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    So, did Confucius go for the electric fiddle too?
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    Every time I started Windows, I got a huge ad from Magix. Changing settings in Windows Notifications didn't touch it. Hitting the monitor with my fist didn't help either. Here's what did. Start -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler. Click Task Scheduler Library (on left). Find Connect on the right and click it. Optional - open Connect and look at the Actions. You'll see ...MAGIX\Connect... Right-click Connect and select Disable. Is there a better subforum for this kind of tip? If there is, I hope the forum admins will move it there.
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    Let's Go Get Stoned >>>>>
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    A detailed 2019.07 Feature Overview has been posted with lots of screen captures and explanations of the new comp workflow. Please check it out.
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    @Noel Borthwick @Morten Saether Thank you for taking time to create this post. There is much about Cakewalk by BandLab I do not understand but the short videos and comprehensive descriptions help me to understand the new behaviors. I'm loving the bi-lateral communication taking place in this forum. 2019.07 is a giant step forward and the communication is an important component of the advancement.
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    I've switched to 48k as my standard for everything now, it does sound better to me, more alive. I haven't noticed any CPU problems but I don't run large projects. Don't know the relevance of what you use matters anymore, is anyone still burning CD's? Video was easier to sync at 48k but I think with bluray that has gone to 96k now Even my acoustic stuff if I record at 96k it sounds better, especially the reverbs. Although, I don't use it much, can't stand swapping sample rates all the time so I stick with 48k. I know that some VST instruments come with samples of 44.1 or 48k which is converted, don't know which is which though. Theoretically, if you use VST's with 48k samples then they should sound better if your project is 48k. But I don't know which is which. It's easy to convert to whatever you need in the end anyway. I agree with Jim, ultimately, there are other things that affect your sound more than sample rates. It's whatever you are happy with and what your system can manage, given the project size. Most just run 44.1k and don't think about it because that has been the "industry standard". I know others might disagree but I do notice the difference between 44.1k, 48k and 96k.
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    The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest - Bob Dylan
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    Plenty of plugins had their price lowered. Not that it means anything, because it's all just a series of sloppy sleight of hand. The primary purpose of the perpetual licenses in the new scheme is to make the subscription look more appealing by contrast. It's like the chick who invites her unattractive friend to a party with her, to increase her own market value.
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    If you're working with straight up audio production (especially with today's delivery often being "digital"), it doesn't matter nearly as much as 20 years ago. Sample-rate conversion is significantly better than it was all those years ago. If your'e working with video, it's more convenient to stick with 48k. The latest project I'm mixing was done at 96k. The previous project I was mixing was at 44.1k. While I do believe there are audible advantages to using high sample-rates, there are many other factors that have larger impact on final quality. Front-end gear Mic placement Engineer's experience Quality of instruments Caliber of the player (a great player will sound good on nearly anything) Song arrangement Etc
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    Hi All, Long time, no visit. I acquired a Yamaha G3 grand piano last year, and have not spent much time with the DAW since. Just having way too much fun playing, and marveling at the expressiveness and presence of this amazing instrument after playing digitals for 30 years! I've not yet endeavored to record the Yamaha (it's downstairs, far from my desktop DAW), so what I'm sharing here was recorded from a Roland RD-700NX. I mostly did this just to capture the MIDI before I forget how to play it as sometimes happens when I improvise something and then don't get back to it for a while. Like most of my stuff, this will probably evolve over time to have a distinct intro, more variations in chord voicing and rhythm, and maybe a proper'bridge' section, but I think it stands up pretty well as is. Double points if you can hear the MIDI editing 'cheat'. ;^) Cheers, Dave
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    this is my last mix on this one, as i wrap up final mixes on 8 new tunes for a new album. looking for how this translates on your playback, particularly, if the kick and bass guitar are coming across good. tnx. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zuks1u56mkke6kv/WILD ANIMALS-5.wav?dl=0
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    Massive X and Massive X Factory Library updated to 1.01 Run Native Access to update.
