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  2. Many thanks, given your stuff, your comments means a lot! Sabby
  3. Yip .. I was just wondering in basic terms is there much diff tween SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 and Soundforge Pro 12? I have the latter installed all the time and use it .. Just installed SF Audio studio 13. In long run I wont need both BUT is there a big diff between the two performance wise etc? BTW I went for the > €23 to get the lot. I find with these things that for that price, even if I dont use some of the software it can come in handy later on for upgrade prices vs buying new. Small money to pay for that possibility in the future
  4. Sabby Brown


    Your vocal sounds a bit like early Jagger ... some might think the reverb and drums are a bit hot but I think they make this song worth another listen .. I like this track a lot ! Sabby
  5. what OS are you using and when was the last time you ran Windows update ?
  6. Hi, First a thank you for keeping this product going, I've been a Sonar user since 1.0 and it's great that you've rescued it and keep developing it. I'm trying to upgrade to 2020.08 and like a few others I am getting a hang at the 'Installing' stage. I left it for an hour and when I couldn't see any activity in Task Manager I rebooted and tried again, same result. I've read the posts above and tried looking in the Bandlab download folder to make sure I have the right file, and I think I do (Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Update_Setup_26.08.0.100.r1.exe). I checked I have the latest version of the assistant, and as far as I can see I do (there is no option to update on the Apps tab). I'm on W10 Home 1909, build 18363.1016 and Cakewalk 2020.05. In the past I have never managed to get the Assistant to upgrade itself, I always have to uninstall and download the latest, but Cakewalk has always updated fine before this. I would rather not have to reinstall Cakewalk from scratch to get this update, anyone have any ideas?
  7. im sorry i dont know what can cause this hang..
  8. Using Windows 10 ? try WASAPI exclusive for your driver mode. Once i read, plug and play, no drivers need for any product, i run. All good products create their own drivers and keep them updated. Companies that don't do that, often reply on ASIO4ALL or onboard WASAPI. More or less because they don't want to be bothered or responsible for having to pay a software development vendor to keep up with their product.
  9. A boy came home from his first bass lesson. His dad asked him how it went. "Today we learned the E string." The boy came home from his second lesson and dad asked him how it went. "Today we learned the A string." The boy came home from his third lesson. Dad asked, "So did you learn the D string today?" "Nope. Today I had a gig."
  10. I liked that lead synth - that was an interesting tone. Overall the composition made me think of suspense - perhaps after a bit of drama. I liked the mix - well done.
  11. Now that LUFS has become the industry standard for streaming content, Cakewalk would really benefit from adding in a professional built in meter. I know this thread is about VU meters but I'm strictly talking about a hybrid meter that could be designed by Cakewalk for use in the mixing/mastering stages. Giving readings for Peak/RMS, LUFS, The K-system and VU. Personally i use Youlean for all my mastering work.
  12. Douglas Kirby


    Hi Everybody, This is a track off of my album "The Westerly Sessions Vol. I". This song is a bit different from my usual fare - it's really a duet, but I don't know any female singers, so I sang the female part on the harmony. As always, any comment or critiques are welcome, and thanks for listening. Here it is: https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14058132
  13. Hi folks! I'm brand new here, and new to recording/producing - looking forward to getting involved, looks like a great community. My problem is this - I've recently started running into CPU problems with a project I'm working on as it gets bigger. I've read that freezing tracks can help with this - in particular freezing the track on which you have CPU heavy plugins. I'm using the free TH3 amp sim on my guitars. So I'm routing all the DIs to an aux track with the plugin in the FX rack. When I try to freeze this track Cakewalk will just instantly crash - no warning or anything. So I'm left with the situation where I don't seem to be able to freeze the tracks which I suspect are using the most CPU. Has anyone else encountered this or am I doing something incorrectly? Any feedback is really appreciated! Thanks, Conor
  14. Today
  15. I'm sure they would be fine for your usage Aidan. A few years ago I used to use Sony Movie Studio HD Platinum before it became Magix and it was a great and easy to use package. I tend to use Audacity or Acoustica Basic Edition as they are free and work well and I don't often need to do WAV editing these days.
  16. NOW we are getting somewhere! thanks!👍 I just tried it on one project & track, and it sounds to do exactly what I need. However, when I read the documentation, it sounds like mathematically, it would not. For example, in offset mode, say I have a volume envelope that goes down linearly from 127 to 0 over 1 bar (in 4/4 for this example), and I set the track volume to 64 (ie a mathematically -64 offset). To me, at the middle of the bar (ie 1:03:000), the envelope would be 64, and the offset would be -64, so it would send 0 for volume to the track . But when I solo the track, I *think* i can still hear it past that point. I need to do more tests/investigation. I'm obviously doing something wrong or miss-understanding it big time, or hearing things that are not there.
  17. ZincT

