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    I bought a £6000 home cinema system. However I'm really disappointed with it. Whenever I try to watch any war films it turns itself off and the screen goes black ..... .... turns out it's a conscientious projector.
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    It depends on the theme. I guess you are asking about Mercury. In that case: Green is 32bit VST Brown in 64bit VST Blue is 64bit VST3 and DX
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    I could tell you Craig. But as the reason has nothing to do with politics, doing so might get this fred locked 😕
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    As I have said elsewhere, lovely mate. I would add a gnat's penis (pretty small amount) of reverb on the first solo sound if I was hyper critical.
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    worth a try, what time does john wake up?
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    Really no use for this type of guessing and conspiracy theory's.
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    As was explained many months ago in the old forums Bandlab did not purchase Cakewalk Inc. only the intellectual property rights to the software products, so there was no debt, that is still Gibson's problem TTBOMFK 😎
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    Welcome! As mentioned, this topic has been discussed ad absurdum in the old forum. If you can work out how Google can give away their Chrome browser for free, Google Drive for free, Google Voice for free, GMail for free, all they give away for free, and yet become one of the richest corporations in the world, then you'll have solved the puzzle.
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    I think ''How Now Fat Cart-Like Wench, Whither Goest Thou Inst Drawers So Fearfully Overpopulated'' may have been one of the more outre' numbers. That or ''Turn of the Century Grape-shot Paranoia''
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    Mike told me they're working on (or have completed?) a conversion/migration tool to bridge BandLab project files to Cakewalk project files so that they can help people evolve to higher level creation. Got the sense that BandLab will continue to acquire/rescue/resuscitate worthy brands that fit with the vision of accessible available music creation for the masses. And, not sure if it's mine to share the specifics, or if they've already shared this elsewhere, but I now have zero concern that should Command Center ever go down (which is not their intent), that we will have no problem with authorization.
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    Isn't it what ProChannel is all about? I chose Sonar for this functionality. Obviously CLA plugins sounds somewhat different, but I prefer the workflow of the ProChannel. It's so genius! BTW, did anyone notice that Chris is talking to me?
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    Well done you utter bell end. What unusually named songs have you written?
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    I just used one of the pizmidi utilities and found it threw an error message saying it had an installation issue (see image). There is no installation, just make a directory and put them all there. Turns out an option needs to be modified now that was not needed before. I don't know if this is new or old, I don't use these very much. Anyway the fix is simple. In the vst folder there is a file 'pizmidi.ini'. Make the following change (in red):
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    There was a 64bit DX version bundled with SONAR. The last version to include it was 8.5. Consider running an advanced install of a version of SONAR to get the plug-in back.
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    Wait you have 5 thumbs Glad Cakewalk name is back out in the limelight.
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    That's good! They couldn't do that at NAMM due to the more open broad nature of the booth. I still give it a 5 thumbs up!
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    An older boy made me do it, sir.
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    That solved it Karhide, thanks. Yeah for some reason it was set to "Custom" where usually it's not. Changing that little drop down up in the right corner that's easy to miss to "All" brought back all the other horizontal faders too.
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    Still using Soundforge/Sony's CD Architect 5.2d here looks like Magix, who now own Soundforge, have dropped CD Architect. However I believe that you can cut CD's from Soundforge Pro 12.
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    Stay as you are man ... you always deliver!! There are sooo many horses holding me back from a cheap jibe but they'd just be bum jokes, your too good for them ...and at least you got furry paws (Just keep 'em clean & soft) PS Hoping your on the way up , last year was a bitch ..... and I'm hoping the title of this song says it all All the best to you Steve 😷
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    Thanks Karhide, that did the trick. I'll remember this when there's any future updates.
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    Very nice! Top notch production. Really first class. What is the effect on the vocals? A subltle vocoder? I'm guessing that this is already out there as a single. So you can't go back to it, right?
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    That's a beauty Kenny. Yes I have a Squier 'Classic Vibe' Tele with 2 P90s. Really like it.
