the scan will resume from he first plug-in in the shell). Auto termination of VST scan Shutting down Cakewalk will now automatically terminate any scan in progress. This allows in-app updates to work properly even if a scan was in progress when the app was shut down to perform a new install. Zoom to Fit Project Horizontally shortcut The new Zoom to Fit Project Horizontally key binding zooms to fit the entire project in the Clips pane, without affecting the height of tracks. The default keyboard shortcut is CTRL+ALT+F. Improved selection with Arranger sections If there are gaps between a range of selected sections, the unselected clips remain unselected. You can now unselect fully selected clips from a selection and they will not be moved with the section. Cutting Arranger section deletes hole Cutting an Arranger section with Ripple Edit enabled now deletes the hole to make it consistent with the Delete command. Clicking on an articulation section now triggers keyswitch events Clicking on an articulation (without modifiers), or changing an articulation’s type or MIDI channel now sends any triggered MIDI events associated with the articulation. Control Bar Select module changes Four new buttons have been added to the Control Bar’s Select module in Large mode: Select Track Envelopes with Clips . When enabled, selecting a clip will also select any overlapping track envelopes. Select Track Articulations with Clips . When enabled, selecting a clip will also select any overlapping track articulations. Select Events with Sections . Enable/disable automatic selection of track events when selecting Arranger sections. By default, clicking an Arranger section also selects underlying track events. Clicking again de-selects track events, while retaining selection of the section. Select Sections with Time Ruler . When enabled, making a time selection in the time ruler will also select any overlapping Arranger sections. Right-click or keep the mouse button pressed for a brief moment specify if sections should be selected in all Arranger tracks, or only the active Arranger track: Select Sections with Time Ruler (Active Arranger Track). Making a time selection in the time ruler will also select any overlapping Arranger sections in the active Arranger track. Select Sections with Time Ruler (All Arranger Tracks). Making a time selection in the time ruler will also select any overlapping Arranger sections in all Arranger tracks. The four buttons are linked to the corresponding menu items within the Track view Options menu, and work in exactly the same way. The previous Large mode for the Select module is now the Medium mode. Moving clips between lanes on the same track obeys Auto Crossfade setting Moving clips between Takes lanes on the same track now obeys the Auto Crossfade setting. Insert Instrument track behavior When selected from the track context menu, the Insert Instrument command now inserts the instrument before the current track rather than after the last track. The Add Track button and Insert > Soft Synth command will continue to append after the last track. Similarly, the Append Instrument Track command in the track context menu will append the new per-output instrument track directly below the current track. Selecting Append Instrument Track from the Synth Rack context menu will continue to append after the last track. Phase/Interleave buttons on Instrument tracks Phase and Interleave buttons are now available in the Track view and Inspector for Instrument tracks. Tip: You can show and hide controls in track and bus strips in the Track view, and even create presets for your favorite control layouts. To show or hide the Phase and Mono/Stereo Interleave buttons in the Track view, open the Track Control Manager and specify the visibility of the Interleave/Phase group. Option to only use external MIDI inputs MIDI track’s that have their Input control assigned to All Inputs receive MIDI data from both external (i.e. hardware) inputs and any soft synth outputs from other tracks. When inserting a soft synth, Cakewalk defaults to enabling MIDI output if it is supported by the synth. As a result, MIDI output from Instrument tracks may be inadvertently played/recorded on all other MIDI tracks if the tracks are armed for recording or have MIDI Input Echo enabled. To address this, MIDI tracks now have a new All External Inputs input option, which only appears when at least one soft synth with a MIDI output is present in the project. All External Inputs means any MIDI input that isn’t an output from a soft synth, such as hardware MIDI ports and virtual controllers. In earlier versions, switching the active MIDI track would normally select All Inputs. This behavior has changed to: If the track previously included soft synth outputs in its inputs, then it will show as All Inputs. If the track previously only had hardware inputs, then it will show as All External Inputs. Export to Standard MIDI File respects selection Export to Standard MIDI File (File > Export > Standard MIDI File) now respects the selection. If there is no selection, the whole project is exported. Updated LAME MP3 encoder The integrated LAME MP3 encoder has been updated to version 3.100. This includes bug fixes and stability improvements to MP3 encoding and also speeds up the encoding