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    Try increasing the DropoutMsec value in Preferences > Audio > Configuration File. I don’t know about Sample Tank, but as this happens during load it might be the same problem as I had with some Kontakt libraries from Audiofier. In my case increasing the default value of 250 to 2300 solved that issue. I guess my sample drive wasn’t fast enough to stream large audio files at the speed required for the default setting to work.
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    If you Pea Crisps you should probably get that Iooked at.
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    Hello, Edit: 23 March 2019 I decided it could be helpful to include a list of upcoming tutorial videos and their links. The video below is the first video in the playlist, but if you are interested in a specific topic, check the following list for quick navigation. If there is no link for it yet, it means I haven't uploaded it. I can take requests, but keep in mind that I run another business on top of my actual Chernobyl Studios audio work, so if I like the idea, it'll get put on the list and I'll get to it when I get to it. Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #00 - What is Cakewalk by Bandlab? Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #01 - Skylight Interface Introduction Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #02 - The Control Bar Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #03 - The Inspector Pane Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #04 - The Browser Pane Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #05 - The MultiDock Pane Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #06 - The ProChannel Strip Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #07 - The Console View Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #08 - The Piano Roll View Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #09 - The Track & Clips Pane Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #10 - Lenses & Screensets | What's the difference? Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #11 - Set Up Guitars for Recording Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #12 - Multiple Output Routing Instruments | Perfect Drums 1.5, Kontakt (Newest, Uploaded 05 April) Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #13 - Organization & Color Coding Your Tracks Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #14 - Customizing Your Layout & Settings Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #15 - The Zoom Tool Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #16 - MIDI Drum Velocity Editing | Making Drums Sound Real Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #17 - FX Chains | Building, Saving, and Recalling FX Chains Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #18 - Drum Maps | How to create, save, and use Drum Maps Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #19 - Automation Lanes Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #20 - Shortcuts & Setting Custom Key Bindings Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #21 - Bounce to Clip, Bounce to Track, Freeze Track Original Post: Many of you will probably remember me. I have a channel on YouTube that I created many years ago for creating Cakewalk SONAR Platinum tutorials. I constantly get questions, comments, and requests on those old videos I did years ago. I'm updating all of the Cakewalk videos I did for SONAR Platinum to Cakewalk by Bandlab. There are three videos currently online, with 4 more already scheduled to come out this week. Please share this playlist with anybody who is getting started with Cakewalk by Bandlab. I am starting from the very basics and will work all the way through mixing an entire song. It will take a few weeks, but it will be worth it. 😎
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    Uganda https://vimeo.com/329705018/38f2178ab5 A friend of mine talked me into signing up for a group tour of Uganda. It was for bird watching mostly but also for viewing animals in the wild that you usually only see in zoos. So here's a slide show of the photos and videos that I took over there last month. The soundtrack probably isn't very African sounding, but I like it. Zero G Voices of Africa NI West Africa Stylus RMX Omnisphere Bolder Sounds Buffalo Drums Thanks for listening.
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    You think it has something to do with birds? 🐦
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    Yea, i meant the clips tempo and all is well. I'm glad the feature is still here. I wasn't sure earlier
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    No, "Save As" to a different name in the existing project folder effectively renames the project (although the original project file will still be in the folder). Alternately, the project folder/file may be renamed at the OS level.
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    Just to add, you should always have backups stored to a different drive as well. Never delete ANYTHING that does not have a back up.
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    I have experienced no crashes since updating. to 4.0.4. But I often get the Cakewalk audio engine dropout as soon as a sound has finished loading into a part. Just restarting the audio engine seems to make it good to go though. Adjusting my audio buffers seemed to make no difference here. I tried everything from 256-1024. No problem like this with another DAW I tested, so maybe Cakewalk is just a bit over-protective here. And ST4 now uses much less memory per instance, so it is no longer a big deal with RAM to load several plugin instances into the DAW. But I do still notice some performance issues if I load up multiple parts in a single instance of ST4.
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    I guess that confirms what I have thought about this bloke for some time...
