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    Drums, bass, perc and guitar recorded in Cakewalk by your's truly. As seen on AGT last night:
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    Got it from Hans25 over at KVR: AAS Applied Acoustic System deal on Stacksocial: Pay What You Want: The Synth & Sound Pack Bundle: pay $1 and receive: Angelicals Sound Pack $39 Value Cinematheque Sound Pack $39 Value Synbiosis Sound Pack $39 Value Journeys Sound Pack $39 Value Pay average price: $11.10 (for now) and get: https://stacksocial.com/sales/pay-what-you-want-music-production-bundle-synths-sound-packs-for-logic-pro-ableton-pro-tools-more Strum Session Synth Pack $33 Value Kinetix Sound Pack $39 Value Ultra Analog Session Synth Pack $33 Value Multiverse Sound Pack $39 Value Microsound Textures Sound Pack $39 Value Frontier Sound Pack $39 Value Pop Rocks Sound Pack $39 Value Starlight Sound Pack $39 Value Analog Essentials Sound Pack $39 Value Ultra FX Sound Pack $39 Value Angelicals Sound Pack $39 Value Cinematheque Sound Pack $39 Value Synbiosis Sound Pack $39 Value Journeys Sound Pack $39 Value Edit: corrected link thanks to you guys
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    Also a reason to play Grand Pianos. Really hard to put them out on the lawn😆
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    Receive the fabulous Metric Halo Dirty Delay plugin FREE when you enter coupon code "FreeDirtyDelay" on checkout. https://www.jrrshop.com/metric-halo-dirty-delay
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    It is with great pleasure that we announce the following winners: Melodyne 4 Studio • Ryan Sleeper Melodyne Essential • Phil Balliet • Ernest Foo • Michał Gieniusz • Jan Van Schalkwyk • Scott Yap And a huge, heartfelt thank you to EVERYONE who participated. Your support is greatly appreciated! 🎉🎉🎉 Your friends, The Bakers and all at BandLab
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    MIDI doesn't have any notion of automation envelopes. When you open a pure MIDI file as opposed to importing it, we import MIDI CC events as is and also allow you to save the project back as a MIDI file. However any edits you made to the project that are not native to MIDI will be lost or converted. In the case of automation there is no such thing as envelopes in MIDI so Cakewalk converts the envelope to MIDI CC's (decimates into points to be more accurate) to represent the envelope as closely as it can. This is a one way conversion process and not a design flaw. When you open the MIDI file it will import back as MIDI CC's again. If you want to work with non destructive data save your project as a CWP file not a MIDI file, as scook recommended.
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    That's also a very good point, because I've often said if I had to choose between only playing or only playing the studio, I'd choose live. I guess there's enough residual old school in me that I think live performance has a vitality that's hard to match in the studio, and following your ethos helps to give a more authentically "live" feel. (At a seminar during Q&A, someone said he couldn't get much more than 120 tracks or so, and what would I recommend he do. I said he didn't need more tracks - he needed to take a course on arranging .)
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    Word is that it will begin next week. So save your pennies. 🙂
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    Our newly-hired Kazoo sampling expert: "Hold my beer."
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    PLUG-IN COLLECTIVE: AUDIORITY From the 4th July to 5th September we have teamed up with our friends at Audiority to offer the Deleight and Distortion1 for FREE. From the 4th July to 5th September we have teamed up with our friends at Audiority to offer a 50% discount on any individual plugin and 15% off the bundles
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    You have my sympathy, Zargg. I have had to crawl out of that same hole. It's a long climb. You might be tempted to put musical endeavors on hold, perhaps feeling that engaging in a joyful activity might somehow be unbecoming. Don't succumb to that instinct. Go ahead and write some sad and/or angry songs. If some of it turns out too dark to share, don't let that stop you. It's therapy.
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    Thanks for the report! We'll fix it for the next release.
