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    I just visited their website to check that I was on the latest version of Vocalign Project (I wasn't - there's a new VST3 ARA2 version It then popped up a message stating that if I subscribe to their newsletter I will receive a Free Groove3 30 Days All Access Pass. Sure enough I just received the code by email almost immediately and added it to my Groove3 account. I got the 1 Year Groove3 deal recently with iZotope MPS3 upgrade so this just extended the end date by 30 days. https://www.synchroarts.com/
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    Go here...log in, click on get eBass Bundle for Studio One, and a discount code for 100% off will be provided in your account https://www.e-instruments.com/ebass-promo/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Learn More and get eBass Complete Bundle for FREE&utm_campaign=Emma GA Test then go to the Studio One Store and purchase the product https://shop.presonus.com/E-Instruments-eBass-Complete-Bundle
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    this update seems to have fixed a small "crash on exit" bug I was having
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    Here: https://sounds2inspire.com/sektor_wavetablepack/
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    Good deal on MODO Bass which is my goto Bass plugin. A similar deal on MODO Drums and I'd be all over it.
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    "Stock Clearance"..............because all them serial numbers are taking up so much room.😁
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    As many of you know, I write a monthly column about CbB for Sound on Sound magazine. There's never a shortage of techniques to write about :), but I thought I'd ask if there were any aspects of the program where you'd like a column that went into a topic in particular depth. For example, at one point there were some threads where people were trying to make sense of all the export options, so I did a column about exporting and its many applications. Thanks!
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    @Grem if you'd like to take part in our angry mob please join us over here bring a torch and pitchfork
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    It was indeed! Well...at last I can stop typing all of that...so there's that 😜
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    Now I know. Stupid me, it took some time. Now I know where “cc” in “cclarry” stands for. Credit Card Larry. The man, the king, the legend. Rule, big man, rule.
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    I've found using a simple filter or eq plugin can work, with a very narrow eq. Basically knock out everything at 50Hz (or 60Hz if you're in the US). The free Melda MEqualizer is perfect for this. With bass however, it can get tricky... you may need to add automation to bring some of it back in on certain notes (low Bb / B for 60Hz) so you don't get quiet spots. If the bass doesn't have a low B, you might be fine tho.
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    Lenses are global, where as screensets are per project Lenses are more to do with hiding features that don't fit with your workflow. For instance, if you never intend using the virtual keyboard, you can use Lenses to hide it from where ever it would normally appear. Lenses can also affect the way your windows are laid out - but you can tell a lense not to have any effect on screen layout. That way you can leave screen layouts up to screensets. Screensets are more to do with Windows layouts.
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    (The following is excerpted rom page 377 in The Huge Book of Cakewalk by BandLab Tips. It describes how to do an S-shape fadeout, which unfortunately is a shape Cakewalk doesn't offer. It's common in video editors, and produces a great fadeout effect.) When you want to fade out a song using master bus automaton, you can either take the time to place nodes exactly where you want them, or save time by using this tip. I’ve been using this technique on all songs requiring a fade for the last couple months, and it works every time. Here’s the step-by-step: 1. Open the volume automation envelope on your master bus. 2. Add a node where you want the song to start fading. 3. Add another node where you want the song to have faded out, and drag this node down to zero volume. 4. Add a third node equidistant between the fadeout start and end nodes. 5. Right-click on the envelope between the fadeout start and midpoint, and then choose Slow Curve. 6. Right-click on the envelope between the midpoint and fadeout end, and then choose Fast Curve.
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    I listened to the demo last night. It sounded pleasant, and might have some uses, but nothing that I could get too excited about. I used to grab these kind of deals, but I am trying to be more discerning with my purchases, so I am passing on this.
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    WOW, Thanks guys, Larry you helpd ne find thus one. Lenovo 81DM0005US Ideapad 330 17.3" Laptop Notebook PC Computer 8th Gen i7 GeForce MX150 16GB Memory 1TB SSD 2GB GeForce MX150 $625.00 yea, I know it's above $500, but I need a new laptop. Sonar, I mean CakewalkbyBandLab is going in it and other audio software. It's going to be for mixing while traveling and moving around. Larry, you are the best.
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    Announcing the November issue of SoundBytes Magazine, our fortieth issue. Read it here http://soundbytesmag.net/
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    Just discovered i was due for a grace period coverage for the update. CS submitted a request for refund. YAY Christmas came early for moi.
