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    Well after working through some of my computer issues, I thought I would have some fun and put a short demo/preview together. This is a little rough and I want to do a more in depth playthrough/review in the near future but thought this would get the ball rolling. You can check it out here: Looking forward to being able to make lots more music and inspiration with SampleTank 4. Thanks everyone and have a most Joyous Easter (Resurrection) weekend!
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    What ! , I think I have seen that car in my neighborhood . Some guy on Craig's List is trying to sell it ... Kenny
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    Happy happy Easter. Great time spent with families and friends and even more happy deals after
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    I have been really struggling as some of other users of late to pinpoint sources of latency and conflicts , especially when USB devices are involved. I currently am using a PreSonus Studio 6|8 USB 2 Audio Interface and just having some really annoying crackles when working with the latest update of SampleTank 4.04. I was wanting to make sure that the PreSonus was on a dedicated USB channel and found this utility that provided a clear and straightforward view of how things were connected. You can see that there is a lot going on but I was able to get the Studio 6|8 on its own by sort of trial and error connecting and checking the tree: You can learn more about this utility here: https://www.uwe-sieber.de/usbtreeview_e.html#download I now actually believe it is a SampleTank 4.04 issue as I tried the project and loaded it down with a lot of heavy memory VSTs (Trillian, Kontakt (running NOIRE), Addictive Drums, etc) Hope it helps?
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    Greetings, peeps. The missus and I are in Sweden at her parents' place, celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary (yesterday). There was lots of beer, becan, and snaps 😎 Leaving for home in a few hours.
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    I wonder how many people think she's holding a tennis racket...
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    That's the problem using a Mac in the same room as your Windows machines. When I use my Macbook I go into another room. 😁
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    Kenny PS , sorry about the neckline .....
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    Hey All! Your friendly neighborhood support staff checking in. If you experience any issues, the best route is always to contact us at support@cakewalk.com! I'm bummed to see Scott didn't contact us directly when this issue came up, though I know he's been in touch with Cakewalk in the past. We have a great new support staff, and a blend of new and previous Cakewalk team members working on making Cakewalk by BandLab the best iteration of Cakewalk yet. You can check out what the team has been up to here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aFOe_zJrd3x2EnaZ_Jc3iSbZPG2WANiCD4_RP83OjlA/edit While I certainly don't post to the forum often, myself and my team are always happy to work on any issues via email, and we have some additional resources for help coming soon! As seen in the doc above, the developers have been doing quite a bit behind the scenes, and with your (and Scott's) help, we should be able to continue making Cakewalk by BandLab even better. You may see a little more of my name around the forum soon, so feel free to say hi and drop us a line if you have any questions!
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    https://www.loopmasters.com/articles/4290-Huge-savings-on-10-award-winning-sample-packs-90-Off- To make it a bit easier... Berlin Dub Techno 2 Chilled Trap & Future RnB Dark Beauty Deep House Vaporwave City Cinematic Guitars & Soundscapes Smokers Blend 2 Ambient Pulse Lovers Rock & Dub Reso Drum & Bass Intelligence 2 Boom SFX
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    There is no reason. You can render to 24 bit 44.100 k/hz 'till the cows come home and sound GREAT if you now how to record, you can mix down to industry standard 16 bit. Rendering to 32 bit isn't going to change or prove your skill level. Quite the contrary.
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    I guess that as I am happy with 24 bit I can't see a reason for rendering stuff to 32bit. Am I misunderstanding something?
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    Great RMA service. The extra cost may be worth it.
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    @Craig Anderton, if you have a Microsoft account then your Windows 10 product key/activation might be associated with that. They added this during the initial Windows 10 release period where you could upgrade free.
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    Congratulations to you and the wife. Safe journey home.
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    Craig, I'm not an engineer but just saying... If I get like your situation, I get in command prompt with booting by USB stick which is made to install Windows 10 and then I try to run some commands before trying recovery, I think. (Maybe diskpart, bootrec, reagentc, etc. It depends on the case.)