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    FREE Features: 1 lightweight piano sound (less than 20 MB) Amplitude ADSR Vinyl and tape effects Multi-LFO Highpass/Lowpass filter Room reverb Available as a VST/VST3/AU plugin instrument for both Windows and macOS (x64/x86). Room Piano v2 is free for 1 month and will be donationware (1$ or more) after that. Download page: https://www.samplescience.ca/2017/11/room-piano.html
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    Thanks for that! I just assumed that if you already had a $99+ product you were inπŸ˜€ Thanks Matthew,πŸ€ the clarification gives me food for thought.
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    You have to buy a new product (from the list) to qualify for this promotion.
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    As they say, "A picture is worth a 1000 words." I wonder how many words a moving picture is worth?
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    Magnetic Resistance Could be soundtrack for soothing video but also stands on its own Very cool Fx on Resurrection. Mind sharing what software you used?
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    Posted a few days ago, and even cheaper at JRR
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    Bob Dylan - Rainy Day Women #12 & 35: Everybody must get stoned.
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    After getting Riffendium, I've been looking at more loop based Kontakt instruments. Paths 1 & 2 and Opacity look to be very nice as well. Now, it looks like I have to check this one as well....that's a lot of content for $8 . The MIDI files might be worth the ticket.
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    This sounds like a psyched out song for sure!! Man I could never come up with stuff like this!! Really liked it. Listened twice!~!
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    Very Good deal Larry, If I needed monitors, at $89.00 I wouldn't care about the generation for that price.
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    Completely agree!! Those video images are very helpful and of course, excellent update from everyone at the Cake lab!!
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    Could you pls do a favor for some of us wondering if there is a difference between UAD version of this plugin and its 'normal' version and do a short test and comparison?
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    Useful that, thanks for the heads up Larry.
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    What the guy who shot John Lennon should have said. πŸ˜†
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    Give us the link. I think a lot of developers went, "Uh oh, we deflated the price of plugins. We have to try to go back." I like how Melda does things, 4 random plugins 50% off each week. Plus that Izotope deal. IK never fails on those group buys.
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    Thanks, what a wonderful update! This is already making my life easier! Can we add an option to disable lane-reusing on recording? For large numbers of takes this feature makes keeping track the good ones very hard because they are all disjointed and out of order.
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    He's good ain't he!!? LoL!!
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    Fleer, I know , right! Heck, Soundiron Voices Of Gaia is $249.00 by itself at regular price. Soundiron Mimi Page Light & Shadow is $99.00 by itself at regular price. Soundiron Voice Of Wind: Adey is $99.00 by itself at regular price. Soundiron Voices Of Rapture is $249.00 by itself at regular price. Soundiron Requiem Light Symphonic Choir $199.00 by itself at regular price. At regular price this bundle is $895, but it's being sold for $179.00 😳
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    I purchased and read Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot" years ago - at the time it blew my mind - what a read. I thought the music to this video fit well - nicely done.
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    Enjoyed it - nice guitar playing. Thanks for posting.
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    you guyz should check the Gearlsutz thread , it' epic and escalated fast lol Not happy at all how PA handled that , instead ofcoming and communcating with Longtime users aka those that Made PA what it is nowdayz , they keep chilling in their FB group with the predominance of new cats and subscribers lover .... reminds me politicians ignoring reality by sticking with one another ...
