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    Well, it is worth noting that Albion ONE has weakness, too. These are just my 5 cents worth, but for the sake of perspective: 1) I really don't much like the brass patches in Albion ONE and almost never use them. There are some nice bits and pieces here and there, but overall the brass is rather synthy and never struck me as overly detailed or realistic. This is particularly true of the high brass, which is quite unconvincing to my ears. The mid brass is okay, and mid brass legato patch has a nice vibe to it, but the note range is more restricted than I'd like. 2) The strings are really nice, beautifully recorded onto 2" tape, and then converted to digital. So they have a real gloss to their sound. But they offer one specific kind of sound, and so if you are looking to summon a more intimate vibe, or work with divisi stuff or similar, you won't have much luck with Albion ONE. Basically, there is an Albion sound that is very particular to this library, and beyond changing the mic mix (which has limited effect, in my experience) you're stuck with that sound. I don't mind, as it suits me perfectly, but others might feel different about it. Also, the vibrato is not overly...vibrato-ish. Applying vibrato does make a difference, and it's quite nice -- but its more of an additional layer of texture added over the string than a real sense of the players applying deliberate vibrato. It works, but I find it has to be used judiciously, or the strings start to sound a bit synthy. 3) The Albion ONE string legato patches are very subdued in terms of legato transitions. The transitions are there, but not nearly as dramatic or swoopy as others, and there is no portamento. They also don't break the legatos out by individual sections (violins, cello, etc), but are broken out as simply Strings High, Mid and Low, and they use a lot of stacked octaves and similar. They work fine, but if you want more flexibility and tonal options, these are not the patches you want to use. 4) The Darwin Percussion patches have some nice sounds, but I have always found them hard to use, as the calibration between velocity layers is rather twitchy and abrupt. The sounds are big and boomy and resonant (except the high sticks), and all the percussion patches are really of one flavour: big, intense movie trailer thunder. Which is fine and useful, but limited in range. I'm not really into that sort of Zimmer-esque tribal, storm-drum routine, so aside from the Easter Island hits (which are deeep, thrumming booms that I often employ on transitions), I don't fire up the Darwin Percussion all that much, as I prefer to use more classical percussion. 5) In all honesty, I never use the Brunel Loops, and likely never will. They are fine, and when I've poked around that section of Albion ONE I have found some fun sounds and useful loops. But that kind of music is not where my current interests lie, so the Brunel Loops are not a huge factor to me. Basically, I like Albion ONE a lot because certain parts of it are perfectly suited to my tastes and the kind of music I want to do, and so they have become central to my working template. But other parts are not and don't see any significant use. It's clearly a well made and professional product with real polish, and it works as advertised. And even the weaker parts of the library can be coaxed into producing great music, judging by the demos on the Spitfire site. They do sound amazing, and I have no doubt that with proper care its possible to evoke all that from Albion ONE. But it won't be for everyone, and how much use you get out of Albion ONE will depend on how much it's baked in sound and overall patch design suits your tastes and working style. I figured I should mention all this, as it is always nice to know as much as possible about a product - both good and bad - before spending a few hundred bucks on it. It would be great if companies made demo versions of their big libraries available to try, as I hate dropping money on a library that sounds great in theory but doesn't turn out to be what I was looking for. I'm pretty sure we've all had that experience. Rob
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    It s one of the most classy reveb around , not vulgarous if you see what i mean , like the sp2016 from eventide ... i did a small walkthrought there ...
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    This is exactly the reason why I have begun to unzip most plugin installers with "innounp.exe" and then install only the wanted items by hand!!! I have enough of all this (for me) unused AAX stuff, Windows menus (with useless uninstaller and web page links...), 32-bit Vsts, and so on ... In addition I experienced that many uninstallers are unreliable, i.e. they leave rubbish behind (so it's better to do it by hand!). I also prefer to install the documentation files in one single place, because it is a mess with all those plugin providers: They have a lot of phantasy to install their docus in so many different places that you never find them! And VST3 it is a real chaos: Some copy the vst3s barely into the main folder, some under a "provider" subfolder, ... Frankly, I prefer the old way plugins were delivered: With a simple zip file! But today there are not many providers doing it in such a user friendly way!!! Based on my experience it is also much simpler to install the plugins on multiple systems by hand, than with those cluttered installers! Many even do not remember the directory and install settings when you do an update. Each time you have to select the same things (very stupid). But now I am much happier as I have found the solution with innounp. I put then the contents into a zip file (only the things I need) for history and for the other systems, very nice!