process. Additionally, Cakewalk has been updated to now handle discarding padding samples when importing MP3 files. i.e imported MP files will not contain extra data at the beginning of the file. Updated libsndfile encoders The libsndfile library used for import and export of various audio formats has been updated to version 1.0.30. This fixes numerous issues with handling BWF, Wave64, AIFF, FLAC and Ogg files. Optimizations Dynamic plug-in parameter optimizations Cakewalk 2021.01 introduces improvements in responsiveness and memory footprint when loading and editing projects with lots of tracks and high parameter count plug-ins. In previous versions of Cakewalk, plug-in automation parameters for all listed plug-ins were always created up front. This could result in a significant performance and memory hit when using plug-ins that expose hundreds or thousands of parameters, especially in projects that contains many tracks. Internal parameter objects are now created on demand when a parameter is actually used, either by modifying a parameter or by creating an automation envelope for it. A track’s Edit Filter menu no longer lists hundreds of parameters for plug-ins but instead only shows in-use parameters. To select other parameters in the Edit Filter menu, point to the plug-in name and select Choose Parameter to open the Choose Plug-in Parameter dialog box. Improved handling of ProChannel automation Automating the ProChannel Enable parameter would previously only work if the ProChannel UI was visible. ProChannel bypass automation is now UI independent and also buffer accurate. ProChannel bypass will also properly enable/disable with automation during fast bounce and freeze operations. Bug fixes Stability Crash when running onboarding more than once Crash when attempting to load new sample in Drum Replacer Hang on project load while VST scan is running Redo of crop then move of Articulation crashes Automation crash on project close UI Step Sequencer Clips intermittently fail to show notes Step Sequencer Beat Counter fails to repeat on Groove clip repetitions PRV does not display repetitions of Step Sequencer loops Track names show incorrectly in plug-ins after 2020.11 update Transport fails to roll with Realtime Bounce when freezing Cursor moves unexpected after cancel of Kind in Event List After deleting last event in Event List, selection should go to previous event Assignable parameters not created for FX Chains on project load Project Editing Time displays inconsistently in File Stats Arranger Ripple Edit Cut not shifting Arranger sections as expected Section/Arrangement titles missing in 2020.11 Articulation Maps Allow drag move/copy of multiple articulations Mouse cursor gets moved/stuck on articulation events in Event List Scaling PitchWheel events gives incorrect results Automation Cannot bounce or freeze ProChannel Enable automation unless it is done in realtime Selection becomes stuck unexpectedly when selecting envelopes Bus envelopes from multiple buses not copied correctly in duplicate clips/arranger operations Toggling track interleave causes plug-in automation to lose sync ProChannel automation cannot be reassigned to plug-in automation in tracks Automation read/write not being acknowledged for newly created FX parameters Copying and pasting FX automation envelopes create orphaned envelopes until parameters pre-created FX Chain Input/Output Gain envelopes controlling incorrect parameter in FX Chain UI Synth Rack automation not shown when changing synth parameters Misc. Allow adding of additional per-output instrument tracks via Synth Rack context menu Add Track inconsistent Insert Track behavior Projects with multiple instances of plug-ins with high parameter counts become very sluggish trying to close/remove instances UseGlobalSnapForStaffView variable stops working after opening older project Imported .wav file has clicks from time stretch Drum Maps are saved unexpectedly with Track Templates VST Scan does not close with the app Control Surface Refresh value does not change as expected below 25ms
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    Where have you been the last 3 years? You expected more progress? Have you seen the list of improvements almost very month for the past 3 years?
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    Hope you get it sorted soon Larry. In the meantime: what should we do? Make music? whahaha
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    Good luck, Larry. For the rest of us....
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    Just a guess, but you wanted the request-new-features/improvements section. From what I have seen this thread is for reporting successes and problems specifically with the current Early Access release.
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    Great stuff as usual! You guys are awesome! Thank you for continuing on with the best FREE DAW on the market!!!
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    Odin 2 is open source and the version on PA's site is out of date. Current version is 2.2.4 and can be grabbed on the plugin's website. https://www.thewavewarden.com/odin2
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    I have found new homes for all my spare AAS serials. My AAS account feels significantly lighter.
