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    The Weight - The Band lyrics: Crazy Chester followed me, and he caught me in the fog He said, "I will fix your rack, if you'll take Jack, my dog." I said, "Wait a minute, Chester, you know I'm a peaceful man." He said, "That's okay, boy, won't you feed him when you can."
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    audiodeluxe - $34.98 with code FALL2020 everyplugin - $34.79 JRRshop - $32.76 with code GROUP
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    Updates to Anthology XI Physion * and the H9 style plug-ins - Blackhole * CrushStation Crystals MangledVerb * MicroPitch Rotary-Mod ShimmerVerb Spring UltraTap * Undulator (I think this is all of them excluding the one released today) * part of Anthology XI Fix an issue in all H9 plugins where the clip meters did not always illuminate when clipping had occurred Internal DSP improvements in Physion Download updates from https://www.eventideaudio.com/support/downloads
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    A new release from PA without many advertising. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/adptr_streamliner.html Better than a new compressor, equalizer or reverb. Maybe even better than any new synth! Probably my next purchase with my monthly voucher. Edith says: remember to look in your account, in the Manage Your Licenses page, to see if you have an special offer for this plugin. This will lower the price to $100 (less any voucher you have).
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    Having a rough day at The Modeling Agency ? Have a Snickers bar . "You're not you when you're hungry " Kenny
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    I can't wait to take a look at this. In the past I have used Loudness Penalty along with Ozone 9 loudness learning, so this should be interesting.
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    Yup. They made it right by me. Excellent customer service!😁
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    They don’t call it PA Poker for nothing
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    I have a $50 voucher for spending on over $75 for anyone who wants it, send me a PM. Cheers, Tony Edit : Voucher gone.
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    @Andres Medina I was finally able to get Syncron installed and have reproduced and fixed the crash issue. Thanks for reporting this! The problem is actually not related to Syncron at all and I am able to reproduce it with any VST3 plugin. (The issue occurs with any VST but is easier to reproduce with a VST3) The fix will be in our next release.
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    Just remember, unless you've got something to sync the word clocks of multiple interfaces, expect some timing issues. This can usually be done: - by connecting the SPDIF out of one device (the timing master) to the SPDIF in of another, and making it the slave. - by connecting the ADAT out of one device (the timing master) to the ADAT in of another, and making it the slave. - by using a coax wordclock cable fed from one device to another, or from a master clock device to all of your devices. If your audio interfaces have no way of doing this, you may need to nudge your audio clips a bit to line them up properly. In saying that... they may be close enough for you not to notice... but pay attention to any phase issues.
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    Hey guys! I do not want to look like a spammer. But I try to program the instrument in different mixes and it would be great to know your opinion. The instrument was created to work in a wide context in the first place. Although the library has a dark and close ambient tone, we wanted to try to mix it with orchestra or piano. Thanks! WA Team
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    Although a neurological factor may be the cause, make sure to check out the more direct paths. It could turn out to be a slight impingement in your shoulder that's just slightly aggravating the nerve. This is easily treated with some physical therapy to help keep the bones from falling in on each other. This, in different locations throughout your body as well, is what causes Sciatica. If this escalates to a shooting pain that goes down the arm, or you start to experience tingling or numbness, then that might suggest a more physical solution. Needless to say, among my many apparent fringe beliefs, is one that wants to avoid prescription solutions at all costs. Unfortunately, I see a lot of the medical industry being persuaded by the pharmaceutical companies to prescribe, prescribe, prescribe instead of promoting safer alternative solutions (and I've yet to see a situation that didn't have one). Unfortunately, these safer solutions don't make anyone rich, so they're typically minimized and ignored (or even outright banned by the FDA). Also note that the FDA does not approve anything that cures or prevents! Only "treatments" which means addressing the symptoms to make the condition bearable. This isn't what you want. Most people don't realize that the vast majority of medical doctors simply diagnose, prescribe and, occasionally, cut (talking mainly MD's here, not DO's). The bulk of their drug knowledge comes from the pharmaceutical sales rep! Be sure to always ask questions of the people who ARE trained to understand medications and the interactions: Pharmacists. If it was me, I'd try to figure out why I had the condition in the first place and attempt to address that. If it turns out to be non-physical, but not serious either, it might be easily remedied using hypnosis, NLP or acupuncture (including acupressure and electro-acupuncture). Try to get your doctor's consent first though. Ask lots of questions and don't necessarily take the first answer as gospel! Hey, it's YOUR body, ya? 🙂
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    @ZincT Ended up with 2 x €25 vouchers with my €100 update from K11 to K13 .. Bought 2 more expansions with same: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/expansions/artist-expansion-sasha/ https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/expansions/black-arc/
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    The bass *is* live; that's me. My drummer is in Northern California and is getting over a bout of moving gravel. 😄 I hope to have something from him very soon. What 'quotes' are you referring to?
