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    There is an update available in DCO-106 this morning (1.0.13 to 1.0.17) BUT... It offers to update within the UI - FOR NOW DO NOT DO IT!!! What it did for me was to update DCO-106 AND DELETE all the other VST2s (and subfolders) in my VST64 folder. I have been slowly installing things on my new system since around late July / early August so this is a bit of a nasty bug for me! The same thing happened to others over on the KVR forum so it's not just my setup. You have been warned. Fortunately, I have a backup from about a week ago but also found that the excellent and free version of Recuva seems to have found and recovered a lot of the files (not the subfolders). Just remember not to write anything before running Recuva to the drive if this warning is too late for you (portable version is best as you can run it from a usb drive).
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    Supermassive has been updated to version 1.1.1 and includes two new reverb modes: Great Magellanic Cloud and Triangulum. https://valhalladsp.com/shop/reverb/valhalla-supermassive/
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    She's showing her age and I'm spending as much time with her as possible. She's 15 and a half now. I very much love my dog
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    In most earlier societies the arts were considered an indulgence. This was mainly because it took everything men had to gather food, protect their families, provide shelter and stay warm enough not to freeze to death in the winter. Somewhere in the hut or cave they might have a flute or drum and maybe on occasion they would gather in groups to make sound when all else was tended to. When kings began to conquer and tax ,people began to take on more specialized roles and music came along as a "trade". Probably mostly payed by the king for his court music, and who knows? They likely had other less visible things they were required to do, even then. When a war came along they were required to march with the soldiers. Could have also been stand in soldiers if needed. Music the way we know it is radically different than music once was. The 50's right up until online streaming began to kill artist income were a sort of golden age of music. Artists made millions in the late 60's through the 90's. Some still are making money but not many. Most musicians I know who gig regularly do it as a sideline to a full time job because it just doesn't pay the bills. This was before the virus hit. Gigs are almost non existent now. In essence the public now only has one source to get music, online. It's a fact most musicians are not very good business people and wouldn't know their head from a hole in the ground when it comes to making huge piles of cash. They spent their lives learning to play not analyzing business practices. The main way these guys made money in the past was they had big business onboard via record companies who funded, promoted and pushed their acts. Sometimes the record companies begged them to sign up, other times they begged the record companies. They were the only ones who had the muscle to get you on an NFL half time show or promote you to magazines and radio stations. Now that everything is consolidated under Big Brother through streaming services, they can pretty much decide what's hot and what's not. Music has been lobotomized and the virus just made it worse. Now do you want the bad news? lol.
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    Instrumental demo test mix-master #1. Enjoy & Be Safe...
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    Save up for Black Friday in 6 weeks... 😁
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    To satiate those awaiting the return of the king, you may be interested in the following: Free VSTs: https://laptopguitarist.com/category/downloads/instruments/ Free Cabinet IRs: https://laptopguitarist.com/category/downloads/cabinet-impulses/ ... and more!
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    IMO it's the "new" Middle Ages in software development and regrettably also in a lot of other areas in modern life (it is not allowed anymore to say your opinion, it's always the risk that it is interpreted racist, not eco-friendly or anti-women). I hate those plugin installation managers! Honestly, it would be much more user-friendly if we had zip-files to extract the contents with a simple readme instruction! It takes so much time to clean up what most of those silly installers do!
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    So far I'm seeing absolutely nothing I'm interested in. lol
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    Waiting for Spectrasonics to pull a deal like IK's be like...
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    I have the impression XX century was more mindful.
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    grrr.. another mindless plugin manager forcing installation of 32bit and aax regardless if needed or not .. Just let's install everything everywhere possible not to work to much with improvement or thinking and not to be bothered by users... Is it really 2020 for developers or still in XX century' ? 😞
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    With enough money, most issues in life can be made to go away.
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    Buy! Buy! Buy! Jeff needs at least $1 billion a year to play spaceships.
