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    One thing that many fail to do when learning software, and I used to fall hugly under this category, is take some time to explore your GUI. We tend to race towards getting the feature we want working and carry on sometimes for years without having a clue about what all that other "stuff" does. Making my tutorials forced me to explore Cakewalks GUI in depth. Showing my friend how it all works made me stop for a moment and ask " Just how many ways are there to insert a soft synth?" ( I found 4 so far) . One of the overlooked features is the HELP MODULE. Open it up and start hovering you mouse over buttons and menu's. It will explain what most of these things do.. Here's a screenshot what it says when you hover the Track Control Preset Widget. And thanks John for giving it an official description.. See, I learned something from that. I didn't know what they were called... I guess Mr SLIP has been hanging out on other forums were comments like that are par for the course. But please folks, that style has never won friends on the Cakewalk forums.
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    Kilohearts the Works - £100 (or about $129) being resold by 2 private parties on VI Control forum: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/for-sale-kilohearts-the-works-£100.79030/#post-4354736 on KVR forum: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=501095&p=7314949&hilit=Kilohearts#p7314949 This is the lowest price for this that I recall seeing. Note: License transfers are quick and have no penalties - you get same benefits as original buyer: https://kilohearts.com/faq I upgraded to the works over BF and all my components appear to be transferable/resellable - see image below which is one of the components that came with my upgrade to the Works. Don't know if you can transfer items if you originally bought the whole set as 'the 'Works' but it is for components that came with 'the Toolbox' bundle.
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    She was only the Handyman's daughter, but there were always a tool in her box.
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    Here are some useful videos for getting started with CbB. These tutorials will help you learn your way around the interface, configure your audio device and get comfortable with common track operations. Note - while many of these videos refer to SONAR, they remain 100% applicable to CbB today. Enjoy! To get Cakewalk by BandLab for free: Go here to download and install the BandLab Assistant desktop app. Launch BandLab Assistant and sign up or log in to your BandLab account. Go to the Apps tab to install Cakewalk. Other useful resources: Cakewalk by BandLab QuickGuide Support Center Online Documentation
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    New update now available.
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    When making an announcement like this please include the name of the software and the release. AFAIK, the current version are: BA - 5.0.4 from Jan 25 CbB - 2019.01 ( from Jan 23
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    I know what this thread is about. It's about 6 pages.
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    The track control manager still exists. It can be access from the track view preset picker as shown in the pic. All settings from the track control manager are also saved with lenses so you can completely customize the track view controls and save a lens preset for it as well.
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    I believe you can Hold down the Alt key and click and drag the widget sections. Love that feature.
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    I don't know it this still is in effect but in version 8 we were able to move the widgets around so they would show those we used most on top. I think it was dropped in X1. But I have not tested this or looked around to figured it. The main reason is the Inspector pane. It can show all controls for a track. Sonar 8 did not have the wide Inspector that X1 had and all the version after it.
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    Sale Page is HERE Sale ends 2/17 at 10 am PST Also includes Mark II Suitcase Piano ($38) Wrenchenspiel ($18) Free You ($58) Instant Acoustic Nylon Guitar ($78) and more...
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    From Feb. 14 - 18 save 40% off on HALionSonic 3 (including updates from earlier versions) and a select group of other titles. It is a great time to upgrade to HALionSonc 3 if you re using an earlier version. link to the sale: https://www.steinberg.net/en/promotion/valentines_sale Here is a runthrough demo of HALionSonic 3 I did a little while back. https://youtu.be/NrixEtUO64c
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    40% sale also extends to Wavelab Elements, Dark Planet, Triebwerk, Hypnotic Dance and Vertigo Strings ! Code is "VALENTINE 2019"
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    S.L.I.P., what do you mean by that? Not sure what was redundant. I'm grateful for John's explanation as I had no idea what to call them.
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    Back in the old forums there were statements made about the lack of videos made using Sonar suggesting its unpopularity. Well, there have been a plethora of quite recently uploaded video tutorials on YouTube using Cakewalk By BandLab. For any newbie coming into these forums asking questions, I think a sticky should be made of these videos which are very informative. Below are a few YouTube channels I've found. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwqZ0GPSfFgbc8gLCxaYngRGVvlaf57gI https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSfPaEe4wG_TxprjqVLxh9yAH-zGhA8bH https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDkWv3OTMpOHb2hMjuNWBQWyuhhIF6bHj https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeySI9gLWqezjlplGQqTJyhrbvCvKdzTk
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    Drum Replacer is a drum replacement tool that lets you replace or reinforce individual drum sounds in existing audio tracks. For example, you can replace only the snare drum sound in a drum track, while leaving all other drum sounds intact. Drum Replacer is available as a free download in BandLab Assistant. For more information about Drum Replacer, click here.
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    https://www.kontakthub.com/bundle/cinematics/ $33.44 This Bundle Includes: Chromatix Synergenesis The Orbitone Collection I And II The Pentodian Resonator Choir The String Collection The String Collection II
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    What there should be useful information in the coffee house. I thought it was like seeing the old retired men at McDonald's sipping coffee and shooting the breeze. The BS was knee deep at least. I have to rethink coming here if I have to read useful and productive threads. What is the world coming to😲
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    That could have been the problem. I know I rarely posted in the Techniques, Software and Hardware forums, but I definitely read them - especially when I ran into a problem. They might have based their subforum creation on posts, not reads...
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    Whenever I see something like that I like to imagine the guy sitting there hurriedly trying to write down what's flowing in his head before he loses it.
