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  1. It works!! you guys saved me from massive disaster since my go-to rhodes plugin is AAS LL EP-4! (I heavily use rhodes when i compose) Thanks!!!
  2. Wow.. Many thanks!! I'll try older version!
  3. Thanks for your advice... But the problem is that.. how can i find older versions?
  4. Update: Strange thing is that if i load 2 instance of Lounge Lizard EP-4 simultaneously in track view menu (+ button), I can load 2 instance of LL EP-4.
  5. It was 144. Now i just tried with 147, and ExceptionHandlingSeverity (tried both 1 and 5). Same results...
  6. Updata: I made a video about it.
  7. I tried both vst2, vst3. and I tried all inserting method, synth rack, menu bar (prefer), track view menu... Thanks, anyway.
  8. Update: I contacted AAS team, and they sent me a hotfix in 1 day. (Great CS!) But... Now i can not load even 1 instance of Lounge Lizard EP-4. I deleted and re-install CbB several times.... I spent half of yesterday. I hope this disaster will end soon, because LL EP-4 is my go-to Rhodes plugin.. Thanks.
  9. Sorry i can not say about the previous version, since i'm not sure i did face same situation. But, if i can roll back to previous version, i'll try. Thanks.
  10. I can not load multiple instances of Applied Acoustic System plugins. Cakewalk gives no response. only 1 instance is ok. Occasionally, I can load 2 instance of Lounge Lizard EP-4, but it happens rarely. I'm on windows 10 64bit, and AAS plugins and Cakewalk are latest versions. Can you help me? My AAS pugins are Lounge Lizare EP-4, AAS player, Strum session, Ultra analogue session.. Thanks. Best, Sohn.
  11. I already have waves ssl g channel. Do i need this one?
  12. damn... i already have it... i am not sure i can sell the license from novation.
  13. I'm interested in kotelnikov ge. But I don't know if i need it or it's enough with free version.
  14. muzdol

    PA Announcement

    The bugs in DSM V2 are now resolved in V3?
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