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    B&H every now & then will have some audio software or thing-a-ma-jig at an absolutely killer price. Worth keeping an eye on their sales even if most of it ain't audio.
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    Maybe not substantive but they've constantly been tweaken'; they just don't make a fuss about it. This is like the 2nd AD2 update within the last month or 2. Can't think of the last time I really had an issue with AD2. As much as I like new & shiny I'll always go for reliable & stable in a crunch.
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    Had no idea about the Max Martin connection. No shortage of ideas will result from that. He’s solid gold success.
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    +1, oops... just to be clear there are a LOT of options out there. My apologies for neglecting to mention that the wheel is an "optional feature," but after I searched enough that feature went into the "must have" bucket (that and no pens with batteries!). The reason for me was fairly simple - changing brush size is my most used task (possibly for most people). Anyone who has ever suffered the pain of keypressing [ and ] in Photo Shop to change a brush size can relate to that not being anywhere close to the tactile control/precision of a wheel for the same task. It is a smoother transition and no fumbling in the GUI, just watch the brush cursor to gauge size, twiddle the knob and continue. Only two XP-Pen tablets have the wheel, Deco Pro and the Deco 02. There are cheaper versions without the wheel to be had... you can use the pen to operate the GUI same as a mouse (tablets can be set to cover the entire GUI, just the drawing area, or an area of your choice). Since my monitor is ultrawide, hitting the tiny GUI buttons with the pen is also painful, so I set my tablet to the drawing area with the bush and color windows exposed on it. All that said... there are a lot of tasks you can perform with just Painter and a mouse (anything not requiring pixel-precision or smooth curves basically). When you get into things like using tracing paper and trying to follow lines, drawing smooth long curves, using brushes that have flat tips that you want to rotate easily, or wanting to take advantage of brushes that "quish" fatter as you press harder, the mouse is going to show its limitations.
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    is this a trick question ? .....you need ALL of them
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    Very nice piece, I like it alot. Fantastic job. Technically: Well mixed and balanced. I also have and work with BBC SO Discover and can offer these tips: - Did you do your own panning (one part sounded like it was going left-right-left-right)? The way BBC SO is recorded, the instruments will already be panned in the stereo sample as to where they are in the orchestra, so you can leave the pan dead center for realism. - If you don't already know, most orchestral libraries have a built in lag and you'll need to back your MIDI notes up 10-20 ms to get them in time and won't be the same from library to library. Setup (in preferences) and Use Cakewalk's Nudge feature by selecting the clip and "Nudge Left". I didn't notice it in your piece, but it's something to be aware of. - I think perhaps the "notes pinching" that @Sabby Brown was hearing is inherent to the BBC library and you can't avoid. Most all the instruments seem to "ramp up" at the start of the sound, more so than other libraries I have (and makes it harder to figure out where to "nudge" to). What you can do, spectacularly in quicker passages, is layer the Long and Stac articulations and copy the MIDI to give the start of the notes more bite. You won't want to do this everywhere, just where you feel it's needed for more realism. - In passages where you have a combination of long and short notes, you can again layer the long and stac articulations by copying the MIDI clip, then removing the short notes from the long articulation and optionally removing the short notes from the long articulation (as in the previous tip). I learned this tip from Guy Mitchelmore on YouTube (lots of informative and fun videos) that can be applied to all DAWs. - For more realism, use dynamics (Mod wheel) to introduce natural swells, even if just slightly noticeable. If and/or when you get other orchestral libraries, this will change the timbre (multiple sampled layers) as the instrument get louder. When you coordinate this with other instruments, you can create overall dynamics as in a real orchestra. Selecting a clip and raising or lowering the modulation (or drawing new modulation, along with velocities for short articulations) helps with texture and makes the mix phase alot easier! - If you quantize, same rules apply as with other "human"-ish soft synths - quantize with a slight random variation (then nudge). Sorry, rambling on with tips not necessarily what I heard in your piece. Keep up the good work and please post more!