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    As long as "Unload Synths on Disconnect" is enabled Probably a better idea than archive for those using sample based synths.
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    Remarkable little plugin. I was on the beta team, pretty much smooth sailing.
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    Just a couple of points: "Long Battery Life" and "High Performance" are diametrically opposed. You can have one or the other... not both. General-purpose use (Office Apps, Surfing the Internet, etc) doesn't require much in the way of CPU. ARM CPUs are already fine doing these tasks (iPads). We work with a lot of Mac users who were essentially abandoned (as power-users) by Apple. Most often they're professional composers... who need specific components in a high-performance machine; a machine that can be expanded/upgraded as need demands. The new Mac Pro??? 7k for the base model. Specs our composer clients need would be ~$10,000... and still not offer the same speed/performance and custom/expansion/upgrade options.
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    Lots of that going around! More good songwriting. I would much prefer live bass and drums; trouble is sobriety, punctually; you get the picture (I bet you think I’m talking bout the drummer and bassist!). I like the “quotes “ Barry. 👍 t
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    Thanks, Tony. "A tremor is an involuntary, somewhat rhythmic... " I suppose somewhat rhythmic might be an improvement in my playing. Lol.
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    The KLF - Six Hours to Louisiana, Black Coffee Going Cold Let there be sheep!
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    Hi Barry, A great manic rocker with great lyrics. Loved the energy and singing. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
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    Hi Barry . . . this is loads of fun, especially the lyrics. Don't know about the "Creedence" end guitar, I was hearing ZZ Top because of it's fuzziness As you've mentioned it, I think both guitar solos could be cleaner and louder, some fast pickin' On Soundcloud, you've categorized it as Rock, but I think for me it's more R&B. In any case I really enjoyed it as a Demo, so look forward to a finished effort ! PS . . . real (good) drummers can always kick it up a notch, if you have that option . . . but they do drink more of your beer
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    No, no, no... The booze and the ability to turn out the lights is for HER benefit! 😆
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    I'm using the Alesis Nitro Mesh kit. Here's how I've set mine up: - Alesis Nitro Mesh MIDI IN device enabled in CbB, but not the MIDI output device ( MIDI driver mode is MME ) - Insert Addictive Drums 2 as a simple instrument track - in AD2's map screen, I've created my own drum map to match the Nitro's notes. That's pretty much it. Seeing as the MIDI device is actually showing for you, I would look at the following: - First check your MIDI driver mode within CbB Preferences (MIDI -> Playback & Recording). If it's set to UWP, try setting it to MME. You need to have no projects loaded to change this. - Next, verify which MIDI notes are being sent. You could be really unlucky and find that the drum VST you're using has a completely different note mapping to the Nitro Mesh. Try inserting a piano VST or something that covers the full range of notes. If you're getting notes being played by hitting your pads, then look at the note mapping within your drum VSTi. If there's no way of mapping notes within the VSTi, then read up on creating drum maps. @Creative Sauce has a great tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIquUl-7NfE
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    Going through some stuff. Found my receipt for my purchase of Sonar 5, which was an upgrade from Pro Audio 9. But I also got a free upgrade to Sonar 6 when it came out shortly after. Receipt info: Tue 5/2/2006 SONAR 5 Producer Edition 1 349 SONAR 5 Producer Upgrade for Home Studio, Project5, Pro Audio, Guitar Tracks Pro, Kinetic, and Music Creator Customers Subtotal 349 Shipping 8.95 Tax 0 Total 357.95
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    For parallel processing in Cakewalk use sends from as many tracks as you like to as many aux tracks/busses as you like. Each aux track/bus has an FX rack and ProChannel strip.
