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    Hello everybody, again! Once in a while you do something that feels like you are really having an impact on your industry or art. Almost 15 years ago I designed and released the very first M/S Mastering EQ plugin (bx_digital), which was the first plugin I ever created by the way. Since then Brainworx and Plugin Alliance have had many 'hits' which have changed the way many people produce music and mix audio in general. But... today I feel like tomorrow we are about to release something that is so much bigger than any single plugin concept could ever be, so I wanted to reach out to you again and give you a status report. Since my last email to you we have released 6 fantastic new plugins, all of which will finally be available to you from tomorrow on: Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor (Native & Improved) Focusrite Studio Console (TMT) Purple Audio MC77 (1176 on steroids) Ampeg V-4B (Bass Amp) Diezel VH4 (Guitar Amp) ProAudioDSP DSM V3 (Dynamic Spectrum Mapper) THE BIG ONE - NOT ONLY 6 NEW PLUGINS! But... the real news, the big one, which we will be sharing with you all in just a few hours, is that we haven't just developed some exciting new plugins. Instead, we will be introducing a whole new way for you to use a much larger selection of our plugins in your productions! A larger selection, more affordable and more flexible than ever before. The Plugin Alliance repertoire now contains more than 100 plugins from 28 different brands. Let that sink in! And we know from listening toyou on social media and from talking to our support teams that your #1 wish is to be able to afford using more of our plugins in your sessions. Without having to chase bi-daily flash sale emails or breaking the bank. We hear you! And we believe our teams have created something really outstanding in the past few months! We can't wait to invite you to all of it tomorrow. Whether you are open to new ways of getting access to the tools you want and/or need, or whether you want to continue buying your favorite plugins from us the traditional way. EXPECT 2 EMAILS TOMORROW! So, while we will invite you to a NEW service tomorrow, we want to make sure YOU can choose exactly how you want to get your hands onto our established and brand-new plugins. For that reason we have decided to send you not one, but two completely separate emails in a few hours. Email 1 will have various voucher codes for you, for all 6 of our new releases. Combine those codes with our new and improved Dynamic Discounts, and you'll be able to purchase these 6 plugins for way less than people who are not signed up for our email newsletters. This is our way to say thank you for following our marketing activities. The 2nd email though will finally invite you to rethink our old business model and take a close look at our new offering! IT'S PERSONAL! All the emails will be personalized by the way! You'll get two customized offers based on the number of different PA licenses you already own and the amount of money you spent with us in the last year. We have spent weeks analyzing our data and trying to come up with best and fairest offer for each and every single one of you. As you know PickPack is no more, so there won't be specific PickPack offers anymore, but since we gifted you all 10 of your PickPack licenses most of you now fall under the Heavy Hitter category anyway (a Heavy Hitter at PA owns 20+ different licenses). If I can ask you for just one thing: Please read both of our emails before you visit plugin-alliance.com tomorrow! We may have something for you that is almost too good to be true, at least this was the reaction we got from most of the people we spoke to internally when dreaming up our new vision for you. THE (PLUGIN) DEAL OF YOUR LIFETIME What we are about to send you tomorrow... internally we call it the 'Deal Of Your Lifetime'. And we believe that you will be pleasantly surprised (maybe shocked?) and happy to find out what the hell we are even talking about for the last few weeks now. 😉 I wished I could just tell you everything right now, but we are preparing the final assets for the launch as you read this. And we are determined to deliver a flawless, quality release. So please bear with us for just a few more hours! I mainly wanted to make sure personally you all know already that there will be two options to choose from tomorrow. No matter which concept you prefer, we are looking forward to continue helping you make everything you do sound better! Best wishes, and we will definitely be in touch again shortly! Dirk & the PA Team
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    Damn, I am so so curios 😞
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    After everything is installed, the Command Center is not necessary unless something gets messed up and needs to be reinstalled. Removing the Command Center does not free up much space (<100MB). If you have not archived the installers from the Command Center cache, this is something to do that will free up quite a bit of disk space. The default for the download cache is a hidden folder - "C:\ProgramData\Cakewalk\Command Center\Downloads"
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    I’ve been on the fence for Lunaris since way back when. Wish someone would offer that pad machine at 80% off. Now.
