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  2. InstrEd

    New car

    I think one counts for Four!
  3. Instead of skimming over a post and guessing what was in it, I would rather you actually read and think about it. Because you never know, it could have been something interesting.
  4. More details will be announced at https://www.ikmultimedia.com/ soon.
  5. InstrEd


    Wait a second! You had a party and didn't invite us. Deeply hurt and going to drown my sorrows in FOOD! πŸ˜†
  6. InstrEd


    Bill is really Billie Jean King😲
  7. msmcleod

    Windows 10 Default Media Player Settings

    When you right click on the speaker icon in your task-bar, are any of the options set? If so, set it to be Off and see if it makes any difference.
  8. Kurre


    On a diet and no pants..... You are a girl. Gotya!
  9. ZincT

    APD Offer: 80% off Riffendium Bundle by Audiofier

    Although the video instructions are a little unclear with some parts spoken and others textual, I read it that you can use the same snapshots for the REV and REV DI instruments. At least that's what I am doing and it works. I guess you might want to make some different ones for REV DI vs REV though. Then again why is there a DI instrument with REVerb on it, I thought DI was supposed to be without effects?!
  10. jesse g

    Loop libraries for Kontakt

    Sorry Mesh, I skipped right over the Loop Based part. πŸ˜₯
  11. cclarry

    8DIO Flash Sale

    Check 'em out here https://8dio.com/instrument-category/8dio-instruments-on-sale-vst-au-aax-kontakt-instrument-samples/?utm_source=8DIO+Newsletter&utm_campaign=cfeb154f3e-lov8+Custom+Week&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_bfb160c302-cfeb154f3e-298264053&mc_cid=cfeb154f3e&mc_eid=48c5d3390b
  12. scook

    Constrain keboard to scale?

    The Transpose MFX has constrain to scale and custom map options which should work as well. To record the effect in real time requires a virtual MIDI cable to connect the MIDI track hosting the plug-in to the input of the recording track. Or just add the MFX to the MIDI FX rack, set up the plug-in as needed, record with input echo enabled to hear the effect of the mapping and apply the effect after recording to change the notes in the clips.
  13. user390096

    How to combine best takes into 1 track?

    "Cntrl + Shift" then drag, I tried that and now at least the timing stays in sync when I drag. Thanx. I guess that's what I'll do but I thought Cakewalk had figured out a way to simply highlight each clip you wanted and then enter a "command" of a few keystrokes that would put all the chosen clips into a new track perfectly in sync and then you just have to 'bounce to clips' to glue them together. Maybe in a future update?
  14. abacab

    Air Instrument Cloud

    Actually, AIR and SONiVOX are each owned separately by the parent company that bought them both, InMusic Brands. InMusic Brands also owns Akai, Alesis, M-Audio, and others. https://www.inmusicbrands.com/ I like their plugins, but they really need to show a bit more love to their virtual instruments, instead of just continuing to recycle the same old thing. They had been promising a UI update for the AIR instruments with a new scalable interface for several years. That was according to their marketing rep Simon over at the KVR forum, but nothing has materialized yet. AIR even issued the newer Loom II with the same small UI. I began to lose hope at at that point that updates to the existing instruments were in the works.
  15. Corrado Prizzi

    Constrain keboard to scale?

    Thanks David. I'm absolutely no keyboard player - I can just about manage to play guitar chords and I have no theory whatsover. Using Autotonic, I can select any ANY scale quickly and just play pure improv on the white keys. No wrong notes. After the initial blowout, I'm now making really lovely, interesting (imho) chords, chops and runs which then get cut, repeated and edited. Yes, cheating like hell, but what isn't when sequencing. I'd say this is the most fun I've ever had playing keys. BR
  16. Bajan Blue

    Air Instrument Cloud

    I have most of their products - I was one of the (few) people who purchased Sonnivox Muse back in the day - it was based on Gigasampler - Air took them over - and inherited a big mess - my program corrupted, I went to my DVD installation disc and it had gone faulty....so I contacted Sonnivox (Air) and asked just for a new program installation file as I had (and still have) all the content - they didn't have it!!! I think there were licencing issues perhaps. Anyway they really stepped up and as they could not help me with Muse, they offered a load of plug ins etc for free in exchange. Have to say their customer service in this instance was excellent. I use a few of the products, but some do seem a bit on the elderly side to me😜😜 Nigel
  17. Today
  18. Thanks David, that was helpful. I kind of left out that the reason I wind up with a threshold in the -10 range is because it takes that much of a threshold before I see the 3-5db reduction. I'm wondering if that's saying I don't have my Master level or the mix high enough. Most of the music I create is sort of light listening melodic type music like Ryan Farish - chill, electronic, or whatever that is. But I have the same problem on rocking type music like Joe Satriani or Eric Johnson.
  19. freddy j

