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    Thanks dude! Unfortunately a bunch of brainwashed citizens seem to think NOT wearing a mask is about "individual freedom" and not about of keeping other citizens safe..
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    This months Beat Magazine cover disk includes a full version of D16 Sigmund Buy: http://falkemedia-shop.de/sound/beat/beat-08/2020 Downloads: http://bit.ly/BeatDL175 Serials: https://www.serialcenter.de/ Nice delay for your Pads
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    He's just a mile or so down the road from me...but if the guitar isn't wailing, I'll have no way of finding him...
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    This is part 1 of a "space" music project I'm working on. This part is more somber and moody than part 2 which will get more into the spacey stuff. After listening to this you'll either be in a reflective mood or you'll be asleep 😄 u-He Ace NI Razor Air Loom Arturia CS 80 Arturia OB-Xa Heavyocity Vocalise
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    Dear comrades from the USA! Wishing you all a very Happy 4th of July from Finland! Independence Day is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the Declaration of Independence of the United States, on July 4, 1776.
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    Function Loops has released a free sample pack with vocal loops from 90 to 125BPM, short vocal shots, vocal effects, ad-libs and many more. 100% royalty-free. Get it here: https://www.functionloops.com/free-vocals.html
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    However 27.99 + 5.32 (VAT) = 33.31. JRRShop still wins out for EU customers (not to mention $ vs €) 😂
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    Speaking of Tantra, I see that Plugin Alliance in their latest newsletter shortly mentions that Tantra 2 is coming in the next few months. Interesting.
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    Pounding booze and eating ribs and this occurred to me so thought I'd ask.
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    When I wrote "In 2020" (part 1), it was around February, just before all the bad stuff started happening (pandemic, choke holds, BLM, protests, riots, etc). So I figured if I wrote a song with 2020 in the title, it needs to include all that stuff that this year will be remembered for. So I wrote this "Part 2" to include everything since the first part. And just a warning, the song does tend to get political....more specifically, not so nice things about Trump. So if you're a Trump supporter, you might not want to listen to this. The lyrics are included at the bottom of the song page (of the link). Some of the lyrics are kind of hard to understand, which is a combination of me missing a couple of teeth and perhaps the need for better mixing/mastering. So I might take another go at that. Anyway, comments and critiques are always welcome. Thanks for listening. https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=14073335
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    Is this suppose to be thread on deals or what, now I see racist post are to become the norm? Facts also do matter. Thanks for the well wishes anyway ZokZTM https://www.premiumtimesng.com/news/fact-checks/400867-false-president-akufo-addo-did-not-caution-ghanaians-against-a-covid-19-plan-by-rockefeller-foundation.html
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    Indeed, about 89,119 days yesterday 😊
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    No worries. I've been there and done worse. Come back to the fold!
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    Walkin' - Stanley Turrentine
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    Good deal, unless you have enough jampoints. Then it's 39.99 - 30% = 27.99 directly from IK. That' a steal!
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    Ooh, I actually know the answer to this.......... It's because all he can ever think about is what it would be like to be with Betty instead.
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    @ensconced similar to what I went through. I own crapload of Line6 stuff and frankly I was insulted that after investing so much in their company and gear that the best upgrade price they offered was $299. And I wasn't impressed at all with it when I demoed it. Then I tried Helix Native with AXE I/O in combo with my Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic and the waters parted, a choir of virgins started singing, my tinitus went away... I was dumbstruck. I've been trying to find the holy grail guitar / direct box / amp sim combo and while some have close none really had more than a small set of tones I could tolerate. This guitar only has a friggin piezo pickup but the combo rocks & and the clean tones chime. The only reason I tried it is because it's my to go lay about practice guitar and I had an idea I wanted to capture before it evaporated. Haven't had time to really debug why it even works, too many things right now want to go sideways but thought I take a moment to share. BTW I ended up buying a used license from someone on the Line 6 forum. Upside cost me $150, downside license is now NFR.
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    Happy 4th of July to all Americans! *Freedom intensifies*
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    Traditionally in mixing you only HAD one reverb to work with and that might have been a Plate in the basement. People are sort of used to that and also in the real world if a band is playing in a nice auditorium or hall, then that is the space ( reverb) around the music. We close our eyes and we imagine we are in that space when listening. So that said it depends on if you are trying to create a " real space" or an "unreal space" . To me it jumbles up the music with a lot of different spaces and (depending on the music) can make it tiresome to listen to. So generally I use only one reverb on a buss set at 100% and then send my sub busses or individual tracks to that. This way the "band" is in that same space. The only other place there will be a different reverb is on a guitar amp sim because that's a classic sound. And then some synths often need a little help. But I'm very cautious about using too many "spaces" in a mix.
