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    Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. They both got down and played around and now they have a daughter?
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    You will love it: NEW! $1,056$69 Plugin Alliance Mastering Bundle 1 VERTIGO VSC2 - bx_hybrid V2 - bx_panEQ - bx_limiter - bx_meter (5 Plugins for $69! Intro Price = 93% OFF!) Hardware Emulations M/S Inside! Mastering NEW! Sale $856$49 Plugin Alliance Mastering Bundle 2 Noveltech CHARACTER - bx_hybrid V2 - bx_opto - bx_limiter - bx_meter (5 Plugins for $49! Intro Price = 94% OFF!) Hardware Emulations Mastering NEW! Sale $707$49 Plugin Alliance Vocal Bundle Noveltech Vocal Enhancer - bx_cleansweep PRO - bx_opto - bx_limiter (4 Plugins for $49! Intro Price = 93% OFF!) Creative FX Hardware Emulations NEW! Sale Secret Weapon
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    Has anyone actually watched the video I posted? All the way through?
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    Of course he is happy . We just got done playing a variation of the game Jack and Jill . It goes like this . Jack and Jill went up the hill , they both had a quarter . Jill came back with 50 cents do you think they went up for water ? BAAADDDD Kenny BAADDD
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    Speaking of relativity E=Fb
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    They're announcing a new product for the UK - BreXLN
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    Maybe misinterpretation... It could mean XLN will be vaporware soon.
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    The Cakewalk Mac prototype was hardly a failed experiment! It was very successful considering we got about 80% functionality with very low development cost, and it demonstrated to us what we would need to do to take the project further if we wanted to. It also helped us to make several improvements and optimizations to the SONAR codebase. Ultimately it was a budgetary decision to not pursue it. These days all cross platform apps use a framework. It makes little sense to write per platform apps from scratch due to the high cost of development.
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    Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but ... The most popular operating system on Microsoft's Azure cloud today is -- drumroll please -- Linux.
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    Couldn't make it more boring in just 15 seconds Thanks for sharing though
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    Great bunch of suggestions guys. But above all I really appreciate how serious you’re all being in trying to help. You have no idea the morale booster you’ve given me. I’m trying most of the suggestions but I’m quick to come down on myself if I slip a bit. Just so much has happened in such a short time. It wasn’t until March 5th, my 65th birthday, that I had my first recognisable cardiac chest pain. Quad bypass on 13th and now I’m just 18 days post op. Went to pick up my acoustic guitar yesterday, but in taking a vein graft from my left hand they’ve damaged the radial nerve. At this stage I can’t even close my hand around the guitars neck without some serious pain. Bit of a bummer as I wouldn’t mind getting some of that raw emotion out of my system. Still, as long as the forward steps are more numerous than the backward ones I’m doing OK I guess. Thanks for listening guys.
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    AnalogConsole Theme v1.0.1 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ku--pqVEuGOqdl9mIKkN_d6r9O9_qJef?usp=sharing Background of selected clip set to almost black (red10, green10, blue10, opacity255) for better contrast while editing coloured waveforms. If you ever want to change this (for allblack or allwhite waveforms), open Theme Editor, go to > Track view > Clips Pane > Clips > Clip Background (selected), doubleclick to open the colour editor pop-up window, change colour, click ok, save your Theme.
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    What I thought was funniest was him missing the fact that calling a key "A" was completely arbitrary too. None of the human organs resonate at 432 Hz. either (the heart, for example, is at 289 Hz., give or take a radiation period of a cesium atom). 😀
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    I've always been more than comfortable with Ubuntu both for server & desktop systems. In the past 15 years, I've gone from about 95% Windows development in my day job to 95% Linux development. Linux has pretty much won the server war. At home I can pretty much do everything on an Ubuntu desktop for free (an most of the apps do actually come pre-installed with the distribution). You don't need to be a techie to use Ubuntu either - up until she got her new laptop, my wife was quite happy using Ubuntu for 3-4 years without any need of assistance (well, apart from installing the printer drivers). The only thing I can't do well is audio production. The biggest problem with Linux is its lack of native audio drivers for pro audio interfaces. So whilst there's some good DAW's out there, like Rose Garden, Reaper, MixBus/Ardour, N-track etc., you're limited with the hardware that you can use with them. RME seems to a be a notable exception here, but I guess if you can afford RME gear, you're probably not that fussed about paying for an OS The other issue is compatibility of plugins. Actually, most will work under WINE (this is after all what MUSE Receptor does), but they will run slower than on a native OS, and proprietary anti-piracy protection can be a real issue here. It's a bit of a catch-22: people won't use Linux for audio because of lack of support, and hardware/plugin manufacturers won't support Linux because people aren't using it.
