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    JRR got me that great deal on Cakewalk Platinum Lifetime Updates right before Cakewalk's death
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    PET SHOP DRUMS for Kontakt! for FREE! Requires full version of Kontakt. Here are the main features: * Recorded with Studer A812 Tape Recorder * 24bit/48khz * Wave files are included if you don't use Kontakt! * Easy to use simple Kontakt interface! * Many RR and articulations for each drum! * GM Mapped * Kontakt 5.4.3 Available for free at; www.gumroad.com/pasttofuturereverbs Note: Go to their website and type pet shop into the search and you'll find it. We are proud to bring you sounds you can’t find anywhere else. Every Friday is Past To Future Day!
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    In my dealings with him Eric has always seemed to me like he's on my side instead of his own if that makes sense - if a deal can be done, he'll find it way to make it happen. Hope they get this sorted soon. Oh, wait a minute now..........................JRR's missing, Larry's missing.......... Has anyone ever seen them both in the same room?
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    With code SUMMERTUNES the library is 40% off until July 31, so $13.80 instead of $23 https://www.luftrum.com/luftrum10
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    From the CD Number 11: The Path Scored for VSL Cube and various software synthesizers PLAY Reply
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    This borders on Larryesque. Well done!
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    It's been over 2 years now since BandLab picked up SONAR and dusted it off and returned it to life as Cakewalk. Along the way it acquired a lot of long-requested what I call "convenience" features, things that aren't that flashy, but that greatly improve ease-of-use of the program on a daily basis. I'd put things like the Ripple Edit Button, Smart Tool configurability, note value display in Piano Roll and Staff View, Channel Strip colors, etc. in that category. Recently, though, we saw the introduction of a major new feature, the Arranger Track. Quite powerful feature with many possible uses. One issue I've run into, and it's a luxury problem to be sure, is that I've never used a DAW with one. My suggestion: Cakewalk has never updated the demo projects it ships with. Considering the ephemeral nature of popular music, 2 1/2 years is a long time. I'm pushing 60 and I'm not even into exactly the same kind of music I was when I first started using CbB. I've shifted more in the direction of EDM production styles, less so the traditional rock band format. So how about we get at least one new demo project, one that utilizes the Arranger Track? I don't know how this was done in the past, if Cakewalk, Inc. put out a call for submissions with the winners getting compensation and exposure, but, however, it can be done again. I would like to use the Arranger Track to the fullest extent of its capability, but frankly, I've never had a DAW that had one before and I'm not sure what all I can do with it. Demo projects are good for things like that.
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    I think you might do as others and just add StudioOne 5 to your arsenal. Now that Notation is built-in I will probably get it but on "Black Friday". No rush at the moment. I'm still learning version 4. Stinks getting older and having brain-farts. 😆
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    Pink Cadillac ... nah, you want a six-wheeled pink Rolls Royce: And a tune:
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    Just do it! LOL! Then get this sound pack from Luftrum, https://www.luftrum.com/luftrum10 For $23, that is an amazing upgrade!
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    Also move Jamstix to the top of the list.
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    Sometimes, you just gotta take every day as it comes. Every single sunrise heralding a new beginning of what could be, the morning waves washing away the anxieties of the past, as you enjoy the moment of just being, renewed and determined. Καινουργια Ήμερα!
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    Well hi chaps , after taking on board all the great tips (thank you all once again) I re-mixed the song hopefully giving the pre chorus a bit more of a uplift adding guitare tamborine and a better organ , i didnt what to overdo it so I think is just slightly better cheers PB
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    Hi folks! Would you like to make you vocals thicker sounding? I have taken this concept by Warren Huart from Produce Like a Pro, and adapted it for Cakewalk by Bandlab! WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/mdBR0upbmCg
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    PreFET is a Machine-Learning based transistor pre-amp emulation which was designed using the same concept as PreTube. The included artificial neural network has learnt to precisely imitate the transistor pre-amp stage of a 70s tabletop cassette recorder. Depending on the Drive-Setting PreFET can colour your sounds from subtle analogue saturation to heavy overdrive. https://www.accentize.com/PreFET
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    lol why , ain't that the truth ? you see sales and then you figure out , damn i have this , gonna use it lol !!