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    Thanks dude! Unfortunately, a bunch of brainwashed kids think it's a racist holiday.
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    Definitely a no-brainer at that price. Alternatives if you already have Hybrid 3: Vacuum Pro $9.99 Xpand! 2 $14.99 Babylon + Expansions $9.99 Iris 2 $9.99 Sonivox Twist $9.99 Sonivox Wobble $9.99 SynthMaster Player $9.00
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    Meat is always better if you allow it to rest after cooking.
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    That’s way better than money!!!
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    Personally, I've had the best luck getting to "know" like-minded people from forums I frequent and getting started that way. "Cold turkey" collab-type forums just don't seem to work - at least not for me.
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    It's a tragedy that the average iq is 100.
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    *Pfft!* What a n00b! 😜 Not even a tenth of my total (but mine's not even a tenth of CC Larry!!! 😆 )
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    This fred is soooo yesterday.
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    Better version: [double bubble - John Peel mentioned in the lyrics during a JP session]
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    Seem like a waste of time and resources to me. Those that want to use them can ....I think I tried them like once or twice 20 yrs and they are long consigned to the FX bin of forgetfulness. There are way better plugins out there nowadays for those who need them so giving them a makeover seems a bit redundant
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    Off topic....Did you know that kid's show was sponsored by Winston Cigarettes?
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    Absolutely thightastic! 😍
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    That was very cool Bjorn - I like that Heavyocity Vocalise you used in this - it fit the composition well. This had a dream-like quality to it - just my impression.
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    Hey Tom, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. My songs usually average between 4 and 7 minutes. (probably a result from being a Deadhead, and into jam songs) I think the problem with this song is not that it is too long, it's that I ran out of ways to keep it interesting at the end. The last parts are just alternating organ and guitar leads. I could have either chopped a couple of those off, or found a different musical part to keep it interesting. I just don't like writing short 3 minute songs with the "verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus" structure. I like to build creative sections that are the opposite of being "radio friendly". I'm sure most listeners of my songs would prefer shorter versions, but it's just not me. (But I try to find a happy medium) Any artistic or creative endeavor I do is always long or busy. (this reply is a good example). When I write, I write long paragraphs. When I paint or draw, the finished work is usually busy. But anyway, I get your point and thank you for the suggestion. Which leads to the last thing about adding an extra word in the bridge. Yes, you're right, "second civil war" would fit better. But again, I'm coming from a place where the original lyrics had TOO MANY words, and I ended up cutting a lot of them out to better fit the melody. So in this case, I might have trimmed off a little too much. Thanks again for listening and for your feedback!
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    Calm down dear - it's only a DAW
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    I see him shinoby style in the izotope HQ lol
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    A promise already fulfilled.😁
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    Wait... You're supposed to clean your strings? 🤔 I guess I misunderstood when they said to "play some dirty chords!" 😁 (Side-note: My experiment with Elixers also ended with the coating coming off. Let's just say you don't want them for songs that require a pick-slide, ya? 😆)
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    Maybe Larry is like the parent, kind of giving the kids free reign to see how they can handle being on their own for a while? 🙃
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    Valhalla Delay. Best $50 I've ever spent on a VST. Also pick up their various freebies (Supermassive, FreqEcho, and Space Modulator). Also recommend the Blue Cat Audio freebies for their Chorus, Phaser, and Flanger. Good sound, nice ui, lots of presets, and no auth/ilok nonsense. Iris 2 (currently on sale for $9.99, I believe) is a completely alien synth from the plethora of virtual-analog subtractive synths most of us have got. It gives you something interesting to do with all those GBs of sample libraries you've probably collected.
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    From https://production-expert.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d9dbbe046af2c4c785475a28b&id=3e6140c00c&e=e94c3cc3ea Use link above for complete details and additional reference links. Our friends at Plugin Boutique have a very cool offer right now, 3 plug-ins worth £89 for free. The bundle includes; Pulsar Audio Smasher Baby Audio I Heart NY W.A Production Vocal Splitter coupon code (also listed in PB link) is STAYIN
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    I think we might need to think about taking disciplinary action 😉
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