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    If you can mount the ISO in Windows or access the install media via USB (Doesn't work when booting from a Win 10 DVD) you get the option of reinstalling and keeping you data and apps ect, it's different to refreshing, I've never done it, but that's what it says it does. If you mount the ISO, then click the setup.exe inside, you'll get to the place where it asks what to do, it definitely says it will keep your apps, I just never followed through. With regards to the not booting from a disk, I just had this, depending of course on your Bios, in my case there are 2 places that seemed to have an effect on boot device, one was the Boot priority, which WAS set to boot from cd/dvd first, the other seemed to be 'Boot Override' on the Save and Exit page, now when for what ever reason, last night it wouldn't boot from DVD even though under boot priorities that is what was selected, I stumbled on to the Boot override thing and there rwas an entry that had 'Windows something in it at the top, anyway, if you clicked on the DVD in the list it would immediately boot from that, which of course got me to boot from the DVD, it's all a bit blurry now, as I was up until 4.30 AM trying to figure out why certain things were happening, I'm still at it, I have decided to bite the bullet and reinstall everything from scratch, and use that to trim the fat a bit, not so many plugins, and nothing not needed, it will take a LONG time, days, a week maybe, there's a lot of stuff to install and set up, but at the end it should all be worth it. I'm going with v 1709 of Windows 10 and staying there for a while. Never had an issue with Windows 10 up until now since it was released, but something has come unstuck, strange errors similar to and including the one you mention, just strangeness really. I had fairly recent backups of all drives, but a fresh install might be the best, plus as I said an excuse to trim the fat, if it runs as good and as fast and stable as the last install has for all this time, I'll be happy with that. Mine previous install was an inplace upgrade to by the way. oh, and that Windows whatever entry in the Boot Override section is no longer there, and still booting fine from DVD, fun stuff . . . not
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    I wouldn't count on a dvd or CD. I would build a new install on a USB stick.
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    This is puzzling because booting from a recovery disc is handled entirely by the machine's BIOS, prior to the Windows boot loader being involved. The Windows 10 update couldn't affect the BIOS.
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    “Dad, how do stars die?” – “Usually an overdose.”
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    My wheels... ...just kidding! But I did have a set of these wheels a few years back during a stay in the hospital. All better now! I'm old, but not that old! Ha! But due to cclenny's deals, I may need to switch back to these when my current car wears out!
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    Wait... you guys can afford to drive?
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    Sad that they have to be special ordered now.
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    At least once a week, maybe more often, I notice someone asking for help in the main forum, and mentioning that they are using Sonar Xwhatever, and I will butt in with my CWAF! routine and grill them about why they are running an old version of Sonar when Cakewalk, a big leap forward, is available to them for free. And they will reply that they're confused and unsure about the ramifications of installing CbB, sometimes of the belief that they will lose plug-ins that they are now using, need to pay licensing fees, be obligated to use BandLab's social media site, etc. (fortunately, the tinfoil hat crowd and the "I'll never forgive them for allowing people to use it for free" manger dogs seem to have found a rock to crawl under). Or someone will outright post a topic with the above concerns. The first topic in the forum right now is just such a topic. And every time, we explain the same thing to them: no, it's perfectly fine, it's free, it installs right alongside Sonar, any premium content that came with your Sonar suite will work with it, and performance, stability, and feature-wise, it blows the doors off of any version of Sonar. There are currently no sticky topics in the main Cakewalk by BandLab forum, but I think it would serve the user base well to have this one up there. "Currently running Sonar. What happens when I install Cakewalk by BandLab?" or similar.
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    You knowingly misrepresented my video as a rant and then placed fault on me for making a video on my own channel. You're not fooling anybody with your fake concern for wanting to help me.
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    Hi Davydh, I hope you'll forgive/correct me if I'm not getting this right. Shouldn't fixing bugs be about issues reported by users with no relation to specific priority individuals... sure, everything prioritized according to severity of course. Also, one would be forgiven to think that making of an illustration/tutorial video by an individual will almost always be out of a good heart... (unless of course under employ, where you'd have to get paid for services rendered). Maybe I'll never get it. Thanks and regards
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    He's saved me hundreds, but cost me thousands.
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    And here I thought you were going to say $29!
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    The extra ProChannel modules are top of my list, especially the PC4K Expander/Gate & PC4K Channel Compressor. RapturePro would be another good one (I've already got it though, and Z3TA 2 would be good too.
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    Or wait for it to show up on humble bundle for $20
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    Surprised not to see any mention of Soundtoys. I had picked up individual plugins when on special, so the Black Friday upgrade special to the bundle (which is the only way to get the Effect Rack) cost me less than the list price of a single 'Toy'. https://www.soundtoys.com/
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    Just came back from Milwaukee. BIG Mac and fries.
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    If I were mainly a guitarist I think I would be buying up hardware stuff........like I picked up this metal distortion box at Guitar Center. Drains a 9volt battery in about ten minutes....but for 10 minutes you get distortion bliss.
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    I was surprised to see that feature, not in the new Cakewalk version by Bandlab, unless I am overlooking something? Please tell me I'm overlooking something, I loved that feature SOLVED! Thank you CJ
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    It works every time for me. Luckily I'm not in the habit of routinely dragging Audio tracks on to MIDI tracks. This will crash every time on 4.2.x if you've not created a region FX first.
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    Ripple editing works on single or multiple tracks. The caution is because it is easy to affect multiple tracks accidentally especially when it is not turned off immediately after use.
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