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    The ADSR Sample Manager post is already halfway down page 2 because Larry floods this forums with deal posts. 😲 If I don't chime in on something as it flies by, it'll scoot off the radar so fast that I forget to find it again later.
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    For the benefit of these inquiries that come up from time to time here, and people who wonder about the consequences of possibly misusing their installation media for old versions of Sonar, I'd like to point some things out. None of it, as you will see if you (not likely) read it is legal advice, and I'm not a lawyer. It's mostly stuff that everyone knows but doesn't stop to consider. If someone has greater knowledge of IP, contract, and civil law and anything I say isn't true, please let me know. (James, this isn't directed at you specifically, more anyone who's pondering what they might do in this situation) When it comes to software, typically what the license agreement covers is the use of the ones and zeroes on the media, not the media itself, except for using it in ways that encourage illegal copying. In other words, you can't mount the disk as a network share and put it on the Internet for people to download, you can't burn copies for people to use to make unlicensed installations, etc. The OP (presumably) purchased a license to use the program. Software EULA's even back then typically didn't come with any prohibitions regarding what could be done with the physical media the program came on, merely the contents of it. Usually, there was language explicitly permitting these contents to be backed up (backing up of media became a consumer right granted by a court decision). Unless Sonar had unusual language in its licensing agreement, there should not have been any prohibition against using the installation media to install a copy of the software for the purpose of activating it with another legal license. If such were the case, then companies who purchased multiple copies would have been presumably bound by it to maintain all their original installation media and implement tracking to make sure that each originally-supplied CD-ROM was used to install the program on one single licensed workstation at a time. When I was still working my IT day job 20 years ago I knew of no software that didn't allow for sharing a copy of the installation media among multiple computers as long as the target computer was licensed to use the contents. Activation may have depended on information encoded into the media, but again, 20 years ago I knew of no company, especially not in consumer software, that was still doing this. This means that you can use your installation media any way you wish, as colorful shiny mobiles, drink coasters, to install multiple legally-licensed copies in your studio complex, whatever, just never for installing unlicensed or improperly licensed copies of its contents. Next, even if it could somehow be shown to be against the terms of the license agreement to use the media (or a copy of its contents) for the purpose of installing a legally licensed copy on a 3rd parties computer, that wouldn't make it "illegal" in the same way that shoplifting or stealing a car is illegal. By which I mean that if some law enforcement agency somehow learned about someone doing it ("stealing SONAR? I think you want to talk to the FCC or Coast Guard about that"), they would not take steps to prevent it or punish it. The injured party (presumably the now-defunct Cakewalk, Inc.) would have to lawyer up and take them to court to obtain whatever damages they thought they were entitled to. In a case of the action being against the EULA, that might be the list price of a single seat license plus whatever attorney's fees. Any decent defense attorney would make mincemeat out of the plaintiffs on the basis that no harm whatsoever was done, therefore, no damages. No court is going to make someone pay damages because they helped someone out whose hard drive and the company that made their installation media died. The current owners of the Cakewalk and Sonar brands and most of the intellectual property on the disc give away the main part of it for free. For the bundled software, the situation would be the same as described above (except probably with even fewer restrictions): they don't care as long as the installation is legal, and if they did, they would have to find out about your misdeed, hunt you down, and take you to a court that would promptly throw the whole thing out. If all of the oddball things somehow happened, someone was taken to court by ZombieCakewalk Inc. and lost, they'd be told to pay what the court decided and that's it. No criminal record, no cops hunting them down. And when I say "be told to pay," that's all the court does. Tells the losing party they are obligated to pay. It falls back to the winning party to actually try to collect. (BandLab could maybe theoretically take someone to court over a broken Sonar license, but given the current licensing scheme for Cakewalk, that seems....unlikely) That's what I have to say about possible legal consequences. As far as moral questions? The company that wrote the agreement no longer exists. People who bought their licenses expecting not to have to worry about losing their media because Cakewalk, Inc. had been around for 20 years already and didn't seem to be going anywhere are who I'd consider to have taken a beating. The EULA, if it did have language preventing legal installations to 3rd-party computers, and it probably didn't, was written under the assumption that situations like this would never occur, that someone like the OP would be able to phone up and get a replacement disk for a nominal fee. That, of course, is no longer true.
