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  10. cclarry

    PSP Hertz Rider

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  13. Subs are kind of contentious where people would say they start but I'd say 30Hz and down are in the sub area for me. But I would definitely say this is your starting point - push this as high as you can go for any track that you definitely know doesn't need any frequencies down there.
  14. This plugin is free and a little bit crazy from my point of view NoisePalette of SirenFX, is a noise generator An strange plugin, interesting and different at the same time https://www.sirenfx.io/l/Sfnp
  15. @bjornpdx I do hope the Analogue Lab patch included the CS-80 one of the masters favourite synths. It does have a Vangelis vibe, nicely done sir I do like.
  16. Analog Obsession has updated the free plugin KABIN (Universal Guitar Cabinet Modeler) to v2.0.0 v2.0.0 updates DSP improvements Reduced CPU usage Redesigned GUI Retina/HiDPI Added Readout Feature for knobs Available Formats VST/VST3/AU | Mac 10.9 - 11.X VST/VST3 | Windows 7 - 8 - 10 - 11 https://www.patreon.com/posts/kabin-43454405
  17. A powerful and comprehensive found percussion library. Ends 5th June https://www.lootaudio.com/category/kontakt-instruments/Naroth-Audio/rhythmus
  18. The short answer is No. There is no way to alter the default track to either preload PC settings or swap it for a track template in CbB. I created a shortcut using AutoHotkey to load a specific track template, in this example, a template for guitar. The script, bound Windows+Space, opens the template import dialog then navigates to my custom template folder then loads the guitar track template.
  19. BFD3 is working flawlessly here, and has done for some time. Thanks for the heads up on the update.
  20. and... with this sale my last $20 voucher is now gone! I'm hoping that a new deal pops up soon in Humblebundle or Fanatical, or that someone decides to sell at KVR their old stock of producerplanet vouchers
  21. Stranger Synths - Complete Bundle $29.99 (or $14.99 for non-commercial) https://producerplanet.com/us/article/stranger-synths-complete-bundle-5904/?license=commercial_unlimited This bundle of cinematic soundpools includes real orchestral instruments plus vintage synthesizer sounds, inspired by the Oberheim OBX, the Sequential Prophet series and others, for layering and mixing Package contains 2173 Loops* in various BPM. ========== Limited-edition "Summer Bundle" $43.16 (or $20.04 for non-commercial) https://producerplanet.com/us/article/summer-bundle-24607/?license=commercial_unlimited This Bundle contains 10 soundpools: Beach House, Summer Rain, Playa del Sol complete Bundle, Progressive House, Ibiza House, Sensual Healing, Brazilian Nights, Mojito Island and Latin Cafe. Package contains 4500 Loops* in various BPM ========= * Each variation (for example, loops with the same base name but available in A, Bb, C, D, E, F and G) is counted as different loop
  22. Will.

