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    Really like this idea A-Cab. Personally myself, I love all the bells and whistles but a bare bones DAW might bring in users who are looking to do basic things. After so many hours, you could move to another level.
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    If you Pea Crisps you should probably get that Iooked at.
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    We are pleased to announce the availability of the Cakewalk Reference Guide PDF. To view and download the PDF, click the Cakewalk by BandLab forum menu and select Reference Guide PDF, or download the PDF directly from here.
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    Just wanted to share my walkthrough experience with NOIRE. I think it really was done well as far as the sampling and the effects, etc. offer lots of creative opportunities. Hope you enjoy? NOIRE by Native instruments | In Depth Walk-through/Review
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    Been following the horrible news out of Paris. I come from a family of liturgical musicians, and my uncle once had the privilege of playing the pipe organ at Notre Dame Cathedral. It was iconic and a really glorious instrument with a sound like no other -- a one of a kind creation to which other pipe organs were compared. And it is apparently gone, or so I am hearing. No confirmation on that yet, but I can't see how it could survive.
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    Also make sure you have the latest versions of plug-ins. When doing an S1 project with two instances of the Line 6 Helix (which admittedly, I max out by doing multiband processing with several amps), I couldn't understand why I was getting terrible crackling. The performance monitor showed around 47% CPU for each instance. I went to the Line 6 website, and saw that I was several revisions behind. After updating, it went down to 32% for each instance - apparently someone has been doing optimizations
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    Yes, that is a nice pair of knobby's!!
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    Just a note about the sound quality issue. It is a well know fact that everything will be precieved as sounding better if the volume is turned up. To a point.
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    I will be using the gear in my signature until I die...
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    Not necessarily., I know at least some of the project templates bundled with CbB route audio preview to a Preview bus. Audio and MIDI preview assignments are made using the browser menu on the media browser tab, B on the image below
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    I DON'T need an API EQ!! I DON'T need an API EQ!! ... Or do I?
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    Yes, enjoy the new interface, it's miles beyond the old one! And since they actually included the ST3 engine in ST4, the old ST3 library formats are 100% compatible as is, including Syntronik and Philharmonik. So legacy content should play exactly as it did in ST3. There are 2 different edit pages now, depending on whether the part is in ST3 or ST4 format. There are additional modulation controls and mod matrix available and enhancements to the element structure for the new stuff.
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    Nice walk-through Simeon I pulled the plug on NOIRE a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for a piano VST, although I am far from an accomplished player (just one finger and I don't use the black notes at all). NI actually had a Piano Day sale on at the time but the crafty so and so's placed a link at the bottom of that sale page for NOIRE. I'm a bit of a Nils Frahm fan so that is what attracted me first. But that particles engine, for me, nailed the deal. A great piano library, and I don't own Kontakt so it was a real boon that NI have made this available for Player too. cheers andy
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    Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.
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    I'm thinking of having a becan sandwich. (Which, naturally, is becan surrounded by more becan, right?)
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    Agree on the over-abundance of synth presets. They do seem a bit of over-kill! I have noticed that the majority of the factory ST4 multis are combinations of these synths. I changed my mind at the last minute, and ordered the MAX version instead of the standard. I think it was a good call, as it ended up being only about $35 more for me, with the included maximum jam points discount of 30% off ($199 minus 30% vs. $149 minus 30%). Even with the full MAX version, you will still want to keep your ST3 library handy, as the ST4 library does not replace all of the instruments that ST3 has. It is more of an enhancement to the collection. What ST4 MAX does add is very good, but is actually limited in the variety of instruments.
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    Until I recently started to track for clients, I had no idea how many of them really don't care what you use. If you can make them and their music sound good that seems to be all that matters for most. One client looked and said, Oh Cakewalk. That was it. The only ones who pick all of this apart are us geeks 😁
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    The $14.9 sale is coming soon~
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    Interesting theory. They certainly have gotten aggressive with pricing.
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    Who's Earl Grey? Did he make an album?
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    The texture behind textual elements makes this incredibly hard on the eyes.