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    Hi Bjorn, Great track and video, very uplifting. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
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    The Mackie Control Universal, and the Mackie MCU Pro both come with a set of overlays for different DAW's which re-label the buttons to better map to the functions available on each DAW. One of these is an overlay for SONAR/Cakewalk, which is what the MackieControl DLL expects the buttons to be mapped to. Any MCU compatible control surface that has a SONAR mode will map their buttons to this configuration. With no overlay, the buttons are as follows: The SONAR/Cakewalk overlay looks like this: So as you can see, the CLICK button on the standard button configuration is the same as LOOP ON/OFF on the SONAR overlay. This is why the "Metro" button on the KeyLab controls looping. Automation read looks like it's mapped the same, but there's no equivalent for automation write. "In" and "Out" also have no Cakewalk equivalents. There's no way of configuring the button mapping at present. To do so would require a fair amount of work, and would make setting a control surface up even more complicated than it already is. Although its possible to have presets for various control surfaces, given I don't have all of them, it's not something I'd want to commit to code without actually testing it. In the meantime, you could try setting the KeyLab to ProTools mode and changing the protocol to HUI within the MMcL MackieControl dialog. I can't guarantee that all the buttons will work (as mentioned earlier - not all of them have Cakewalk equivalents in the MackieControl DLL), but they may more closely match the buttons on the KeyLab.
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    Absoflippinlutely wonderful, Bjorn! You not only have become an accomplished musician/composer but you have become a video artist as well. This really is an excellent marriage of sounds/music and video. Each compliments each other perfectly. You really have been posting some great music-videos. Excellent work my friend!
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    Effects count - processor speed is the largest factor Track count - disk speed is the largest factor 1. Faster bouncing/freezing of tracks would be mostly down to CPU speed. 2. Faster loading of projects would be affected by disk speed and CPU speed. If you're dealing with large sample-libraries (that load particularly slow), you can put those on a M.2 Ultra SSD (sustain ~3500Mb/Sec). 3. Ability to run more tracks and plugins (as you can probably guess) is down to faster disk-speed and faster CPU. As a point of reference: Conventional HD sustains ~200Mb/Sec SATA SSD sustains ~540MB/Sec M.2 Ultra SSD (using 4 PCIe lanes) sustains ~3500Mb/Sec When it comes to CPU speed: Not all processes in a DAW can be multi-threaded. Playing/monitoring in realtime thru an AmpSim plugin at 96k using a 32-sample ASIO buffer size... isn't something that lends itself to being heavily multi-threaded Some plugins/instruments like UVI Falcon only use a single core This is why clock-speed is the single most critical factor when choosing a CPU for DAW purposes. Note that CPU core performance doesn't scale 1:1 IOW, Doubling the number of CPU cores doesn't double performance. Having more cores is beneficial... but not at the expense of significant clock-speed. This is why Xeon CPUs are typically a poor choice for DAW purposes. They have more cores... but often significantly slower clock-speed (resulting in significant performance hit). In a perfect scenario, you want highest available clock-speed... and the most cores you can get.
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    I found this, which pretty well explained it...so I am now further eductated: Electromagnetic waves differ from mechanical waves in that they do not require a medium to propagate. This means that electromagnetic waves can travel not only through air and solid materials, but also through the vacuum of space. ... This proved that radio waves were a form of light!
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    Hi Bjorn , I enjoyed watching and listening to your video immensely . You really know how to set up a real nice visual theme and then marry it to Music . I have seen a few of your videos over time and I like this one the best. I wish I knew how to do videos w music on this level of creativity and quality .. all the best , Kenny PS that was a cool transition at 3:27 on....nice one
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    No worries! See, you're a musician trying to talk like a nerd, while I'm just a nerd mis-using musical instruments! 🀣
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    I stand corrected. Make no bones about it. I guess I have to bone up on my old Trek history so I don't pull another boner.