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    Thanks Larry and abacab for the recommendation 👍🏻 Luftrum 10 does indeed sound greaaat!
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    If you have Iris or Iris 2 I would highly recommend his Luftrum 10 sound bank, containing 74 amazing presets!!! https://www.luftrum.com/luftrum10/ With the 40% off code"icecubeswouldalsomelt", you can have it for $13.80 (normally $23) until July 28th. He has also created sound banks for Diva, Zebra, Hive, Repro-5, Dune 2&3, Omnisphere, and others (prices vary). Just listening to the Luftrum 19 sound demos for Repro-5 makes me want to buy that synth! I tried the Repro-5 demo and I think it sounds slightly better than Diva! https://www.luftrum.com/luftrum19/
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    Here is another video showing how you can use MCabinet with IRs you already have. I hope you find this useful.
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    When TH3 is re-installed, it will reset, and default to "stereo" under the master controls (the "Master" button to the left of the tuner). That has caused issues in the past for me, so make sure that the "In source" is set to the proper mono channel there.
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    This. Even if you want to blow off steam in the forum, it's helpful to add this, because members of the dev and beta teams read the forum. Bugs may seem random, but often they are not as random as they seemed at first if you keep your awareness up while you are watching for them to manifest. With the spacebar transport control bug, you say that it only happens after you start and stop it many times. How many, and are there certain activities in between the starts and stops? Is it with audio projects, MIDI, mixed? Projects with certain plug-ins? Melodyne? People outside the development process think that finding bugs is easier than it actually is. We can't just tell a developer "sometimes I can't stop the transport with the spacebar" and expect them to read through the code and "oh, I see, there it is, that's where the code has a problem!" It takes a team of people to find something like this, and the first step, always, is figuring out how to get it to manifest 100% of the time, and that's where you can help.
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    I know lets lets roll out a giant epic sale and price structure change on Amazon Prime Day. Brilliant!
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    Hm, maybe they want to charge proportionally to time used with plugin as opposite to normal subscription model? 👀
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    40% off https://www.luftrum.com/?fbclid=IwAR2QZ_6ES_VtIGrjOQ_myKv015PZCbpV_fOl8pmMmVsD4MbA3giRFcKjQL4
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    Of course, you keep his van.
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    If my understanding is correct, Halion in Steinberg's competitor to Kontakt. My personal preference would be with Kontakt: last I read, Kontakt has a larger variety of libraries, and you don't have to bother with elicenser either. NI also occasionally offer some great deals on Kontakt library bundles.
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    Really good playing on a really good tune! I think the tambourine and vocals might be a tiny bit loud, but the mix otherwise sounds great to me. Great work!
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    $19.99 to $29.99 - Extra discount with code FORUM at JRR https://www.jrrshop.com/psp?dir=desc&amp;order=special_from_date
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    Blimey! Now that's playin' boy .... great stuff .... Steve
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    Yes, and you should post about it in the forum section that's dedicated to talking all about creating themes with the Theme Editor. People who read that section would be glad to see it, and if you have any questions about creating themes, there are some experienced people there: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/forum/31-ui-themes/
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    This is a nice video.
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    Some nice playing Kenny. Really like the touch you use. Sounds like you played it on a guitar like in the pic!
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    The Cakewalk Command Center like all Cakewalk products are not being maintained. That said, the Command Center is useful for installing and activating SONAR Home/Artist/Professional and Platinum. All of these have plug-ins not bundled with CbB. All the plug-ins bundled with 64bit SONAR may be used in CbB. Some of the later plug-ins bundled with Professional and Platinum require those products be installed for their installers to run.