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    This is not "a bunch", this is all of them (just two or three exceptions), even VSTis and plugins I thought I'd ever see at this price (e.g. NX). This is pretty aggressive... They're trying to kill someone
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    Thanks Peter! For me 4.0.3 has been pretty stable and with 4.0.4 the memory footprint is now also vastly improved. Overall it's a big improvement on ST3 but I wish the standard version (that I own) didn't have so many synths as I already have more than I know what to do with including Syntronik. Really love the pianos, guitar, brass and voices though. It looks like the MAX version will be a must at some point although ideally I would prefer a way of trading some of the synths for other acoustic instruments.
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    According to EvilDragon (Mario Krušelj) on VI:Control, BLOCKS BASE and BLOCKS PRIME accompany the latest Reaktor 6.3 update, which introduces front panel patching to Blocks in a new mode called Racks.
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    You think it has something to do with birds? 🐦
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    Cool - glad you found it - just above that are controls for the appregiator.
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    I think that a dumbed down version of Cakewalk would be most appealing to true first time beginner music makers that have never used a DAW, and have no actual understanding of what audio or MIDI tracks are. DAWs are complicated and can be intimidating for beginners, and I am not suggesting to cripple Cakewalk in any way. Maybe a special basic lens and demo template would be all that is needed to dumb it down for beginners, along with some effective getting started videos that cover a few bundled demo projects step by step, in detail. Like with a game mode metaphor, with a choice of difficulty: Easy, Medium, or Hard. I realize that Cakewalk can acquire new users with any amount of experience, but probably the largest pool available is with beginner users. But if they download Cakewalk (which in all its glory is actually an enhanced version of Sonar Producer) and are not supported out of the box, they may just give up and look elsewhere for something to start their music maker journey with. So bottom line, education and learning resources are probably the #1 priority for acquiring and retaining new Cakewalk users. Nothing wrong with Cakewalk, but a lot of the power is under the hood, and the good stuff is hidden away, until you stick around long enough to uncover it!
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    Yea, i meant the clips tempo and all is well. I'm glad the feature is still here. I wasn't sure earlier
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    No, "Save As" to a different name in the existing project folder effectively renames the project (although the original project file will still be in the folder). Alternately, the project folder/file may be renamed at the OS level.
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    Just to add, you should always have backups stored to a different drive as well. Never delete ANYTHING that does not have a back up.
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    I have experienced no crashes since updating. to 4.0.4. But I often get the Cakewalk audio engine dropout as soon as a sound has finished loading into a part. Just restarting the audio engine seems to make it good to go though. Adjusting my audio buffers seemed to make no difference here. I tried everything from 256-1024. No problem like this with another DAW I tested, so maybe Cakewalk is just a bit over-protective here. And ST4 now uses much less memory per instance, so it is no longer a big deal with RAM to load several plugin instances into the DAW. But I do still notice some performance issues if I load up multiple parts in a single instance of ST4.
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    I guess that confirms what I have thought about this bloke for some time...
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    https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ku--pqVEuGOqdl9mIKkN_d6r9O9_qJef?usp=sharing What's new? - Waveform-db-scales (on strip in trackview) are brighter - All meters have more contrast - ProChannel quad-curve -eq and fly-out have coloured metallic knobs now - PC quad-curve -eq and fly-out Slope Knobs are black now with correct functionality - PC compressor and tube saturation modules have metallic knobs now - I changed the grid colours of audio and midi tracks in track view for better visibility while editing waveforms, beats, MIDI-Events and so on. If you want to change that too, go to: edit > 1 Preferences > 2 Colors > 3 All Colors > 4 Vertical Measure Lines and/or Vertical Beat Lines > 5 Choose Color > 6 ok > 7 Save (without title) > 8 Apply > 9 OK done
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    When I "donated" my second monitor to my daughter, I thought it was a good time to get used to using just the one HD monitor. The idea being, that if I swapped to using my laptop, I wouldn't feel restricted in any way in my workflow. The key thing for me is to have a screen-set for each operation. It varies from project to project, but the basic idea is: Screen-set 1: Everything on it, but browser & track inspector minimised Screen-set 2: Console view full screen; no browser, track inspector minimised Screen-set 3: Track view full screen; browser & track inspector minimised Screen-set 4: PRV full screen Switching to a screen set for the function I want, means nothing is ever cluttered, and my workflow is sped up. I guess lenses go a stage further, but I've never felt a need for them myself - quite the opposite - when I open the control bar I like it to be exactly the same each time.
