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  2. garybrun

    This Is Your Life

    Nice track and well mixed on the vocals. Would like to hear more of the harmonies. In my head I believe this track could sound bigger. Great song and great demo. Well done.
  3. Working as a programmer and we're doing the same. Win 7 actually got a support extension because it was popular. Both windows 7 and 8 (not 8.1) support are expiring in early 2020.
  4. YUP - fingers and brain are still kind of working, so I have THAT going for me.
  5. This guys have very interesting tools for very reasonable prices. https://decoda.app/
  6. version 1.1.2 64 bit - build 191209 run the XLN online updater to install
  7. Today
  8. I have never installed CbB on a machine with no prior version of SONAR. My understanding is there is an option to override the default location if there is no other Cakewalk DAW on the machine. If there is another Cakewalk DAW on the machine, CbB must be installed on the same drive. This is because there are shared registry entries containing folder locations. As mentioned above using directory junctions after the install should work OK.
  9. Works fine here with a fully patched Windows 10 1909 Build 18363.535 Are you using the latest Cakewalk by Bandlab? (Which is 2019.11 Build 63) < note: This is the early release hot fix for 2019.11) Are you using the latest version of Melodyne (which is
  10. Maybe there a dialog box waiting to be clicked that is hiding behind another window. You can toggle through all running apps by holding down the ALT key and pressing the ESC key.
  11. This is only a suggestion if there is no better way, that knowledgeable individuals such as @Noel Borthwick or @scook could suggest! Assuming the following: 1. You install bandlab-assistant-windows-latest.exe this will install to the folder %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Programs\bandlab-assistant. 2. Use BandLab Assistant to install “Cakewalk by Bandlab” this will install to the folder C:\Program Files\Cakewalk. If you move the folders “bandlab-assistant” and “Cakewalk” from their locations to a location on your data drive as an Administrator you could create softlinks as an Administrator with “mklink” as follows: 1. A softlink to the relocated bandlab-assistant in “%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Programs”, and 2. A softlink to the relocated Cakewalk in C:\Program Files. The BandLab Assistant is about 210 MB, maybe you’d want to leave that where it is... In my "C:\Cakewalk Projects" I use softlinks for "Audio Data" & "Picture Cache" the later can be 0.5 GB or more. So the above should work, assuming you know how to use “mklink” in a .bat file run as an Administrator. Other CbB folder locations such as for "Cakewalk Content" can be set via "Preferences>Folder Locations"...
  12. kloon

    This Is Your Life

    Thank you very much Jimmy, Melody of Peace sounds nice. 👍
  13. Thanks Noel...sent back a message with more details.
  14. I've been waiting for 30 minutes and cakewalk has been stuck on "installing". It went from 0/1 to 1/1 very quickly but now it's stuck here. I checked my files for any cakewalk software but did not find anything. Can someone help?
  15. Well it didn’t make me very (insert word that rhymes with gorny)
  16. @deepseasquid Sent you a message with a link.
  17. If you ever have a chance to buy NI's Battery. That is a very good program for processing drums / samples and utilizing independent samples. Plus , the library is huge and is very good.
  18. Essentially , you can load the Ivory VSTi synth in the Synth rack and point the MIDI output of track 1 to that VSTi. You do this by looking for the small widget labeled ( O ) - stands for output , (C ) stands for channel (B ) stands for bank. You right click on the ( O ) output and assign it to the instrument and you may may need to set ( C ) the midi channel of that midi track and correspondingly set the Ivory Yamaha to receive on that Midi channel. That might depend on what other tracks are assigned to, but generally if it's the only VSTi loaded and that track is assigned to it - you might be able to leave it assigned to omni by default. Look for some general Tutorials on VSTi instruments on Cakewalk. There are other methods - but I think this is a basic method. When you load a VST instrument - it will create " audio" tracks from the output of the VSTi. You may need to assign those tracks outputs appropriately to your audio interface.
  19. Most people don't really need the pro/dongle version of DaVinci Resolve. Though I personally wouldn't give up my dongle. 🙂 Hitfilm has never really been in the same class as Fusion. But I may be slightly biased since I've paid well more than $1k for Fusion licenses (before Blackmagic). Lucky for me my last Fusion support contract got me a free Blackmagic Fusion dongle. And now they have made it so the Fusion dongle will authorize Resolve. I saw that bit about After Effect plugin support coming to HitFilm. I've seen this in the past (before Adobe cloud) there were several apps that supported AE plugins. But none of them could keep up with the changes in AE for very long. Or they were so completely buggy as to be unusable. I don't think I'd ever get my hopes up on plugin compatibility. Even OFX plugins rarely work right on all platforms/hosts and they were meant to.
  20. Also looking at this today. So, a very interesting thing I thought I read or understood was that HitFilm would soon (or might already) support After Effects plugins and scripts which would really increase the value and utility of this application. I am currently at Vegas 15 but it has been so troublesome lately that I have been looking at alternatives like DaVinci and HitFilm so this is a really interesting value and all the more if the After Effects piece were a part of it. (update) Just saw that the latest update DOES include support for SELECTED After Effects plugins which is very interesting.
  21. I was so happy to find this thread on the MIDI buffer, as I have been fighting this dropped note issue for the last 2 weeks. Mine was set to 50 ms and I was having problems and I don't consider my machine to be lower-spec. I have an 8 core Xeon 3.5 GHz processor and I had the dropped note issue. I have reset to 200 ms and the issue appears to be solved.
  22. Kevin Walsh

    Hold Me Down

    Here's another of my attempts at deconstructing my songwriting style, comments, criticisms and feedback of any kind are welcome!
  23. Carlos

    IK Black 76

    True but my main critical sites (like Pokerstars 🤣) dont use the same password dont worry, thanks though 😍
  24. You are correct. It used to work using the manufacturer's panel, but now I will switch to only using the Preferences menu in BandLab. It is actually easier to do it that way anyway. Thanks for all the help.
  25. One of the most interesting, tasteful virtuoso guitar players ever. That being said, most of his "gear" that he has associated with over the years has not been top tier tone machinery. I'm a nobody with access to better gear than what is on this list to "model," and that is kind of sad.
  26. It is the on board 1394 (I think it's the bold item below and looks like it would be VIA chipset?): And as someone, Noel? suggested, changing the Buffer Size using BandLab instead of the "Mix Control" software interface prevents the issue. The only loss I have is a few in-between Buffer size options so this issue is very minor for me now.
  27. I imported a live version of my song. I had melodyne find the tempo.. I then synced melodyne with host tempo.. I have 1 midi track (AD2) and the rest audio. I tracked bass, guitars and a midi drum track. The song ranges from 190-214 bpm. The tempo map moves correctly with vs, chs, etc. I’m trying to slow a rushed transition from chorus to verse, a small section is too fast, basically it doesn’t slow down fast enough. If i mess with the tempo of midi anywhere within the song the audio obviously doesn’t follow tempo changes . I can cut all tracks audio/midi and make room for the slower tempo. But doing so throws all midi out of sync from there forward? Hope this makes sense, I can’t exactly delete the bass/guitar tracks and track again..
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