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    Reminds me of time when I had one too many and had to negotiate a downhill trip back home 😜 .. Very clever, typical you .... Stay well my friend Steve
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    I went a head and got these and installed them. It did let me uncheck AAX, 32-bit versions and 64 bit versions (I just installed the 64 bit VST3 versions). But after fiddling with them for a few minutes I was pretty much underwhelmed. They aren't bad, but they really don't bring anything to the table. When I built the new machine this winter I just skipped moving over lots of magazine ware and freeware. These would have been in that category.
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    I liked it Wookie. Would of liked a little low end rumple to create some tension is the only thing I can think of.
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    There's also a 25% discount on Groove Monkee products using this discount code: dfq25 And you can find more discount codes at: http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/deals.asp -- Scott R. Garrigus - http://www.garrigus.com * Cakewalk SONAR Video Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/user/ScottGarrigus?sub_confirmation=1 * Author of the Cakewalk Sonar and Sony Sound Forge Power book series: http://garrigus.com/?PowerBooks * Publisher of the DigiFreq music recording newsletter: http://www.digifreq.com/ * Publisher of the NewTechReview consumer tech newsletter: http://www.newtechreview.com/
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    So, here's another Theme for you, M-Lux Orange with a blue version, M-Lux Blue. (Updated May 9th 2019 to fix an issue with the Event List/Viewer) M-Lux Orange has mostly orange buttons and text and was the initial color choice intended for this theme. M-Lux Blue has had all the orange buttons and text changed to blue with the exception of the input echo button as this is the chosen color for this function, and also the transport pause button which has been changed to yellow. Both themes feature: Various other color buttons and text. A smooth, slightly shiny rubber effect on buttons and the same effect but darkened on display windows makes them look a bit more like, well, display windows, ie: effects in the fx rack, loop, select, transport etc. Highly transformed Prochannel PC4K Compressor, PC-76 Compressor, Eq and Eq Fly-out backgrounds. My usual helpful green=on / red=off fx bin bypass button, and a red background for separately bypassed effects, these are as standard in all my themes as they make it so easy to see at quick glance across the tracks what is bypassed and what isn’t. Cakewalk’s ‘Mercury’ theme style knobs but with a more metallic effect to the color and also with the position indicator surround as seen in Cakewalk’s ‘Tungsten’ theme, I believe this is the first theme to ever feature this and it’s even on knobs that don’t even feature that in ‘Tungsten’. And a dose of luxurious goodness. Free Download Here... M-Lux Orange and M-Lux Blue Cakewalk Themes Tip Jar, should you wish to send me a tip for my time and efforts creating my Themes... https://paypal.me/MatthewJohnWhite (No Paypal Account needed if you don't have one) M-Lux Orange Track View M-Lux Blue Console View M-Lux Eq, PC4K Compressor and Eq fly-out
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    The former is now open source. The last beta can be downloaded for PC, Mac and Linux here: https://surge-synthesizer.github.io/#downloads
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    For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to get Cakewalk by Bandlab to run in a good way on my DAW machine. This is after almost a year of using Reaper as my main DAW. Cakewalk appeals to me due to familiarity and some pretty slick features such as Pro Channel, which I always loved. My experience so far hasn't been as good as I'd hoped. I've had issues with crackling audio while using certain plugins, at least one flat out crash, crackling audio on a track that had a section which was copy / pasted. Just a lot of random stuff. I found that Automap (which worked with legacy Cakewalk) no longer seems to work properly. Just a lot of annoying issues. These are issues that I really haven't had with Reaper. Same soundcard, same drivers, same plugins, better performance all the way around. So, I find it hard to believe that the machine has any real issues. Granted, it's not the latest and greatest on all fronts. Some of the components are