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    Epic Games STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II: Celebration Edition is available for free till January 21st. Get it here
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    The i5-4670 is now 8 years old, and significantly slower than newer CPUs (that is, desktop CPUs - not laptop CPUs which prioritise battery life over performance). Up until late last year, I was using an i5-3570, which is older still (9 years old). I replaced it with a i7-3770 (also 9 years old) and don't really notice much difference at all between the two for DAW use. I rarely get dropouts. 16GB doesn't mean much unless you're using large sample libraries, although if you're using Windows 10 it is very memory hungry and most would agree that 16GB is the minimum for Pro Audio applications. You can get away with 8GB if you're only recording audio, and you have fast SSD's, but it's not ideal. CbB is not optimised for any CPU. I used AMD (and prior to that Cyrix) CPU's up until the release of SONAR X2. I didn't have any issues with AMD processors. FYI - the only reason I moved to the i5-3570.was because I needed a Windows 7 compatible motherboard that also supported my very-much aging Yamaha DS2416 cards (from 1998). Is it the case that the current Thread Scheduling models aren't suitable for the latest AMD CPU's? Maybe, but there are quite a few users running CbB with AMD processors without issue.
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    Love the new "Clicking on an articulation section now triggers keyswitch events" feature, have been really missing it and even switched to using the notes instead sometimes.
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    This is definitely going to be an issue with your PC, driver or a third party plugin rather than a specific Cakewalk by Bandlab issue. Cakewalk by Bandlab has been super usable on my lowly PC (see my signature for me specs) and I have never experienced the issues you have described. Maybe drop a note Cakewalk support at https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000025633
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    A Different Hue Guys We had some time, as we are yet again in another lockdown, to produce some videos. These will be off our 2014 album, Stop The Bloody Trade. We did this album purely to raise money for charities here in South Africa to help combat Rhino Poaching – we only ever promoted the main title track, Stop the Bloody Trade and that did very well, raising a good chunk of money. To make up an “album”, we added some tracks we had sort of hanging about!! We never promoted any of them. But on listening to them again after all this time, there were a few of the tracks that I think deserve a second go!! We never spent the time we usually do mixing and mastering these, but even so I don’t think they sound too bad. So here’s the first, A Different Hue. Hope you enjoy it Nigel
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    There is an additional medium background (the old large). Most themes will need 6 updates to the Select Module. 1 large background 1 medium background 4 new buttons
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    At Plugin Boutique https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/7226
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    Inevitably after part 5 there came Part 6. I hope you enjoy this it progresses on from the other parts. It has some other instruments not used in parts 1 to 4, SD 3 was present in Part 5 Notably Toontrack's Superior Drummer 3 Orchestral Percussion SDX part 1. Toontrack's EZBass in all other parts. Softube's Parallels Cherry Audios CA2600 Arturia's Stage-73 V V2 and B3 V V2 Audiority's Echoes T7E mark II Arturia's Rev Intensity Reverb. Boz Digitals +10dB David Bendeth Compressor All other FX are either Cakewalk Stock or as currently Supplied with CbB. Thanks for listening I really do appreciate your time and your ears.
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    $159 Archetype: Gojira covers as vast a ground as the band’s iconic compositions. From clean, mellow ambience to the most obliterating high gain, Archetype: Gojira provides enough options for you to create your own iconic sounds. Save 20% with loyalty rewards, or download a 14-day free trial. Two brand-new algorithms to Neural DSP plugins ingratiate the Pitch Effects section, giving you unparalleled flexibility for crafting and tweaking your tone. Wow // A MIDI-programmable pitch shifter pedal with 3 different modes providing ultimate control over the additional octave and pitch sweep. Tracking better than the best analog equivalent, nothing is stopping you from nailing Stranded now. Oct // A polyphonic octaver pedal capable of adding two independent octaves, one -1 octave and the other -2 octaves below your dry signal. You’ve never played riffs this heavy. The pre-effects section features chorus and phaser pedals, new to the line-up, in addition to an overdrive and distortion pedal. CLN // A pristine model of a vintage tube amplifier sits at the front of the amp section. Lower the gain for clean tones or crank it for unbelievably natural tube saturation. RUST // Calling RUST a crunch amplifier would be like calling Silvera a lullaby. Sure, you could try to use it to send your little ones to sleep, but don’t blame us for the nightmares they have. Featuring one of the biggest gain sweeps we’ve ever worked with, this behemoth will take you to Another World. HOT // Hotter than Magma; this channel is what you’re here for. It perfectly captures the clear, defined, ultra high-gain tone Gojira is known for. Pair it with the Time Effects section for soaring lead tones or the Pitch Effects section for gargantuan rhythm tones. Joining the amplifiers, pitch effects, and pre-effects, is the customary 9-band graphic EQ for each amplifier, as well as the cabsim section with six movable microphones and hundreds of IRs made by Adam “Nolly” Getgood. Finally, the time effects section finishes the tone stack featuring a delay pedal with tape saturation and a reverb pedal with a haunting dark-voiced shimmer. The heaviest plugin in the universe. Save 20% with loyalty rewards, or download a 14-day free trial. https://neuraldsp.com/plugins/archetype-gojira
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    I am having none of those problems at all. There is no way you can call this a downgrade.