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    Did a quick comparison between Massive X , Phase Plant & Pigments - I liked Pigments the best. Note that I'm a synth hacker not a programmer. Don't have patience to program a patch from scratch but can fine tune something that's ballpark or that I find interesting. Real quick gloss-over, superficial summary: Massive X - not really ready for prime time. That you can't use your own wave files anywhere is a major disappointment. Like the sound quality. Hopefully will mature into a killer synth. Phase Plant - a beast, can probably make this thing take over a small country but more than I want to deal with when I want to use a synth. Wasn't overly impressed with patches but probably wasn't in right frame of mind at time that I was checking it out. Will give this a more serious look next time it goes on sale but for now passing on this. Pigments - favorite of the 3. Things I like: GUI, great feedback on what's going on Can use my own wave forms as oscillators, be nice if I could use them in other areas such as for LFO For me it feels very tweak friendly i.e. easy to find what I'm looking for when hacking a patch. Other I really like like some of the patches but IMHO a lot are mediocre / unimpressive. Like I said this is a superficial summary. YMMV. Peace out - have a great 4th of July!
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    I use Sitala, free and simple to use.
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    Personal opinion, but...I find every track you add diminishes the importance of the remaining tracks. This isn't always a bad thing, of course, you don't want all tracks to be equally important. A lot of my songs have only 8 parts, although some parts might be spread over more than one track (e.g., different processing on the guitar part in one section of the song, so it's on another track). I used to layer vocals a lot, but I'm getting away from that because it makes the lead vocal less intimate. Instead, I'm going for more harmony parts. If you want to hear the kind of mileage I get out of eight tracks, check out my Simplicity album.
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    The original issue of 1903 caused dropouts and Resplendence Latency Mon showed system problems. I fell back to V1809 and then reinstalled 1903 and it seemed to be OK. Wrong! it still had latency and dropouts. I again reverted to V1809 which is OK. There is a long thread on the gearslutz forum about this and then another thread on the tenforums.com about the latency and dropouts and along with affecting audio it was also affecting video processing and gaming. Finally, Thursday 6/27, Microsoft released KB4501375 and that fixed the latency and dropouts for audio and video processing (and probably gaming). If you have an early 1903 version installed, install the KB4501375 update. If you have been waiting for a fix, the current 1903 upgrade includes the KB4501375 update. The "fixed" 1903 will show build 18362.207. I ran Resplendence Latency Mon for over 15 minutes and no reported problems. Prior to the KB fix it would show problems at various timeframes after about 2 minutes. Here is the link to the post on the tenforums with information on the release and direct links to download KB4501375 if its not offered in Win 10 updates. https://www.tenforums.com/windows-10-news/135597-cumulative-update-kb4501375-windows-10-v1903-build-18362-207-june-27-a.html
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    Hey everyone, The trial codes are finally back in stock. All outstanding licenses have been sent out already.
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    You said you had replaced 2 of the 3 preamp tubes. Did you do the power tubes as well? Those tubes are right next to the speakers and take a beating at high volume. Fender, unfortunately, took some cost cutting measures on those amps. If you are getting it serviced, make sure to have the big power resistors on the +/- 15 volt supply for channel switching checked out and re-soldered as necessary. They used solder as the means of mechanically securing two big power resistors. I've seen those solder joint crack, and when they do they get hot and can also arc, causing HUGE heat loads that can burn the board. If you are in there, you might as well swap out the electrolytic filter caps as well. Good ones (sprague atoms) will last 20+ years. I've seen the caps in the hot rods/deville fail after only a few years. Also, if you are in there, replace the plastic input jacks. Not only do the pin's solder joint to the board fail due to high stresses on insertion, the input bezel is supported by a little metal ring. These pop off and then the jack breaks. The solder joints on the power tube board should be re-flowed. These are under stress as well. I hope that helps.
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    Even I'll admit I bought this. I had a few of them already but this was a bargain even with those. Shhh, though, dont' tell anybody.
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    Version 2.0.0 is now official, and finally there is a proper landing page: https://michaelwillis.github.io/dragonfly-reverb
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    Thanks Fleer for posting this, you've made all my AAS dreams come true. (somehow, that didn't sound right , but thank you )