    I Went to the Well (World Beat)

    Hi John B. Thanks for listening an thanks much for the suggestion. A wee bit more it will be.
  20. Morten Saether

    2019.07 Feedback

    To clarify: Cakewalk has a master list of global keyboard shortcut assignments. These are the shortcuts that are active when lenses are set to "None". You can override the global shortcut assignments per lens by enabling "Keyboard Shortcuts" in Lens Manger, then assigning new shortcuts and resaving the lens. Any lens that has "Keyboard Shortcuts" disabled in Lens Manager inherits shortcut assignments from the master list ("None"), or from the previously selected lens.
  21. David Baay

    Exporting with fx and automation

    +1 to just bringing a copy of the project over the new machine. But to answer the question... the effect of FX inserted directly in the FX bin of each track should be applied to the exported track so long as the Track FX and Automation boxes are checked in the export dialogue. But FX on buses to which the track is sending or outputting won't be included. To get those, you would need to solo the track, export with Source = Buses, and select the Master or some upstream bus that collects all the output from that track and its sends. But keep in mind that many FX (especially dynamic FX like compression) won't behave the same when only one track is active. Typically you would either export tracks without bus FX or export buses as 'stems' that include all the tracks and send FX that route that bus. Trying to do anything in between will not generally give the desired end result of having the sum of the exports sound like the Master bus.
  22. chris.r

    2019.07 Feedback

    Great explanation, Morten.
  23. Morten Saether

    2019.07 Feedback

    It's by design. There are two things to be aware of. If "Keyboard Shortcuts" is enabled in Lens Manager: The lens will save a snapshot of the current keyboard shortcut assignments. Whenever you load that lens (which happens when you load a project or start a new session), it restores its saved shortcut assignments, potentially wiping any custom shortcuts that were assigned after the lens was saved. If "Keyboard Shortcuts" is NOT enabled in Lens Manger: If you make any custom keyboard shortcut assignments while a lens is selected, you will only lose the shortcuts if you switch the lens to "None" or to a custom user lens that has "Keyboard Shortcuts" enabled in Lens Manager. We allow you to save shortcuts in lenses so you can have different shortcuts based on workflow. However, if you prefer to always use the same shortcuts regardless of which lens is selected, you should set lenses to "None" before making any global keyboard shortcut assignments. These global shortcuts will then be available to use in any factory lens or user lanes that has "Keyboard Shortcuts" disabled in Lens Manager. If anyone is experiencing other keyboard shortcut persistence issues after disabling "Keyboard Shortcuts" in Lens Manager and resaving the lens(es), then there is another issue we need to investigate.
  24. I found that having to sign up to three different mailing lists was a bit extreme. Especially in the context of a celebration. And I don't FB either.
  25. I've always thought the way 'Threshold' controls typically work is counter-intuitive, and not usually helped by the way the functionality is described. A simple way to think about it is that the Threshold is simply an input gain control, and by lowering it, you're amplifying the signal until the peaks start to run into the Ceiling. So by setting the threshold to -10dB, you're essentially boosting the whole signal by 10dB right off the bat. Here's how the Adaptive Limiter's help file puts it: "Only the signal above the Threshold is limited; all signal below the Threshold has a constant gain change that is controlled by the difference between the Threshold and Ceiling." So if you just want to limit the peaks without boosting, leave the Threshold at 0, and lower the ceiling into the existing peaks. If you want a little boost (typically the goal of Limiting), start with a less aggressive threshold. The way I typically use a limiter for a final Master is to set the Ceiling it at -0.3dB (as suggested earlier to void overs with MP3 compression or problems with D/A converters in consumer devices that behave badly at the limit), and push the Threshold down until the reduction meter shows the peaks are getting knocked down by maybe 3-5dB, and not continuously. Depending on the source material, and your loudness goals, you can push it harder, of course, but I usually just want to be able to bring the level up as high as possible without noticeably losing dynamic range or having the peaks sound 'crunchy'. If I were sending a mix to a mastering engineer, I might take the same approach, but set the Ceiling at -6dB, and only lower the Threshold to where the very highest loudest peaks are getting knocked down a couple of dB.
  26. Starise

    New car

    I think one counts for two here.
  27. Tiger The Frog

    Air Instrument Cloud

    I finally looked at this carefully and see that their $699.99 Perpetual License only includes products available at the time of purchase. Any new AIR products will not be included. So the $199.99 per year plan might be a better deal. https://www.airmusictech.com/cloud Or.... you might want to pick most of them up for $50-$75 or so. 😳
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