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    There are 4 perpetual codes at JRR newsletter 10 - for 10% Off FORUM - for 11% off Groupbuyauto - for 15% off GROUP for 16% off If you add an item to your cart, and it automatically shows 10% off then the FORUM code will work for 11% off, and sometimes even The GROUP code will work for 16% off If you add an item to your cart, and it shows the "Groupbuyauto" code added for 15% off in your cart, then the code GROUP will work for 16% off... Every penny counts!
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    A little bit of Mantra in my life A little bit of Tantra is what I like A little bit of midi on the run A little bit of Corona Dos XX in the sun
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    For those that do not know, the Easy Store is the Best Buy specific version of the WD Express. During sales, these seem to end up being cheaper and more highly rated than the Express counterparts. I got the 10TB a while ago for this same price and like the fact that is runs off a wall wart rather than bus powered like the portable drives tend to be. Real life throughput ranged from roughly 10MB/sec (for truckloads of small files, like Adobe directories), to >250MB/sec (for copying large files like images). Average was roughly 100MB/sec to copy over 5TB of drive material (using robocopy). Not very loud at all, and goes to standby when not in use (and not sure if that can be over-ridden)... so this is not a good sample drive choice, but for backups it is on par with expectations.
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    Just to close the loop, I WAS able to get this crossgrade to work even tho I paid $0 for all my previous Izotope stuff. Thanks everyone.
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    groove Monkey packs come with Addictive Drums versions
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    I've used SSD5 for the last couple of years and I don't mind it. I'm comfortable with the interface. The thing for me is there's a bug in the MIDI grooves browser where you drag a file from the browser to Reaper and it shows "Offline." The workaround is to drag the MIDI file from Windows Explorer into Reaper directly. But that defies the point of a groove browser. Anyway, long story short, Slate has been promising an update coming "soon" to fix this issue for a year or two, and it's still nowhere to be seen. For me, I had enough and moved to Superior Drummer 3 and never looked back. It is better in just about every way and I could tell the difference in the mixes straight away after replacing the Slate drums with SD3.
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    Wed looks like its: PSP Nexcellence Spring Reverb Plugin https://www.jrrshop.com/psp-nexcellence
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    https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14005405 probably should be 2 minutes shorter.
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    Ozone was iZotope's original product and pretty much their flagship product as well (I just realized the CEO interned at Cakewalk while at MIT from a video interview he did). The upgrades "from any Advanced product" has always been there, but the situation years ago was that first Advanced product used to be a few hundred dollars to hurdle. On-boarding with the flagship for $150 is actually an amazing deal. As far as reaching the point of diminishing returns, you may have already just done it. Going from no Ozone at all to Ozone Advanced (which allows you to use individual modules on tracks) is a quantum leap. Upgrades are starting to include more "improved features" and additional software one may already own versus "new features" already. However, an upgrade to the newest Music Production Suite (or whatever they may rename it) may be the only other "quantum leap" left for you.
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    My plan is to invest in this O9A deal and stay with it until Ozone 11 or 12. Definitely not gonna upgrade every new version, especially if it's gonna be $100 or more a pop with a diminished return. It's like w/ my Samsung S10+ phone; the next step up is the S20+ that just came out replete w/ it's full 25% performance increase! yeah whatever.
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    Lead the scene with these innovative sounds, now $0.00 for a Limited Time! For just 2 weeks, get MANTRA by W.A. Production for FREE (normally $29.90). Weighing in at 8GB, MANTRA packs a punch with the included Construction Kits & FL Studio / Ableton Templates, Vocals, Melodies & Drums MANTRA is especially built for fans of top artists like KSHMR, Dropgun, Headhunterz, Armin Van Buuren, Timmy Trumpet and the Dharma Worldwide label who are burning up the scene with this latest mixture of tradition and innovation. An exotic state of consciousness awaits your imagination to create the most elaborately ornamented, melismatic tunes. VALUE: $29.90 / 100% OFF! Promo page: https://audioplugin.deals/limited-free-download-mantra-by-w-a-production/ Free offer ends March 24th at midnight EST.
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    If any of you also have kids that are teenagers now, you might remember this version of Mambo No. 5 ...
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    This! I regularly buy there and still forget which is better.
