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    https://www.thomannmusic.com/slate_digital_steven_slate_drums_5.htm $49.70/€42.24 → $92/€77.59 Fixed.
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    Get it HERE This deal seems to be on for only 12 hours. Lead the EDM scene with these innovative sounds, now $0.00 for a Limited Time! Weighing in at just under 10GB, this pack has tons of percussion loops, kicks, hi hats, claps, snares, percussion, and truly gives you everything you need to create amazing, radio ready EDM tracks and beats. The content in this pack will drive your creativity through the roof, and bring your next projects to a whole new level. Get The KING Sounds now for FREE for a limited time only! The deal seems to be on for only 12 hours. Here is the product page https://www.waproduction.com/sounds/view/the-king-sounds-813 Please note: these sounds have nothing to do with Larry the King. There is only one true king.
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    Paid a lot more for it. Sounds great. HOWEVERrrrrrrrr........ The GUI makes me feel like a dipspit every time I dig into it, so I end up relaying a lot of presets to get close starting points. It's much more like tweaking the inside of an H3000 than a simple guitar pedal. That said, it can make crazy sounds you can't get out of a simple guitar pedal. There are basically 4 very configurable mono voices. Each voice can take a stereo input, but it will be summed to mono. On stereo tracks, it will output stereo (with 2 voices required). It goes on and on like this to the point where you load a flanger type preset and just wish there was a "feedback", a "rate", and a "depth". Even when I think I have a perfect grasp of what I want to do and how to do it in the plug in, when I attempt something - it often sounds different than expected. And sometimes everything sounds correct in terms of effect or timing, but it's thin for some reason, so you double back and check the Feedback Eqs across the voices, or some "FbkEqModAmt" Modular Ivert Setting, and wonder why you didn't goto medical school. And I should note that the settings for each voice are within their own tabs, so you have to click through to see the settings for each. As challenging as it is, I think for $10- no brainer. I like using the "Vintage Combo Amp" on breakdowns in songs. "Vibro-Phase Echo" is a pretty tripped out for space rock guitar parts. "Micoshift & Chorustaps" is fun on acoustic guitar and vocals, but I tend to pan the voice 1 hard left, turn some tempo features on, and dial down the feedback, depending on source material. Demo it. Jump off the roof. Land in the pool. Towel off. Then buy it.
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    My mixes suck and I can't sing. So which do I need: a new DAW, a new interface, or more RAM?
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    I love what they did with the GUI this time around. Very unique 🤣
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    Never use the same password on more than one site. Seriously. Yes it's painful, so get a password manager (or use the browser stuff). For every site generate a new random password. The two together (different passwords everywhere and password not humanly generated) you can avoid a lot of issues. If you use the same password on more than one site and your password is something in the dictionary (or on the list of top 100 used passwords) and you will get hacked a lot. No matter how great the site encrypts your password, if your password isn't crazy random it will be decrypted in no time. For anything relating to money I'd recommend adding some sort of 2 factor authentication as well.
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    When adding an instrument track, insert it under the currently selected track. Currently, it adds it to the very end of my track list and I have to move it to where I actually want it. This behavior is already good when adding an audio track by right clicking a track -> Insert Audio Track. It looks like the track is first created at the end and then quickly moved to after the current track. The way I add instrument tracks is to double click on the plugin in the plugin browser and select instrument track. If nothing else, it'd be nice if it put the new track into the same track folder the selected track is in. Not trying to be pedantic, but over the last 2 hours, I've added 6 instrument tracks and each time, I had to drag it back up into the folder of tracks I'm working with. Is this reasonable? Thoughts?
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    A lot of you know my love for Bela D Media vocal libraries. I did two videos on their recent release SORA. They have been around for a long time and they made the first professional vocal library ever, called Diva. It cost a fortune in those days, but all the top composers bought it and it was used in major movies and TV shows. It still is. Bela D is where Tarilonte and a lot of other top people got their start. At first they did a lot of gothic-type libraries, but now they do choirs and all sorts of vocal things. Anyway, now it seems like they have a 50% sale going on more or less permanently on their site, but on top of that, if you add the code BDM20 you'll get an additional 20% off whatever is in your cart. Get it HERE
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    I am sad that I'm dumb enough to not have thought of that, and I thank you for the suggestion because it worked. Thanks!
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    The sounds are great but for me the player has been the issue, I think I even preferred it when it was a Kontakt instrument. If fact I was considering reinstalling the Kontakt version now I have some free disc space, if I can find my backup discs. I had hoped version 5 would address some of my dislike of version 4 but the free version has not convinced me. That said this is a very good price for some excellent sounding drums.