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    The first time I heard about the Bee was when a friend posted this- cage-free-drummers-by-2025
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    I have made up my mind . When my Audo Technica ATH-M30X 's give up the ghost I'm going old school ... Who knows , I may even get back in shape using this approach Kenny
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    Pedro prefers A=1Hz tuning. There I said it.
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    AnalogConsole Theme v1.0.1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1awFdtBDrkaq_gxgsjgRosY4w9yk2cpkR/view?fbclid=IwAR0y332JztYrWlOWtiattF3IM0w40IK9vSpsFdrWHre96447cFdZIBp2pSg Background of selected clip set to almost black (red10, green10, blue10, opacity255) for better contrast while editing coloured waveforms. If you ever want to change this (for allblack or allwhite waveforms), open Theme Editor, go to > Track view > Clips Pane > Clips > Clip Background (selected), doubleclick to open the colour editor pop-up window, change colour, click ok, click ok in the Theme Editor pop-up window , save your Theme. I downloaded and loaded it, and it's a pretty nice theme!
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    Antelope 88, 72 water hole on 2 ready, break!
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    It's a MIDI controller built into a drum throne "the XLN Audio Magic Throne' - now drummers no longer have to envy their bandmates abilities to use pedals or MIDI controllers! By using the Magic Throne and your glutes you can trigger effects, control stage lighting, control your DAW, or even send the bartender an IM that your beer is low! Control your tone and tone your control! There are health benefits to using the Magic Throne - after a few weeks of using the Magic Throne you'll have the best seat in the house!
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    I don't know of any SF3 players. It's a proprietary format made by musescore. I think the Polyphone editor supports it, but I'm unaware of anything else. SF2 is more widely supported, but even then, it's getting more and more rare. There's definitely nothing in CbB that will play them.
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    Um, so what are Linux and Windows both based on again? 🙄
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    I think I found another clue... I've been checking the wav file in windows Media player... but I've been checking the playback of the MP3 with the file explorers "Windows Media Player Rich Preview Handler" which is quite a bit softer level than when the WAV file is played on the regular Windows Media Player App... And... when I play the MP3 on the Windows Media Player App... the MP3 is FINE! Duh! This is a clear case of Operator Error! As soon as I can find the operator, I'll fire them... Oh, wait, maybe I'll give them a raise! They obviously deserve it after all the frustration they have been through. ;-) So my MP3 files are fine... it's the players that are causing the discrepancy. No idea where to fix that... the mixer is at 100% level on the Rich Preview Handler App already. Thanks Guys... next post will be the results of all your hard work trying to get me in line! Bruce
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    I used Linux servers to run game servers in the late 90's (Quake, Half-Life and Counter Strike). I had the second-most popular servers on the West Coast at one time (and was rated in the top-25 for Quake 1 players on a database of over 340,000 players - thank you low ping! 😛). Other than that, I've been pretty much strictly DOS/Windows for decades. That said, .NET Core is now becoming stronger where the code you create can run on Windows, Apple or Linux so I'm guessing more stuff will be coming out soon.
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    I just read your OP again ( to let it sink in ) Wow you are indeed fortunate to still be here with us . I recently went through some heart stuff , it was nipped in the bud a little earlier in my case so I feel lucky to not have gone through all the extra challenges you went through .. The thing is "it's all mercurial " or as they say Y.E.T. , your eligible too . I think poor snack and munchie choices helped get me in this mess All the stuff I like is no good for me anymore and every time I eat stuff high in sodium that I enjoy the flavor of ...I end up paying a price ... I'm still working on it but it has taken me almost a year to have switched to a healthy sustainable heart healthy adjusted life style ... I will say in all honesty having to readjust my diet and activity level s are not with out it's temptations . To be human ....2 , 3 or 4 steps forward ...1, 2 or 3 steps backwards AYE AYE like it or not this metaphor has me feeling like I may be doing The Cha Cha Good luck man , if you can get a little time away from all the stuff that is no good for you and your health , when and if you revisit those foods you may find they don't have the payoff and appeal they used to have . As far as the exercise thing goes Rome wasn't built in a day ...I'm just getting back into hitting the gym and long walks after letting it slide for a bout a year . Whew it sure is humbling , ...I will settle for a little progress ... When I ask the Mirror Mirror on the wall to tell me how I'm doing , The Mirror on the wall reminds me I'm no spring chicken any more Kenny
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    Yep! Here's the back in both horizontal and vertical mode (you'll see that I kept the stand on for stability which flips to the side and I rest the bottom edge on a wrist rest in vertical mode). Hi-res back horizontal Hi-res back vertical I should have taken a picture of the front (maybe tomorrow?). Heck, an entire Emperor penguin will fit on the screen in life size! (And most of Kenny's dream girl Meredith - LOL!)