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    @Jesse Jost @Noel Borthwick Problem SOLVED! After almost a hair pull of frustrations - culprit has been found. My antivirus blocked the installation process. Thanks for the replies Super pleased for the long awaited feature of the interleave on instrument tracks. This will make my mixing workflow much more fun and exciting! It literally solves 70% of my requests. Thanks a bunch guys! Great job team.
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    The plugin is very far from a one trick pony. Three different amps with very different characters, a great pitch shifter, a very nice delay and reverb, and can go anywhere between clean, deep melodic tones to ultra high gain rhythms. You shoud give a try to the demo, because the Neural DSP video only shows one preset: Silvera Solo, and I think it's not fair to the plugin itself.
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    No, I've not re-installed the Korg KONTROL Editor since upgrading. I've got a dual (actually quad) boot, with Windows 7 64 bit and Windows 7 32 bit on it, so if I need to use the editor I just boot up into Windows 7 64bit (I use the Windows 7 32 bit boot for running even older Korg stuff like the X5D(R) editor, which I think is actually 16 bit). IIRC, to remove it I did the following: Uninstalled the Korg KONTROL software Renamed KORGUM64.SYS in C:\Windows\System32\drivers to KORGUM64.SYS.old Rebooted For the Native Instruments driver ( NIWinCDEmu.sys ) Renamed NIWinCDEmu.sys in C:\Windows\System32\drivers to NIWinCDEmu.sys.old Rebooted I guess you could try to re-install the Korg KONTROL Editor, but it wouldn't surprise me if you get a BSOD on bootup - it doesn't look like it's Windows 2020 / 20H2 compliant.
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    I keep on hoping to see a chord track. I much prefer MIDI in Cakewalk, particularly the PRV, but often use Studio One because of the chord track.
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    Спасибо за Cakewalk. Считаю эту программу самой удобной и комфортной для работы в студии. Начал с 1996 года с Cakewalk 3.0 и до сих пор только с этой программой делаю профессиональные результаты. с 2003 года написано 3 296 аранжировок, сведено и выпущено более двух сотен проектов.
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    Just tried and eneded heavy on cpu as soon as you go time based fx , pedals are superbs , imho the best suite with cory wong , amp wise superb as usual with neural but noting new , for me the beauty is in the combinaison .... AT5 still for me the best offering for someone that knows a thing or two in tone making /shaping !! The clean has a superb dynamic that can be reached with nolly and plini but less direct !! They really should make some like AT5 or some where you unlock what you bougth and customise , if i want to use pedal from nolly , amp in plini , fx in cory wong ect ....it's a pain ...they should integrate those in a shell ....
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    I'm having a killer time using AT5
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    Thank you for helping us survive without a vaccine🙏
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    First of all, thank you to all your team❤️🎪
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    A-Men! Minor updates for World Suite 2 and Drone - 53 Gigs for me. Silly.
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    There are at least three ways to insert a software synth [aka Instrument] that I have used. (1) from the menu [Insert > Soft Synth], (2) from the Browser, (3) by right clicking in the track header area, (4) using the + button in the Synth Rack. Some of the methods have been updated quite a bit fairly recently, including new options in the Insert wizard accessible via insertion method three. The old insertions dialog [the one with the check boxes - synth properties] has been updated, too. I know there are discussions in the forum. Maybe look at some of the New/Updated Features from the past 6-8 months, too. But if you try the three methods above, I think you'll find it to be rather "intuitive" from past versions of SONAR/Cakewalk. There may be other ways, but I like these: (1) (2) (3) (4) For this, I usually use the Split Instrument Track option once the combined track has been made. (See below.) IIRC there are also ways to get separate tracks using the Insert Soft Synth Track wizard [Advanced Options button] and the old check-box dialog method. Those are some of the newer features I had in mind, but I am a slow learner and gravitate towards methods I've used for ages. Splitting tracks using the Advanced button options in the Insert Instrument / Add Track Wizard (method 3 above)--see below. For me, I tend not to do it this way (1) because it is a fairly recent method that (2) has changed a few times over the past year, (3) because different soft synths have differences which produce different track results that boggle my old school mind, and (4) I am so used to just splitting the track it is "intuitive." Not knocking the new methods at all--if I had the mind I had a couple of decades ago, I'd struggle with the newer methods until they became second nature. Hope this helps. BTW, the Enable MIDI Output (if available) checkbox option in the synth properties/ insert soft synth options dialog is relatively new (or had been missing)--from UI change list to a late 2020 update: "Enable MIDI Output check box was missing from Insert Synth Options dialog when opened from the Synth Rack."