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    Imagine if Google made a DAW... You'd be recording that difficult solo and then out of no where... an add pops up
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    I feel the same way about my 84 MIJ Tele ...hey post a pic here if you feel like it .... I may post a pic of mine in a day or two. Jame's , A while back I seem to remember you had a Tele w 2 P 90's . I would Love to go there at some point myself ..... OK since I had pulled the 86 MIJ Fender Esquire neck off the guitar and held on to it for all this time .I might as well show you what guitar I had put the neck on . First here's the head stock ...remember I mentioned that my Esquire is an actual Fender made in JAPAN in 1986 not a Squier Here's the guitar the neck is currently on Ash bodied Korean made Samic Valley Arts Telecaster have a good night guys , Kenny
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    I've had good results on piano parts, but I did have to be choosy with what algorithm I chose. Universal or Melodic is useless for polyphonic audio to MIDI. I find "Polyphonic (sustain)" the best most of the time, but it does depend on the material. So if you get results that suck, create a region FX and try changing the algorithm, then drag it on to your MIDI track again.
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    As my mom would say...if it had been a snake it would have bit me.
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    Wonder of a plugin 👌
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    Is anyone old enough to remember the movie "Billy Jack"?
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    Here ya go! how does bandlab make money? http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3732900
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    This guy playing "Crossroads" on a Cigar Box body guitar. Sounded good!
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    No updates yet on Rapture Pro, etc. With the new wing at the convention center completed last year it's much better. Quieter space for pro audio booths who choose to be away from the guitar/drum high-volume main area. BandLab chose the main floor, def the right move for them. Bigger presence. Some incredible performances, got to briefly meet Santana, Nancy Wilson, Rick Nielsen. And, 134,999 other people swarming around. Stark contrast: spending the day at NAMM and leaving in the evening to discover police in riot gear arresting protesters. The dichotomy of musical artists and industry folks walking down closed major streets going back to our hotels while hotel workers were protesting for a pay increase, more affordable healthcare, the implementation of panic buttons, increases to pensions and stronger protections for immigrants. Heartbreaking to see, and for all of us to be a part of, such imbalance in the world. 21 people arrested including an Anaheim city councilman. Wild. Check out these guitars (zoom in on 'em).
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    I watched it earlier in the week, two thumbs up. If anyone has FireTV it should be on the PBS app for a while.
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    Yeah I noticed that, this is on the Waves website... I think the Studio One addition in the notes is recent as I don`t remember seeing it on release day.
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    Thks Larry for sharing , really surpised by the sonic quality alone , the workflow is great , could be even better !!! CPU hit is ruff !!! I didn't yet upgraded my mercury , i keep waiting to be worth of it , but with relase at 29 , 49 i'll have to wait for a couple of release , hard to resiste this one and the omnichannel for fast A/B to hear the sounds of it on drums go at 36 min for session set up go a 14 min ! Cheers
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    Bandlab is doing something way ahead of its time. So for them to own their own DAW is an integral part of their process. They sell interfaces, Harmony guitars and more. I know what your thinking.."There must be more than that". Well maybe there is.. Maybe its the analytic data they want. If Bandlab wants access to how many times I hit the Undo button, by all means let them. I can understand where your curiosity might get the best of you but just let it play out. Use Cakewalk and be happy. I consider what Bandlab has given us (this past year) as a gift. A big one at that.
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    I've removed the time filters from the legacy forums. Good suggestion @scook -this needed to be done or else poking around the legacy forums would become pretty tedious after 30 days
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    Change the filter at the bottom of the page next to "Show All Posts" from "30 Days" to "from the beginning" Everything is still there. I have asked @Jesse Jost if it is possible to change the default to show all posts. Using Google with "site:forum.cakewalk.com" as part of the search criteria is still the best way to get info from the old forum. To browse the forum, set this filter to "from the beginning."
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    Would it be possible to have more threads on a page at the songs forum? At the moment there are 19 which means a thread will drop to page 2 pretty quickly, and hardly anyone goes to page 2. I think the old forum had nearly 50 threads on a page.
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    On the unread content list, it would be nice to have a "mark topic as read" link/button on each post. The "mark site read" is useful, but there's always a danger I've missed something in between clicking the link & clicking the confirmation box, and also the list of unread post can be quite long and it's easy to lose your place. It would be nice to just mark off the obvious ones I want to skip one by one - especially if they're short posts and I've effectively read it on that list.
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    Make a STUDIO forum with sub forums for: - Instruments & Effects - Hardware - Software - Deals (Coffee House seems highly odd place for such a forum)
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    The one thing that most software companies take for granted is the fact that their users are computer literate...I see evidence to the contrary constantly It would be nice to see an Essentials section with Computer Essentials and DAW Essentials. I've always wondered why no one considered it before. It would go a long way towards heading off user frustration and negativity. For the someone new to computers and DAWs in general it would be priceless! Bill
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