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    Pulsar smasher https://plugincentral.com/product/pulsar-smasher/ Word of warning, it requires ilok2 driver installed. Cloud session option is available however for those who hates dongle but accept cloud sessions.
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    Just how much porn do you need to store?
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    If anybody wants Babylon you can get it for $11.34 after 40% discount with coupon XMAS19 as part of the Cyclop FL Studio 2 bundle: https://www.waproduction.com/bundles/view/cyclop-fl-studio-2 It also includes the Titan Vocal Bundle for FREE: https://page.waproduction.com/monthly-free-product Enjoy! πŸ˜‰
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    Hi y'all, I'm working on Dragonfly Reverb again. There is a prerelease available: 2.9.1-beta. The Hall and Room reverbs are almost completely untouched, but there is a new plate reverb with three algorithms from Freeverb3, called Simple, Nested, and Tank. The Simple and Nested algorithms are two variations of Freeverb3's NVerb; they were called A and B in NVerb's interface. The Tank algorithm is based on STRev. To better hear the differences between the algorithms, crank up the decay time a bit and it will be much more obvious.
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    What I have done is, for the custom workspaces that I use, deselect "Windows layout". That way, windows layouts, positions, etc is handled only by screensets without being over-ridden by the Workspace window layout. Also, this allows your chosen screenset to open with your screenset containing project.
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    When I started computing, we had to load our data into leaky baskets made of mastodon leather tanned with urine and haul it up the side of a glacier in the middle of snowstorms in July.
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    When I composed music in the 80s with Voyetra's Sequencer Plus, I plugged in my 5.25" floppy (360K) and loaded up the software into RAM. Then I took it out and put in another 360K floppy to save my data. Of course Sequencer Plus was MIDI only. All sound came from my synths and modules and effects came from hardware. But apparently, it still works today! I remember when I got my first computer with a 20 Mb hard drive. Wow! As my programs were kilobytes in size, and could be loaded in RAM, I didn't know what I could possibly do with all that data!
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    These freebies seem to go down hill as of late.
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    Guyz for those that don t have it , i was literraly testing this and all i have versus a real xlogic comp yesturday and i was shoked how well this one did ....
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    "The Warmth Of The Sun" - The Beach Boys A lot of their lyrics are corny by today's standards, but their harmony singing was top-notch by any standard.
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    Also, as a self teaching exercise, try creating a minimal Workspace. I learned a lot by creating one I call "NO VIEWS." Very important lesson I learned this way: If something is excluded from a Workspace (and therefore, it is not to be found in the menu system), the related functions will also not be in the Workspace. This includes things like short-cuts. PS: This is why if I find a function not working, some of the first things I do are (1) look at the Workspace and (2) test by switching to other Workspaces. For me, this is an early step in diagnosing issues related to functionality.
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    $7.20 with coupon XMAS19 Bundle details: 26 Vocal Construction Kits 20 Inspiration Kits 81 MIDI Loops 58 Presets (Massive, Serum, Sylenth1) 457 One Shots (Vocals, Synths, Drums) 172 Loops https://www.waproduction.com/bundles/view/audentity-vocals-mega-pack Includes the Titan Vocal Bundle: https://page.waproduction.com/monthly-free-product
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    Workspaces used to be called Lenses. They are basically the same thing. So for all intents and purposes, lets just call them Workspaces for now. Workspaces and Screensets are different in the fact that Workspaces are much deeper and more importantly.. Global. What does "Global mean" ? It means that it runs from project to project. You can set up Workspaces like a template of sorts to open with each project. Screensets are not global and are minimal compared to Workspaces. Screensets can save layouts, Zoom positions, exc but workspaces can save Control bar module set up, Keyboard shortcuts, exc. I voiced my concern early when this idea was presented by Cakewalk (Actually it was in the Sonar edition when Lenses was introduced) and i refused to use Lenses because it was too confusing. But after i got a good look at its potential, i was blown away by its ability to customize very fine details of workflow from project to project without having to spend anytime on set up work, which is sometimes half the battle when creating projects. As much as i love Workspaces and its potential, it can be a little confusing. But almost any softwares most powerful features usually are because they are deep in features and require learning. My advice to solve your problem would be to load another Workspace with the default "None". Then make small changes, saving one at a time as you go. It will be helpful so you don't paint yourself into a corner, not realizing what went wrong (all at once). For now, avoid screensets when creating new Workspaces so you know... if something goes wrong, it's not related to screensets. That's just another issue to try and figure out what went wrong.
