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    Drums, bass, perc and guitar recorded in Cakewalk by your's truly. As seen on AGT last night:
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    was on the road lol you know it would have be done even before PA poost lol Here we go guyz .... You know i got you guyz covered Here's my take on the Purple Audio MC 77 emulation coming from PA , another 1176 ? well we gonna check this out !! If You remeber the song we begun to pre mix with the focusrite channel strip , this baby come to rescue ....to instance and you judge !! 1) Plugin Tour 2) All fun / mix rescue !! 3) Conclusion !!
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    Hi All, Thank you for those who reached out to support. The team was able to identify the issue posted here with overlapping MIDI notes. This should be resolved in the next update, stay tuned.
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    Coming up next from Waves: Abbey Road Bathroom Hall. We have sampled the iconic sound of Abbey Road, with IR directly from the sink and the toilet for a unique reverberation effect found nowhere else.
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    A lute? To me, crimes like these simply defies logic, far beyond reason. Just as Mark said, having used pro tools, breaking in must have been a cakewalk. And still – just a lute? Was that instrument made for live gigs or was it a studio one? As musicians these thieves obviously aren’t into any digital performance. And that kind of instrument would hardly be used in a garage band. I think the crime investigators need a cue: base the police investigation on the "modus operandi". There’s simply no endo to the possibilities. Sorry for the last ones. Ok, all of them.
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    Also a reason to play Grand Pianos. Really hard to put them out on the lawn😆
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    Receive the fabulous Metric Halo Dirty Delay plugin FREE when you enter coupon code "FreeDirtyDelay" on checkout. https://www.jrrshop.com/metric-halo-dirty-delay
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    It is with great pleasure that we announce the following winners: Melodyne 4 Studio • Ryan Sleeper Melodyne Essential • Phil Balliet • Ernest Foo • Michał Gieniusz • Jan Van Schalkwyk • Scott Yap And a huge, heartfelt thank you to EVERYONE who participated. Your support is greatly appreciated! 🎉🎉🎉 Your friends, The Bakers and all at BandLab
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    Hey Guys, We thought we'd chime in here and address some of the concerns pointed out here. For those of you with issues loading newly saved SampleTank 3 instruments in SampleTank 4.0.5, we are working on a fix as we speak. Feel free to roll back to version 4.0.4 using your IK account's My Products section, or keep an eye out for the next update here as well. This update should be coming soon. Keep in mind this issue does not affect SampleTank 4 instruments or existing sessions, but only older SampleTank 3 sounds being saved again in 4.0.5. For anyone with this reported "MIDI repeating issue", I would urge you to reach out to support to give them all of your information. While I do see a posted issue in regards to VERY short MIDI Note On messages being skipped over in some DAWs. This was only for notes below 1/64 values, and only for some DAW users so many of you will never see this behavior. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/contact-support/ Just a note to all. Any issues with our products should be reported to support for the best action. Once a support ticket is open, feel free to let me know in a PM.
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    MIDI doesn't have any notion of automation envelopes. When you open a pure MIDI file as opposed to importing it, we import MIDI CC events as is and also allow you to save the project back as a MIDI file. However any edits you made to the project that are not native to MIDI will be lost or converted. In the case of automation there is no such thing as envelopes in MIDI so Cakewalk converts the envelope to MIDI CC's (decimates into points to be more accurate) to represent the envelope as closely as it can. This is a one way conversion process and not a design flaw. When you open the MIDI file it will import back as MIDI CC's again. If you want to work with non destructive data save your project as a CWP file not a MIDI file, as scook recommended.
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    That's also a very good point, because I've often said if I had to choose between only playing or only playing the studio, I'd choose live. I guess there's enough residual old school in me that I think live performance has a vitality that's hard to match in the studio, and following your ethos helps to give a more authentically "live" feel. (At a seminar during Q&A, someone said he couldn't get much more than 120 tracks or so, and what would I recommend he do. I said he didn't need more tracks - he needed to take a course on arranging .)
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    Word is that it will begin next week. So save your pennies. 🙂
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    Our newly-hired Kazoo sampling expert: "Hold my beer."
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    Here is a video that hopefully gives you an idea of what MCabinet can do and why you might be interested in it.
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    One of The Rarest Consoles of All Times The bx_console Focusrite SC plugin brings the world-class sound of the original desk to your DAW. Featuring 72 channels including patent-pending Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT). Developed by Brainworx in close collaboration with Focusrite. http://plugin-alliance.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=a5d02ef1a880555a40a57152d8788569&i=291A321A6A2816
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    Did a quick comparison between Massive X , Phase Plant & Pigments - I liked Pigments the best. Note that I'm a synth hacker not a programmer. Don't have patience to program a patch from scratch but can fine tune something that's ballpark or that I find interesting. Real quick gloss-over, superficial summary: Massive X - not really ready for prime time. That you can't use your own wave files anywhere is a major disappointment. Like the sound quality. Hopefully will mature into a killer synth. Phase Plant - a beast, can probably make this thing take over a small country but more than I want to deal with when I want to use a synth. Wasn't overly impressed with patches but probably wasn't in right frame of mind at time that I was checking it out. Will give this a more serious look next time it goes on sale but for now passing on this. Pigments - favorite of the 3. Things I like: GUI, great feedback on what's going on Can use my own wave forms as oscillators, be nice if I could use them in other areas such as for LFO For me it feels very tweak friendly i.e. easy to find what I'm looking for when hacking a patch. Other I really like like some of the patches but IMHO a lot are mediocre / unimpressive. Like I said this is a superficial summary. YMMV. Peace out - have a great 4th of July!
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    SampleTank 4 - Ver. 4.0.5 - Release Notes Changes from version 4.0.4: Added Tooltip display when hovering over the main bar icons Added assigned note info for instruments with multiple articulations Improved smooth scrolling in Library browser Selecting “Load Instrument” now focuses on the corresponding Part number Optimized character limit for Part/Note value input in virtual pads Loading Syntronik Multis now remove previously loaded instruments on Parts 5-16 Fixed built-in Mod Wheel not sending MIDI CC values to assigned MIDI correctly Fixed an issue with Pads Mode not reacting properly after recalling saved project Fixed an issue with Auto Pan potentially affecting audio when depth set to 0 A Sound Library Update 1.4 is available. This adds new Brass and Woodwind instruments with key-switchable articulations and fixes an issue with Trombone 2 Staccato not installed properly (available for ST4 MAX and Standard only) Added a new key switch articulation instrument: Cuban Trumpet (available for ST4 MAX and Standard only)
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    I use Sitala, free and simple to use.
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    Damn it Izotope, I'm trying to sell Trash, Breaktweaker and Stutter!
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    Downloaded Massive X today...apparently it is not a standalone instrument! It can only be run as a vst.
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    Downloaded and installed. I have just been auditioning some of the presets, I really love my S61 NI keyboard for this, just scrolling through direct from the keyboard and seeing what comes up. First impressions. It sounds more digital the Massive to my ears. There seems to be a high proportion of effects type presets and "way out" and heavily modulated sounds over the generally usable type of sound in the factory presets. There are some very nice pads and a couple I have already flagged as "favourite" for future exploration.
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    Hey everyone, The trial codes are finally back in stock. All outstanding licenses have been sent out already.
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