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    That's why God made acoustic guitars. šŸ˜‹
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    Like fans? But they require power, too! Ahh, now I understand, you mean windmills! šŸ˜‰
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    Everyday is Barnfest where I live. And a brownout is a whole different thing.
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    Leerdammer, no f...ing way. Leave that for the Dutchies. Iā€™m in sweet Ravenna now. Love those female buffaloes. Edith: When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore. Me: No f...ing way, woman.
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    You guys who are living that close to the event horizon are taking a lot of chances. Fleer's over in Europe somewhere eating Leerdammer sandwiches and barking at the moon and he still gets caught in the gravity well!
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    no more compressors?? that would be major turnaround of the whole market
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    The ones that I use over and over are Miroslav Philharmonic 2 and Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Instruments and sometimes Halion Symphonic Orchestra. I'm no expert at strings but just use whatever sounds right to my ears in a song (usually pop/rock genre).
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    Yes, the 2019-07 changelog is pretty large. There has been consistent history of updates and fixes since BandLab acquired Cakewalk. See https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aFOe_zJrd3x2EnaZ_Jc3iSbZPG2WANiCD4_RP83OjlA/edit
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    Your suspicion is wrong. Just take a look at this months update. It has more bug fixes than I've seen in any update within the past year.
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    Hi, Gary, Grem and Simeon, Wow, this is an absolutely fantastic and very beautiful piece of music!šŸ˜€ Excellent songwriting and arrangement, Simeon's piano performance is powerful and very moving, the instrumental performances and orchestration are outstanding, and Gary's vocals are deep with emotion and really phenomenal! The mix is top notch, perfect for the genre, and radio-ready sounding to me. Wonderful collaboration, guys, and Grem, I'm sure that your friend, Dina is very happy somewhere and smiling about this amazingly beautiful tribute!šŸ˜€ Best Wishes, Bob
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    Session Strings non-Pro is kind of weak https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/cinematic/session-strings/comparison-chart/ Session Strings Pro is pretty decent (and Session Strings Pro 2 is really decent). All of them are more likely better fits for Pop/Rock than Hyperion Elements. While this sale (and the coupon for Micro purchasers) is a pretty good deal, I think it's fair to bet an offer this good will come again. You might have to wait a while but this isn't a one time, once in a lifetime, never to be repeated, not to be missed deal. They will be releasing more Hyperion String libraries, so there will be no end to deals anytime soon. Given you already have micro, I'd say you don't have to get this. Micro does cover a lot of basic ground. Take the time and use Session Strings and Hyperion Micro and work out what your missing. When you know what you really need, deciding on Hyperion Elements won't be that hard. On the other hand if you need/want a Kontakt Player string library and don't require crazy articulations/features this is about the best price/value I've seen. For me it's biggest problem is that it doesn't do anything vastly different or better than every other string library I have does. I have so many string libraries that this one just doesn't shine above the rest for any task. It has potential though and is nice enough to work with it might be a good choice for "I just want a string library, nothing fancy".
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    Imagine combining a cello, a warm analog synth, a nylon-stringed guitar, a glassy FM synth and a delayed palm-muted electric into the same riff ā€“ easily. Riff Generation: Outside In Edition does this. Based around a set of musical parameters that you control, the engine combines electric, acoustic and hardware synth sounds into one-of-a-kind combinations of melody, rhythm and sound design with the press of a button. Riff Generation: Outside In Edition will be available Wednesday, but take a moment today to checkout what it sounds like.
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    Thanks for all the comments on the song. Here is the video and re-mastered.
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    Uh oh I had better not tell you when I'm there next time (kidding of course) But if you're close too we should have a meetup some time! I go when I can to visit my parents, its quite nice.
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    Look at you making it easy for me Thanks!
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    I will check dates and such and see if I can be there! I've always got a place to stay when there, so if schedule permits I may just see you at the next one.
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    To Mesh, a brownout is AKA, "bad product".
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    Loving the new Smart Tool options! It's so much easier to fly around when arranging without needing to specifically hit on the upper/lower halves of clips. And that's just the beginning...
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    I was in Utrecht all last week and only felt a slight dampening of the gravitational pull...but that might have been GDPR at work. Save yourself, Fleer, whilst Lars' power is out!!!
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    With that screenshot of the GUI the Kontakt is pretty much implied. And making libraries available in the free Kontakt Player means paying some serious cash to Native Instruments so for small manufacturers it's quite not a viable option. But Sharine is great, some of the best shakers around.
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    RexRed I think I commented on the "vintage" sound of one of your previous songs and this one also has that nice 50s or 60s feel to it. You know, back when music was good. Interesting that you manually adjusted the levels of each voc syllable - hey I'm not the only one :-). Enjoyed the song and have to say your singing is ready for prime time.
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    N.Y. area was hit hard too. I got myself a 25kW Generac to keep the whole house up & running.
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    Larry, I'm in Livonia and we're still dealing with brownouts...but still got SOME juice. Gonna be cooler today. Maybe we should ask Bandlab to donate a generator to keep the forum humming!