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    Were you using per project Cakewalk project folders ? If so, when you saved it, they would be in a sub-folder called Audio. If you weren't using per project folders, they would be in a root folder (of your install) called Audio. Try searching for "Audio" folders on your drives . . . maybe you'll find them and be able to reload them . . . best of luck ! Definitely more information required to assist further.
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    2 activations - take that Waves.
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    Code XMAS19 takes price down to $5.22 or 40 per cent off any purchase.
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    Most current templates include Master, Metronome and Preview buses. I think only the 'Empty Project' template does not. .
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    $9 at Plugin Boutique https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/63-Envelope-Shaper/6117-Dodge-Pro?fbclid=IwAR30QNiCDANfAwa8Ljqed7KkVTwRRsXhhUA4Sk6yFcOQUct9cx5HDgDluPk#a_aid=57ac3d39bf8f6&chan=GEN001
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    Read about it here https://www.pcmag.com/news/next-gen-hamr-platters-promise-80tb-hard-drives?utm_source=email&utm_campaign=whatsnewnow&utm_medium=image
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    JUST $49.99 TODAY!* BX-TOWN-4999 Use this voucher code during checkout! Offer ends February 9 - 11:59 pm - California Time (PST)
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    Topiary: Brazil ... Brazilian ... My Lover's Box.
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    ACID Pro 9 is very good. They really did fix most of the problems version 8 had. I was happy enough with it I actually took them up on one of the sales for ACID Pro Next. Its additional features turned out to be sort of worthless though. Odd it looks like those features are going to be part of ACID Pro 10
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    Wow, PULSAR website does not require registration. There is a free redeem code for iLok at the bottom on the site and you can download installer directly.
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    Finally I can own every plugin known to man.
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    I prefer to think of them as charming rather than corny. But yeah, those harmonies ... You always get the best harmonies from siblings/close relations.
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    The first computer I ever bought used floppies that held 144 megs. You bought them in packs of 10 and I remember thinking I would never fill them all. And now 80TB? The crazy part is I KNOW I'd fill it up.
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    Starts Monday MeldaProduction has announced the 7th round of the Eternal Madness Discount 2020, offering 50% off 4 plugins every week. Getting started on Monday, February 10th. Deal of the week: MMultiAnalyzer MDrumLeveler MChorusMB MTremoloMB https://www.meldaproduction.com
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    We're not there yet... 😁
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    Clearly multiples of 80tb 😜
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    Right now on Novation Sound Collective: Upgrades to Serato Sample for USD 55.30 (+ VAT within EU) with Coupon Code: NOVATION30
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    RG Essential to Pro Upgrade to Regroover Pro and gain access to Pro features such as: + Drag and drop export of any sample or loop + Make straight beat variations or polyrhythms via multiple pattern lengths + Instantly export your beat variations as audio files + Transient designer optimised for beat processing + Analog inspired saturator + Multiple plug-in outputs/use your external plugins + Construct Expansion Kits out of your audio files + Save your own Expansion Kits and create self-contained Regroover projects BLACK FRIDAY PRICE $59 ($219) VALID UNTIL DEC 1 2019 Upgrade to BEAT MAKING BUNDLE 2 Includes Rhythmiq: A Virtual Instrument Plug-In (VST/AU 64-bit) that allows you to instantly jam with your beats. Get unlimited beat variations with the turn of a single knob. Generate and save new rhythmiq patterns and instantly create breaks and build-ups. Enable your A.I. Beat Assistant and let Rhythmiq perform your beats in real-time like you were jamming with a human band-mate. + Extract stems from your loops with Regroover Pro + Turn your tracks into a performance with Rhythmiq + Instantly transform the sound of your beats using Beatformer + Browse through a vast collection of production-ready sounds included in the full collection of our Expansion Packs (Regroover & Rhythmiq) BLACK FRIDAY PRICE $99 ($750) VALID UNTIL DEC 1 2019
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    Listened elsewhere, nice tracks but by commenting I am concerned I might share TMI.