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    These are normally 5400 RPM drives that aren't good for running samples. Also because of the size, it will really make it slow if you are running more than couple tracks from it. (platter drives can only read one thing at a time) Depends on the size of the buffer though. Great for back up and maybe for your movie collection. I may have to pick one up since I swear I have more than 8 TBs of Kontakt libraries. I keep filling my back up drives.
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    What I usually do is buy the "Custom Pak" from a outside vendor like JRR. You can't buy it from XLN if you already own AD2. It has AD2 plus your choice of 3 drum sets, 3 midi paks and 3 kit pieces. It is a great deal. I've done it twice in the past without a problem.
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    It's actually very good and I think I got it at JRR shop last year for something like $9.99 on an upgrade.
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    I'm not at my DAW but recently auditioned them and I believe they're in the Prochannel presets folder accessed by clicking the folder icon at the top of the ProChannel module.
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    Yeah, Groove Monkey's Midi works seamlessly in AD2 and very good too. I also checked some of the vendors (JRR, Audio Deluxe etc...) and doesn't show any xln midi files for sale. Of course, there's this at KVR: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=540969&p=7687325&hilit=xln+audio+midi#p7687325
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    you used a code - even if you didn't know it - it kinda sticks to your account. There are 2 JRR codes - FORUM and GROUP - worth trying both - you might have saved a few more cents..... Larry has patiently explained the difference between the various codes .......I still don't understand them
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    This thread (a very good thread to read) on the NI forum talks about an early version of Spitfire's bespoke library using just a serial number for authorization inside Kontakt and it not working https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/ni-stop-activations-on-legacy-libraries.376981/page-2 EvilDragon says this: Not sure that's so good for you Larry. 😭 Maybe you'll be spared, but it sure sounds like the serial number is fed into a challenge-response system. The truth is that any challenge-response based copy protection system can and will go offline. Unless it's just a serial number or something stored 100% in a dongle, when the company stops issuing responses, your product will no longer be re-installable. For me this list of things NI is killing is a at least a thousand dollars worth of stuff. Sadly it's not even close to most I've lost because of companies not continuing to run authorization servers (Autodesk is still winning that by about $2-3k) Given the state of software products I don't see this one changing into something I like anytime soon. More likely it will lead to more and more subscription products, rather than companies going with copy protection that can survive the company going out of business/shutting-down. But I love software to much to avoid products just because their copy protection isn't ideal. I would have still bought all these products had I been told that in 2020 they were going to off line the authorization server. I do think NI could have done better though.
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    I can't imagine anyone paying 92 or even 27 that close to abandonware.
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    Whoah there big boy....just from gazing at Daisy you're already rolling in the hay. Man, that Kenny's a playa!
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    I wonder if he plays the theme to Cops when he gets pulled over?
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    A couple of weeks ago, I picked up an OVox voice synthesizer from Waves and began experimenting with it. I came up with this song using its vocorder for the main pad and lead vocal. The sax sample is from Dimension Pro using my guitar played through MidiGuitar 2. The song was a lot of fun to create, but I need some extra ears on this, as I'm not entirely neutral about this, yet. As always, thanks in advance for your help and suggestions. Here is the link: https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14005443 remixed on 3/16/20
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    I'm SO glad I did not buy Komplete as I was thinking about doing. They will never get any of my hard earned cash anymore... R
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    All of the MIDIpaks are on sale on the XLN site for $10.97 until 15th March (4 more days), including the excellent Session Percussion pak. https://www.xlnaudio.com/products/addictive_drums_2/midipak
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    hi wookiee! dig the soundscapes, your style is becoming more familiar to me... and of course, i hear guitar parts everywhere! LOL, tho they are not needed. i think this piece of the tune must be a transitional piece, to a 'bigger picture' piece... i'd love to hear one common melody, in the background, that plays thru the spacier parts, just to tie them all together.
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    what effort would it be for them to release some kind of "permanent unlock"tool?
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    still there are $20 if you act quickly https://www.jrrshop.com/psp-mastercomp
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    Just be sure to keep track of which port is which (can be hard to tell if you're not looking directly from behind in good light), and don't disable Local Control too soon.
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    I have no idea what "the wrench", "river of plasma" or "oozing about the spire" are. Are they bands?
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    Don't understate! I would say after 25-30 years! 😆
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    Apparently the Survey Voucher is "reusable"!