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    Try a different browser. Chrome works perfectly for me
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    Nothing in my cart Mesh. Still got the same thing. Tried another browser, same thing with any browser.. "Sorry, this product cannot be purchased" I even tried on my phone with the same results. On that page there is a "Buy Now" option at the top which takes me to their two deals at the bottom of the page (Uberschall and Boz) and an "Add to cart" option which gives the above error. As it's free why not just have a blummin download button, lol!
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    It's a decent program especially if you want that Steven Slate "sound". With gun to my head I'd take Toontrack (EZD/Sup 3) over Slate but fortunately that's not the case. 🙂
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    as a 68 vw owner I'm not sure how to take this ..
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    Answer: The Hunter - Albert King (and covers)
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    I made a call to them awhile back to settle some issues with an order I had placed. I had the rather distinct impression they were a brick and mortar doing this on the side. Am I correct? I managed a cloud server for awhile. It's amazing how many security threats a small time operation has on a daily basis. If it had been a building there would have been arsonists there daily trying to burn the building down. I can imagine a larger operation that has people's credit information would be 100 times worse. I don't think many people realize the threats on the web that are there. Older servers and systems are likely targets more so than those using the latest encryption programs. Older systems obviously have more issues. IOW you are asking for trouble if you don't keep things updated. Even though they have said there was no security breach I would STILL change my info just in case. There's plenty of competition out there for music plugins and software. I like JRR, but I don't necessarily have any tight connections with them in any way....When I buy I buy where the deals are. I hope they can get their ducks in a row soon.
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    The strangest thing happened to me last night in bed. I remember waking up and being aware of a strange presence in the room. Through the fog of sleepiness, I could make out a figure standing over me. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I could see the figure was dressed in a black, hooded cowl, and was holding what appeared to be a scythe. "Who .... who are you?" I muttered nervously. The figure leaned over toward me and said, "I am death". I gathered my thoughts and replied .... "WHO. ARE. YOU."
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    this fixed all the issues I was having in cubase - so 👍
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    Thanks Wookster me old mate - maybe a touch of sarcasm. Thanks David - this one is written from experience Definitely from experience - thanks mate thanks so much Freddy my mate Thanks a ton Tom - I did feel a little 'naked' on this one thanks OJ - very kind of you thanks so much Mark - I really appreciate it thanks Leadfoot - job done with the smile - you're a good 'un Thanks Bjorn - I like a bit of the 60's thanks mate - you da man awwwww thanks Lynn - very kind mate
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    Dexed may well be my favorite free synth. Sounds great, loads a zillion of those old presets and ......a veritable tear 😥comes to my eye when I think of that DX7 I owned seemingly several lifetimes ago.
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    Don't dodge the question, CJ - who are you, really? Your initials are the same as another well-known poster, who used to go by the alias "CJ". Coincidence?
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    It shouldn't really matter but "AnyDayLong" only ever posts about "PastToFuture" stuff on gearslutz - literally never posted about anything else just "PastToFuture"- and basically every post saying how great they are: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/members/447366-any-day-long/ (might need to be logged in to see that link) The "real PastToFuture" has several usernames on gearslutz ..... Remember, user "facets" on Deals...definitely not anything to do with "PasttoFuture" - despite mainly posting on how amazing they are: user "facets of sound" on KVR - who definitely is "PastToFuture" https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=543124 Personally I think it's great that vendors interact with their customers....but vendors lying and 'pretending' to be customers....I think that's totally shit TBH - and actually makes you look stupid.
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    I Am compelled to apoloize for my lame attempt at joke telling in my most recent post. I was temendously unfunny. Please accept this sincere apology. I will work on properly telling jokes until satified I have a handle on the situation Thank you for your support
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    I like how you have some sonic elements that fight the groove, but the groove is still there and can't be denied. It won't be everyone's cup of funk but I dig it! I gotta get me some psychadelic flangey vocals going - and in this song you might bring them up just a bit in the mix, in the first half of the tune particularly. Nice outtro boomwhacker! I always appreciate your creativity. cheers, -Tom
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    Being discussed over here already, scroll down the page, I also added a video on the matter there:
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    Look at the size of the file(s) being imported
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    A little broader question about standards. Why is MIDI.org in charge of the MIDI standards? We should probably have a better digital music interface considering it's taken several decades to get where we are. And then there is this IEEE Standard Association committee that decides how our Wi-Fi works (IEEE 802.11x), among a zillion other technical things: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_Standards_Association Sorry to ramble off topic, but in my opinion standards are the glue that holds the world together, and informs manufacturers that the products that they produce will be compatible with other manufacturers. We have entered an age of interconnected things. A lot of time and effort by experts in their respective fields must work together to develop standards. So yes, I agree that the path of least resistance is probably what leads to a standard that is accepted by the majority. [/ramble off]. Final thoughts on plugin interfaces... why do we still have VST, AU, AAX, and others, rather than one for all?