    New release

    i7 - 8Gen, 64GB Ram. 1TB on Operating System with 600GB free running Windows 10 21H2 and Latest Cakewalk release only. All windows defender has been disabled and no other antivirus installed. Audio interface - Focustlrite 2i2 3rd Gen running the latest Drivers. Sample rate 44100/24bit and Buffer 256. I know how to configure a system from front to back for a DAW. I have been away from CbB since this release for this specific reason. I can't afford to have a crash when I have workd famous artists in my studio. I am proud to say I have reach that level using Cakewalk over the years (not bragging cause for most it was a tragic time) with most of this success happened throughout the pandemic. I'm mostly on Logic for this very reason because all my clients are sending me logic projects or requesting a Logic from me. I really hope the next release will be better. I still and will always love Cakewalk.
  23. Thanks. I already have my ProChannel presets saved (for whole ProChannel and for individual modules). The question is: can I have them loaded as a default when creating new tracks? Or other way: track template - I have it saved but I wish I could use it as a default track when creating each new track. Becouse is a bit longer way to insert a new track from template than new default track . I use shortcut to do it and instead of one keyboars stroke (create new track) I have here operation: Keyboard shortcut>>navigating with mouse to select desired track template>> double mouse click. Would I ask for too much if I wanted to have it done with just one click? Cheers --------------------------------------- My music: https://wojciechstecyszyn.bandcamp.com/
  24. No longer works unfortunately. Although with extra discount it put it at 40% off which they have done in at least one other flash sale or two.
  25. I believe that is the genus erectum viagrum
  26. Peter said this on the VI-Control thread: As an additional incentive, not only will the current Syntronik 2 MAX multis be unlocked for all participants once the group buy reaches 3,000+ participants but we just added over 100 NEW Syntronik 2 MAX multis which will also be unlocked at 3,000+ participants. So no need to worry about sourcing the older multis if we reach the goal. They will be included.
  27. Btw, I checked the IK MM site and searched TRacks 670, and it came up with this "Fairchild Vintage Compressor" https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/trvintubcomplim/?pkey=t-racks-single-vintage-compressor-model-670 I had a brief look at the Waves C1, I didn't see an EQ shutoff switch, maybe you could point it out. The one I'm looking at is Comp/Gate. As for the "screen with the curves", both screens on the C1 sorta have curves, the top one is for the comp, I think that would be what you're referring to. https://www.waves.com/plugins/c1-compressor I did check out the website for the MCompressor and noticed that it is a bundle. Nice deal for free. Do you happen to have the two different C1's setup, one for punchy then the second for smoothing? Maybe a screenshot of it showing the exact settings would be helpful. If not, no biggie, I'm sure I can manage by the numbers you posted earlier. I have been bouncing the synth tracks. In fact before I upgraded my PC 6 months ago, I had to do that pretty regular. This PC can handle quite a bit, it's just that I'm so used to my old setup which could only handle a few CPU heavy plugs or vsts. I'm just used to thinking efficiently when it comes to that I guess. If that is the way to go, then I'm down. I have at least 2-3 plugs on every instrument, whether they are in the individual tracks or the busses, and my CPU is handling it, so I think I could add a few more without any issues. Gotcha. When you said earlier about cutting all the sub freq (on whichever instrument) to get rid of junk frequencies, the specific range for that was to cut everything below 20HZ right?....or was it 30HZ? I know you said I could cut even higher if it still sounds ok, but the frequencies our ears can't even hear was below 20 or 30, correct? Thank you for the road map LT, that helps a lot. I'm a person who tends to learn and remember technical stuff better by watching someone do it, rather than tons of reading, so any step by step instructions or screenshots make it much easier to sort it all out faster. Learning the details of how these EQ and Comp plugins work is going to help. I've always had a basic understanding of what they contribute to the sound, but there are so many, and so when I just want to get on with a project I tend to just find a preset that I know will be in the ball park for what I want to do with a plug, then tweak it a little. It's faster that way, but I know it's going to be much better and worth my time and effort to learn the details going forward. Plus how to use different ones strategically in a chain is something that I had not explored enough in the past. After reading all the posts here, there are obvious advantages to knowing how to make them all work together, rather than just knowing what they do individually. I agree, priceless info here so far! Welcome to the college of mixing! 🙂 Thank you for adding your strategy Tim, I appreciate it. I hear you, my approach in general is different sometimes depending on genre, and my songwriting covers quite a range. I'm same as you, keyboardist my whole life, plus been learning guitar for about 8 yrs now, (and loving it!). My current project is basic rock, but I've written and recorded blues, country, Pop, Electronic instrumental, and background music for film or animation (in which I like to mix orchestra sounds with synth sounds). As far as songwriting, I haven't really settled into one lane yet, not sure if I ever will. I do have many definite influences that go as far back as the 60s, 70, 80s, (I'm old lol) and I don't really like to try to fit into one style, at least for now. I like my sound to be unique. Music keeps me young, and it's always first priority. And like Starship said, I too am thrilled to be able to make original music in a space I have access to 24/7. I started small when I was very young, recording music with a portable cassette recorder, and doing overdubs using a double cassette recorder, and it was a big deal when I graduated to a Tascam 4 track cassette recorder. So what I'm doing, what we're all doing here, is something that I could only dream of back then. This is a lot of fun! 😉 I haven't tried MODO, but I recently purchased Trilian by Spectrasonics. I have to say it provides any kind of bass I could possibly need, whether it be synth or acoustic. Many sounds are modeled directly from flagship keyboards, and classic bass guitars. It's got a built in, very sophisticated, and versatile arpeggiator that is loads of fun to use. All the sounds are high quality samples too. So far I haven't really even scratched the surface of the library, there are just plenty of sounds to choose from. These videos are older, but you can see what it can do. Trilian Acoustic Demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsj26oEoBfo Trilian Electric Demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYU93OtvzjA Yesterday I thought that before I begin adding plugins, I might try giving my bass sound some tweaks right in the Trilian controls. It has an "up front" control panel which is super convenient, and most of the controls there directly tie in with its on board FX rack. I had mentioned that in this particular project the bass is getting kinda washed out a bit, and I noticed on this particular sound that the compression control is not activated, and that is the default setting. So I activated it and that seemed to help, plus there's a basic EQ section there which helped when I increased the mids a little. So I figure if I can improve on the sound source before adding plugins, it may make things easier going forward. Here are a couple screenshots of the Controls, FX Rack, Arp, and Patch browser. One kool thing is the Control panel changes depending on which bass patch you're using, so it's uniquely tailored controls for each patch.
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