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    Please submit Cakewalk exact steps how to reproduce an issue. Also include full system specifications and a showcase project of your problem. You could also use screen2gif or similar screen capture program to show developers exact steps how to produce the issue. Cakewalk fixes bugs actively - just look at the list of fixes on each release. You can participate by submitting problem reports. Ranting on user forum does not help much.
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    Have to agree with this. I use a lot of Melda plug-ins but have to rely on their video tutorials when it comes to gaining a deeper understanding of what is available 'under the hood' A newbie clicking the 'Edit' button on the GUI might need to have medic standing by...😮
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    Keep in mind, users who stay current receive an update installer that only works on the previous production install. The update installer is not a full version,
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    This doesn't sound like a bug as much as probably a system specific issue. Can you list out your full specs ? Could be a driver for a device freezing up.
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    Just an update for anyone looking at this old thread: I gave up on the Arturia Controller. With the limited way I was able to set it up it didn't feel like I was speeding up my workflow at all. Did not feel intuitive or like I was going to get the hang of it eventually. Also the controller doesn't have a on/off switch which is pretty disappointing, considering it has a bunch of lights going off when its idle. So the alternative is plugging and unplugging from the usb cable which is cumbersome and I'm sure not good over time. However I must say, the Arturia sound catalog is amazing. I was able to re-sell the controller and keep the synths (Analog Lab 4). I purchased a Nektak Impact GX61 that seamlessly integrates with Cakewalk, and a NanoKontrol 2 for the physical faders and knobs. Nice little piece of equipment that works with Cakewalk as well.
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    The paid for EQ's from Melda are even more awesome. A fair few of them can capture EQ from hardware devices, so you can emulate it in your plugin. You can also export it as a IR.
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    This is an awesome feature. Basically it's a sidechain input where you can apply eq. I do this with my hardware eq. The Rupert Neve Shelford Channel has this feature built in. You can high-pass what the compressor sees. This helps you avoid over-compression on the low end or triggering the vocal compressor with the bass player who's booming. Another way to use the Melda EQ before the the compressor is if you want to use the compressor as an old school de-esser, you can just pass the S sounds heavily magnified. When your compressor is on a vocal track without much cymbal bleed it will work as a solid old-school de-esser. Having the EQ right there in the plugin just makes it easier to do this. Now practically, once you're done tracking, I don't see much advantage to this technique over using purpose built tools. But live, there's no other way. 🙂 And I do successfully do it for folks performing live. Mic in to the RME and sent out on 2 channels. One has the EQ for de-essing or passing the bass so it only triggers on the vocal itself -- the other for compressing and sending to the mains. With a band it can be hard to get the vocalist to be loud enough to not have the bass trigger the compression all the time. Idk. My experience. For a zero latency de-esser, there's nothing like and eq and compressor. The only drag is the hardware is heavy. I too am a heavy Melda user. Probably my most common plugin is MAutoAlign b/c I use so many instances of it. But I also use Spectral Dynamics a lot. Now, to be honest, doubling back to the old multiband compressors that shipped with Cakewalk a zillion years ago you can get almost the same sound by setting the compressor to always-on at a low ratio. The technique is what Spectral Dynamics enforces as much as anything. I mean, yeah, it's better than a 6 band compressor, but idk how much better. A little. The idea is the same. If you don't own Spectral Dynamics, try the LP MB (do they give that away??) with a really low ratio as always on. As another thought, it's awesome to perform with the fx in place. That way, you can control your S's as the performer, hearing the de-esser at work. You can sing into the compressor and work it. I think that's the coolest. I mean, it's great to apply fx after the fact that the performer didn't hear during the performance. That can help make a great tape. But if the performer can hear the impact during the performance, it can change the performance, enhancing it.
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    all my favourite singers can't sing The mix shows that you don't like the sound of your own voice - up the vocal volume - I can barely hear it. Lyrics and tune are great.
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    I agree with Tom, I couldn't have said it better. Your work and effort shine here so hit us in the face! Carry on, bro...