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    I used to mainly use Sampletank for their synth patches and Tron libraries from Dave Kerzner's company. I did read about importing ST2 libraries into ST3 first in order to use them in ST4, but what a convoluted and non-user friendly hassle. I suppose I'll do it for the old SR libraries I have, but I doubt I'm going to buy more decade old libraries to go through that process.
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    My fingres are SPENT! I have been demoing this thing for 5 hours straight now - and haven't had this much fun playing guitar for years! It's a no brainer for me I think. It is heavy, but I do meddle in the heavier guitar tones mostly But I thought it was much better at both clean and crunchy tones than I expected. I actually got some very smooth clean tones out of it. But maybe I am listening for something else. I have only tried the Fortin Nameless suite from Neural DSP before and it does its one thing very great. The Gojira amp I think I could use for a ton of different tones. It's definitely worth demoing. I'm going to go and cool off my fingers on a cold glass of beer. Cheers! BTW, its built in IR loader is absolutely golden!
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    It’s the only software you never used? Lucky you...
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    hi Nigel! thanks for listening... yea, the guitar was fun on this one. it's cool to jam along with as well. hello sir wookie! i DO have some new toys, but not on this song. the kick is strong on my playback system, either i'm getting room nulls, or i just hear kick too good and back it off. nnot sure which i got new stuff to post soon
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    Thanks Larry. Well if someone wants any of the products I mentioned (Ozone 8 Elements, Neutron Elements, Neutron 3 Elements and Ozone 6 Standard) please PM me and I will ask iZotope to do the transfer.
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    If they would update AD2 instead of it's installer ..... 😆
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    a general purpose mixing and recording template - includes the use of the Pro Channel EQ and in some tracks & busses, compressors. Ambience busses include the Sonitus reverb, and/or Sonitus delay. I deliberately left out the soft synths because there are many many choices, and in my own templates, i use licensed products which may not be generally available. besides, would you ever learn something if it was simply handed to you? 🙂 in essence: tracks flow into sub-mix busses grouped by type of instrument tracks, sub-mixes feed into "stem" busses for overall gross-level setting, and those feed into the master buss. sub-mixes may have send to the "ambience" busses for drums, vocals, instruments, solos. stems may have send into a "room" buss for overall gluing. q&a yes - there are many opportunities to change, improve, or even wreck this template 🙂 hopefully it's a just start for folks. no - there is no support for this other than kind sharing between people and positive commentary. attached are some diagrams which provide insight into how the flow and console is set up. 000_mix_record_template.cwt
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    Ha! Fair enough. I haven't looked at it. It's too cheap to use the voucher and too expensive without. But good to know, it sounds handy. Thanks!
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    Thanks, @scook, I missed the new medium background on my first review. All my themes have now been updated for 2021.01, because the theme changes seem to be backward-compatible, yay.
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    You're welcome! 480GB should be fine for a system drive. I'm using a 500GB with plenty of room to spare. But regardless of the brand, if using SSD you should definitely make a backup image. SSD can die suddenly and unexpectedly. Rare, but definitely annoying. I helped a friend build a new computer a few years ago. He installed a Samsung EVO SSD. After seeing how that performed, I went home and ordered me one of those before I went to bed that night! Two years later he called me because his computer wouldn't boot. It said there was no boot drive. After spending time on the phone troubleshooting, swapping SATA ports and cables, told him to bring the drive over. Hooked it up to my PC, drive was dead as a brick. Plus he had no backups, except some docs that he had saved online. Moral of the story: always back up your stuff. Images are really the easiest way, because they capture everything in one shot. My original Samsung SSD is still working fine 5 years later, and I bought 2 more. SSD failures are rare and random, but you never know...
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    You can locate the presets folder on your backup and copy it over to the current folder.
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    First I read "cracks" where it's meant to be "tracks" (interesting font!) and thought, Oh, there we go...😉 Nice idea. I've constructed my (very extensive) template according to an old tutorial from Groove3, Building a DAW Mix Template (highly recommendable). I'm going to study how yours differs and hope to learn something new.
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