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    Daryl - great song and I loved the lyrics, very clever and apt as well!!! Nigel
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    We're celebrating SampleTank this month with up to 67% off SampleTank 4, SampleTank 4 MAX, and Total Studio 2 MAX! Join in to unlock a whole new world of sound. With SampleTank 4 MAX, you can create amazing tracks using a massive sound library, with over 260 GB and 8,000 instrument presets carefully balanced across the widest range of styles, genres, and sounds. With thousands of sounds to choose from, you can be sure that you will always find the perfect groove to take your track to the next level. Or, take the plunge with Total Studio 2 MAX to gain access to over 94 IK music-making tools, 16,800 sounds, and 38 high-end mixing and mastering plug-ins - including Syntronik, Miroslav Philharmonik 2, T-RackS 5 MAX, and more! Check out the items included in the sale below. SampleTank 4 $/€299.99 $/€209.99 SampleTank 4 (boxed) $/€329.99 $/€229.99 SampleTank 4 Upgrade $/€199.99 $/€139.99 SampleTank 4 Upgrade (boxed) $/€229.99 $/€160.99 SampleTank 4 MAX $/€499.99 $/€349.99 SampleTank 4 MAX (boxed) $/€529.99 €/370.99 SampleTank 4 MAX Upgrade $/€299.99 $/€199.99 SampleTank 4 MAX Upgrade (boxed) $/€329.99 $/€219.99 Total Studio 2 MAX $/€999.99 $/€399.99 Total Studio 2 MAX (boxed) $/€1,029.99 $/€419.99 Total Studio 2 MAX Crossgrade $/€699.99 $/€249.99 Total Studio 2 MAX Crossgrade (boxed) $/€729.99 $/€264.99 Total Studio 2 MAX MAXgrade $/€499.99 $/€179.99 Total Studio 2 MAX MAXgrade (boxed) $/€529.99 $/€194.99 Total Studio 2 MAX Upgrade $/€299.99 $/€99.99 Total Studio 2 MAX Upgrade (boxed) $/€329.99 $/€110.99 Not sure what version you're eligible for? Upgrade, Crossgrade, Maxgrade have you confused? Click here to check your eligibility. All purchases from the IK online store are subject to VAT in the EU and may vary by country. Although IK strives to provide accurate product and pricing information, unintentional pricing or typographical errors may occur. IK reserves the right to correct, change or update information such as pricing, availability and product descriptions, at any time without notice. Sale through March 2nd, 2020.
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    Sure you weren't banned for saying pee-nut πŸ™„ πŸ˜†
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    But, but, but... Tony... Didn't you notice '6' number at the beginning of video? πŸ˜ƒ They have just given the most important sneak peak that version 6 will have number 6 πŸ˜›
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    Hi Douglas . yeah I self built a kit telecaster and installed two tonerider pick -ups and I really love it , I wrote ``eddies t-shirt ´´ with it hereΒ΄s part one of two. not bad for €200 ,00 cheers Paul DB
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    Empty project latest version of Cakewalk When I open a Midi file as right click open with I get this type of arrangement .....then I will have to add my own Master Bus ... no biggie Kenny
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    One of the cool things about Cakewalk and Sonar before it is the ability to use a bus for auxiliary and groups as one wishes. To Cakewalk they are all the same but very versatile.
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    Hi folks! Vocal comping is a near essential process in getting the best vocal take, and Cakewalk has some awesome tools for you to complete this task. Check out how in this video! https://youtu.be/Oy3TNO8ONS8
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    Version 2.0.0 is now official, and finally there is a proper landing page: https://michaelwillis.github.io/dragonfly-reverb
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    Hi, I'm the author of Dragonfly Reverb. In case anybody here is interested, I've been working on an update that includes a new plugin. The old one has been renamed "Dragonfly Hall", and the new one is "Dragonfly Room". Download beta release 1.9.5 Please don't use Dragonfly Room for any "real work" yet, I'm still working on stabilizing it based on feedback from people testing it. Dragonfly Hall can be considered stable. It is mostly the same as the original Dragonfly Reverb plugin, and identifies itself as such to your DAW. If upgrading from an earlier version, please delete it and replace it with Dragonfly Hall Reverb, any existing sessions that were using the older one should automatically use Dragonfly Hall Reverb with the same saved settings.
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