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    I'm not making this request only for myself, and I'm not expecting projects that fit my workflow. It would be nice to just in general, get some projects that were in different, perhaps updated styles of music, and show off and demonstrate the big, new feature. Maybe a project from someone who has utilized the Export to BandLab feature to show that off as well. Cakewalk is a different program, a superset of SONAR. It has surpassed SONAR in every way (except for bundled add-ons), so why not have a demo project or two that shows that off?
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    Thanks to @kiwichrys and @cocobark who added their great vocals to this classic tune written by Graham Nash when he was living with Joni Mitchell.
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    Hey, @User 905133, actually you are correct. As you surmise, I had the Inspector "docked at left" and didn't notice the problem. So, yeah, it does suffer from lack of support for the 2020.04 interface change. I'll update my post to reduce confusion. Sorry about that. Good catch!
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    Highway Star - Deep Purple
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    Enjoyed hearing that again . Great song and good job covering it. I always played in acoustic harmony bands and did a tremendous amount of CSN(Y), America, Poco etc .. That took me back mark
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    And the moral of this is: never get into an argument with a vegan.
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    "A small plane crashed into a cemetery yesterday. Investigators have already found 200 dead with more expected!"
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    Thanks Andy. If you love something enough you'll get good at it and the long old road is worth every step. emeraldsoul thank you: My keyboard is a touch sensitive (an absolute prerequisite for any serious pianist) Yamaha S90. The piano sound is Komplete's "Giant" which i programmed to "All that Jazz" Interesting to note that Keith Jarrett nearly cancelled that 1975 concert as the piano was not up to scratch and he had back problems at the time: the magic of serendipity! However, it remains one of the best selling jazz albums of all time.
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    Hi and welcome.... Many thanks for the clarification!
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    This is just the type of song Ialyways wanted to write and record but you beat me to it so I`m bloody mad , really great vocals , the whole thing was really moving thank you so much once again great song and production
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    I can only endorse the views of others - this was great first time around and this is even better. For me, it just lifts the vocals slightly and there's a little more separation in the mix. Great work all round - one of those songs that thumps you right in the chest. Andy
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    Kenrout welcome to the forum under-device setting select ASIO has driver mode,then on [device]-select focusrite un-check creative SBZ
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    Glad to know. I was thinking dang, that's one long bathroom break.
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    Has anyone noticed that there has been a dramatic decrease in the amount of posts that say: That deal has already been posted!!
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    It was me who spoke (not actually spoke, I wouldn't dare actually speak to the King. This was over PM) to him. He just said he is taking a few weeks holiday/vacation, and wouldn't be posting much. All is good.
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    I'm surprised they don't do more inspirational genre's in these MIDI libraries. Seriously though, who doesn't like funky gospel death metal polka??
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    If you have a iOS/iPadOS device, there's plenty fun to be had. If you're not apt with keyboard instruments and/or theory, ChordMaps2 is great. I can name more apps if anyone cares.
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    I just bought UJAM IRON and their drums called HEAVY on a deal for 74.00 US. That was for both. It is similar in that it has drop D and doubling. You can get some heavy sound from it, I just need to work better with it since you don't play it like a piano or like a guitar. Has it's own technique. That deal went off on the 5th. Might get lucky and use code SUMMER could still be accepted. UJAM I'm not cool with the "Cabal" name and the occultic connotations attached to it.....though I might buy the plugin and use it for opposite purposes. Sort of like using their own tools against them 😉
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    Nuovo Tutorial, Configurare xtouche behringer (modulo mackie control)
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    I'm in Hockley, TX. Well, not exactly in Hockley proper but out in the suburbs.
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