getting quite old. However, the performance issues between CWbB versus Reaper are pretty eye opening. Now that brings up my question: I know a great number of people are happily using CW on a daily basis with no big issues. What am I missing here? Is is such a trick to properly configure the darned program? I didn't have to jump through hoops like this in the past. I was running SPLAT on a Quad Core Intel machine with 8gb of ram not long ago. I'm running dual Xeons with 32gb and 5.75 freaking tb of HDD spread over 4 drives for pete's sake! I don't understand. For the record, I live and breathe computers on a daily basis, so configuration and programming is my bread and butter. Any ideas are appreciated. Signed, Frustrated in Louisianastan. (I'm a multi core squirrel is a single core world)
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    Some discussion here under complex meters: https://music.indiana.edu/departments/academic/composition/style-guide/#meter To me it sounds like the best policy is to make a note of how you want the beats placed on the score and then use a more common meter, supplemented by numeric notations if that helps, leaving it up to the performer to work it out. After all the standard notation is just meant to communicate how the music is to be interpreted. Trying to jam uncommon music into the notation framework suitable for the common practice period is likely to confuse contemporary readers on first sight at least.
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    Sometimes me and the wife feel like outcasts because we don't drink.
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    I haven't touched a drop of booze or done any illegal drugs since August of 1983 . Living One Day At a Time ...is challenging even on a good day Kissing a girl that has the taste of booze and stale smoke on her breath ....nope ... No Ken Do ..been there and done that enough times to have learned my lessons. My fingers are crossed on that one because I may still suffer from the whole delusion of "this time it's gonna be different " I will take a life of not so much fun over the roller coaster ride of a life of Drama ..... There can only be One Drama Queen in my life at any given time . So if ain't gonna be her it's gonna have to be be me Kenny
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    I asked Waves tech support if it was safe to use the USB for other things once it contained my licences. This may or may not apply to your issue, so I am just providing this info in case it may help. Here was their response: "The USB can be used for other things and other files can be copied over to this USB device. Just do not move or copy the Waves folder that will be created on this USB drive upon license activation via Waves Central."
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    I came across this the other day and its very good and free. If you are anything like me and have loads of samples (I'm over 20tb) it works well. When working in video and trying to find the right sound... this is really good. https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/software/adsr-sample-manager/ While I was there I picked up a good and fast plugin for $29 NoiseAsh Vocal Finalizer https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/software/vocal-finalizer/ Great for that quick knock up while you are searching for ideas. I am not in any way associated with this company... just wanted to share what I had found. All the best to you all as always. Gary
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    Available through May 14th: https://performancesamples.com/oceania/ Rob
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    Go with whichever is easiest to read. Make note of the feel at the top of the page
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    So true, Craig. Why do we romanticize drunk girls? Sure, they're much easier to get the pants off of, but that's it. If there is even a remote chance of vomit being involved, I do not want them anywhere near my stuff. Or my electronics, either.
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    Wow! Great...EVERYTHING! It’s really nice to hear new music that’s original AND is well done...REFRESHING!😊👍👏👏👏
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    Just think how much a roll of tape would cost🙄
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    I really think it comes down to how do you feel it. Sometimes I rather have 6/8 but maybe it is my way of seeing the music on the printed page.