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    Overloud Choptones Tone Impera Rig Library for TH-U introductory sale, now $15.96 with code GROUP at JRR until December 2: https://www.jrrshop.com/overloud-choptones-tone-impera
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    ... the last time I tried, I nearly broke my f*cking back.
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    The M-2 is $142.76 at JRR with code GROUP https://www.jrrshop.com/motu-m2-2-in-2-out-usb-audio-interface
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    They re into the segment mastered by focusrite , clearly ...
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    quick update on the 'missing presets' saga after a bit of backwards and forwards with waves support (including the 'why not reinstall everything' type responses) - they eventually said "Turns out the presets are indeed missing from most plugins - thank you for pointing it out for us. We should release a fix for this in the next few days." here's hoping - although I'll never get those hours I spent manually importing them back
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    Life is good again.
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    From the Spitfire Audio website:- Step into the sound world of composer Oliver Patrice Weder with OPW, a beautifully intimate composing toolkit made up of a unique blend of melodic and percussive elements, giving you both organic, emotive instruments and shimmering electronic manipulations. Released in conjunction with the composer’s debut album of the same name, these 59 presets have been carefully recorded and curated by Oliver himself, specifically with composers and music makers in mind. Inspired by Oliver’s extensive travels, this distinctive collection will add character, texture and beauty to your scores. Featuring his own characterful prepared piano and a Wurlitzer 200A enhanced with effects pedals, discover atmospheric delays, tempo-synced electronics, dreamy pads, swells and textures. Add rhythm and movement with raw and treated percussive one shots and loops, or for a hint of nostalgia, choose the smoky, romantic tones of the flugelhorn. https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/oliver-patrice-weder-opw/ I quite enjoyed the Alev Lenz library earlier this year so I will definitely be checking this one out. Only £29 Not even worth waiting for Black Friday...
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    Maybe now... but once upon a time, before subscriptions were available, and before someone got greedy, it was probably more around $6,000 at full price. It only got that way because for some reason, a new line of thought came along that also deemed $300 a good price tag to put on a flanger. Good thing it's a really good flanger… or at least it should be for that much.
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    oh btw I just recently installed waves plugins on another laptop and had absolutely no issues with it, I have selection of v9 and v10, just followed the instructions on waves website sure I will keep my old versions as they are as I don't see a point for wasting money just for upgrading, can't find a single advantage in the upgrade seems like money rob some may like the new GUI retouch but... seriously Waves, another payment for gui retouch and few fixes...? EDIT: all that is obviously from a windows user point of view, not a Mac user entirely here
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    I put drum rhythms in one MIDI take lane, and drum fills in a separate MIDI take lane in the same track. Easy to do, easy to edit.
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    ^^^^^ This! ^^^^^ Perhaps a lens versus screen set comparison.
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    Still lovingly stuck with HideawayStudio Chromatix. And it’s on sale in their bundle.
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    Soemtimes you can buy the single instruments for dirt cheap and then cross grade to Complete for like $50-70 at Plugin Boutique. So that's something to look out for. The AIR Synths are pretty decent, as are the Instruments (the keyboards, at least). I guess if you need (for more than playback, like Kontakt Player or Halion Sonic SE) a Sampler Structure is usable. It has decent 3rd party library support (EXS, REX, etc.). BOOM is okay for $4.99, but I think you can do the same stuff in Strike, IIRC (Boom is just dead simple and easier to work with)...