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    Interestingly, the Audio/MIDI engine for Tracktion comes with the JUCE framework, which is free, up to the point where you're big enough to have to buy a developer license (which Behringer already are). But even then, it's peanuts compared to developing your own... and it's cross platform. IMO they'll use that to start with, and bolt on a bunch of hardware support for things like the Wing console. Either that, or they'll do another Ardour fork like Harrison Mixbus.
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    That's so funny, I love it! Believe me I always want to share my honest experiences and reactions with these types of things. I love the Grandeur as well but it has a distinctive sound as I say of all libraries. Grandeur is very dynamic and I was using it in a project recently; it seemed it was just sounding too "hard" for a lack of a better word. I then pulled the Walker D into the project and when I adjusted the velocity response all of a sudden it fit right in. I might try and post some sort of clip of how both sounded in this arrangement. There is really no one size fits all piano library as each one is totally unique in their own playability and character. So I guess right now my go to pianos would be (not in any particular order: NOIRE (is really a work of art: Yamaha CFX) Grandeur (Classic Steinway Big larger than life sound) Walker Concert D (*see Pianoteq note) (Velocity layers galore with lots of room to tweak response) Ascend (Steinway meets sound design) Motion Keys (Taking Keys deeper into sound design territory. Mosaic Keys (for even deeper sound design when you need something really out there) Vibrant (for bang on Rhodes and Electrics) Pianoteq 6 (* for just the playability and knowing I have full executive control of this piano; not playing back another musicians performance) Ivory II: Grand Pianos and American Concert D : I just finished a video review of these and although they have some years on them I love their upfront sit in the mix (if somewhat dry) sound. Also I have been able to get some great response from them. Remember these are the same people behind the original digital piano sample library revolution when you only had around 1mb of memory to play with. Please keep the questions coming as it helps me to search for more definitive answers to help any way I can. I have been blessed to have been able to play so many pianos over the years practically all over the world which allows me to have an interesting perspective on things and I love to share these experiences with all of you.
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    I merely wish to go on record as the first to refer to this vapourDAW as.... Music Tripe
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    Very laid back groove, nice in its retro way.
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    Ah thanks Matthew. I hadn't realised there was a Kontakt version of GPO Sorry that you and others will be losing the right to reinstall software that you have been licenced. Seems like a poor show by NI. I don't have Kontakt and this wouldn't encourage me to buy it
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    Yeah, but the police caught me approaching the towers with the explosives... I'll have to try another approach, after my trial...
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    You have definitely captured that reggae sound. I particularly like the "Big Hall" feel on the lead vox. You have also captured a great feel good sound through the lyrics and melody. Nice one!!
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    I am very pleased with the new Cakewalk by Bandlab and how it works with the old plugins. I bought into the updates for life and I do not feel like I have lost anything in the new change. I am receiving updates with new features at a much more expedited pace than before and all of my old plugins work even better. I have gained a robust and active team of programmers working full time on new features on the program that I love and understand... There is nothing whatsoever to gripe about... I have many years worth of projects that I do not have to try and move to another DAW and Cakewalk is still leagues and bounds ahead of all other DAWS (as it has always been). In hind sight, buying the updates for life was a few hundred bucks for software which I have a vested interest in supporting anyway. I will continue to support Cakewalk by buying any new plugins that they may develop, gladly and without any hesitation. No, you don't get anything for free... so shell out the bucks and support this great music making product, wherever and whenever you can. That is the future.
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    David, I like the exploration feel to the song, like walking around in an unfamiliar place seeing what's there. Something like that. Drums were bit too aggressive in one spot. It brought to mind Pink Panther for me as well.
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    So, I saved a Workspace called "Control View on Monitor 2" and when I load the Workspace, the Control View shows up on the second monitor. It does this consistently as long as I close Cakewalk with that Workspace as the last one I used. If I close with a different workspace, Cakewalk seems to remember the last Workspace used and restores it; so in that case, I need to restore the "Console on Monitor 2" Workspace. One issue, though, is that F11 doesn't seem to affect Monitor 2, so I still have the Windows taskbar there; not a problem for me though--just an observation. I tend to use Monitor 2 for flexible/multiple purpose parking. Bill (Cookie Jarvis)'s steps are the same basic ones I use and seem to work fairly consistently.
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