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    I think it's a difficult comparison to make - gullfoss seems a bit more subtle, at least at the more reasonable settings. It claims to auto eq more than 300 times per second and at a very large number of frequencies, They imply there is some kind of secret sauce to exactly how it's deciding what the ideal curve is. Gullfoss is also dynamic, in that it you can change the way it responds depending on the level of the input. It defines the two modes as "recover" and "tame". thirtyone is just a 31 band graphic eq - that can auto eq to an auto generated or user tweaked curve at a maximum of every 1/4 second. I'm not saying that thirtyone is bad - but it's not trying to do exactly the same thing as gullfoss and is seem much more basic. Still seems effective - and worth a try. Ultimately most of these kind of "auto fixing" type tools are great fun at first, but are often fixes to problems that probably shouldn't be audio in the first place. There is also a great temptation to apply these type of FX and assume it's improving the track...but different isn't always better. (just my opinion obviously) Of course playing with these plugins is much more fun that actually doing some bloomin' work
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    Hey Zo. You just made me throw years of therapy down the drain😀. Yes... I guess you can call me a synth addict 😛. Regarding Softube vs NI; in a few words, IMO presently Softube gives you the most authentic modular synth experience both sonically, by having the most precise HW emulations, and by the way they implemented the user interface. Every comment I read about it makes this point: if you want to know how it is to work with a REAL modular synth without buying HW, get the Softube modular stuff. NI's Reaktor, OTOH, as an open environment and specially because it allows users to create new devices without writing code (I'm not saying it's EASY, mind you) has the biggest variety of sound generating , sound processing , utilitarian or whatever modules you'll ever see in any modular synth environment that ever existed. If you cannot create the sound you want in Reaktor it's probably an impossible sound to create (if this ever exists). Until a few years back the biggest complain of users was the "hard to master" user interface. With the introduction of Blocks in v6 this aspect was somewhat addressed and now, with the introduction of front panel wiring in Blocks, NI finally gave a more authentic modular synth experience to its users. Comparing both I'd say I could not choose one or another. I'd have to have both, although I'm not a big fan of the Softube's UI approach. IMO, it makes some simple things hard or even impossible to do (for instance, the last time I saw there was no way to map multiple parameters to a single knob). But when you want THAT authentic analog modular sound... Softube is presently unbeatable.
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    It's really up to the composer. Personally, I would find 6/4 easier to read as the score would be less cluttered. If it only happened a few times in the piece, either way would be fine with me though. And if it only happened a few times, does the meter change aid a sight reading musician? If so it's the way to go. When writing a score, my personal opinion is that it should be as easy to sightread as possible. That includes the aforementioned time signature, but also careful about repeats, DC or DS directions, page turns, and so on. There are some who seem to want to either make it challenging or save paper to the point where it hinders a performance or requires some wood-shedding to get right. If it's easy to sight read, even those who can read but not sight read the piece will find it much easier to play. The less your brain is working on the score, the more resources you have to add expressiveness. Bob
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    Agreed. More Bass loops would work for me!!
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    Tax pros add (sum) things up by April 15, in the spring.
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    Generally 6/8 is considered to be in "2" time, e.g. ONE, two, three, TWO, two three. For 6/4 however, it can be either a slow version of 6/8 (so still 2 triplet beats) or literally 6 straight beats. So the correct time signature largely depends on the feel. If it feels like a bar of four, followed by a bar of two, then you should write it like that: e.g. 4/4 , 2/4... but if the phrase sounds like it "belongs" together as 6 notes then 6/4 is fine. However, if it's constantly going between 4/4 to 2/4, it's probably much better to write it as 6/4 simply because it's far easier to read.
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    I enjoyed the listen - especially the lead synth. I agree with one of the posters that it could use a bit more low end. Thanks for posting.
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    @SPAK I had a day like that only I when I came round somehow I had managed to get to Scotland, without a wallet, which is quite a way north from the southeast of England. Thanks for the listen and comment.
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    AND you get the FREE Metric Halo Dirty Delay...just add to cart before checkout
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    There were definitly some quality plugins coming with the Focusrite Plugin Collective (Eventide 2016 Stereo Room, D16 Group Syntorus, ...). On the other hand I am now at a point where I do not want to increase the number of plugins, it takes a lot of time to install updates and to hold my systems synchronous. And I am not at all the one that thinks that free stuff is worse than paid plugins. In the contrary, there are a quite a few purchases that I regret (real rubbish, dumped money)!
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    Autohotkey is a handy tool In this case, since you are not familiar with it, I compiled a new version of Aim Helper that supports both SONAR and CbB. The link is just above the old themes near the bottom of my Google page
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    $120.99 to be exact. The only thing I don't like about it is getting more EQs.
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    With USB, I'm not sure the interface will be the bottleneck in your system. I use a 6|8 when on the road for workshops and seminars. You will get lower latency with Thunderbolt, or an interface that hooks directly into the PCI bus (which is basically the same as Thunderbolt).