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    The problem is actually not arranger. Loop means loop - start at point A, play until point B, go back to A, play until B, go back to A,..... To get the patterns you want you will have to edit your A1 A2 A3 ... to be A1 A1 A1 B1 C1 C2. Copy, insert, etc. Or, experiment with Matrix. Views -> Matrix View. This is designed to play loops, repeats, variations, live session by clicking on a block when you want the pattern to change. Couple of tutorials (from search YouTube for "cakewalk matrix". Here and here. Or maybe this or this.
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    To make actual sounds, you need to have either an external synth module or a VSTi internal synth. By the look of your screenshot , you do not have any MIDI outs selected , so you must be using a VSTi internal softsynth. Just need to know what that synth is. What is actually generating the notes when you press keys on the SL990? Maybe show a screenshot of your tracks - including your instrument track
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    @CHCollins How do you get the note properties pop-up by right-clicking? I get note deleted here. Or did you mean double-click on the note (left click)? There are several ways to change velocity of a group of selected notes. The easiest would be typing in the Event Inspector module in the control bar. You can type a fixed value for all selected notes, place '+' or '-' before a number to add/subtract by the amount, even place a percentage there. Another great option is the Transform tool. But really, for an instant change just drag at the top of velocity tail to change only the selected notes, you can also shift+drag to scale the tails or ctrl+drag for anchored scale. There's even a setting in PRV view menu to show velocity tails for selected notes only (under Notes). On one thing I agree though that right-click on one of selected notes to show a pop-up where you can change properties of the whole group would be the most intuitive way .
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    Thanks for the help! I think I've got it with this explanation, and with this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUlooITi3Eg. This is probably the best at explaining how Focusrite Control works that I've found. The direct monitoring part comes at about the 9 minute mark. This helped me: In Focusrite Control, "think of each output having its own individual mixer" which you can set up how you want, based on what you want to hear.
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    My go-to for quick 'n dirty background vocals is Omnisphere, but that's an expensive route. The Ladies from Realivox is quite good and a lot of fun to experiment with, and although it takes significantly more effort it's the way to go when you want your faux-vocalists to actually say something besides "ooh". A FREE Kontakt library that I use often is actually a demo for a singers-for-hire service called SoundBetter.
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    Yeah I came across those and quite a few more on my search, what I recall was more to do with Mixbus, and I remember the end of it all was kinda like a unanimous 'Well there you have it, no need to wonder about that any more' type of thing. But I have spent enough time looking, it could be a discussion inside a discussion inside a discussion. Anyway doesn't really matter, as long as no one falls off and gets hurt . . .
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    I have it and do use it....it's pretty good and you can everything from mild to extreme. You can get some interesting sounds out of the 4 channel signal chain. I recently just put it on a few guitar tracks and got some very good results (a one stop multi Fx plugin). Definitely worth more than the $10 asking price. I only have one machine, so not really worried about the iLok thing.
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    What did the missing one say???
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    FREE https://sharewareonsale.com/s/free-beat-zampler-workstation-plus-3-studio-pack-100-discount
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    This one is on the house No charge.* ducks and runs away, no I'm not tellin' you were*.
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    Just heard about a guy who proved that wearing a con-dom doesn't always protect you. He was still wearing his when he got shot by the girl's boyfriend... [Edit: WTF is wrong with the censor bot here??? It censors normal words, but doesn't do shit for the ones you would expect to be censored!]
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    My TOP 3 Feature Requests are: Beat Mapping: For Film scoring you set Hitpoints Markers and these must map to a Up- or Downbeat. The Markers are Lock to SMPTE time. Create a Tempo Curve from Measure X to Measure Y with Density 1/x. ( --> Project - Set/Measure Beat At Now with Tempo Curve) Articulation Keyswitch Map - see separate Topic here. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/17232-feature-request-color-trigger-keyswitches-articulation-iss/ Allow Users to create additional Info Tracks for: Markers, Signature, Tempo and Beat mapping. The current Situation is visible confusing...
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    Grabbed this from our ol' pal gamblerschoice on FB.
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    What do you call a melancholy robot? A sighborg.
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    Some of these are so old, the dinosaurs posted them on MySpace.
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    William Tell's family were avid league bowlers but no records were kept so to this day no one knows for whom the Tell's bowled!
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    I'm giving up drinking for a month. Oops, that came out wrong. I'm giving up. Drinking for a month.
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