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    Heh, I saw that too, but wasn't going to point it out! LOL. "Dammit Jim! I'm a Doctor, not a back-up singer!" πŸ˜†
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    *Pfft...* That's nothing! I've covered John Cage's 4:33 on both kazoo AND vuvuzela! (Including handling all vocals in 14 different languages at the same time!) 😜
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    IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ An Early Access build of Cakewalk by BandLab is now available, and we'd love for you to try it out! As an Early Access build, this is not an official Cakewalk release. If you have not already done so, please be sure to read about the Early Access Program before participating. Download the Cakewalk 2019.07 Early Access installer Please note that an official release will be announced once the Early Access period has ended. Thanks in advance for your participation! The Bakers 2019.07 brings major usability enhancements, including Comping and Take lane enhancements, Smart Tool customization, Control Bar module alignment and over 100 bug fixes. Highlights Smart Tool customization The Smart Tool can be customized in order to disable specific functions and simplify the Smart Tool behavior. The Smart Tool is powerful, but may produce unintended results in certain situations, such as inadvertently isolating clips in Take lanes when clicking the bottom half of clips. If you are not strictly using Take lanes for comping, you may want to disable the comping behavior. Center Control Bar modules Control Bar modules can be left-aligned, justified, or centered. Comping and Take lane enhancements Comping and take management has undergone a massive overhaul for this release with many workflow improvements, optimizations and bug fixes. A few highlights: Freely assemble clips in track lanes either by recording or dragging and dropping from different sources Configure the Smart Tool to optionally turn off comping features while editing audio on lanes and re-enable it when you are ready to start building a comp track Copy/paste and drag drop enhancements There have been numerous improvements and bug fixes with selection and copy paste: Inter project drag and drop and copy paste support for take lanes and automation lanes Improved drag drop preview to visually represent the final data Full support for drag and drop of take lanes between tracks. New lanes are auto appended to tracks when dropping / pasting clips from multiple lanes Lane order is retained when dropping / pasting clips from multiple lanes Improved support for pasting track and clip envelopes in lanes Help Module content for clips The Help module is a window that dynamically shows contextual help for various UI elements in Cakewalk. Simply point to a UI element for a brief moment, and the Help module displays a short description of the UI element. In addition to a brief description of the clip type, the Help Module also lists common Smart Tool gestures that are supported by each unique clip type. Selection markers in time ruler The time ruler now shows draggable markers at either end of the time selection range. You can modify the start or end of the selection by dragging these markers or move the entire time selection by dragging the selection range bar. Loop and Punch marker enhancements The time ruler now uses more intuitive mouse cursors for selection, loop, punch and marker drag bars and handles. The mouse cursor shows a letter to indicate which marker will be modified before you actually click the marker: S (Selection), L (Loop), P (Punch), and M (Marker). Fixes & Enhancements Stability Crash when pasting automation Crash on opening project after closing another Improved notification handling Crash copying and pasting bus automation Projects using elastique audio crash when playing if audio is missing Optimizations Screensets in projects with high track counts load faster Multi threaded UI updates for notifications Undo redo of take Lanes is faster UI Bounced Track fails to appear with user created Lens Changing Lens and reopening CbB changes "None" unexpectedly Full Screen Mode only expands across multiple monitors Changing screensets slow with large number of tracks Selection/Tools CTRL Selecting clip doesn't work if the clip is partially selected as a result of a time selection CTRL clicking a clip during playback creates a clip envelope instead of selecting the clip Select Tool cannot select Comp Clip Control Bar Ability to center Control Bar modules Control Bar Export Module can lose gripper Export CB module is cropped when CB is locked and justified Resetting the Control Bar doesn't unlock module order Draw issue with Control Bar when floating after justify Take Lanes/Comping Copy paste in take lanes can delete source data Editing clips in lanes can lead to un-editable clip envelopes Copying and pasting clips from multiple take lanes is not possible Loop recording in Comp mode with lanes closed causes unexpected cropping of clips Some projects could prevent clip envelopes from being edited Now Time jumps in playback when isolating clips in Take lanes during playback Copy/Paste does not work as expected in Take Lanes CTRL Selecting neighboring clip does no't work immediately after isolating a clip region in