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    This guy does a great job of putting up the scores to various works, this one in Telemann's hand. For those interested in composition, he's done half the work already.
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    I'd love to contribute to this topic, but all I can think of are the "Behind The Music" series and Spinal Tap...
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    The only change I'd make is using a 500 GB SSD for the OS. Even though I've mapped all the Library folders (Documents, Pictures, etc.) to a different drive and use a second SSD for Dropbox and a database (my programming/business stuff), I've found that my 250 GB SSD OS drive still manages to get pretty filled up.
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    I like the song and all the performances and the arrangement. My only nit is it's a bit too long. The bridge is quite nice but IMHO it takes too long to get there. Also, I found myself wanting to hear a bit more bass. 😀John B.
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    Quite the puzzle! Well, to start you off, process of elimination: it was not me that wrote this. It's a nice groove. You have revived it and it sounds nice, although for me it's less organically live, and would still be not out of place if encountered in an elevator, in which I would ride quite comfortably. Perhaps it's the 1990's arrangement that is too hard to update, even though your instruments make it sound better. If the original didn't have words, perhaps you could add some? I think a vocal would help, and it sounds like the arrangement could support a vocal. I think your vst's make it sound just fine so mission accomplished there. Good luck in your search! cheers, -Tom
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    I can't remember but have I heard this before? Did you post this earlier in the other forum, or is it new-new? Synths and their treatment are top quality. Arrangement goes down easy. The vocals when harmonized are great, and well mixed! The solo lead vocal was the weakest link here, for me. It wasn't bad, but just not as smoooooth as the rest of the work. I dunno, he doesn't have a bad voice, it's not pitchy or anything weird - it's just for me his vocal timbre doesn't match the piece that well. But it's absolutely great when it's got the excellent background harmonies, and a little more reverb. Love those parts. I suppose everybody has an opinion! Your piece is extremely listenable and the mix / arrangement is way good. cheers, -Tom
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    Still miss PC Hardware, PC Software and Techniques tho…
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    Word of advice: don't skip the pain meds thinking hey I don't feel to bad today. I did and big mistake!
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    ........and let the rejoicing continue.
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    ...quick, insert smiley before someone gets offended... 😉
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    Andy, listen to Jim. 250 SSD for your OS. Keep it “lean”. 1gb M.2 for samples. Edit: 1 tb, I’m on my phone, pita! Conventional 7200 hd for projects. at least one more hd for data, backups etc. I’m not a composer who does “huge” orchestral mockups. But I can tell you that the M.2 loads Superior Drummer Trilian Kontact “right now”. Best money I spent last year! You can thank me later, T
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    The king already used his Feb voucher on Acme.
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    Moving this topic to our new Tutorials forum! 👍
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    If installed following the instructions above, V-Vocal should appear as a Region FX in CbB. Pentagon I is the only plug-in bundled with SONAR X series requiring administrator access to the registry. This may be done by either running the DAW as administrator or modifying the registry as shown in this post. Allowing for the permissions issue should Pentagon fail to load the problem is system specific.
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    This topic is nuts!!! 😀 (But I'm glad everyone appears to be coming out for the better! 😉)
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    The Who The Kids are Alright A "rockumentary" movie. I have the DVD which I watch pretty often because their live performances are so good and also to watch Keith Moon do all his crazy stuff.
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    @Gswitz Can you PM me a full description and recipe to reproduce this. Well look into it. Thanks!
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    That's because your movies are encoded for stereo playback. How well will this work in a video trying to teach you how to pan surround sound on YouTube, when the creator renders it as stereo or YouTube downmixes it to stereo? The only way to get any value out of that, is to actually be given the media to follow along with the tutorial - using the actual software. (Assuming the user has the appropriate hardware.) People are reacting as if I said "Death to all YouTube Tutorials" and want them all replaced with PDF files. That is not what I stated. What I stated is that Cakewalk should provide the PDF Documentation and CHM Help Files because that stuff works, and almost all of it still applies to Cakewalk by BandLab. Removing it doesn't help anyone. It does the opposite, for no reason other than "this is what they've chosen to do." And all you have to do is perform any search on that documentation site to see how bad it is. It's not like I didn't try to use it 😛
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    ABOUT THE FILM Music lovers will be astonished at the influence The Wrecking Crew wielded over rock and pop music in the 1960s and early 1970s. These unsung instrumentalists were the de-facto backing band on hit records by The Beach Boys, Phil Spector, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, Sonny & Cher, Elvis, The Monkees and many more. These dedicated musicians brought the flair and musicianship that made the American “West Coast Sound” a dominant cultural force around the world.
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    I'm no expert, but if somebody is called JohnG, should it not be written as Johng or in the case that the Capital G is being used as a further identifier to the name John (ie not John A,B,C D,E, F etc or maybe being the first letter of a surname) should there not be a space between John and G?
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    Agreed, the whole kit was not to my liking. But when he was doing it I thought exactly like he did, I could put this on a snare during a big build up!! Sounded great on that Rhodes, or what was it? The piano part.
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    I'm not sure I want it for drums, but from the video it sounds pretty good for guitar and piano.
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    Chandler, Thanx for the vid. I'm pulling the trigger.
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    Great video Chandler. I bought it outright without trying it out or hearing it. Mostly because I like DT stuff and I knew Melda would do it right. Your video showed me exactly that.
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    There are lighter themes available such as this.... Polar Blue Theme and this... White1 Theme (which is probably more the sort of thing you're after) and the included theme 'Mercury', but I would really recommend trying to create your own, it's a great way to get exactly what you want on all areas.
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