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    I think it's just the idea of uninstalling and reinstalling something and having to worry about settings being retained and all that but really uninstalling Cakewalk is not that big a deal and I believe the settings don't get lost unless you really wipe it from the system and it's something that I also did when I was having this problem, though I don't recall if it helped or not, but everyone's system is different so could be worth it.
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    I've posted here in the past about similar problems. For me (and I never 100% got to the bottom of it) it at first *appeared* to be the user-created audio track templates I was using that had BIAS Amp sims loaded in them, and I still think there may be something to that. I know for a fact that user-created midi track templates on my system are problematic, where when using a midi track template I created rather than using the standard insert midi track command, when I'd go to record on it the now time time would hang for maybe 3 seconds before recording would start and the same would happen when stopping the track, the now timeline would hang for a few seconds before rewinding itself. I don't know if you stated whether or not you're using audio track templates but maybe something is wrong with your audio track template if you are in fact using them. For me the failed recording would happen every single time on my first attempt to record audio in a track the very first time I opened the session for that day - the first attempt always failed. After messing w/ the buffers it became an intermittent issue rather than every single time when I first opened the session, but still happened. I'd press "R" on keyboard to record and it'd go along and I'd look away to play my instrument, when I was done and would look up there'd be no waveform there. Other guys had this issue and one fix was to *uncheck* the "Allow arm changes during record" - that actually fixed the problem for some people, and I currently have mine set up that way, though some people complained because they actually use that feature, but nonetheless unchecking that box fixed it for some people so maybe give that a try. Now prior to every session I disable my AV (and re-enable if I had to go online during a session) and I'd disconnect my pc from the network too, though I stopped doing that because I'd forget to. But I read Craig Anderton say something like he was able to record at super low latency (48 or something) after he disconnected from network (correct me if I'm wrong) so maybe doing so may help this issue is yours - and for some people disconnecting from the network doesn't seem to matter one way or the other, but then for some it does. I also keep a shortcut of the picture cache folder on my desktop and empty it out regularly just because.
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    What is your price range? ZOOM UAC-8 (USB 3.0) has worked great for me - around $600. I just got a PreSonus Quantum (around $1k) that is reportedly the lowest latency interface anywhere (probably so in my estimation) but you need Thunderbolt 2. I run the ZOOM's ADAT out into the Quantum for extra inputs now. Lots of great options out there, its just a question of price, # of ins/outs, connection mode and what is important to you. PS - I really miss my old girlfriends - Gina, Layla and Mona. Great interfaces.
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    You cannot go wrong with MOTU. You will get great drivers, good clean pre-amps and the piece of mind that it will perform good for you.
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    Hey there-- I'm a past and current Echo Layla and Layla 3G user. RIP for sure! They are the only PCI audio interface with that many I/O's that I could afford. My concern is the day I can no longer use my Layla 3G and have to purchase a USB interface for the exact same reason your posting here...latency. Have you considered looking at another PCIe interface? I know they're pricey, but maybe a sale, or used?
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    Albion One contains orchestra patches, percussion, synth souunds and loops. No solo instruments. Albion is a bread and butter basic composing tool and at that it beats most others. The big thing that sets Albion apart from the rest is the Air studios it was recorded in. There are things it is great at (soft playing) and things it's not really great at (detailed solo or even section writing).
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    Hi Wookie, this is a true web of sound, and quite unusual. I like the quirkiness of the time signature and the sounds you've chosen for this piece. I, too, would like to hear a little more bottom in that bass, but otherwise, this is a good sample of your prolific talent.
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    I've have over a dozen DAW's with 100's of Virtual instruments I don't play very much . Is it wrong to have all these DAW's and Virtual Instruments and not play them every day ? Kenny
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    The session went well today. Recorded 12 (Karaoke) songs for the singer today. The client is my best customer as this is the 8th CD project I've done for him.
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    Hi Wookie. I listened and it was tangled for sure 🙂
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    Outstanding! This is the kind of music that I loved in the day, and still do. This deserves wide attention, and I hope you get it. Don't take so long to finish the next album, please.