a take lane Copying data from non-adjacent lanes pastes to adjacent lanes Dragging MIDI clips from Browser goes to lane 1 Pasting multiple clips in lanes to a track with single lane does not refresh UI Drag drop of multiple audio files from browser to take lanes not supported Pasting Multiple clips in lanes to bottom lanes cause clips to collapse to single lane Double clicking take lane in clips view does not select lane Clips in lanes cannot drag from one track to different lanes in another track Dragging takes to a new track skips over populated lanes Drag drop between lanes doesn't work properly when hidden tracks present Clips can be moved from their original take lane on CTRL drag and drop Copying clips in Lanes with envelopes gives unexpected results. Clip can no longer be selected after undo of drag Pasting clips in lanes to new project does not refresh UI correctly. Undo of paste of multiple lanes in new project does not behave as expected Comp Clip Draws unexpectedly after crop Dragging clips on MIDI take lanes to create overlaps does not crop data Dragging group of clips to new track deletes existing clip on destination track Pasting multiple layers to last lane in a track creates extra lanes Comp clip remains visible after dragging outside of the Clips View "Delete Muted Takes" renamed "Delete Muted Clips" Lane order changes pasting to new project Lanes order of order when dragging to create a new track When creating clip/automation lanes, Take lane initially appears grayed out Shift click does not work on comp clip when take lanes open Bouncing to clip causes clip to change lanes unexpectedly Duplicated tracks with lanes inverts order Redoing a loop recording in comp record mode fails to restore recorded clips state Automation Clip envelope in lanes cannot be edited after save/reopen of project Reassigning Automation Envelopes closes lanes unexpectedly Automation from multiple lanes pastes to a single lane Pasting Multiple Automation envelopes to track with fewer lanes has unexpected result Dragging clips from Browser to Lanes removes automation data Drag Copy to new project does not copy automation Automation lanes not created after recording track automation Automation lanes are copied out of order, and not all copied if automation lanes are expanded in destination project Some projects are saved with clip envelopes assigned to incorrect lanes Setting Edit filter to clip automation on a lane doesn't work properly when multiple clips present Clip envelopes on lanes don't respect edit filter state when loading projects Clip envelopes lose visibility on take lanes when toggling show take lanes Duplicate Track does not persist Automation lane state When pasting automation then showing lanes, Edit Filter is not set correctly with FX automation Redo not populating automation lanes correctly. Edit Filter in automation lanes not behaving as expected after paste Edit Filter not behaving as expected with auto track zoom Pasting take and automation lanes simultaneously has unexpected results. Track View Clips now have details in Help Module Aim Assist remains visible after dragging outside of Clips View Show Snap Assist when dragging clips to a different project Clip name moves up a pixel when right-edge crop reaches it Muted clips cause crossfades when overlapping non-muted clips Dragging Punch range in time ruler before measure 1 shrinks range unexpectedly Staff View Mouse cursor jumps to different monitor when clicking in Staff View time ruler Notes may not appear in Staff View in some projects General fixes V-Vocal Clips do not drag copy as expected Missing Help Module text for several views/contexts Help Module Support for ProChannel EQ Fly Out Notifications only appear on primary monitor Several "importing" messages displayed when closing project after previewing MP3 files in browser Some projects can fail to cut/copy on track Delete Track can delete unintended tracks Browser drag preview image now aligned to bottom right of cursor Track View key bindings are not listed in Preferences dialog when using Basic lens Dragging clips between projects can fail to create a new track in destination project Keyboard shortcut for Show/Hide Clip Properties does not hide Mouse cursor flickers between arrow and ibeam when moving mouse over automation lanes External Insert can be dragged from Browser to clip Dragging Punch range in time ruler doesn't update time rulers in other views Note about localization Please be aware that any new strings introduced in this build have not yet been localized.
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    Forgive me for linking to a blog post, but I've written up a little case study on using an Aux track to handle automating FX level for multiple tracks using a single envelope. I hope someone out there finds it useful. The Prodigal Sounds Blog - Another Way to skin an FX Send
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    Thanks! I've used the "print screen" key from the keyboard, and pasted it into any image editor. Then saved it as JPG. But then I couldn't take advantage of the full resolution uploading it straight to the forum, so what I did was to upload it to https://imggmi.com and paste the link here under the "insert image from URL" option.
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