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    That would probably go well in Portland. Completely confused at what it's supposed to be and, as such, useless at both! 🤣
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    Thanks a lot Fred Thanks so much Paul - you're very kind mate. Thanks a lot Sabby - you're a good man. I will pass it on to James
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    It works like any audio track and has always been this way. Typically tracks using a patch point as their input, such as an aux track, never record; they simply stream the data they receive. To hear this signal requires enabling input echo. This is why an aux track has input echo enabled by default.
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    I only recently added a Mac Book Pro (2013 refurbished) for initially non-DAW related needs (iOS app development). Then I decided to install the seven cross compatible DAW I've purchased to test compatibility. I also purchased Logic X for the fun of it for real cheap on ebay. It's only a 2.0GHz Quad core I7 w/16GB of RAM but it competes quite nicely with my current 3.4GHZ Quad Core I7-2600K PC w/32GB or RAM machine. As soon as I finish my two current collaborations I'm going to be upgrading to an I9-10900K 3.7GHZ 10 core based system with 64GB or RAM (able to expand to 128GB if necessary. I was looking at used (2010 or so) Mac Pro systems on ebay. Found some fairly high end units for sale but decided that I'm sticking with Windows as the machine I'll be building will last a good 5 years (or more) as will all my DAWs that I rely on. I'll keep the MacBook Pro for the odd test etc. Hopefully it will not become obsolete for the iOS app I'm involved in.
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    Since not every VST has a wet/dry control, Cakewalk should allow us to individually control the wet/dry of any plugin we add to a track, bus, or clip.
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    https://www.jrrshop.com/izotope?dir=desc&order=special_from_date I'm looking at the upgrade from MPS3 which is $167.17 (approx £130) in cart with code GROUP. Waiting to see what the prices are at other vendors. More details on what's included here --> https://www.izotope.com/en/products/music-production-suite.html The extras over MPS3 are RX8 Standard (vs RX7 Standard), Stutter Edit 2 and Neoverb. Nectar 3 is now called Nectar 3 Plus but I can't see what's different to Nectar 3 (anyone?). Not that great an update but the inclusion of 1 year's Groove 3 subscription clinches it for me (same as MPS3 upgrade last year although that was a free grace period upgrade for me).
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    Sorry -John is right - I forgot it was USB - I have the older model with midi outs.
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    Don't confuse the OP talking about midi cables. The TD25 uses USB, not midi cables. Midi latency can happen if your project contains a bunch of CPU intensive VST effects plug ins. Always bypass all FX while tracking. Yes a low buffer will cause dropouts depending on your system - audio interfaces build quality, drivers and CPU all contribute. Yes a good quality interface like Moto or RME interface will probably solve the audio latency issue. No you do not need an interface with midi. You have the midi via USB which is just as good if not better. I use a plain midi track to record my drums. I like my drums to all be in one track so as to make editing easier in PVR. And I have my own reasons for not cluttering that up with a simple instrument track. Midi in a track(s), VST in a track(s) You can start with just using the mixer built into the VST GUI. Later you can learn how to insert a VST with multiple audio outputs. Myself it's rare I need to do this unless I need a better effects or processing than the VST supplies. I don't have EzDrummer but Addictive drums seems to have pretty good EQ, reverb and compression. I used to always track the drums using the sounds from the Brain. I found I played tighter to the tracks. I used a small mixer to blend the computer playback with the brian output. So I leave input echo off during tracking. Otherwise there is always just a tiny echo. On rare occasions I might use part of the brain sounds I they worked for the song. Example the cymbals and hi hats works better from the brain. They don't sound better than the VST but they respond correctly to CC.
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    It would be very helpful to have a global FX latency meter/analyzer, which would have an option to disable/enable/bypass specific FX globally (all instances) for specific task to reduce latency. For example if I want a specific plugin to kick in only on playback... Or if I want the plugin to be present and set in the bin so it is ready for mixdown or audition, but so it does not affect audio engine latency (bypass) and more. Similar to "global" FX on/off button... but selective for particular plugins. I hope I am making sense. I do not know the depth of knowledge behind the processes, just a user opinion. Including a primitive drawing in attachment of how I see it.
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    There's two ways of doing this: 1. If you always want to open more than one, uncheck the "Recycle Plugin Windows" settings within Preferences->VST Settings 2. If you only want to temporarily keep one open, click the "pin" icon at the top right of the plugin window. This will keep this plugin window open, whilst recycling the rest.
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