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    BPB Dirty Filter is a freeware VST plugin designed by Bedroom Producers Blog. It features a pair of resonant filters and emulated analog tube circuitry. You can use the BPB Dirty Filter in your favorite DAW to add some subtle coloration or to crush the audio signal into pieces. https://bedroomproducersblog.com/free-vst-plugins/bpb-dirty-filter/
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    Nothing for me, but I wanted to use the $10 off coupon I got for shopping at Whole Paycheck a couple of weeks ago, so I picked up a couple of SanDisk 128GB USB 3.0 sticks. That's a lot of backup storage for the $30 I paid.
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    Compared To What - Les McCann & Eddie Harris And Roberta Flack Just for comparison to what.
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    This is another bad example what installers can do! Something like this could never happen with a zip-installation!
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    Of course the real deal for EZD & EZK MIDI is if you have prepaid serial numbers 😜.
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    Second in a space series inspired by @Kevin Perry's Aftermath of Colliding Neutron Stars post at the end of July. This piece was the original idea that sparked when I heard Kevin's tune. I'm planning a third in this series to bring them home, but haven't started it yet - I'm currently doing a major rebuild of my Orchestral template - 200+ tracks. Cosmic Explorer: The Voyage by Fred's Gratis Scores Shortly after Lift Off pads, strings, a piano and horns propel the piece through the galaxy. Tense vocals signal a problem that resolves with horns taking charge and push the piece forward until vocals bring it to it's destination. CC-BY (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) This piece is licensed under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC-BY). You can download, use in your videos, and create directive works both commercially and non-commercially. Have fun! Download available. Stems available at: www.bandlab.com/freds_gratis_scores/the-voyage Instruments used in this piece: - Spitfire Audio Albion One - Spitfire Audio Originals Cinematic Percussion - SONiVOX Big Bang Orchestral Percussion - Native Instruments Noir - Soundiron Requiem Lite - Realitone Realivox Blue * Image courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech Made with Cakewalk by BandLab
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    With Corel I have only used it with Painter, and left Painter on the default settings (Wacon-compatible device). I haven't needed to adjust anything, and it even shows pen-tilt which is hit or miss with other programs. I am also using the newest (3.0.4 Beta drivers) with the tablet. Even in programs where the tilt wasn't working best, the pen presser didn't seem to have issues. There is a fair amount of tweaking you can do in the Pentablet software, but I have not needed to change anything for Painter to work. I need to go back and check the Escape Emotions (Flame Painter 4, etc.) stuff using the new drivers, since I just installed those when this Humble Bundle hit. Edit: I went back and checked apps quick and check the following apps with the Deco Pro: Painter 2020 - no issues noted. Pen tilt is displayed in the cursor itself, so is the best program for response that I own. Paint Shop Pro 2020 - brush tilt/rotation are not automatic, so can notice this with flat brushes. Photo Mirage - no issues, but is also only a glorified mouse there. Flame Painter 4 - no issues, but again a glorified mouse. Rebelle 3 - was an update (3.2.5) to Rebelle 3, that went belly up on me twice so I backed out to 3.2.1. Rotation/tilt does best as a "Microsoft ink device," but you need to exaggerate tilt to get that rotation (seems you need to tilt roughly 30 degrees to change rotation accurately, then it will stay in that orientation until you tilt the pen 30 degrees in another direction). Again, would only see this on a flat brush.
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    Final mix! Thanks, everyone, for the input!
