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Lots of Sonar crashes - No dmp files. Just white ghost screens

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Are these crashes in specific projects, or across multiple projects?

During playback, or when attempting specific tasks?

 If I had to guess, it’s a plugin. 

Pick a project, one that’s very problematic, and bypass all effects. Add them back one at a time. 

Maybe @Noel Borthwick will drop by and remind us where to find the files necessary to answer the question…


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1 hour ago, Max Arwood said:

Any way to grab these after the white ghost screen kicks in?

do you wait for the white screen to finish white-screening? or kill the app before? usually means the app is waiting for something else that's not responding, possibly driver

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Based on my actual experience, it looks like the new Sonar is still somehow less stable than CbB running on the same computer.

In my particular case lot of projects I did in CbB are unable to load in the new Sonar (crash to desktop on project loading) while these .cwp projects do load ok into CbB.

What I've already found it's related to some specific VSTs. In my scenarios, if there are some instances of U-he Hive 2.1 (vst3), the project simply doesn't load into new Sonar, but loads into CbB without any issue.

If I create a new project using Hive 2 in the new Sonar and save it, then I'm unable to open it in Sonar, but I can still open it in CbB.

When I open these projects in CbB, then disable all the Hive 2 instances in SynthRack, then I can open the project in the new Sonar. Then I can re-enable Hives in SynthRack and continue to work in Sonar. Before saving, I have to disable all the Hives again to be able to reopen project in Sonar. No issues in CbB.

So this is probably caused by some changes in VST instances initialization (on project load) in the new Sonar, in combination with some SPECIFIC VSTs.

Otherwise I like the new Sonar very much, EXCEPT of this new "feature" that needs to be fIxed ASAP on Cakewalk side. It really ruins my workflow! :) I can provide minidumps and Windows event log details to some responsible persons, if needed...

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