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  2. Wish there was an icon for hands clapping (maybe there is?). Some garage band blues, and I love it! and I mean the many garage bands I woodsheded in cutting my teeth, not Garage Band. (hope you take that as the compliment it was meant to be) t always love a "nod" to my Chicago heroes, Willie and Muddy. Willie said "I am the Blues" , and he was right. right on! my brother, right on!
  3. That's right, it is often called a time-based selection. The second method mentioned in my post. Some prefer to bounce the entire project to a track in the original project before performing the export.
  4. if only the Hybrid instruments were on sale again. I was really tempted by Dark Prophecy.
  5. Right...using the sale products that's a steal!
  6. oh.. i didn't know you could combine sale items and apply coupon.
  7. I tried it the other day, selected Ctrl>a to select all of the tracks, which selected the entire timeline. Then I just moved the green marker at measure 1 to the beginning of the audio and it just exported the song from there.
  8. ABull

    Perpetual Motion

    Yes, I've been known to occasionally rank...:) Thanks for listening Tom -- Allan.
  9. Thats strange I'm sure its a bug that its current directory is being set to cakewalk's folder. Its probably a side effect of the fact that the server is launched from the plugin dll which is loaded by the Cakewalk app. I'll pass this on to Waves as well. If the server runs from its local folder then I bet it wont load our dll. You can verify this by changing the path and doing a scan again. Let me know.
  10. "The times make the man t, the man does not make the times" my father loved to quote this. Occasionally great men do come along that at the very least significantly effect the times. RIP Abraham, Martin, Bobby and John. this is a better world for you having graced us with your presence... t If I have a crit, its the mellotron? voices need a little reverb (maybe a lot).
  11. All done! That was painless.
  12. Sort of, but not nearly as advanced. It doesn't "do" anything to a track except adjust the output levels of all tracks relative to one another . So, after getting each track to sound the way you want, you add AYAICWARE as the last plugin and let the whole track play through one time. Then AYAICWARE adjusts all the tracks levels and, poof, you have a mixed track (well, more or less).
  13. kurt soderquist


    I was surprised it didn't get more comments, his stuff is always top notch, I'm always excited to see a new tune up.
  14. I do a plugin scan on Cakewalk startup so it has to be related to that, since Waves shell plugins get scanned every time I start Cakewalk and that's when the WavesLocalServer loads Cakewalk's sndfile.dll. ProcExplorer also seems to think that the WavesLocalServer's current directory is changed to Cakewalk's C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities\. I'll see if I can narrow it down some more. Figure out what exactly is causing the directory change and the sndfile.dll load. You might be able to change the Cakewalk installer to just kill the WavesLocalServer.exe process. That seems bad but it might be better than the constant fails. Rebuilding/renaming that dll would be a huge pain. I see lots of Innosetup installers that do a kill process as part of their install (so if the app is running it is forced to exit).
  15. DeeringAmps


    ouch! I missed it....🙄 t
  16. Your tune, your production; I think I'd approach the mix a little different. That being said, the tune stands on its own two feet; ultimately that's all that matters... 👍 t say what?
  17. Best I could work out was: Case Bundle - Retail $498 - sale price $98 Studio Percussion - Retail $248 - Sale price $38 Symphonic Shadows - Retail $248 - Sale price $38 Clocks - $38 (Not on sale) Retail price $1,032 - Sale Price with code $112! You could get that down to $102 by picking a $28 Library, but nothing was interesting to me... That's 90% off! Sadly, you can't use the Build a Bundle discount on top of the $100 code...
  18. Douglas Kirby

    Time to Wake

    I thought it was a cool song, and your vocal reminded me of Glenn Danzig - nicely done.
  19. I must be a glutton for punishment. Trying to update now - 0%
  20. I was looking for such option as well. I was doing gain staging and was getting a bit pissed tweaking the gain knob. The mouse wheel every scroll jumps for 1.8 db. Moving the mouse while left button pressed changes quite fast as well. Hard to do small tweaks. But if you hold down SHIFT while moving the mouse or scrolling the wheel, the value changes much more gradually. This works with any other knob as well.
  21. DeeringAmps

    Time to Wake

    Is there a French version? or were the lyrics written in English? Cool tune, the black pickguard Tele? One little crit, although its genre appropriate, to my ears, the snare is a bit "hot". Your song, your production, if I'm mixing; I'd pull the snare down... 👍 t
  22. SupaReels

    A WORD

    Thanks mate means a lot coming from you 👍 Steve
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