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    Between 2.5" Stiffies and DVDs.... Or if you're video obsessed between VHS & DVD
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    If you suck it up and buy Live 10 Suite, that wouldn't be an issue! 🤣
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    Sounds like a "clock" issue with the digital four track. My nickel98 on that one.... t
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    LiquidSonic introduces Reverberate 3 What's New? Deeper Fusion-IR editing
. Enhanced True Stereo Simulation
. Extended Split Modulation
. Completely redesigned interface. New factory presets
 including two extra free Fusion-IR sample packs available for download (FS-24x and FS-48). More comprehensive parameter locking throughout the interface. VST3 now supported. Licensing now via iLok USB, Cloud and local host (including two activations per license). New permanent lower price ($99 down from $125). Now in Reverberate 3 you can modulate the simulated crossfeed channels bringing them to life in way you may have never thought possible without impacting the essential structure and onset characteristics of the sampled reverb. Available Free For 14 Days Reverberate 3 is available to try for free on macOS and Windows. You will require iLok License Manager, and an iLok 2/3 dongle, iLok local authorisation or iLok Cloud is required. Just enter the iLok code below in iLok License Manager and install the plug-in: 5096-3925-6096-2258-7752-8099-4483-16 After 14 days a full license is required to continue using the plug-in(s).
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    As far as I have seen, all products offered in this bundle are for perpetual licenses, except for CorelDraw. So nothing else to buy, except maybe a tablet. The CorelDraw subscription runs out after 6 months, so yes don't bother with that one. The XP-Pen has an entry level (small) tablet, that is not the Pro model for $39.99 at Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/StarG640-Ultrathin-Graphics-Battery-Free-Pressure/dp/B078YR2MTF
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    I have been with Cakewalk for many years Thinking I needed another DAW after the ownership change, a new DAW was purchased. After the learning process began, frustration would set in when trying to be creative. Having many years with the prior DAW, I would do things automatically, and the creativity would flow. Cakewalk will be my DAW of choice till the creative well dries up. Thanks to all the Bakers
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    A very pleasant test of patterns indeed. Your new toy definitely have a very clear and defined tone!!!
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    I think that you have made a great point about Corel software! For example I had an older version of Corel Graphics Suite X4 (from 2008) that would NOT install and run on Windows 10, but ran just fine on Windows 7. Fortunately I took advantage of an upgrade offer just before Corel stopped offering upgrade editions of that product. In this case I had an up to date OS, but needed an updated application. I think that the Corel developers must use the latest Windows programming libraries to advance their latest products with the latest new features that were not available on earlier versions of the OS. You were lucky that just updating your current OS resolved your issues! [Edit] This comment above was about CorelDraw, which is a Windows only application. Regarding Corel Painter however, which is cross-platform Mac compatible, I have not seen those types of Windows dependencies, thus a longer life span of usefulness with older versions. Painter was originally a Mac program developed by Fractal Design (1991?), which merged with RayDream, then MetaTools, to become MetaCreations. And finally was acquired by Corel. I started with Painter Classic 1.0 for the PC in 1999, then upgraded to Painter 8 in 2004. Have had some version of it on the PC ever since. This Humble deal is a great offer for art dabblers or photographers!
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    After a moment's reflection, you'll realise that was a bad idea.
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    Well, if anyone knows how to get a job that you're not really qualified for, it would be government ministers.😀
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    I’m done with Amazone, don with Amazon.
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    Workspaces definitely went through a bit of an evolution since they were introduced as Lenses and I do think it confused people since Screensets also existed and they seem like they're more or less the same thing on the surface. I think getting a user to check out the docs to see if that can get them to the end point (ie: uncluttering the UI to focus the tools and workflows to the task they want to achieve) is still a valid suggestion, but yeah - I also tend to agree that it would be nice to see a series of docs/videos similar to the Arranger stuff to help people get the most out of them. The Arranger docs were excellent! Just FYI though, when you first install CbB now, you get an onboard dialogue that gets you to enable a workspace that suits your needs, with an explanation of what it is. Basic is suggested for new users. I'm sure this could all be refined more, though! I think a really detailed "Getting Started" guide would be a good idea for this kind of thing. There's a couple of great YouTube channels out there that do some good ones, but having something during the onboarding process or linked to in help would go a long way, similar to you being guided when the Help Module is open. Advanced users don't need that, but new users would find that invaluable.
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