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    I don't turn OFF my antivirus software, I simply add folder paths to my sample libraries and such, to be skipped from scanning every time I access them in Cakewalk. That works great, for me. In Avast, those folder paths are called Exemptions. Bob Bone
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    I absolutely have to turn off the antivirus to get down to 64 or 128 in ASIO. If I don't, the settings before the snap, crackle, and pops disappear hover around 256 and 320 for tracking. I also have the internal soundcard disabled. As well as the wireless network turned off. BTW, I'm using the Windows Defender that came in Windows 10.
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    I totally agree with Bob. If you're just mixing, keep setting the ASIO buffer higher until the bacon stops frying. If it never does, it must be something else terrible wrong with your setup.
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    The 64 sample buffer is the most likely problem. It can work fine for tracking. Not so much for mixing with those plug-ins.
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    Hi folks, I've never been entirely happy with my current roster of brass libraries, and am looking to expand my palette a bit. However, I'm finding it tough to figure out which direction go in, and I'm curious what other folks are using. I'm trying to find a brass library that will work with my existing template, which means it cannot be a resource hog, is highly configurable in terms of articulations, and covers the basics really well. I do old school orchestral stuff pretty much exclusively. My current set of libraries: Hollywood Brass - has some nice patches, but I am not a big fan of Play, and in general I don't find the library to be very efficient. HW Brass' various French Horns patches are its best feature, but I don't like its trumpets much. NI Symphony Series Brass -- the ensemble patch is quite decent as a quick and dirty way to add brass to a project, and the section patches have their moments. But I find the legatos unconvincing, and I don't find the sample set to be very deep - in particular, the trumpets have a couple of recurring samples that jump out as being different than their kindred and I find it really distracting. Albion ONE - love this library in general and use it a ton, but really don't like how they have distributed the instruments and ranges on their brass patches. And the trumpets sound thin and very synthy, and I really hate them. Da Capo - Adequate as a sketching tool, but not very configurable or detailed -- and no trumpets at all, which always struck me as a little weird. VSL Special Editions - very configurable, and they sound good (including the trumpets), but the Special Editions are quite limited and the full versions would be far more useful. However, I am very reluctant to get deeper into the VSL ecosystem, due to their draconian copy protection and licensing issues. Looking this list over, it seems to be all about trumpets. That is partially true; I don't have a trumpet patch or library that I like. But I'd also like some great horn and trombone patches, too. I'd be curious to know what other folks are using, and what you like, with the emphasis on a very traditional orchestral brass sound. Thanks! Rob
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    It also depends on your voice. In MIX magazine, decades ago I read a piece on recording a female singer, I think it was Sade but I'm not sure. Anyway they pulled out every mic in the studio's extensive closet and ended up using a Sure Beta 58 because it made her sound the best. So what the best mic for me may not be the best mic for you and vice versa. Insights and incites by Notes
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    These days I'm using Slate VMS because it indulges my indecision neurosis ad infinitum, but previously I had been using an ancient CAD Equitek that still sounds great. And if I might, here is a short story about vocals and mics: YEARS ago I was in an honest to God pro studio playing guitar for a friend of mine who was making a record. The engineer was using a U47 for the vocal and the singer sounded phenomenal. After we got done we had a few minutes left so I asked if I could hear myself through the mic. Now this is the U47, The Holy Grail. THE Mic to conqueror all mics. This is the ONE everyone craves today. This is the one every clone strives to be. Originals sell for zillions of dollars. Well, I belted out a line and I sounded terrible! Now, I don't sound great to begin with, but through the 47 it was even worse!! The engineer, who was a good guy, went to the mic locker and grabbed a tiny little SC made by TEAC(!) and, voila, instantly I sounded like a singer! Moral: we all have different voices and you gotta try each mic for yourself!
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    For my voice-over work. For singing. (Trust me, it's for the best! 😀) Side-note: I have my name on more top-level dart league plaques (14) at the Horse Brass Pub (originally owned by the late creator of this beer) than anyone else. So there! 😛
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