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    That seems like a great deal. Not for me as I have too many plugins. Waves has started a price war.
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    Funny clip if it weren't about for real. Then there is this... More geared to my crude level of existence... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQA_XaPpl84 Love you all, John
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    I'm not convinced Celemony will ever fix this. Celemony developed ARA 2, whilst leaving backwards compatibility with ARA 1. I suspect something in the 4.2 update has broken backwards compatibility in certain scenarios. However, Celemony won't want to continue to support ARA 1 compatibility, when they'd rather DAW developers use ARA 2. So I reckon it's probably going to be up to Cakewalk to support ARA 2, which is probably on their road map anyhow.
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    Learn all about QLC vs. TLC SSD drives. Samsung 860 QVO review Samsung EVO is 3-bit MLC (TLC), the new QVO series are 4-bit MLC (QLC). The QVOs are cheaper because MLC is essentially a method of increasing the capacity of a NAND chip in the same physical space. It does this by allowing the memory to store more bits in each cell. And they are slower, and have a shorter warranty.
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    Takes on a single track are not affected by "group tracks" commands. That has to do with grouping multiple tracks. Take lanes are meant to represent separate takes of the same track and therefore generally are not independent of each other. When you select a part of one take lane it is promoted to the track and the other takes are muted in that same area. If you move a split point on one take lane the others move with it because you are adjusting where the transition from one take to another happens. Although it is possible, generally you don't try to overlap audible parts of multiple takes on one track.
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    Not much that I am missing for sure. But at some point they will release another update, and I am wondering if they will ever fix this. They have known about it for a while. I really don't hold out much hope for a fix. For a detail of new stuff for 4.2: https://services.celemony.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/LicenseApp.woa/wa/Melodyne4Service/downloadUpdate?token=72d7f3d058214e64ad07e21f2e777025&trk=c50f1f12594148598ab106a0a593d9d0
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    Wait,Christian's use Satire🙄
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    I got the same But i prefer the DT-770, maybe because i got so big ears. And they sound different, so it is good to listen to both while mixing (not at once) to see if you hear something...
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    I use Screen2Gif: https://www.screentogif.com/
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    Ah - ok, I see what you mean. I normally do it as automation:
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    I tend to use instrument tracks, so I'll fade that out the same way as any other audio track. For multi-timbral VSTi's, I either: Make sure the VSTi is sending to multiple outs, and do the fade automation on the relevant audio track; or Record the controller information for either CC #7 (volume), or CC #11 (expression) depending on how the VSTi (or hardware MIDI device) reacts. The Roland "D" series sound modules (D110, D50, U110) for example, don't react to CC #7 in realtime - i.e. existing notes stay the same, and the new volume only takes effect when the next note is played. CC #11 can however be used to affect the volume for notes that are already playing.
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    Great Idea - I miss the software, hardware and computer forums. Hopefully there will be a future need for CbB plug-ins and content forum.
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    One way to isolate clips in take lanes in the PRV is mute all the clips in the track you do not want to see and enable Hide Mutes Clips in the PRV View Menu
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    My original goal when starting the channel was exactly this. I actually was personally involved in producing official Cakewalk tutorials on their YouTube channel for a few months before Gibson pulled the plug. I used the crossover discount to buy Studio One 3.5 and found the DAW to be very similar to Cakewalk. However, I do a lot of MIDI work and I found S1's PRV to be frustrating. I personally believe Cakewalk still has the best PRV functionality. (I may be biased, I used it for over 15 years.)
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