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    and wind instruments and hammond organ! ... ... ..umm... maybe not
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    get additional 70% off intro price for ā‚¬26.70 use code: STRANGERCODE100
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    Is it possible you are using some older plug ins that don't play nice in Windows 10, Cakewalk 64 bit ?
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    Are you able to reproduce the errors? If so, details the steps to reproduce them. Sending your project file and the minidumps as detailed here will also help.
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    Thanks Bob. Means a lot. It really does. Simeon's piano work is over the top I thought. He really got it right. It's just top notch. The strings are very expressive. His work with the choir voices really stepped it up at the end. He just did an outstanding job. And Gary mixed this really well. I mean he put a spit and shine on it that I just couldn't believe when I heard it. When he sent me the first version of his vocal, I listened to it on my cell phone. And even on that device I could hear he did something to the mix I sent him! And I told him, you must have done something to the mix, cause I can hear the difference. Then he also got it mastered. Can't thank him enough. : )
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    Ed, if I told you I'd have to do you in. LOL
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    Freddy J: Hey, Freddy, How are you, buddy? Hope you're doing great!šŸ˜€ Thanks so much, Freddy, I'm really grateful that you liked the song, and also that you, Jesse and Lynn caught on to my subtle attempt at mimicking gear shifting with drum fills and slight tempo changes. I sincerely appreciate your input and kind words of encouragement! Thanks again for your friendship and support, Freddy, greatly appreciated!šŸ‘šŸ˜€ Have a good one! Bob
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    One for every member of the band is a good thing. Two for the drummer is even better! šŸ˜†
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    Thanks for the replies/suggestions. Revisiting my various plug-ins is definitely now on my to-do list. Since I only discovered that Cakewalk was very much alive two-days ago, my catch-up list is growing exponentially! I still don't know why I didn't see it on 4-4-2018! (I only saw the web-based thing.) Plans include going back to some C-64/Dr. T/KCS tunes ported to TTS's Cakewalk for MS-DOS ages ago to update some old favorites. Steve
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    looks like an opportunity to contact support@cakewalk.com
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    Love this stuff as Iā€™m into cinematic sounds and these are some of the best. But on top of that, at last great cinematic libs with a top class GUI. Sweet to work with.
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    Wow, I think you knocked this one out of the park. I particularly like your vocal delivery, and harmonica. The arrangement is simple, but it allows all the performances to shine. All your work paid off!
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    Laid back sunny track. Your singing is expressive- I can feel what you're feeling. Its all good. Cheers, Bert
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    Deal is still on. Good through July 22nd.
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    Wow. The vocal delivery was so authentic and emotional, without being sappy. The video supported everything. And the string parts were really strong. Nice job! -Tom
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    Hey Rembrandt eat your heart out . My pic might only be a still photo . As we all know . I don't rank as high around here as CC Larry does . Yeah that won't stop me because I'm still going to Wally-world to get a frame for it and hang it on my wall right over my fireplace . Now I can spend all day looking at this cool looking synth and get nothing done šŸ¤£ All kidding aside I did enjoy the videos Tracktion has up on that synth ... Kenny
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    Nice old-time feel and sound. Solid performance
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    With this release we focused on allowing lanes to be used as an arrangement tool in addition to comping. Ideally I think the feature could be called something like "track lanes" as opposed to take lanes now, since its not restricted to the recording workflow. You are free to use lanes as a scratchpad for different variations of track ideas whether they come from actual recorded takes or from other sources (clips in project, imported files etc). With the enhanced drag and drop and copy paste functionality all operations are now fully integrated with lanes so should work seamlessly. When dragging in other data you can choose to disable the comping features and arrange the clips in any manner before you decide to start the comping process. You can also choose to layer and have audio clips in lanes sound simultaneously if that's what you want in this workflow. In fact for those who used the old pre-X series layers, you should now be able to do all of that and more by using the tools appropriately. There are also big improvements to automation lanes and clip envelopes when doing copy paste between tracks or lanes that should make editing with automation lanes a smoother experience. Additionally thanks to a report from one of our users, we fixed a longstanding issue with recording in take lanes that would end up with incorrectly cropped clips in lower lanes. Overall we hope you will find arrangement and comping in tracks to be a much more enjoyable and intuitive experience in this update. Let us know if you see any issues.
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    šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘ absolutely brilliant...Iā€™m in tears.
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    This takes my breath away!!! Wow, I am just overwhelmed! This is really the best "Sonar" (CbB) ever! Thanks a lot, Bakers!
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    Yes, I have seen that on at least three occasions I can recall. Once it was a defective power supply. Once it was dust-clogged fans. The third time it was defective capacitors on the motherboard (if anyone remembers the Dell fake-cap episode some years ago). So yup, it's hardware. First step: open your computer and give it a thorough cleaning, especially the power supply and CPU fans.
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    No comment on the vocal @AndyB01 (well know fact Wookiee singing kills all none Wookiee life forms within a Par Sec) I like this it has a very heartfelt delivery, I am obviously hearing the remix, though you have said it still needs a tweak or three. Will keep the furry ears on the lookout for such.
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