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    We are pleased to announce the availability of the Cakewalk Reference Guide PDF. To view and download the PDF, click the Cakewalk by BandLab forum menu and select Reference Guide PDF, or download the PDF directly from here.
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    The Cakewalk Reference Guide PDF can be accessed directly from this forum. To view and download the PDF, click the Cakewalk by BandLab forum menu and select Reference Guide PDF, or download the PDF directly from here.
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    PROS: The new interface is resizable, so that is a huge improvement. The new browser is much easier to use. The on-board effects rack is very good, borrowing from T-Racks, Amplitube, and Syntronik. The new multis page is borrowed from Syntronik. A big improvement. The edit page has an improved layout, and additional new controls are available for the ST4 sample elements, including a new modulation section. ST4 is compatible with ST3, Syntronik, and Philharmonik 2 content libraries. ST4 MAX includes the entire ST3 MAX library content as separate installers. Many of the new ST4 instruments sound very, very good. But they are not full replacements for the ST3 content library which you will still need to use to provide the core instrument collection of your SampleTank library. ST4 content is just an addition to existing content. The full comparison of the instruments included in each edition can be found here: Compare Versions Yes I would do it again. CONS: Huge list of content downloads that need to be individually unzipped and executed. Over 200GB... Bugs > Yes. Status here: https://cgi.ikmultimedia.com/ikforum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=20719 Initial release was 4.0.0, but we are currently at release 4.0.3. Progress has been made. Memory footprint has been reduced, but some folks are still experiencing random crashes. I have an open ticket with support regarding that. We are waiting for the v4.0.4 patch to be released next week. The devs are apparently still working on additional optimizations.
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    Absolutely fantastic product. I only regret not buying it sooner.
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    Check out these tutorials. They're long but excellent and very comprehensive: Jamstix Tutorial 1 of 4 - Easy Way to Create Drum Tracks Jamstix Tutorial 2 of 4 - Covering All The Basic Operations Jamstix Tutorial 3 of 4 - Drum Module Mode, Song Sheet, & The Brain Jamstix Tutorial 4 of 4 - Options, The Bar Editor, & Final Thoughts Personally, I found tutorial 3 on how the brain works the most enlightening.
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    Here's a handy name tag for anyone who isn't backing up. 😉
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    Yeah! I said it. I even got a bluescreen because of the failure. When booting it was not to find, and even in BIOS is was missing. Swapping the SATA cables saved it tho. So try that before tossing away HDDs/SSDs…
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    The only possible answer is "Yes".
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    I have studio one and the main reason I don't use it is because of the ugliness of the UI. I like the browser with the ability to show a snapshot of the UI of the various plug-ins, but other than that I really don't like looking at it at all. Amongst the ugliest of all the alternatives IMO.
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    That's because there was no ProChannel in 8.5.3. The easiest way to get a ProChannel enabled project, is to start a new blank project in CwB, then drag the 8.5.3 project on to the track area:
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    The Reference Guide PDF can now be downloaded directly from the forum menu (Cakewalk by BandLab > Reference Guide PDF).
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    Or, combine the last two suggestions! Doom-metal covers of Beach Boys songs off the Pet Sounds album using a baritone sax, an according and a bass harmonica with beats on 1 and 3!!! 👍🤩 (Not sure if adding a vuvuzela will help though...😆)
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    Don't bother, Bill, I've heard that they suffer from mains hum!
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    I'm not sure if this still works or not but I do seem to remember someone suggesting to - Try logging out and then back in again of the Bandlab Assistant. ' I tried this and it worked, thanks a lot, I would recommend it!
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    Lol naw, it's "sike" - and I was explaining this to a friend recently, that as slang it's intentionally misspelled But yeah sike on the Walmart daw. I got the idea for that joke from the real news that the Gibson and Walmart companies are merging. I suspect we may see Gibson/Equate Les Pauls or just a straight up Equate Les Paul kinda like the old Epiphones.
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    Nice try, and we already know about the new browser they just released. 😏 (Besides, it's "psyche!" not "sike!") 😜
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    Ah yeah it might be a simpler solution if the target track which needs no reverb tails is only one.
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    Yeah there is really no other way to do this other than having the reverb on an independent bus and automating the send. Or just put a reverb inline on that tracks effects bin which might be a simpler solution.
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    A few things that come to mind and to look at: Is the send pre or post fader You can also automate the bus that the reverb is on with a volume envelope I remember a function in Sonar (cakewalk), that you can enable to 'play effect tails' in the preference menu, make sure this is disengaged Let me know if any of those work, CJ
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    The Transpose MFX does this when set to Key/Scale
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    Ah, yes... the fallen comrades (still miss Jan too, Old55). For more memories, I still have an archive of Billy Arnell's Online Songs
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    Here's a flashback. A larger version of my old signature there!