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    That's a nice set! Of lava lamps. 😀
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    Did you try the free Halion Sonic 3 trial yet? Fully functional for 30 days. Included with the Halion 6 trial. https://www.steinberg.net/en/products/steinberg_trial_versions/halion.html
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    The PRV is a MIDI editor and cannot directly affect audio data. Cakewalk does not have a sampler but there are several free plug-ins that will do the job. In this case, Sitala looks like a good fit. Another frequently mentioned free sampler is TX16Wx.
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    See that little emoticon at the end of my sentence? That means it was a joke. Get it? You posted about the wrong forums being used and I said your post was in the wrong forum. That's funny.
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    I frequently see Nexus recommended for dance music style, and it's regarded as a "ROMpler", so it's good for the non-programmer. https://refx.com/nexus/ It start at $249.99 (which puts it just under your $250 limit), and many factory expansions are available. As far as the u-he synths go, they are probably some of the best, especially if you are into tweaking and programming. But synths like Diva are intended to model the sound of vintage analog synths. Excellent sound quality, but you would probably need to tweak it to get your sounds. Zebra is a programmer's dream synth with endless possibilities for designing "way out there" sounds. Instead, you could try their Hive synth which is more oriented to modern music. $149 and a demo is available. Scroll down the page and click on the "Demo tracks" link to hear some demo tracks made with Hive 2: https://u-he.com/products/hive/
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    I have found their support to excellent normally get a result in 24 hours. Are you using the Arturia Software centre to install and manage the software @kakku?
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    Login to you Arturia account and raise a ticket they will very quickly sort you out @kakku
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    @kakku What do you mean they have changed the licencing thingy?
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    Are u sure this is the correct forum for this? 😜
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    I think this post belongs in the Feedback Loop forum. 😛
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    Bjorn, stop it! We never say "we suck," We say, "I do my thang, my way...damn to the detractors. I shall not be one, especially unto myself (Which you did say, but not until after you said you suck.) I suggest to leave the suck part out, you will meet more folks just like you. Great simple tune, with meaning.
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    So there is no misunderstanding here... I am not that talented. I have took backing tracks and rebuilt them and added my own vocal.
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    Cool song gentlemen. Having just listened to this the first time the new drums have been added and they sound good to me. Love the lyrics and the vocals are very well done; however, my ancient old ears do find them just a tad too bright. That observation might be due to the fact that as I have accumulated years, everything on the low end has become more muted and the high end has become more dominant. True to my nature, I believe that is just the opposite as to what is supposed to happen. The over performance and mix sound good to me and I think that you have done yourself proud.
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    There are a few things about the AUD.INI. None of which appear to big performance issues but each machine is different. The project and picture cache are on the system drive. Given the machine has multiple drives, it may be better to put these elsewhere. This may already be done with directory junctions. Can't tell from AUD.INI entries. If possible put the picture cache on a non-system drive that does not contain project audio. I use a regular HD for my project audio and needed a little larger DiskBufSize. I double the default to 512. UseMMCSS is set to 0. The default is 1 and the help advises to leave it at 1. Sometimes the help is not accurate but it may be worth testing the default value. FileBitDepth is set to 16. This is not a performance issue but most would recommend projects record bit depth of at least 24. ExtraPluginBufs is set to 0. With 32GB of RAM it can't hurt to give a little extra memory to plug-ins. I changed this to 32. DropoutMsec is set to 250. I increased this on my PC to 750. With the exception of UseMMCSS and FileBitDepth, I cannot recommend my values for any machine but my own. These just stand out as differences from my config.
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    CbB will use all the CPUs made available by the OS. One the thing I noticed about the Xeon E5420 is its slow clock speed. This could be an issue. That said, WRT to CbB settings, in preferences: EnableSetThreadIdealProcessor should be True ThreadSchedulingModel should be set to 2 You may try tweaking MixThreadCount. By default, it is set to 0 which makes all cores available to CbB. Sometimes, it is preferable to reserve 1 or 2 for the OS and other tasks.
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