    IK VI Group Buy

    As regards ST4 I am in the same boat as you abacab (ST4 MAX plus Spaceport). I don't have the other new ones and would also be interested to hear from anyone that does. I am leaning towards Alternate Keys, Synthwave and Trap at the moment. As far as I can tell the only new sound sets (not included in ST3 MAX) are as follows (I have added links to make them easy to get to): Alternate Keys -https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/stalternatekeys/?pkey=stsounds-alternatekeys Clavitube - https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/stclavitube/?pkey=stsounds-clavitube SynthWave - https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/stsynthwave/?pkey=stsounds-synthwave Reggaeton - https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/streggaeton/?pkey=stsounds-reggaeton Trap - https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/sttrap/?pkey=stsounds-trap LA Confidential (Drums) - https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/stlaconfidential/?pkey=stsounds-laconfidential London Grooves (Drums) - https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/st3londongrooves/?pkey=st3sounds-londongrooves
  18. From a previous HB software bundle I have Soundforge Pro 12 and Vegas pro 15. I just wonder would the VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Platinum and SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 - even though cut down - be worth replacing the Soundforge Pro 12 and Vegas pro 15? The UIs def look newer as is the case with Acid Music Studio 11 ( Gone is the windows XP look ). In my case I am not a heavy user of Soundforge or Vegas, I only use them occasionally if i eitehr need to edit a sample a bit or open very old vegas files from the distant past.
  19. Honesty, I can't remember what I was doing twenty days ago 😞 I should keep a dairy, perhaps. oh, wait, that's for milk and stuff...
  20. I can't say how it compares, but I find it really useful.
  21. Found this from their newsletter: Looks interesting. How does this compare to iZotope's offerings (Tonal Balance, etc)?
  22. 1 - Aha...read up on Offset Mode. I think it does what you want/.
  23. I just found this link randomly while looking up reviews of a Plugin Alliance plugin. Found it on reddit: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SQ7NLM9 This was the response after I finished the survey: *Voucher not shown for obvious reasons* 😛 The difference between the one month limited time $25 voucher and this one, this one has a $39 minimum instead of $32 and expires at the end of the year instead of end of the month. So if you have used your month voucher already you can use this. If you haven't, you can use the one you have then use this for the next purchase you make within the year. If they have crazy Black Friday sales this year, this may come in handy because it extends to the end of the year!
  24. The above may be common for you. My set up is that I commonly use 2 or more multi-timbral synths, each capable of 16 parts each. And Cakewalk itself comes with a 16 part multi-timbral synth; i.e. TTS, and a big feature of MIDI is 16 parts, so I am not the only one that uses multi-timbral synths. Under this use case, I will take you through why each of your "10" (only 7 by my count) volume controls do not work as a track volume. But first, lets address the same issue again. Read my OP, as far as I can read, nowhere do I mention or hint at anything about "selecting 10" envelopes, or ten tracks. Please, this request has NOTHING TO DO WITH MULTIPLE SELECTS. Or please quote where in the OP I am not clear. and have even hinted at multiple track selection OR envelope selection? And back to your 10 ideas (7 by my count) for TRACK volume: 1. A sample Violin track (Just assume I have 4 violin voices I am working with) Midi volume I have a control for track volume in the interface in Cakewalk, BUT this control gets cancelled out / over-ridden, if I use an envelope (and to be clear, that is a single envelope) for MIDI volume. So now, I cannot change the volume with the track volume slider. Further, if I am doing a mix down, to change the volume mix of the part in question, I have to edit and change every single inflection/elbow point in the envelope. And this edit is a destructive edit. Now if I am playing the little up / little down game, this will become very arduous (remember, every elbow point), and destructive. 2. Midi Velocity (I know not exactly volume on better VSTi's) As you agree, and as has been covered above, VELOCITY IS NOT A VOLUME CONTROL. i have patches that are ALL about their velocity response. Using an offset destroys the patch. 3. Synth Audio Volume I am using a multi-timbral synth (up to 16 parts) or multiple multi-timbral synths. So changing the overall synth audio out volume on this single synth, affects every part played by that synth (up to 16), not just the single track I am trying to change. So if I have two multi-timbral synths, I not only have to go back to each individual MIDI track and change each individual track volume of that synth in question (since the overall output has been altered) but also I am messing with the mix between each of the two (or more synths), where the other(s) one could have 16 tracks in itself. Adjusting the total synth volume destroys the mix between all tracks. In simple terms, its not a "track" volume when using a multi-timbral synth. And if I have volume envelopes on any of the affected synths, boy am I in for some pain. In simple terms, its not a "TRACK" volume. Having a multiplier as the gain averts all the above completely, as the gain/multiplier only affects that one synth track It is encapsulated in the specific MIDI track. 4. Synth Audio Gain Exactly the same issue and reason, it is not a "track" volume, see point 3. 5. Group 1 Violin Bus Volume and Gain->String Bus Exactly the same issue and reason, it is not a "track" volume, see point 3. 6. Group 2 String Bus Volume and Gain-> Music Bus Exactly the same issue and reason, it is not a "track" volume, see point 3. 7. Music bus to Volume and Gain->Master Bus Exactly the same issue and reason, it is not a "track" volume, see point 3. You also appear to have double counted some headings, as individual items/methods, as I only come to 7 from your post. Have I missed any? I only count that you proposed 7, all of which do not work as a TRACK volume, for the above given reasons. By Changing the gain to a volume multiplier: i. Only affects the one single track it is used on. Does not require you to go back and adjust every other track, after every single small adjustment ii. If you have a volume envelope(s), you do not need to edit it, as the multiplier does that all for you. NB: A volume envelope adjust is destructive. You go too low and you will lose resolution. Having gain as a multiplier, means you can draw it with full 127 step resolution and always keep it that way. iii. Its not an offset, but a multiplier. If you offset the velocity down 90%, some notes may end up with a velocity of 0 and thus will not be played by many instruments. An offset, mathematically speaking (and by what you hear), is also not relative in volume to the rest of the other tracks. iv. Removes the confusion of the duplication of having two differently named controls, for the exact same result i.e. velocity offset. v. Existing users that have used the velocity offset (including me) keep their values in the duplicated velocity offset control. i.e.nothing is lost, its only a gain (not meant to be a pun on words...). What in the above, and please use my reference numbers to clarify which point you are asking about, is invalid?
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