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    While waiting maybe this will do... Before the Aim Assist line was extended through buses, I wrote an autohotkey script to draw a vertical line through SONAR at the current mouse position bound to Windows+a. I compiled the script for those who did not have autohotkey installed. The original source is here. The Else If WinActive("ahk_exe i)SONARPLT.exe") needs to be updated to support CbB. I could compile a version that supports CbB if needed.
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    Guys, I just noticed the thread is being locked, but stepping in here to give my two cents and hopefully a final word on this thread. Though in the history of the internet (or humanity!) there has never been a situation in which the words "Calm down" ever succeeded in calming things down 😂, I just want to make an honest plea that we try and keep the forum friendly, because it could overshadow the importance of why threads like this are posted in the first place. --- The original comment from @Davydh was that this video was sad to see, and I 100% agree. Any time a user is disappointed by, or has experienced disappointment whilst using one of our products/platforms/services, no matter what the reason or cause, our fault or not - it's disappointing and I am personally sad to have been part of that in some way - even more so if we are personally responsible. I'm happy for people to disagree with my opinion, but hopefully being someone who is directly affected by it means it has some weight - I think it's worth going on record to say my thoughts are that there wasn't any negative intent from Scott at @ChernobylStudios - his video was one of passion, frustration and disappointment, but that's very different to actively trying to disparage the company out of ill intent. I want to go on record too to stress that in all the communication I have seen from Scott with us (as BandLab), he has consistently been passionate, respectful, detailed and always wanting to make things better with suggestions that would benefit all users, not just himself. Since our relaunch, as he correctly pointed out, we have not had yet a policy in which we could compensate creators like himself - he spoke in his livestream of truly loving Cakewalk, caring about it and wanting it to succeed, and I think the proof is in the pudding in the videos he had personally spent the time creating (uncompensated) over the last 12 months since we took over. I sincerely doubt he would actively spend hours of his own personal time creating content that helps people all around the world with a sinister motive down the road. For what he has contributed positively to the CbB community around the world, I don't think it is controversial at all to say that I am grateful and appreciative. Do I wish the cancellation video & subsequent livestream wasn't public? Of course! As someone within the company, the only thing I'd love to see out there is flowers and rainbows (and I am thankful for all of you who have been part of this, spreading the word positively across the internet), but I'm equally a firm believer that every user should be entitled to voice his/her opinion and thoughts in the same way we can do anywhere else on the internet - praise always makes one happier, but criticism is more often than not what makes us better. --- To be clear, the facts of the matter are that he seems to have had a serious issue with VST settings not saving and resetting whilst using CbB and this is a real dealbreaker for us. This is incredibly concerning, and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at your glass) we, and our extended testing team, have not been able to reproduce this on any of our devices/tests/attempts to do so. From what he described in his video, it sounds like it is not to do with VST2->VST3 persistence, so if it is really the case that something within our code is causing VST settings not to save, this is a big deal and I want to stress to everyone here that this isn't something we take lightly. We are doing everything we can to figure this out and address it as we do with every serious bug report. As per @Morten Saether's post above, this post is also an active call for anyone who has experienced this before and can replicate it to get in touch so that we can try and figure out what is causing it and ensure it doesn't happen again to any other user. --- Finally, it's also important for me to emphasise that just because CbB is free does not mean we take things less seriously or that you should expect any less from us. The way the team lives, breathes and is set up is as if it were a $1000 product that people paid for. My point of view is that anybody who uses a professional product is investing their own personal time, and frankly for a product like a DAW, the time they spend on it is ultimately worth far more than how would have paid for it outright if it was a $400 boxed product - this is a responsibility we take seriously and we are always trying to figure out ways we can support the CbB users better now it has grown so much larger than it was before. Thank you again to everybody for your support and for caring enough about CbB to speak up and to continue to be part of this community. We continue to do everything we can to make the product better - feedback from you guys is why this forum (and CbB itself) exists in the first place. How I wish we could get things done faster. If only there were more than 24 hours in the day! Yours, Meng
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    I agree. Like my PSP stuff. Old time comp is really sweet. Like their leslie sim too, but it hits the CPU hard.
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