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    https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ku--pqVEuGOqdl9mIKkN_d6r9O9_qJef?usp=sharing What's new? - Waveform-db-scales (on strip in trackview) are brighter - All meters have more contrast - ProChannel quad-curve -eq and fly-out have coloured metallic knobs now - PC quad-curve -eq and fly-out Slope Knobs are black now with correct functionality - PC compressor and tube saturation modules have metallic knobs now - I changed the grid colours of audio and midi tracks in track view for better visibility while editing waveforms, beats, MIDI-Events and so on. If you want to change that too, go to: edit > 1 Preferences > 2 Colors > 3 All Colors > 4 Vertical Measure Lines and/or Vertical Beat Lines > 5 Choose Color > 6 ok > 7 Save (without title) > 8 Apply > 9 OK done
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    Use Save As with "Copy all audio with project" to create a new project in a different folder Verify the new project is what is expected Delete the old project folder
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    When I "donated" my second monitor to my daughter, I thought it was a good time to get used to using just the one HD monitor. The idea being, that if I swapped to using my laptop, I wouldn't feel restricted in any way in my workflow. The key thing for me is to have a screen-set for each operation. It varies from project to project, but the basic idea is: Screen-set 1: Everything on it, but browser & track inspector minimised Screen-set 2: Console view full screen; no browser, track inspector minimised Screen-set 3: Track view full screen; browser & track inspector minimised Screen-set 4: PRV full screen Switching to a screen set for the function I want, means nothing is ever cluttered, and my workflow is sped up. I guess lenses go a stage further, but I've never felt a need for them myself - quite the opposite - when I open the control bar I like it to be exactly the same each time.
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    I absolutely have to turn off the antivirus to get down to 64 or 128 in ASIO. If I don't, the settings before the snap, crackle, and pops disappear hover around 256 and 320 for tracking. I also have the internal soundcard disabled. As well as the wireless network turned off. BTW, I'm using the Windows Defender that came in Windows 10.
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    Pretty much until the end of time, you will be alternating your ASIO Buffer Size values: small value when recording tracks, huge value when mixing. It is simply the nature of the requirements of the more heavy duty plugins, added and used during mixing, that you need to do this, for all but the simplest projects. I don't even really think about it anymore. My brain automatically sets the ASIO Buffer Size to either 128 or 64 for tracking, and then way up to either 1024 or 2048 when switching to mixing. I never ever have audio Rice Crispy noises when mixing, and if I happen to get any issues when recording with the buffer set to 64, I simply bump it up to 128, which is still fine for tracking. Bob Bone
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    I totally agree with Bob. If you're just mixing, keep setting the ASIO buffer higher until the bacon stops frying. If it never does, it must be something else terrible wrong with your setup.
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    When I switch from tracking to mixing, I ALWAYS jack up my audio interface's ASIO Buffer Size to either 1024 or 2048 samples. This is for 2 reasons: 1) Many of the more robust plugins, like convoluted reverb plugs, use a technique of look-ahead processing, to do what they do, and this requires a huge buffer size to accommodate it. 2) There is no need to maintain a small ASIO Buffer Size when mixing, because any latency induced by a large buffer size doesn't matter, because you aren't trying to track to it, so any delay in playback is fine, for mixing. Bob Bone
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    This sounds like it belongs in a very different forum.
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    It also depends on your voice. In MIX magazine, decades ago I read a piece on recording a female singer, I think it was Sade but I'm not sure. Anyway they pulled out every mic in the studio's extensive closet and ended up using a Sure Beta 58 because it made her sound the best. So what the best mic for me may not be the best mic for you and vice versa. Insights and incites by Notes
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    This poor girl doesn't even understand how to use a mic, and yet she's still very popular. Strange how that works, ya? 😀
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    These days I'm using Slate VMS because it indulges my indecision neurosis ad infinitum, but previously I had been using an ancient CAD Equitek that still sounds great. And if I might, here is a short story about vocals and mics: YEARS ago I was in an honest to God pro studio playing guitar for a friend of mine who was making a record. The engineer was using a U47 for the vocal and the singer sounded phenomenal. After we got done we had a few minutes left so I asked if I could hear myself through the mic. Now this is the U47, The Holy Grail. THE Mic to conqueror all mics. This is the ONE everyone craves today. This is the one every clone strives to be. Originals sell for zillions of dollars. Well, I belted out a line and I sounded terrible! Now, I don't sound great to begin with, but through the 47 it was even worse!! The engineer, who was a good guy, went to the mic locker and grabbed a tiny little SC made by TEAC(!) and, voila, instantly I sounded like a singer! Moral: we all have different voices and you gotta try each mic for yourself!
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    That's it!! That's what I was talking about!! Thanks Iva!