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    If you are planning on getting multiple plugins, hit Koby up...he might be able to offer you a better deal... http://everyplugin.com/contacts
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    Good stuff, some of Bizet's best 👆 In the Court of the Crimson King - King Crimson
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    quoting myself re: balance the uninstall doesn't clean up properly - all the the old intel C++ library files are sprinkled everywhere (without asking for a location) are still there - recommend you don't bother IMO
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    Hey Some Guy and Starise , thank you both for attempting to help me out . OK here's where we stand now . I sent in a ticket yesterday w Magix and to my surprise they got back to me in less than an hour . ( must be the hours I keep or I just get lucky ) I was advised to download the beta Acid Pro Version 9.0.3. ( Build 29 ) 64-bit . Having done so and going through the install all seems to be working out for the best now . I'm no longer getting the VST scan drop out, the program seems a little snappier and now I can play OGG files ... Speaking of the OGG files most of those I got came with a program called Mixcrat Pro . That was a program I had picked up when SONAR was no more before BandLab took over and brought us all Cakewalk as a sonic gift ... A couple of things OGG files do play nice in Acid Pro , ( this I know because my 3 Windows 10 64 bit computers have either Acid Pro 7 or Acid Pro 8 installed on them ) They are certainly good enough for a starting point when hit w a blank project . A personal favorite activity is I like to sit down during a practice session and learn how to play many of the loops I have note for note on my guitar I'm an equal opportunity lick Crook ...not only do I like to nab licks from the various OGG files I have . I love to nab licks from my Logic converted over from CAF to 24 bit Wave and every other loop library I have collected over the years 😎Oh Yeah .... As far as Why Windows 7 ? It was up until recently my only Win computer that didn't have Acid Pro installed . For a deal like this $20 bucks you better believe I'm gonna salivate at the dangling hook and JUMP ... Hey Starise ! I was also shocked at first wanting to know if the deal is or was legit ...it is legit man . Not only did Magix help me out with my Acid Pro 9 temporary set up woes , Acid Pro 9 is listed along with every purchase I have ever done w Magix in my Magix account ... all the best, Kenny
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    bah, portal is just the stupidest plugin, good riddance, really
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    I received my code back in just a couple hours after the purchase. I guess based on their business hours.
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    Mine looks very similar. However, this includes WUPing plugs that are currently covered. If you de-select these and choose only those expired , it will cap at $240. I'll wait patiently for the WUP sale (if and when...)
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    The NI Symphony is a bit of a mixed bag. The essential versions are kind of weak and that's all you get with Ultimate. The full versions (if you get the collectors edition or upgrade) are better but only the strings and percussion would I consider good. I used the full version of just the strings for a while before I finally jumped to the collectors edition. The strings auto-divsi is really nice and NI did finally fix some of the bugs with repeating notes not playing. I still like how the strings sound even if I've mostly moved on. I'll still pull them up because I like how they sound and how it works, but the brass and winds I've never bothered to use much at all. The percussion is good, but I have at least a half-dozen high end orchestral percussion libraries so it doesn't get much play. Ultimate has some nice stuff, I've never regretted jumping to it long ago, but I'd always wait for the upgrade sale to get it (spring or summer I think, can't remember for sure). It has a few pieces the normal Komplete doesn't that is helpful (Session Strings Pro 2, Session Horns Pro, Action Strikes, Rise and Hit). But I don't think I'd compare it with the EastWest, Spitfire or Berlin Tools stuff. By the time you got Ultimate and then the upgrade to the full Symphony you could have bought just about anything else. It's not the cheap way to a complete package. Hollywood Gold right now with the sale price isn't a bad deal though and you do get a complete package. My problems aren't with the sound but more the way the player works. It's really painful for me even if the sound I want is in there somewhere.
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    I have 2 basses. Maybe I should spend some time playing them. The only cost is time. With today's software you can edit the suck out of your playing.
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    Freebie alert!!!!! Drop what you’re doing… we have a new freebie… from the geniuses over at Eventide! We’re offering the Quadravox plugin at the wonderful low price of FREE! Quadravox is a 4-voice pitch shifting harmonizer. What does that mean? Well, you can create complex harmonies from any audio signal, whether it be recorded vocals, sample libraries, or synth plugins, anything that makes a noise can be sweetened up with Quadravox. Create beautiful and rich harmonies on vocal lines and guitar riffs, or just go insane with the sound design possibilities: from long, evolving delays, warped pitch shifting effects, and adding extra octaves and harmonies to really beef up the sound… you’ll love what you can achieve with this plugin. Download here: https://audioplugin.deals/quadravox-the-4-voice-pitch-shifting-harmonizer-plugin-by-eventide-free-download/ Offer ends in just 1 week from today, you don't want to miss this one. Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReHGNkQVwzA&list=PLq5zvy3wsKYbn0qqNdTPEyJuRCXM4wdW8 Audio Demos https://soundcloud.com/reverb-com/sets/eventide-quadravox
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    Native Instruments is selling Soniccoutures Instruments for up to 80% off on their Website. Soniccoutures sale at NI
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    Imho the best music ( not only )for sundays
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    Hello All, The Studio RTA Producers Cart in Maple is on sale at "MF" for only $99.99. This item usually sells for $149.99 Check it out
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    This would be so useful! I'd like to subcategorise my orchestral and ethnic instrumentation sections Is there a set number of votes an idea needs to be added to the roadmap? Seeing as the categorisation function exists, it shouldn't be too much work to enhance it.
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    And also on days with numbers on a calendar.
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